Keith Whitley - Ten Feet Away Lyrics

Alone at a corner table,
She was watching me watching her.
I was singin' about an old flame burning,
She was hanging on to every word.

I was pouring out my feelings,
She was pouring out the wine.
Through the smoke and the beer,
It was perfectly clear,
That we were touching each others minds.

It was love ten feet away.
Imagine her in my arms, with that look on her face.
Lying somewhere in some shadowy place.
It was love just ten feet away.

I just knew my closing song would do it,
I knew that I was heaven bound.
I could tell she was moved, but before I was through.
This stranger walked up and set down.

He was trying his best to impress her,
But she never took her eyes off me.
When he got up and left, I said to myself...
Woh-o-woh what a night this will be.

It was love ten feet away.
Imagine her in my arms, with that look on her face.
Lying somewhere in some shadowy place.
It was love just ten feet away.

It was love ten feet away.
Imagine her in my arms, with that look on her face.
Lying somewhere in some shadowy place.
It was love just ten feet away.

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Keith Whitley Ten Feet Away Comments
  1. Brad Binion

    It's a good song but the kids did not grow up with this nowadays I like it because I grew up with I like Keith Whitley I like

  2. Karson Frazier

    To bad Country can't be like this today

  3. MartaRC

    I just found out about Keith - there is a video here that talks about the real deals of famous covers... I love that song When you say nothing at all - I thought it was an Irish hit, it turns out Keith recorded it originally.... I´m here in Brasil, so no Keith CDs around.... I ordered through Amazon his greatest hits - then found out he passed away in the late 80´s... alcohol... so sad... Buth he left a heck of a legacy... The songs in this greatest hits CD makes me go back to the US countryside in the '80s, when singers would sing love songs without much effort, not trying too hard, just singing... the music with the lyrics and the voice of the singer would match perfectly... Great times... forever eternal in these beautiful songs and performances...

  4. Jordan c

    Rest easy 🐐🐐

  5. Julie Moran

    Something special about his voice.

  6. Rod Anderson

    This is real country music and they sang from the heart. Now days they don't. They sing crap for money not to touch people's heart's

  7. Justin Law

    I grew up listening to the legendary Mr. Whitley. We were both born and raised in the same neck of the woods, out in the backwood hills and hollers of eastern KY. Won't ever be another one like him neither...What a voice, but what a shame.

  8. Andy Simpson

    All those dislikes proves to me one thing............They don't know what country is....Final!

  9. Andy Simpson

    Love and miss you Keith........

  10. 80's Kinda guy

    251 dislikes??? Must be new country/rap fans that disliked Kieth Whitley... They must've been abused children....

  11. Michelle Schoonover

    This is real country period

  12. Portrait of Sorrow

    Greatest Country Singer ever.

  13. Alan Williams

    1.1 million views?!?!?!?.Guess only 1.1 million people knows beautiful music!!!

  14. Charles Davis

    What a lost treasure, he had so much more to do, so many more songs to pour his heart out on...

  15. Maria Cameron

    IthinkKeith whitley is agreat singer loveismiusic love him You Rock mariacameron

  16. Marshell Scott

    My god this speaks to very soul.

  17. Billy Holloway

    One of my favorite Artists and one of the Great Country Music Artist that we lost way to soon. RIP Keith

  18. Jason Chastain

    One of the best of times. Legend

  19. Bill Fulton

    Lorrie Morgan loved this guy so much. Sad ending

  20. Shauna Monday

    You can now pawn your guitars somewher along music row im guessing

  21. Lori Frantz

    I recall when he died in 89. I did not think I'd recover. Loved him. Greatest voice & a soundtrack of my life.

  22. chris waldron

    The King of Country in my eyes, regardless of how short his life was.

  23. Gene Doyle

    Humble | Roundups: BJ’s Brewhouse planned in Humble

  24. Joshua Jackson

    2019 and he's still the king i remember playing this in my tape player as a kid

  25. jeff newman

    Keith was magic..unreal.

  26. Angela Lilienthal

    2019 still loving this song 💕

  27. Eric Martinez

    34 years ago and it still gets to me...

