Keith, Toby - Who's That Man Lyrics

Turn left at the old hotel
I know this boulevard much too well
It hasn't changed since I been gone
Oh, this used to be my way home

They paved the road through the neighborhood
I guess the county finally fixed it good
It was getting rough
Someone finally complained enough

Fight the tears back with a smile
Stop and look for a little while
Oh, it's plain to see
The only thing missing is me

That's my house and that's my car
That's my dog in my back yard
There's the window to the room
Where she lays her pretty head
I planted that tree out by the fence
Not long after we moved in
There's my kids and that's my wife
Who's that man running my life?

If I pulled in would it 'cause a scene?
They're not really expecting me
Those kids've been through hell
I hear they've adjusted well

Turn around in the neighbour's drive
I'd be hard to recognise
In this pick-up truck
It's just an old fixer-up

Drive away one more time
Lot of things -running- through my mind
I guess the less things change
The more they never seem the same

That's my house and that's my car
That's my dog in my back yard
There's the window to the room
Where she lays her pretty head
I planted that tree out by the fence
Not long after we moved in
There's my kids and that's my wife
Who's that man running my life?

That's my house and that's my car
That's my dog in my back yard
There's the window to the room
Where she lays her pretty head
I planted that tree out by the fence
Not long after we moved in
There's my kids and that's my wife
Who's that man running my life?

Who's that man running my life?
Who's that man running my life?
Who's that man running my life?

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Keith, Toby Who's That Man Comments
  1. brandon rogers

    One of the best country singers of all time spent a lot of my teenage years listening to this song as well as many other's but that was a much simpler time ..

  2. gdh1984

    Anybody else here in the year 1 B.C?

  3. Rob Swan

    I have been there done that. .I love Michelle

  4. michael shoffner

    the other man.... a good guy too. so move on

  5. Daniel Flores

    That's my house and thats my car.. And thats my dog 🐕 im my backyard 🎶

  6. MrWolfSnack

    My mother always played old Toby Keith like this when I was a kid and we drove to Jellystone campground to our weekend trailer home that was on the "lake" (very large pond). This song used to come on a lot when she played the same Toby Keith greatest hits CD alot - so I associate this song with the trailer park and all the good memories there. We had to sell it in 2011 and haven't been back there since. Mother can't drive long distances anymore due to age, so this song always makes me cry thinking about all those times had in the mid-2000's when I was a young teenager. Hope to go back there for a visit on my own someday and see what everything looks like, rent a golf cart and just cruise around.

  7. Tyler Musson

    definitely reminds me of the 90's.. Good Old Days

  8. Will Hotalen

    Stalkers riding around crying to this 😢😢😢

  9. Mo Rizzo


  10. DD Ray Child

    My dad had a stroke in 2010 and is now paralyzed on his right side, can't speak very well, struggles to eat or drink without dumping it on himself... This song makes me think of him and the way he used to be vs how it is now. I always get a picture of the old him looking into the window to see the new him with his old life. I'm so grateful to my mom who damn near slaps anyone who tries to treat him differently, or tries to talk to her about him. She never treats him any differently. They even play tag with him in his wheelchair 😂 I think it's made my dad so much happier to feel normal. He's also the man of the house. Which means there's a lot of "anything for you baby" when us kids ask for anything lol. I'm in my 20s now, but there's something special about being my daddy's baby girl.

  11. Delirious Ghillie

    This hits me right where I live

  12. James -1050

    I'm glad these guys are stile touring; keeps the good country alive.

  13. Haley Brown

    My sister took my kids and this song is killing me right now

  14. Chardee Macdennis

    This is the song I've always heard, you would get all your stuff back, if you played backwards

  15. Glenn Ellis

    I still miss that damn Chihuahua!!!!

  16. anthony varwig

    One of the all time greats

  17. Lee Watkins

    I remember when this came out on radio, I was in high school

  18. Bryson Gregg

    Toby Keith was and still is the man

    Who’s listening in 2020

    Sable Burden

    Well you ain't seen him in Live then. Hes aince become a raging drunk who can't stay on stage long enough to finish.

    Bryson Gregg

    Sable Burden well yes I have seen him live and your right ab him being a drunk, he’s lost his old voice but when he sings his older songs he still warms the heart


    Every fucking day!


    I’m listening in 1092


    Anybody else listening in the year 1 B.C?? Thumbs this up...

  19. Darren Boothe

    Back when country music was good and CMT played music videos not reality or junk these days I sure do miss those days alot.

