Keith Whitley - Tell Lorrie I Love Her Lyrics

If I were alone in the desert
Without a drink of water around
With my knees and hands in that white scorching sand
With the hot Sahara sun beating down
If I could be granted my wishes
And anything I want would come true
Well, I know that it might sound funny
But here's what I want you to do

Tell Lorrie I love her
Tell Lorrie I need her
Tell her everything would be okay
If I could just see her
Tell Lorrie I love her
Tell Lorrie I need her
And if I leave this old world
Tell her she's the only girl for me

If I were adrift on the ocean
A vessel with no sails or steam
Floating aimlessly on an endless sea
Hopelessly lost, it would seem
If all of the fish in the water
Could echo my last dying plea
Well I know you might not understand it
But here's what I want it to be

Tell Lorrie I love her
Tell Lorrie I need her
Tell her everything would be okay
If I could just see her
Tell Lorrie I love her
Tell Lorrie I need her
And if I leave this old world
Tell her she's the only girl for me
And if I leave this old world
Tell her she's the only girl for me

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Keith Whitley Tell Lorrie I Love Her Comments
  1. GhostDelta

    2020 please tell Lorrie Keith still loves her and still needs her. Lost soul in search of love.

  2. Christina Deaton

    This song reminds me of me n my man my best friend

  3. Jackie Baycroft

    Lorrie was just not enough--alcohol is #1.

  4. mike hollingsworth

    A song from the heart, Beautiful song. Brings back a lot of good memories .

  5. David Fox

    Amazing song got to be one of the best ever and the story behind the song is just as good if not better

  6. Sonja Pitts

    OMG One the most BEAUTIFUL love songs ever written ❤❤❤

  7. David Tillman

    My mom and dad got married the day he died. Now they're divorced I always thought that was a a bad Omen ☹️

  8. james Richter

    If you knew. How could you thumb this down.

  9. Beau Long

    If you listen really close, you can hear what sounds like a television in the background.. I've heard this was recorded in one take at his home. Which only goes to protray Keith's true talent.. That man surely did love lorrie.. I've been there I know the pain and drinking sure don't help..

  10. lubby1974

    Gone way too soon!

  11. Nick Thompson

    Best love song ever written.

  12. Michelle Steil

    This is a beautiful song. Those two were very much in love & the love of each other's lives, so it has great meaning. Because he died so young, it breaks my heart to listen to this song. He was so talented. What a shame he suffered from such horrible alcoholism.

  13. Amy Spaid

    Goooood tunr!!🎶❤

  14. Steve Jensen

    Change the name to Erika 😔

  15. edburck

    It's pure, simple, beautiful and from the heart. ❤️

  16. Clayton G

    Blues man song RIP off sorry Keith

  17. Charles Allen

    Keith was an amazing amazing artist. Had he not died early he would have shattered every record.

    BigG LilWayne

    As close to Hank as there'll ever be...

  18. Stevie 7878

    Who’s here because of Dylan Scott?

    BigG LilWayne

    Who TF is Dillon Scott?

  19. Les Ballard

    My wife of 23 years recently passed. I always played this song for her when we were out. It hurts to hear it now but it’s a good hurt that brings with it lots of great memories. I love you Lorrie. Forever and a day.

  20. Kiesha lane

    *Tears* best tragic love story ever

  21. Exposing Fakes I Am The Truth

    ANYONE who dislikes this is a complete dipshit AND don't know NOTHING about music. Period!

  22. Samy Al-Shawwa



    True LOVE is better than true LUST any day



  25. T Mac

    What a amazing song

    dee cotton

    4 million views and 1000 replies such a disgrace

  26. AuntJ10

    I heard a story that Keith wrote this song at his house. Morgan was watching cartoons and when he went to record the song, the background noise was edited.

    dee cotton

    If you listen to it really loud you can hear TV and noise in background its true!!

  27. Edward McCarver

    Tell Heidi I love her

  28. Diana Chenoweth

    My song from my husband .Robert Chenoweth.but tell robert i love him tell the end he the only man for me forever and ever.i miss him with every breath.

  29. Darkwizzard Mollohan

    A real artist lives it and sometimes you don't burn out, you burn up instead...

