Keith, Toby - That's Country Bro Lyrics

Jimmy Rogers, Patsy Cline, we lost Hank at 29
Roy Acuff, Johnny Horton and dancin' Bill Monroe
Woodie Guthrie, Bob Wills, Spade Cooley, Kitty Wells
Jimmy Dean and Big John and ole' Hank Snow

Heard em every weekend
Opry tuned in on that AM radio
That's country bro
Yeah, that's country bro

Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Porter Wagoner and the Hag
Faron, Lefty, Roger Miller King of the Road
Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wy, Buck and Don, and Charlie Pride
Marty Robbins and the Possum, ol' George Jones

Heard em all growin' up
In daddy's ole farm truck
8-track stereo
Hey, that's country bro

Gonna be country
You oughta know
A little bit of somethin'
Bout the roots and the boots
And the rhinestone suits
That started this rodeo

That's country bro
Yeah, that's country bro

Emmylou and Conway Twitty, mmm-Mel and Detroit City
Crystal Gayle, and Willie, Waylon, David Alan Coe
Earl Thomas, Eddy Rabbit, Shenandoah, Alabama
George Strait and Randy Travis, diggin' up bones

Saw em on Hee-Haw
Singing in their overalls
Junior was the star of the show
That's country bro
Yeah, that's country bro

Bo and Luke and Daisy Duke
Smokey and the Bandit one and two
Jerry Reed and Jerry Clower
Glen Campbell's Goodtime Hour
John Wayne and Marshall Dillon
Roy Rogers, Andy Griffith
Ben and Adam, Hoss and Little Joe
And Festus

That's country bro
Yeah that's country bro
That's country bro yeah

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Keith, Toby That's Country Bro Comments
  1. T900BadBot

    And you didn't even mention Cledus.

  2. Dana Conley

    I live in Lebanon, PA, & I see he's coming to Allentown, PA on September 3rd, 2020! I want to be front & center! I wish I knew how to personally meet him, He's definitely on my Bucket List! I have Systematic Lupus, & 30some other life threatening diseases either directly or indirectly from Lupus! Not a one is contagious!! If anyone knows if he's on any other social media, & it really is him, please send me link(s) in messages! I'm not trying to stalk him or anything, I just wanna tell him my story, & how much I love his music, & his looks aren't shabby! Tehehehe! I listen to him every day! When I cook, clean, do the wash, getting ready to go away (mostly Dr appointments) He just seems like he'd be so down to earth, silly, easy to make as a friend, as he says, "like a regular Joe" if you can't figure out how to message me, my email is [email protected]
    Thanx to anyone who can help!

  3. Cynthia Rodgers

    Im a fucking sex offender bert. Everyone is. What was the first thing it was for? Now my eyes are just see thru rough.

    Cynthia Rodgers

    I was only putting others first enoughof that less love battle was na.

  4. Melodee Magnussen

    U are AWESOME

  5. Robo McLaren

    the sad part is this song is literally just list... no actual meaning... and for a song thats released in 2019.. well video i should say... it has the worst audio ive heardf... it sounds such low quality... its literally so tinny and sounds liquid electricty (metaphor)

  6. Zachary D

    Klu klux klan hits fallout 5 as a faction there

  7. KissASweetheart

    A lot of ppl won’t appreciate this

  8. KissASweetheart

    This is the country style of we didn’t start the fire

  9. Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY


  10. orangequarter

    I love all them folk. He forgot Ernest Tubb. This is a dumb song. I love TK, but, this is a dumb song.

  11. Blayne Godfrey

    Best song by him

  12. Mohammad

    did he mention john Denver ??

  13. Jennifer Thompson

    Odd how the video features an old Ford truck, but the inside shot at 1:23 is clearly an old Chevrolet. Even the hood vents are the same. Wonder why they modeled a second truck for one clip

  14. Jesse Cornelius

    What a shitty song lol

  15. Minneapolis moline

    Im 12 and watched and listened to almost all of them

  16. JuniorMint

    This nigga really tried to do a country rip off of "We Didn't Start the Fire".....

  17. Kevin Koogle

    This is great. I love Billy Joel's songs.

  18. Bobby Heckard

    Take that Eric church, Zack Brown band, country rappers and so fourth

  19. Ian

    What about Chris LeDoux?