    R.I.P. Keith Whitley

  28. Dark Horse 3/5

    I'll never forget May 1989.

  29. T. qualls

    Purest voice ever.🇺🇸🍺🌹🖤

  30. Stewart Huval

    He really drunk his self to death cuz he's wife left.. gone too soon rip Keith Whitey

  31. Gene Doyle

  32. His wife his babyJ his wifey babyJ baby J

    It was love ten feet away

  33. Melinda Pemberton

    Mitch it was love the night we met wasnt it honey I love you please hurry home my love sweetheart I miss you love you love me

  34. Greg Stinnett

    One of goat

  35. Manuel Grantham

    I wish he was still a live he's one of my very faveret singer's it's him and Earl Thomas Conley. Thay hit it out of the park we have the same sole

  36. bfgmech3c

    Makes me wish I was back home again sliding that Keith Whitley tape in the portable radio. Passing the summer afternoon away.
    I still remember exactly where I was the day the radio broke in with a special announcement that he had passed. I was only 14 but knew we lost a true talent that day.

  37. julie brtek

    No matter if he gone but his music live on Forever. I was there back in June 1989 first time was at Fan Fair, once saw booth and family there break bad news still shock he still gone. But his memories live on Forever. Still remember this song on radio stations air play back then. Still greatest hit album. A plus.

  38. angel whispers

    He was trying his best to impress her
    but she never took her eyes off me

  39. angel whispers

    Imagine her in my arms ....
    With that look on her face
    Lying somewhere in some shadowy place
    It was love just ten feet away

  40. ed j

    This is the only song where he sounds like George strait

  41. Kayla Secoy

    My friend Faith told me and she said her uncle died 😢😥💔😥😢💔

    Kayla Secoy

    My great grandma died in 1991

    Kayla Secoy

    My great grandpa died in 2006


    Our favorite....enough said.

  43. Rhonda Reynolds

    Absolutely Amazing. I saw him live at Stardust in Wichita Falls a couple of mos b4 he passed and I danced to Ten Feet Away and I never felt so safe and loved in the moment. God Bless You Keith Whitley. Rest in Peace. There will never be another You.

  44. Eddie Nieto

    I have my 15 year old daughter who was born in 2003 listening to his music. Since she was 4 years old. Really surprised of the old country music she listens to that I did back then.

  45. angel whispers

    Imagine her in my arms .....
    With that look on her face

  46. angel whispers

    ❤❤❤❤ it was love ten feet away ....


    Our favorite song....we must have danced to this a thousand times. I miss you...

  48. Richard Kronberg

    Found a excellent singer: westly denis.

  49. julie brtek

    Just buy another cd this song, other crack or wear them out though years. Awesome song. Thank You. God bless Keith in heaven now but Fans always Love you Forever. That truth!!!!!!!!.

  50. angel whispers

    She was watching me
    Watching her 💙

    angel whispers

    He was trying his best to impress her
    But she never took her eyes off me

    Richard Kronberg

    You have a good voice lola!

    angel whispers

    @Richard Kronberg omg
    How did you hear me ?
    How cool is that ???
    Cuz I was really singing it too
    Hee hee

    Richard Kronberg

    Lola you can really crank it, and your less then ten feet away.

    angel whispers

    @Richard Kronberg My husband just said turn it down I can't hear the t.v. ...thought you were him
    Messing with me 😂😂😂😂
    If you aren't him or my neighbor's how can you hear me ?

  51. angel whispers

    This song is speaking VOLUMES to me today ❤❤❤❤❤

  52. angel whispers

    Imagine her in my arms
    With that look on her face
    Lying somewhere in some shadowy place 💙💙

  53. angel whispers

    It was perfectly clear
    We were touching each others minds 💙💙💙💙

  54. Michael Thomson

    Oh Keith, you were gone too soon. Best voice in country music ever!

  55. Rev. Jamieson Daren Casstevens

    One of the greatest singers of all time. Keith, had a wonderful voice that no one could match. He has been greatly missed. Rest in peace, Keith.

