Keith, Toby - When Love Fades Lyrics

Going through the motions pretending to be
The man you used to see in me baby
You don't want to hurt me so you play along
And it don't feel right, and it don't feel wrong
It just feels like a memory
Barely alive
When will we let it die

Where do you run
Where do you hide
After a prmise breaks
Who'll be the one
To say goodbye
And who'll be the one to stay
When love fades

How are we gonna let go of something that's gone
Ain't it funny how a broken heart just keeps hangin' on baby
You watched me walk away
And I set you free
But I come back to you and you come back to me
I guess it beats being lonely that's the reason why
We give it one more try

Where do you run
Where do you hide
After a promise breaks
Who'll be the one
To say goodbye
And who'll be the one to stay
When love fades
When love fades

Where do you run
Where do you hide
After a promise breaks
Who'll be the one
To say goodbye
And who'll be the one to stay
When love fades
When love fades

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Keith, Toby When Love Fades Comments
  1. Ashby Saddler

    I do Like a lot of Newer Music of Toby I really do but I Love his older stuff WAY more

  2. Brandon Hudson

    This was uploaded on YouTube in 2009 and doesn’t have a million views 🤦‍♂️🤯 that’s crazy

  3. Loretta Krementz

    I don't care Toby still sexy ass hell

  4. Patsy Viars

    You look Great in Black!

  5. Patsy Viars

    Toby I left you for awhile, but hsd to come back to my man!

  6. Michael BUCHANAN

    After 20 in Navy then 14 Rescue (medic) and fire department wreck-rolledover a firetruck on a call 7 weeks in Coma in May 2012 I walk, Talk, balance check book but they won't answer me about driving WHY can’t I retest to drive WHY i am slow Starting but steady running

    Michael BUCHANAN

    20 Navy,14 Rescue Squad and Fire Department. Wreck/rollover a fire truck 7 weeks in a Coma. Slow Starting but Steady Running Country Boy

  7. Ashby Saddler

    All the songs that Toby Keith recorded the new songs R Cool but his Old 1’s R better

  8. Joe Fugate

    My second favorite song of his,

  9. The Cat

    Damn it Jim, you left the strobe lights on the whole music video! Now im seizure-ing out

  10. Dustin Harding

    good song from him one of my favorites

  11. Jeanette Wilson

    One of my top favs by him!

  12. Joanie Cummings

    1:03 love the way his eyes stick out

  13. Chris WWE75

    Good song by Toby keith

  14. lala sky

    I can still that talented cowboy but he was still a lil polished

  15. cyn thia

    Who is watching in 2017? like

  16. Josefa B Munarriz

    A 10 for you❤️

  17. Burger Jaqueline

    on dit pas : wwwwoowww on dit WAOUU !!!!!!

  18. bubble lover

    amazing song

  19. Shawn Rentz II

    I feel like this is one of the most, if not the most underrated Toby Keith song there is. Such amazing lyrics, vocals and purpose! Forever one of my favorite Toby Keith songs.

  20. Faith Parker

    Toby Keith is so hot in all of his music videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Faith Parker

    I really love this song because it tells you a lot about how it feels to be divorced 😢😢😢😢😢

  22. Faith Parker

    I really love this song because it really tells how it is to feel if you are going through divorce

  23. Mary Campbell

    i am saying goodbye not looking back

  24. Tobyswarrior

    One of my faves; Toby looks very sexy; and his voice is fantastic ! love the suit

  25. Nick Brinson

    Ok really people, It aint like toby keith wanted to sing those songs. They just showed up he and he got to thinkin its a good party song. He doesn't mean for them to become hits. Now after getting introduced to how the new generation likes these stupid ass pop country singers, he has to test out the waters with one song like that once in awhile that aint gonna be his style. besides his new album he is going to back to songs like these.

  26. Nicole Czarnecki

    Me too.

  27. Joey Mills

    Toby always has goofy funny things in his songs but some have a more serious side to them like ''Santa i'm right here'' i think his most serious and touching song or funny songs like ''ill never smoke weed with willy again''

  28. Nicole Czarnecki

    And now he's having friends pee in red Solo Cups and drinking the pee--literally (At your own risk, skip to 1:25 if you want to see that video--which makes frat boys look mature.).

  29. TheRobchar

    I agree

  30. C Warren

    I like ths song..the words hsve so much truth behind them

  31. alexd092094

    This is a good song but no one thinks that

  32. elmo exstacee


  33. Haley MacKeen

    Unreal song. I miss the days of 90's country when people actually succeeded because of their talent..

  34. dennis eddy

    nice song

  35. Nick Brinson

    I like that coat toby has on XD

  36. Janice Miller

    Get to know thyself so that YOU WON'T be a willing VICTIM/PREY to take whatever ABUSE or MISTREATMENT any man CHOOSES to inflict ON YOU when you can RELISH being in your OWN COMPANY you'll be the WOMAN that a man will WANT to be around BECAUSE you won't be the WOMAN who can't be without A MAN :)

  37. Jessica and Ricky

    This was when he had heart and soul. Before he lost his head and decided he was a renegade.

  38. Scarlett’s Dreams

    I love Toby Keith!

  39. Scarlett’s Dreams

    I love what Toby Keith Sings! His is the most number 1 singer in the world!

  40. SuperCrazycountry

    This song should've been on his Greatist Hits!!!!

  41. GLWilliams

    watch, toby kieth dis!

  42. Robin Turner


  43. Robin Turner

    @ilovegoldenjade If that is the case than what you wrote on the back of a photo from HS to me was truely appropriate. You told me you would see me at the wedding. Since I was not at yours it must be ours you were referring to. Seeing into the future were you.... We have some things to work out but I honestly can say I want to be with you and work them out together. Always will love you because as you said true love never dies..

  44. anthony Ash

    @Majestictwin ...True love never dies...Sometimes it just takes it's time to show it's self,,,,143

  45. Robin Turner

    @ilovegoldenjade OMG!!! I can not believe you actually posted that. Yes I do. I am here for you when ever you want. All you have to do is call and let me know you want to see me. I will always be here for you. Our love was always there we just were to young to fight for it.

  46. anthony Ash

    The promise broke for me many years ago. The love faded away from me as well. I think I found love in another, the one that got away from me in High school, is now back

  47. L D

    I love this song<3

  48. Coty Barker

    Every August 21st I mail my ex wife a Thank You card. It is the anniversary of our divorce.

  49. Scott McIntosh

    12 years and this is how it feels!

  50. Kennedy O'Brien

    i saw this video when we had cmt i love the song toby keith rocks

  51. Efrain Hernandez

    haters...get a life and be somebody by toby kieth

  52. Diana Young

    oh my... harsh words lamentations..

  53. jjkoekemoer

    LAMENTATIONS5... 'GET A LIFE' and let live and be HAPPY..xx