  30. basit khan

    Lorrie is my girl friend name and she never knew about this song before i play this to her....oooo Gosh that were sooo lovely moments.... we still useto listen to this song when she is mad on me i just play this song and every thing thing comes cool 😄😄🤣🤣

  31. Roger Barrett

    Most women would've left her husband because of his addiction problems. But it takes balls to stay with one, and Lorrie Morgan had 'em. I'm not trying to put Keith Whitley down. I would never. It's just that alcoholism is a motherfucker and hard to overcome. And I, among many other Keith Whitley fans, miss him and wish he was still here.

  32. James Tribell

    I love a Lori that passed. She was alive when this came out. It makes me cry..

  33. Jim Brant

    His passing was a terrible tragedy for his family, but also a tragedy for country music. Only singer of my generation who had the talent to be the next Merle or Johnny.

  34. Reality

    How the hell are like 1 in 17 people downthumbing this?

  35. George Parmer

    I love his music, but this one isn’t something I would play on my day to day😒

  36. Yooper Author

    How is it even possible for 804 people (currently) to dislike this song enough to give it thumbs down? Even if I hated it (which I don't, I actually love this song), I would never give a thumbs down to a song written and recorded by a man who died loving the woman the song was about. That's beyond rude and disrespectful. It's downright classless.

  37. Joni Horsley

    Makes so sad.He was trying to say it without saying it.

  38. Chris Frey

    Probably the the best love song ever.

  39. Sylvia Farese

    OK YouTube, why must I have to listen to Spanish ads—-I’m in America and my settings are English as is my language. Plz, STOP.

  40. Erick R. Terrazas-Garcia

    I don't like like country, but this song... this song is among my favorites. May God bless you Keith

  41. Em Passmore

    If you don't like this you don't have a heart

  42. margaret mcmahon

    Jus Fabulous voice the best 💕🎸💕Lorrie Beautifull voice 💕🎸💕MMC Ireland.

  43. margaret mcmahon

    Fabulous 💕Voice💕MargaretMcMahon Ireland💕

  44. Argie Kalas

    It’s good song and I’m not into country

  45. Princess Gabby

    I cry listening to this 😪😥!!

  46. Princess Gabby

    I cry listening to this 😪😥!!

  47. Rhonda Boncutter

    Keith Whitley may he rest in peace! This song hurts! My heart feels so bad for Keith!

  48. Susan Wood

    Beautiful song .

  49. Daniel Landry

    I miss you Mindi......

  50. King Judicious Mortician god of Justice

    My mother told me to look up Keith Whitley, the tone and voice in this song makes me think of Kid Rock's part of picture and reminds me of quite a few Johnny Cash songs.

  51. Droid mmo games2020

    Rip in Keith Whitley

  52. justin roberts

    Keith Whitley inspired me

  53. Hoghunta Texas

    Is there low background voices in the song from his surroundings? Just wondering if there is or it’s my headphones.

    Boggess Port IND.

    Lucas dlg I think he recorded this in a hotel room or his home just days before he died this is why this is recorded on mono not stereo

  54. A Ww

    My respects for the Whitley family, I understand that life is harder for others and easier for some. But I do know Keith went through a whole lot of stuff in his life. I don't want anyone to talk shit about this man. Respect is all we need to show please. Don't say not one word of it ain't good y'all.

  55. Logan Smith

    Raw talent!!! So hard to find now days!! RIP to you Keith Whitley, you've spoken to us all through your words and music!

  56. scott broughton

    shew this is for the love of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please tell chrissy i love her!!!!!!!!!

  57. Sharon Wagoner

    This is the best of Keith Whitley my favorite song

  58. Michael Mccoy

    the old man used to play this song!!! he missed momma i think

  59. Ronnie Johnson

    I love you Kendal. Forever

  60. Ozz Walt

    I love my Laurie

  61. Robert Mulligan

    The saddest and most hauntingly beautiful love song ever sung. RIP Keith Whitley.