  56. Mel Memories

    Yep that’s how it starts

  57. Gaylyn Reeves

    Reminds me of a very good night I had in the early 90s. Shout out to a hot bartender. I still think about him everytime I hear this song

  58. Tyler Davis

    My favorite Keith Whitley song

  59. Stephanie CLover

    Imagine goodness and kindness

  60. Jaden Rios

    My true love was only 5 feet away. We tried but it just didn't work

    Richard Kronberg

    Should ov been 4 feet.

  61. peanut Smith

    10/20/2018 and still the shit to listen to if you like true country music

  62. &? me

    All time favorite ...just 10 feet away

  63. ShowN Go

    2018 !!!

  64. Nita Marceaux

    This is a beautiful song no one can sing like him I love and miss listening to him!!

  65. Anne Gwinner


  66. Southern Gosple Gov

    Or Luke Bryan fans

  67. Midwest 13

    I'm 23 years old, grew up listening to Keith Whitley. Still know every lyric 💓

  68. love is hard to find who cares love is not real

    yes that's how love goes because I never would know if he didn't speak his mind love 💘💘💘💘💘 you baby

    Jennifer Patton

    ❤️ is hard to find. I,ve had ❤️ 10 👣 away. I will always 👩‍❤️‍👩.

  69. love is hard to find who cares love is not real

    I love it ❤❤ to Keith keep playin it miss you Keith

  70. Jewel Godfrey

    Hey...I'm sorry..not want to be sorry.a little hurt still.
    Can we be friends?

  71. ThirstyAF Zimmerman

    Those 166 people should be haunted for their hearing problems! Lol

  72. luke nickell

    This is his best song

  73. Janet Hall

    About fifteen years ago Gary made a cassette with all these songs on it

  74. stillmeadowfarm carrying on the Traditional Country Music.

    Robert Branch

    stillmeadowfarm do you have any CD's available??


    Of Course!

  75. Corey Hammond

    I miss him so

  76. Carolyn Cope


  77. Linda Rilea

    First time I have heard this. Great!!!!

  78. julie brtek

    Truly awesome song. Love all his classic hits songs. He should be in Hall of Fame. I listen this song millions of times. Beautiful song. Two thumbs up. I start back 1980s on classic hits songs. On radio stations.

  79. Jonnie Ray

    Its a very old song but its still a good love song

  80. Brian Skirvin

    This man was a national treasure! May he rest in peace!

  81. Write Deal Publishing

    K W kicks ass #RIP #KeithWhitley

  82. Write Deal Publishing

    Fuck the haters Love the Music..

  83. Rose Gordon

    I love Kieth Whitley

  84. Sharon Smith

    Conway Tweety

  85. Billy Holloway

    RIP Keith you are missed Bro

  86. Roland orantez

    This is real country music we don't have that any more to bad it gone to pop crap love the old school country that made a storyline and grabbing your wife and taking her dancing

  87. Geraldine Smith

    that a heart breaker keith i love that sonng the best you always in my dreams never forgotten

  88. Garth Downton

    The man could sing a song !!!!

  89. Harry Hagan

    Keith was such a huge talent. It's a shame he had to die so young

  90. Linda Russ

    Goodness, How could I have forgotten this song. Beautiful!

  91. Kim Hood

    Beautiful song.

  92. Sherrer H

    RIP, your music...

  93. matthew garcia

    2018!!!! San Antonio Texas baby!!!!!!

    Killers Eddie

    2018 attention whore!!!!!

    Bill Fulton

    San Antonio right here no place else can you find a country dance hall. It was love just ten feet away.

  94. Garth Downton

    This is the first time I listened to this song won't be the last !! He just had it !

  95. Chris Aycock

    I've never heard this song until tonight. 05-11-18. Great Song.

  96. Danny Hemphill

    Keith clearly could have went on to accomplish many great things in the music world. Honestly think he woulda been up there with George Strait had he lived to a ripe old age.

    GW Hyatt

    Danny Hempuhhill g and

  97. volfan John

    114 people are 11 feet away.

  98. Sheila Pollock

    I love this man!!!!