  20. Lexi Beltran

    “And festus”
    Me “yassssss!!!!”””

  21. Justin Osborn

    I was happily surprised that he mentioned Earl Thomas Conley. The guy is virtually forget by modern country music, but he had more number 1 hits in the 80's than any singer.

  22. snow blown

    Reminds me when i listened to both kinds of music country and western.

  23. Luke. TheDrifter

    Thats my.truck hahah

  24. ashesX904

    I can't stop listening to this song ❤

  25. Roy Lampley

    Was the mistake put in the song on purpose ? .... To see if anyone notices .... It's whispering Bill Monroe !!


    Not to be rude, but that nickname is actually for Bill Anderson.

  26. CallieMaddie Cats

    Love this song and you, Toby!!

  27. johnkentvalan

    Toby Sings it too!


  28. Lawrence Gardner

    What no Dixie chicks?


    Remember the fude Toby had with Natalie Maines? Also they're a little too new, which is probably why Alan Jackson wasn't here either. But I did love the Dixie Chicks album "Home" since it has more of a Bluegrass feel to it; I consider it their big finale.

  29. ncvet trucker

    Outstanding! Great song

  30. Luke Becker

    YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!

  31. April T.


  32. David Arthur

    Hank Snow proudly Canadian

  33. David Arthur

    I love it

  34. Wake UP America

    Damn Right, That's Country Bro.

  35. Stuart Goodliffe

    Should have worked Cletus into it.


    A little too new. He was going for late-80s and older.

  36. Hailee Krol

    Love all the names he ❤️ all them country legends, shows and everything else🤠🤠🤠🤠

  37. bosshoss69lee

    Toby, you’re not country, bro

  38. Debrah Hartmann

    A really fun song love it

  39. martybowen1


  40. Luke Becker

    Should show pictures of the stars and pictures of them in the movie they were in if they were in a movie

  41. Luke Becker

    Smokey and the Bandit 1 and 2 Jerry Reed

  42. Luke Becker

    Why not mention the 3rd smokey and the bandit movie?

    Jeffr Hundtr

    Luke Becker because the third one is bad

    Luke Becker

    @Jeffr Hundtr ok i agree on that

  43. Luke Becker

    I like fords

  44. Luke Becker

    Yee Haw!!!!!

  45. Luke Becker

    Smokey and the Bandit 1 and 2

    Trey Epperley

    ill put the pedal to the metal im 10 10 on the side.

  46. Trae Hopkins

    I love that he mentioned Jerry Clower.

  47. no -gracias

    Confederate flag guy brought me here :v

  48. Bob LeBlanc

    Jerry Crawler.....n Festes...didnt miss anyone lol

  49. Zachary Pryor

    Nashville take note. This is WAY better than anything that gets played on the radio nowadays. Now this is country, bro!

  50. Tobyswarrior

    This song is fabulous ; He knows how to write a great song ! And his God-given voice is the icing on the Country Cake ! Love Ya Toby

  51. tonya conner

    I can not wait for the full album, I love Toby Keith from his first single! He is my favorite singer, and alway swill be, He is the king of country, keep the great music coming Toby, They may not play you on the radio But here in my town, your played alot by mp3 or cds, My one thing I want to do before I die is meet Toby in real life, (I have been to his concerts but never met him) and I will make sure my dream comes true someday

  52. Lori Young


  53. mega shawn

    Imagine hank williams watching this video

  54. Laney House

    Spade Cooley tortured and murdered his wife in front of their daughter! Thats evil! Not country! Bro!

    Luke Becker

    Who is Spade Cooley ?

    Laney House

    @Luke Becker part Cherokee western swing fiddler from Oklahoma Google it

    Luke Becker

    @Laney House ok

    Luke Becker

    @Laney House ok i looked him up he is a horrible person

  55. First Name Bloc

    I don't think this was mixed properly, the audio is all wack.

    Jeffrey Shaffer

    It's meant to imitate hearing it on an old-timey radio. Only problem is, they went overboard. It's hard to stand.

    First Name Bloc

    @Jeffrey Shaffer Ahh! I see, thank you for explaining it to me.

  56. Michael BUCHANAN

    That’s Country music

  57. Sean Taylor

    I'll just be honest I've only heard of about 20 of these. That's not too bad though right?

    Luke Becker

    I've heard of them all

  58. John W 1711 Stock

    TRUMP 2020!

