Keith Whitley - Wherever You Are Tonight Lyrics

I play the hits on the late night show
I'm the King of small town radio
When all the stars sing you to sleep
It's just this old turn table and me

She used to call about 2 a.m.
Feeling lonely and needing a friend
We would talk while I played her request
She always liked the love songs best

I still dream about her and me
And imagine how good it could be
This song goes out to you
Wherever you are tonight

She brought love to this lonely place
Though I never even saw her face
Now everytime I play those songs
I wonder if she's singin' along

I spin a record and stare at the wall
And realize how much I miss her call
I get caught up in the words they sing
Whishing that ol' phone would ring

I still dream about her and me
And imagine how good it could be
This song goes out to you
Wherever you are tonight

This song goes out to you
Wherever you are tonight

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Keith Whitley Wherever You Are Tonight Comments
  1. billy votaw

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite Whitley song. Every one of them is a jewel.

  2. carol vine

    WWW.GOPETITION.COM, this has no end date yet, so please sign and submit this for Keith to be nominated for induction to the CMHOF. this YEAR, 2019.Thank You all very much.

  3. Reese LB7

    what happened to the demo version

  4. Deborah Smith

    I think he would have been a legend had he lived. Great songwriter, wonderful voice. So sad. Keith, we hardly knew you.

  5. carol vine

    Beautiful done as only Keith could do it!!!! We all have been in the same boat at times thru out our lifetimes. Leave it to Keith to know this, and put into music. Love You and sure hoping for the CMHOF. this year 2019!!!!!

  6. Glenn Morris

    I had this imported to the UK.. And I'm still playing it... Love this song.

  7. Hay Day Tinker Terri

    I wonder if someone who disked Keith or the Whitley Family have made it their mission to go and dislike every Keith Whitley video they can find?

  8. Catherine Margerison

    to you know who you are xx

    Catherine Margerison

    This is. For you 😘

  9. Brandon Hudson

    I just heard this song a few days ago for the first time! I’m almost 40 and can’t believe I’ve never heard this!

  10. Jerry Mullins

    Spotify please

  11. Juanita Buron

    21:57 3/7/19 😢 3/20/19 23:46😭

  12. Glenn Morris

    Hope u found peace Keith.. Wherever u r tonight.

  13. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Keith Whitley I miss you """😞😞❤❤❤❤

  14. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    This Song goes out to you my Heart wherever you are My Special Someone """"💘💘💘💘💘

  15. Liz O'Byrne

    Forgot that I already posted here. Just passionate about this man for some reason. Even though he had an alcohol problem, which I get, mainly because someone very close me did. Very lucky that my close " someone" went to rehab in Minneapolis, Minnesota like Keith did and is now a recovering alcoholic for 11 years now.
    Not basically judging but, but if the love of my life died tomorrow, I wouldn't be back out on the road singing 3 days after I buried him or singing a tribute song 3 months later without tears in my eyes. Let alone dating shortly there after. I've been married to the same man for 45 1/2 years. If someone's your soulmate or love of your life how does one move on so quickly? Just wondering.

  16. Liz O'Byrne

    I just discovered Keith Whitley about 3 months ago. Amazing artist who could sing the encyclopedia and we would fall in love with it. Not only is he mega talented, but very handsome. I have read everything that, I could get my hands on about this man. Am I the only one that questions things in his life. I would love to pose them to his good friend Randy Hayes, if I could post them privately.
    Any who, why aren't people burning up the airwaves with request to hear his songs, this keeping his memory front and center . I request his songs constantly on here and on Alexa. We need to get him in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Start buying up his music again. This song is so beautiful! Talented beyond belief.

  17. Peggy Shumar

    Stay your ground...beautiful his this song...😣🎸🎤🎵💕

  18. Liz O'Byrne

    Absolutely the most beautiful song that I've ever heard. After hearing his name a few times, I looked him up about 2 months ago. Absolutely blown away by this man.His music goes clear to the core of your soul. He completely draws you into his songs through his emotional delivery!! I truly can't get enough of his music. Researched as much as I could on him. How does a man die of accidental alcohol poisoning, with no evidence of liquor bottles around and the house is neat and clean?
    Randy Hayes you need to get your old friends music out there for people like me who never new Keith Whitley. I am a year older then him.
    This man has influence so many singers to get into the music business!
    Why has the Country Music Hall Of Fame, snub such a brilliant singer/ songwriter of his caliber?

