Keith, Toby - Tender As I Wanna Be Lyrics

I know sometimes you need me to be tender
I don't give you much to go on
So I'm amazed at how you hold on to me
Baby girl I've never been this close before
Never opened up that door
I'm still finding my way

Something else that lovers do
When I've been by myself
Never had to talk about
Movin' in with someone else

Then you kiss my face
And it makes me smile
Girl I want to lay with you,
Right here with you
For a little while
When I feel that rush
Coming down all over me
You're as fas as I can see
That's tender as I wanna be
Tender as I wanna be
Girl it's so tender

No maybe it's that hard
To find someone to please me
Or it could be that real true love
Sometimes don't come easy
No it don't come easy


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Keith, Toby Tender As I Wanna Be Comments
  1. Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY

    Sweet! ❤❤❤❤❤💋🎶🎶🎶💕

  2. Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY


  3. Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY

    Good Morning, Hope You had a Good Concert last Night, already said Good Morning to are Troops as they gave me notification a few hrs ago waiting for their response

  4. Robin Biernbaum

    Love this song