Keith Whitley - I'm Not That Easy To Forget Lyrics

It hurts to hear me say that it won't hurt to say goodbye
You act like I'm the only one of us who's gonna cry
You think you'll walk away without a scar and no regrets
But I'm not that easy to forget.

My goodbye look will haunt your sleep no matter what you do
We've made so many memories you're bound to feel a few
That one night you'll remember how it was a day we met
'Cause I'm not that easy to forget.

There'll always be a part of me somewhere in your mind
You're gonna find a love like mine just won't lay down and die
The future's looking bright to you but your past ain't over yet
'Cause I'm not that easy to forget.

No, I'm not that easy to forget...

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Keith Whitley I'm Not That Easy To Forget Comments
  1. Antoinette Bilocca

    You will never be forgotten Keith xxx

  2. Peggy Shumar

    This song is his singing...sings from his heart and soul...😊🌟🎸🎶

    carol vine

    Yes , those of us that are long time fans of Keith's know his heart and soul, but he also was trained in Bluegrass music from around the age of 10 years old. He excelled in learning vocals a lot from Ralph Stanley, and his Crowe days.

    carol vine

    His vocal range we phenomenal, maybe give a listen to his rendition of "MY Home Isn't In The Hall Of Fame." When Keith was With JD. Crowe. his range was unblievable!!!

  3. Juanita Buron

    15:09 3/15/19

  4. Sandy Ellis

    No your not that easy to for. Great singer from his heart and soul.

  5. Peggy Shumar

    Love this guy singing and his music and sings from his heart and soul...😊🎶🎸🌹

  6. Teresa McClanahan

    You’re gone but will never, ever be forgotten by one of your biggest fans! Lord how I Miss your beautiful voice, but so Thankful for the memories & the Music you left us. R.I.P. Keith Whitley 💔😢🙏🏻
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful song 😊

  7. carol vine

    Just a heads up to the You Tubers, maybe give a listen to Amanda whitley, she has a song on here.Maybe we have us a new talented Lady Whitley to listen to.She is Keith's great neice,Dwight's grandaugher!!!

  8. Dawn Strydom

    So beautiful.

  9. shawn page

    How I miss this type of country music. New stuff is not even close to real country music.

  10. carol vine

    I don't know what the BS. is in the previous comment none of that from Keith,I love this artist, just to be clear!!

  11. carol vine

    I sure wish he was still here with us, HE WAS THE REAL DEAL!!!!!! BS. FROM THIS ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. carol vine

    You Keith will never b forgotten, most beautiful country voice I have ever listened to. Whyis this man not in the Hall OF fame, SHAME ON THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Oron

    pure country he was, daddy loved his voice.

  14. glennys Tt

    he will never be forgotten

  15. Helen Clark

    the 13 thumbs down shame on u.


    Helen Clark they fat fingered the like button

    Helen Clark

    SykoSkipper thats what i like to c ☺

  16. rr byers

    so sad he's not around today

  17. Anjali Chopra

    Keith ur'e certainly not easy to forget .I very recently discovered you and your songs and so sad that u r not around any more .R i p dear Keith .now when i go to bed your lovely voice keeps playing in my mind.hopelessly yours keeps on playing in my mind throughout the time.thank u Keith for all the lovely songs u sang

  18. Maxine Stopfer

    2016 and I love his voice as much as I did in the 1990s.

    carol vine

    2018, and I listen to his music everyday,once a Keith fan always no one better,IMO.

  19. Stephanie Moreira

    Keith will Never be forgotten, I will always remember you and your magnificent vocals and talent! Rest peacefully in Our Heavenly Father's Arms! Miss you!

    Kim Addysmom

    beautifully said. I agree.😆

  20. Stuart Hughes

    loves listing to keith whitley I'm 30 years Old truck driver his music plays in my truck every day he is country music true talent

  21. Roger Barrett

    Ain't that the truth!

  22. Jaroslava Zamberlin


  23. Alex Martin

    Go to Facebook and to kith Whitley hall of fame and sign the petition to help Keith get into the country music hall of fame! Plz and comment that Alex Martin sent ya. Thx fans of Keith Whitley his family will be thankful!

  24. Southern Livin

    It hurts to here you say it won't hurt to think about, you act like I'm the only one of us whose gonna cry. You think youl walk away without a scar and no regrets. But I'm NOT easy to FORGET!!

  25. Maxine Stopfer

    It's 2014 and Keith is still my favorite country singer.  

  26. Terry T

    This man sang with heart and soul,,, you don't get much better than this !!!!!

    Debra Singleton

    One of the greatest!

  27. shenelle Connell

    I believe I hear a little Hank and then a little Lefty. Great Voice and timing. Love this guy's singing. 

    Rose Cassey

    +shenelle Connell
    you're not the only one who hears that! always seen him as a mix of both.

  28. Ashley K.

    no im not and I hope he suffers through as much emotional pain as I have. when someone does to him as he did to me.

  29. Margaret Staneff

    Oh lord have i miss that voice. What a talent he was and yes you are too good to forget...may god hold you safe in HIs arms... thank God you were here keith....:"(

  30. mary faver

    This is so very true! Thanks, Keith for sharing your beautiful voice

  31. ♥Eden 宇山♥

    Im not easy to FORGET!!!! What a beautiful song.
    I love you so much Keith Whitley.

  32. Kevin Osborne

    still the best...............ever

    John B

    Kevin Osborne not even close

  33. Jessi Dean

    Never will forget you dear heart Keith,I miss your singing but thanks to CD's and you tube I can still hear you. Love you my dear friend, hugs Jessi

  34. Shawn Downs