  20. jmwilson1987

    This song always makes me think about how my dad left us when I was younger... This song was popular around the time he left... My dad never came to see us after him and my mom split up, but he did stalk her for the longest time cause he had a lot of anger issues... It was so bad that we had to live with my grandparents for a while cause he threatened to burn down our house... Men like my father don't deserve to see their kids cause it just continues a vicious cycle... But the good dads that are kept away from their children is the most awful thing a child can experience

    DJ Michael Axe Wound Hunt

    Your mind has been poisoned by your mom. Everything you think you know about your dad are half truths and lies.

  21. Thomas Sockey

    Who ever wrote this song. Knows about the pain we all suffer in a divorce !!!!!!!!

  22. PokesVlogz & StupidStuff

    January 2020?

  23. Elizabeth Cooper

    Watching in 2020

  24. Steve Jones

    I think this is the first Toby Keith cd I brought

  25. Dang ole 01 Man

    A video with Toby Keith driving a Chevy that's surprising

  26. shane rieger

    I really miss courtney music from the 90s I grew up with this country today just isn't the same I remember I was I 2 grade when this came out

  27. John Miranda

    Great song

  28. John Miranda

    Love the truck and Chevelle

  29. Robert Hanson

    This song makes me want to go to my old neighborhood

  30. Brett

    Damn, his ex got EVERYTHING.... house, HIS car, dog, kids, even the damn tree that HE planted!

  31. Coalroller 900

    this song reminds me of my dad a lot and i every time i get in his pickup this song plays

  32. Mike James

    That songs real sad im surprised he did blow his head off

  33. Mike James

    God bless u toby keith this is a beutiful song

  34. Virgil Craig

    Miss ya Jessica amburgy so much and love you

  35. Katrina Segura

    Come back tonight baby, I wish I could see you again not like this I feel the connection but as I lay here thinking about what might've been I still wonder why I or you did come and leave to come home with me but still I want you to know please don't for get about me .. laughing and singing them songs out by the road I want you to know I still am love with and want you back baby I love you so much baby please talk to me



  37. Katrina Segura

    She thinks I'm not here and don't give a shyte about the last name or first middle initial of who wonders what she would say to whoever never laid the eyes right side jeans Jennifer Love Hewitt the movie Some sayé you over do or didn't enough to get the right set of tires so what who the cares as long as you did do something to get to the windmill and pray .45 where's my shot gun Oasis green go the light turned yellow

  38. Madalynn Johnson

    Reminds me pf my grandfather he was an awesome guy

  39. Jeffrey JeffreyBurlas


  40. Charlie Sochko

    1993 I married the woman of my dreams..... I would listen to this song and think boy that poor son of a gun, little did I know 24 years later the song was written about kids, my house, my car... my dog I planted that tree in the backyard

  41. Brandon Koch

    I would like to work so ican hellp my aunt so she don't have to do everything for this family

  42. jen

    Video looks like a stalker lmao

  43. Evan X

    How it feels when you get out of prison.

  44. Steven

    That's my dawwg in my backyard

  45. How to win. Facts.

    ITS my song

  46. Luke Walker

    The longer his mullet was the
    better his music was.... who agrees??? Love Toby Keith.

  47. Nathaniel C

    god damn is this a good song. wow

  48. Thomas Dixon

    The messed up part is she cheated on him.

  49. Christina K

    That ain’t my truck.

  50. Michael Root

    She can have my house and my car but she ain't getting my dog

  51. Brown Body Vlogs

    That hair tho

  52. Brian Murphy

    That's why I'm never getting married😨😨😨

  53. Angela Louise

    Slowed right DowNs on Samsung Electronics

  54. Kevin Riggs

    Choices have consequences. Trust me I screwed myself big time. I'm very sorry for hurting anyone I didn't mean it.

  55. Sophia Bulgaria

    Country Music is so deep, like the Blues, it tells real-life stories with so much compassion. I love Toby's voice.

  56. Sophia Bulgaria

    He's still one the best around.


    Well things where much better back then like good music and no visco girls

  58. ContinuumTrek


  59. Southern side01

    I remember when this song came out

  60. Nate Star

    Back in Sand Springs in my old Home ! Rats moved in sade ....

  61. El Cybro Gato

    What people in Germany said about Toby Keith before the internet

  62. Rosemarie Plant

    I have mixed emotions about country music. Growing up an abusive home with an alcoholic mother. She would always play country music. It reminds me of certain things.