  59. Froot Saled

    Somebody's gotta remind Lil NasX of this before he calls himself a "country star"

  60. Richard Timko

    Nice song!! It's so cool

  61. Laney House

    Why give a murderer the honor of being mentioned with all these country heros?

    Luke Becker

    Who the murderer?

    Laney House

    @Luke Becker spade Cooley

    Luke Becker

    @Laney House oh

  62. Zachary D

    That’s country eh and it’s a highway to heaven and leads us them to Volga train depot

  63. Benjamin Wagner

    What's sad is that modern county has no idea who half of them are

    Matt Fehl

    Whats sad is the progenitor of bro country is now name dropping real country singers like hes somehow cooler than the bro country singers who also name drop the legends for cred.

  64. Monica Reed

    Love the song and video, it would be great if the pictures of the stars were shown.

    Luke Becker

    That would make it better

  65. k madigan

    Saw him on the 4th of July this year, best damn concert to ever see.

  66. Ken Simmons

    Comma, please: That Country, Bro!

  67. Dark Bishop

    See That Ford Its Country bro! not chevy

    Keith Mitchem

    To bad it is a CGI Ford because if was an actual Ford it would need to be pushed lol. I love
    the song though


    The pre-1999 Chevys are Country too.

  68. Me You

    damn right that country to HEll with bro

    Me You

    my country didn't have bro 🍻

  69. Laura Seaton

    Good song

  70. Sharon Burchett

    my daughter loves this song!! every day she has to lisen to it!!!!!

  71. Lynne Everett

    I love this song. I love Toby Kieth so much!!!

  72. Brandy Colletti

    Lazy and boring song...

    Luke Becker

    Then go to hell

  73. Jimmy 20

    That's the toby keith I know and love

  74. Alabamaredneck

    This song completely defeats it's own purpose


    Alabamaredneck explain?

  75. McGee Poletto


  76. William Graves

    Quote Hank Williams III " pop country really sucks."

  77. tobylou8

    THANK GOD no snap track!!!! LOL

  78. Clayton the Country boy

    Producer: so how many people you wanna name drop in this next song?

    Toby: Yes


    Clayton the Country boy

  79. drummerboy11122

    Aaron Walker Band - Jack and Jane

    That's country. Underground like Tyler Childers or Cody Jinks

  80. Alan Nadeau III

    That's awesome. Love the song.

  81. Loves Greatness

    Mel Tillis is M M M Mel. He's Pam Tillis Daddy.

  82. Loves Greatness

    Faron as in Faron Young. Hello Balls, don't you miss her.

  83. Michael R.

    Why is the sound in such bad quality?

  84. Edith Motley

    Love this song great job Toby Keith

  85. Jake Frazer

    Is that Festus the wrestler

    Douglas Rollo

    Either him or from gunsmoke. I thought it was the wrestler to at first.

    Douglas Rollo

    Yeah prob from gunsmoke.

    Luke Becker

    Its the Festus from Gunsmoke

  86. Kevin Maund

    Glad he mentioned Glen Campbell

  87. Eliana Oliveira

    Toby keith
    I love music.

  88. Curtis Price

    Best one I've heard so far

  89. Richard Blake

    Toe tappin, that’s country bro!

  90. Dragongaming-Kid friendly gaming

    The country version of "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel. It works well!


    I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it. I showed it my mom and the first thing she said was, "What'd he do? Throw everybody in there?" I said, "Pretty much, yeah!"

  92. Texas Red

    Name association =/= real country

  93. Total Annihilation

    Reminds me of a knock-off ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’

    Air Force 1

    Total Annihilation a much better version

  94. Nunov Yobeeswax

    I like a lot Toby's songs, but this is super LAME! Name drop songs should have never become a thing, just cheesy and lame as fuck.

  95. Beards And Bows Outdoors

    This is a play off of george Jones' who is gonna fill their shoes..

  96. Luke Carnahan

    Where is Garth Brooks? #1 sold album country artist ever? Talk about country legends? He sang at the same time George Strait did.

  97. Elvis Presley 00

    A great Country

  98. Rebel Outlaw

    I love this song and I'm going to try to make it as my ringtone for my phone

  99. Mike or patty Rhoades

    I love positive notes when we lose people Ok! and not a mans what ever shit!