Keith Whitley - I Wonder Do You Think Of Me Lyrics

If you drive around
Back in our old hometown
I wonder do you think of me
When you drive by a school
Do you remember two fools
I wonder do you think of me
And remember the park
Where you struck the spark
To a fire that's still burning
Oh, in my heart
That old graduation day
You just drifted away
I wonder do you think of me
And remember those games
Those cold football games
I was your hero
Though I seldom played
Back then could you see
What our future would be
I wonder do you think of me
And the classes we missed
Caused by a kiss
I can tell you that I've never
Felt like that since
I don't know if you would
But I'd go back if I could
I wonder do you think of me
I still love you
Do you think of me

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Keith Whitley I Wonder Do You Think Of Me Comments
  1. 4Cabin

    Keith is one of the best ever. After the many years since his way too early and untimely death, the music never gets old. His voice is pure, genuine and American country to the core. Having never know him I can tell what type of person he was.

  2. Eduardo Gamboa

    Rest Easy Up There Keith

  3. John B.

    Jamey Johnson does a great version of this too. :)

  4. ImmaStranger

    30 years later and today's country is 💩 compared to this

  5. gerrybmalkin

    ksenia I wonder do yo u think of me

  6. Miles Wilson

    I was driving to work from Hog Mountain to Alpharetta before dawn when I heard he died. This song reminds me of that sad moment.

  7. Chris Mccormick

    I don't if you would but I'd go back if I could.......... 😢😢😢😢😢

  8. Chris Mccormick

    May,9 1989. Gone way too soon. 😇😇😇😇😇

  9. Chris Mccormick

    30 years ago today Keith Whitley passed. I remember it well. I was a big fan. Still am. The man didn't have a bad song. RIP Keith. We miss you! 😇😇😇😇😇

    Paul Sais

    I never liked country but going thru a heartbreak this guy the best singer I ever heard

  10. Mickey Bowser


  11. Beth Edwards

    I love Keith Whitley's music he is one of my favorite singer's RIP Keith Whitley 💖

  12. Evan Shepard

    1:10 😭

  13. Grandrose3

    "I WONDER....."

  14. Peggy Shumar

    He sings beautiful songs ..from his heart..🎶🎸🌹

  15. Jana Purvis

    It's been 30 years, you sent me message saying this was the song you think about when you think of me.  Yes, I think of you, and I still love you after all thee years!

  16. kenny cross

    angela ashe i always wonder do you think of me

  17. Ralphie

    Oh Jeri :'I

  18. King Alexander

    RIP to Sanger D. Shafer who wrote this song and died this week.

  19. Max Smart

    RIP Brother

  20. Lavon Hardy

    Thanks for the song and the beautiful memories it retrieves...RIP..SP.

  21. MrToggy111

    I wonder if he was singing that for his ex wife Kathi...Beautiful song

  22. Jeff Hopson

    This album was finished at the time of his death and was released just after his passing. It may be my favorite KW album of all.

  23. Wanda Rains

    I know you think of me cause i love you babe<3

  24. Bradford Smith

    Keith Whitley: Always Loved, and So Sadly Missed. Same goes for The Hagg!!

    Richard Bates

    And ol possum George jones..