  19. Gary Parsons

    Folks,,just think of the songs he could have now it would blow are minds.We miss you Mr voice!!

  20. Rowdy Ways

    This is one of my favorite albums of him. I have it but not on my phone. Thanks

  21. Chester Watkins

    A talent for the ages...

  22. Kim Addysmom

    This song and that beautiful one of a kind voice. A true legend. Wow

  23. William McCloud

    We lost Keith whitley too soon as well as john lennon and elvis Presley gone to soon

  24. AheadTAMADrummer

    This is powerful.

  25. Andy Odell 23866

    Just liven in your song Keith

  26. Roger Barrett

    My favorite country singer of the '80s will always be Keith Whitley.  No doubt about it.

  27. RossVlogs

    This album needs to be put on to spotify. I miss this song!

    Roger Barrett

    You can say that again!

    Reese LB7

    Roger Barrett This album needs to be put on to spotify. I miss this song!

  28. KarenKayAuthor WKB

    I love this song, too. There was a demo of this song, that I liked even better than this version, but I can't find it on the internet anymore. Beautiful. The waltz, Leave Well Enough Alone, is also one of my favorites. Am so glad that some of his demos were put into an album. Like others here, I sure do wish he were still with us.

  29. Roger Barrett

    Okay, I have a stupid-ass question, but I hope someone can give me a smart answer.  With his alcoholism the way it was, do you think it's safe to say that Keith Whitley was a "troubled man"?  No offense.  I post this in peace!

    Diane Kauffman

    No i dnt think keith had a troubled life. He just didnt get the recognision he so deserved.

    Amy May

    I think Lorie Morgan had A Lot to do with his drinking... so sad

    William McCloud

    Roger Barrett true very true

    Richard Kronberg

    Your question is troubling!

  30. Roger Barrett

    Keith Whitley has sung some great songs in his life, but I believe that Wherever You Are Tonight, to me, is his very finest!

  31. Roger Barrett

    God, this song is so fucking uplifting!

  32. Roger Barrett

    Supposing that he had gotten treatment for his addiction problems, he would probably have more #1 hits than Conway Twitty, who had 55 #1 hits to his name!

  33. Roger Barrett

    During the second verse I feel the magic of this song.  From the second verse to the song's outro!  Mighty fine tune!

  34. Roger Barrett

    I believe Keith Whitley was, and still is, a very influential performer. Mr. Whitley, this song goes out to you, wherever you are tonight.

    Doris FILION

    I'm shure he's in heaven right now jamming with all the other greats & having a blast!🎸🎤

  35. dinamariepope


    Brandon Hudson

    dinamariepope correct 💕

  36. Billie underwood

    This is the best song he has recorded. very emotional and it!

  37. Roger Barrett

    If I could invent a time machine, I'd take some people with me, we'd give Keith Whitley a good ass-whuppin' and we'd force him into rehab, like they did with Mr. Mackey on South Park!  It's called "tough love", people!  Sometimes we gotta show love in that kind of way.  And then maybe, JUST MAYBE, Keith would remain sober forever and we could hear his music for just as long!

    Doris FILION

    in a perfect world!


    Amen brother, hes done so much for music and people..and i just hope he knows up there..

  38. Roger Barrett

    This song is probably one of the most captivating songs anyone has ever recorded.  From the second half of the second verse on, it becomes more captivating in a way I can't describe.  And I like the hold in the tag of this song and its outro, not because it ends the song, but because it's so goddamn powerful!  God bless you, Keith.  You're forever in our hearts.

    Glenn Morris

    I had this album imported into the UK.. And I agree its one of his best...

  39. misslantana52

    Oh my, this is a beauty! Keith was amazing, sad he has passed on.

    Roger Barrett

    You ain't lyin'!

    Randy Pearson

    misslantana52 KEITH PEARSON PEARSO

    William McCloud

    misslantana52 true very true we lost Keith Whitley to soon to alcohol addiction at the age of 34 years old when he passed away he was such a very talented person just lost him to soon

  40. MultiBooty18

    thanks for the music ur good!!