  63. jcrevard

    Old school Toby Keith, not much better then this stuff🤘🤘

  64. Deborah Brown

    That's my dog in my backyard is the part that really gets me...

  65. ant

    1.3k people were too drunk and missed the thumbs up button

  66. chuckHart70

    This is some epic $hit. Exactly how you feel. Thanks Toby.

  67. Marc DeLaurier

    Never gets old listening to this classic breakup song. Seems like yesterday I got divorced.

    Jones Brock

    Marc DeLaurier wish nothing but the best for you brotha

  68. Ronald Austria

    This song mirrors my life...but this song also keeps me going on after the fact of all trials...moving on...

  69. Propaganda Critic

    I just saw his car in her driveway. 😔

  70. icymeter

    1:09 if u lookin for thats my house part

  71. Edmond Garcia

    When my deadbeat dad returns from buying cigarettes at the store 10 years ago

  72. Cody M

    Written and performed by Toby Keith. It was released on July 19, 1994, as the first single from the album "Boomtown" (1994). The album version ran for 4:54, and it had a guitar solo, and one repetition of the chorus. The single edit ran for 3:32, cutting out the instrumental break, and one repetition of the chorus.

  73. Kevin Ariggi

    Choices have consequences trust me I learned lesson. Not a day goes by I don't shed a tear. I never meant to hurt my true love.

  74. 44TheHobo

    Saw Toby Keith in concert recently and when he performed this song it definitely still jams hard in 2019

  75. Cole Jones

    I am everyday while drinking ice cold Budweiser

  76. Mr Horsepower

    Love the song...I've been living it for twenty years now...and it still feels the same today as it did back then. I can't listen to this without tears....

  77. Economy Sealcoat

    She probably had a restraining order Against him that’s why He didn’t want to pull in and had fixer up truck so he can be under the radar 😂

  78. J Brown

    Thumbs up if jammin sep 2019

  79. Yvonne Jarman

    I had a workshop indoors and was listening to 1035 / Ritz radio back in the day - Brilliant DJ Randall Lee Rose - played this record and listen to the words - 'That's my dog in my backyard' and Randall Lee Rose says  for Gods sake man go get The bloody dog - Brilliant

  80. jrhumphrey89

    Dude how did you not take your dog?

  81. Richard Centkowski

    One of his greatest songs

  82. Nineties Baby

    Never noticed this scene @3:28
    And watched this video a million times when I was a kid

  83. Debrah Hartmann

    Always liked this song

  84. John Adams

    Exactly what my mom did stole everything dog house kids car money, our childhood..... oh well

  85. dale Miller

    Sponge/Mr hanky, Bob stain d the hero killer, square/ingress you turned this into a rectangle 4, pants /live in levis. cold yet happened "i just shit on my last ex actually, believe ex lacks." Cough cough Eminem lyrics my ex before probation deals cod 4/ ea sports broken glass caption lyrics horrible yet see why he'd be my gorilla-eminem would fit us

  86. uratrick

    Love this music. But that wigger in the commercial after has got to GO

  87. Robert Bird


  88. Sandra K Bailey

    Toby Keith awesome singer

  89. Xx412xxbluntz

    Who's that man.... Running my lifeee

  90. Jimmy Mooney

    Fight the tears back with a smile

  91. Debbie Cook

    This is one of my all time favorite songs by Toby Keith. I absolutely love "Who's That Man"!.

  92. TheCornCobbers

    Them Autumn winds

  93. 레온MultiFandomLeon

    Plot Twist: Hes dead and is that type of repeating ghost

  94. Keystone79

    This is better than the silly macho stuff he put out in the 2000s.

  95. Shay Pewe

    is anyone else drunk like me listening to old Toby Keith songs, to deal with their depression?

  96. Mackenzie Maraugha

    I also love this song to

  97. lilly dog

    I been trying to find this song since I was 8 or 9 years old now I'm almost 20 years old and this brings back memories of me wanting to be a kid again for a couple minutes again just to be with my whole family before my parents got divorced in 2011 and all hell broke loose and my dad is dead to his only two daughters and he wants nothing to with them any more since they and my mom caused so much drama almost broke his marriage and I'm his only son and I lost 8 years with him because of my mom I wish I could go back in time to make that time up and he lives in Iowa now and I'm in Texas and sorry for the rant but I had to get this off my back

  98. Punisher Punisher

    How can a man tear your dreams a part