  62. Nathan Guyette

    Tell linda i love her.. thats my aunts name.. i tell her i love her with this song 😀.. i need to tell lots that i love them

  63. Hay Day Tinker Terri

    I definitely believe this was recorded in Keith’s house. If you put on a good set of headphones and turn it up you can hear what I believe to be a TV or possibly talking on the radio through a lot of the song. If you doubt me... try it.

    James Hanner

    That is Batman on his TV playing in the back ground

  64. Brenda Ringle

    What an amazing man... Gives me hope for a better outlook on life and reminds me I need Faith.

  65. Jason Crose

    As a family member I love an miss 💙 you brother....

  66. Del Murphy

    Damn yall know alot to not be a fly on the wall in that house!!!

  67. Kelli Jenkins-Iles

    RIP Keith Whitley!!!💔

  68. mahatmt

    There is no doubt Keith loved Lorrie Morgan. One can feel the love but also pain he was experiencing. I remember the day when Keith died and what I was doing when I heard. Lorrie Morgan was absolutely in shock and fans were in dismay.

  69. scott broughton

    I LOVE KENTUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Rick N/a

    Keith Whitley is my favorite singer always will be

  71. Deidra Donaldson

    I think he killed himself

  72. timothy logsdon

    I wonder If miss lorrie hears this an still draws a tear 😢 Rip Keith sorry for your loss miss Morgan

  73. Annie B

    My 7 month old baby girl only calms down when this song plays and his beautiful voice. Thank you Keith for your sweet voice. RIP

  74. Billie Forrest

    And today they call their music, country....nope this is country music, now days all they have to do is have the money to make a recording, they are nothing special. This man had it all!

  75. Daniel Catoe

    To my wife i would want someone to tell her

  76. BilboT Baggin

    A man that was so deeply in love but left broken... I wish so, that Keith never had that final night with the bottle... RIP Mr. Whitley

  77. ragweeds

    I did the research i punch the song into YouTube it played....

  78. Caralyn Fitch

    I still love him 😍

  79. Bryant Brantley

    This song was a call for help..

  80. Rick Mann

    I'm a huge Keith Whitley fan and I've always thought this was one of his best songs. I've done a cover of it...please check it out and let me know what you think!
    Thanks for listening...RIP Keith, thanks for the music!

  81. Norman Hoznor

    I lost my Lori 20 years ago to cancer she was only 34. This song brings me to tears

  82. Ashley SaMaNtHa Howard


  83. jim white

    I sang this to my wife the night we got engaged. I changed it from Lori to Linda. Keith was just the best yes he may have had a addiction problem but all of us have fallen short of the Glory of our Father. God sent his son for us who are imperfect. Lorrie Morgan has walked this world with this over her and thats just not fair. I hope this was the last song he sang that day. Rest in Peace Keith

  84. Jennifer Roysdon

    reminds me of my mom RiP 10/19/2018 love u mom I know u like this song

  85. Michelle Steil

    So glad he wrote that song for her. It obviously has meant a lot to the kids, also.

  86. Trey Lane

    30th of October 2018 who is with me???

  87. JANEY Kelly

    One of his best songs. I remember where I was when I heard he died. I cried. What a waste of talent. They played this song rough cut

  88. Ray Hinton

    Ive been married to my Lorrie "spelled the same way" for 22 years. Whenever she has a bad day. Or myself fof that matter O send her this song. Thank you Keith, Lorrie and family

  89. Manda Williams

    Y'all need to do some research on alcoholism and addiction. Lorrie worked her butt off trying to help him save his own life. She even tied their feet together in bed at night so she would know if he tried to get up. He couldn't even take a shit at night without her knowing. Sadly until and unless the addict is ready, any attempts at getting and staying sober will be an epic fail. Unfortunately that's what happened to Keith. Unless you or someone you know has an addiction shut the fuck up!

  90. Bruiser Dave

    R.I.P Keith Whitney 😢😭

  91. Laurie Davis

    I miss this Kentucky singer.....

  92. Jana Williams

    This song means so very much to me. My boyfriend sang this to me all the time but used my name instead. We got together when I was 15. He’s gone to heaven now because of a heart condition. I can hear him singing every time I play this song. My heart is forever broken. He took a piece with him. I miss him so. Forever Timothy u will be missed.

  93. Midwest 13

    We love you Keith. Rest easy