Keith, Toby - Stays In Mexico Lyrics

His name was Steve, her name was Gina
They met at a bar called the Cabo Wabo Cantina
He was an insurance salesman from South Dakota
She was a first grade school teacher Phoenix, Arizona
They started dancing and it got real hot
Then it spilled over into the parking lot
One more tequila they were falling in love
One more's never enough

Don't bite off more than you can chew
There's things down here the devil himself wouldn't do
Just remember when you let it all go
What happens down in Mexico
Stays in Mexico

He woke up in the morning and he made a little telephone call
To check on his wife and his kids back at home, in Sioux Falls
She hopped right in the shower with a heavy, heavy mind
He knew it was the first time Gina'd ever crossed that line
They walked down to the beach and started drinking again
Jumped into the ocean for a dirty swim
One more margarita they were falling in love
One more's never enough

Don't bite off more than you can chew
There's things down here the devil himself wouldn't do
Just remember when you let it all go
What happens down in Mexico
Stays in Mexico
Oh, Mexico

Waiting at the bar in the terminal gate
She says, "Steve I've got to go, I'm gonna miss my plane."
He said, "One more tequila before you climb on up."
She said, "One more's never enough."

Don't bite off more than you can chew
There's things down here the devil himself wouldn't do
Just remember when you let it all go
What happens down in Mexico
Stays in Mexico

Stays in Mexico
Stays in Mexico
Oh, Mexico

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Keith, Toby Stays In Mexico Comments
  1. Jim Willhide

    It should be "What happens down in Mexico...STAYS ON YOUTUBE!"

  2. Mohammad

    did this guy really make a fun song about cheating ?? what a message.

  3. Stefthor sings

    Have you heard The song Down in Mexico By Stefan And The Waymakers. 🔥🔥🔥


    A lot of Americans go to Mexico for a Holiday and never return at least not how they planned,
    Throw you in Jail for anything and extort your Family to get you out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pamela Nelson

    When the students ask Miss Gina what she did and where she went... The blush could be seen in either Sioux Falls or back in Mexico.

  6. Alejandro Uribe

    It´s funny because this wasn´t recorded at the Cabo Wabo, hahaha!! and Gina shouldn´t drink Tequila, she is el Diablo in the beach!!

  7. Debrah Hartmann

    Funny thanks needed that

  8. Eleana Demera

    Wonder if everyone else out in the parking lot in the cars were cheating too?

  9. Debbie Cook

    Fun lively song. Great music. Love it!

  10. Gary V

    I went to Vegas with an ex g/f and she had a b/f at the time, she told him she was going with a girlfriend...we had a great time...what happens in Vegas stays in...

  11. Marie Bellucci

    I would totally Gina Toby up if I saw him chillin' at some beach, to be honest.

  12. Marie Bellucci

    I wonder whose story he told with this song. Gulp....

  13. Marie Bellucci

    Yo, people, all of you celebrating that Toby Keith ain't "racist" or that those who have come here to make "racist" jokes about Mexico and Mexicans.... you DO know Mexican is A NATIONALITY and not a race, right? Repeat after me, FOLKS WHO HATE MEXICANS -or any other people from a specific country- ARE NOT RACIST, I repeat, THEY ARE NOT RACIST, THEY ARE XENOPHOBIC. God......!!! -_-

  14. Marie Bellucci

    LMAO, this is hilarious!

  15. Stefthor sings

    Have you heard Stefan And The Waymakers-Down in mexico?

  16. B J

    _One time in Mexico..._

  17. SuperColonel91

    I never got why Gina took off her glasses. She needs to get Lasik

  18. Ethan Abbott

    Over spring break I went to mexico and went deep sea fishing with my dad on a Mexican boat so of course I was offered a bunch of beers and I asked my dad to make sure he was ok with it and the only thing he said was "what happens in mexico stays in Mexico"

  19. Tobyswarrior

    I love this song and Toby looks gorgeous ! Oh My --

  20. luisdmatas

    White people be like...

  21. DrSauce

    1:46 what an ugly family

  22. Michael BUCHANAN

    20 Navy,Volunteered 14 Rescue Squad and Fire Department,Wrecked/Rollover a Fire Truck. 7 weeks in a Coma Slow Starting but Steady Running Country Boy

  23. Karen Fay

    Awesome video. Very funny! First time i ever saw it.

  24. Forrest Benson

    Appropriate song as I'm waiting to board my flight to Cancun....

  25. Kevin Fossen

    I haven't seen a parking lot outside Cabo Wabo.

  26. Pam Pavelka

    My theme song when I go to Mexico with my best friend this summer 😉

  27. Tina Michael Twitter Tina TWITTER ACCOUNT love

    Today keith cook

  28. Marie Howington

    Lets go Honey Baby ,we will Have a lots of fun Way't and see.

  29. Vince Black

    What stays in Mexico is every thing but the baby you made her pregnant with. Lol

  30. Tim Scott

    Wish i was lucky as that guy

  31. Jason French

    I luv this coolest dude and this awesome message lol

  32. Jim Scheuerman

    FUCK messico, filthy invading leech-scum

  33. Cambbott Anakin Jedi Hawk

    I heard this on radio.

  34. Steve Newton

    I'd hit that chick!!!!WOW!!

    Morgan Farmer

    Steve Newton hahaha

  35. Valerie Lee

    such a hottie!

  36. Billy bones

    new country song god love beer

  37. By Nm

    Like a trained soldier named GUNSMOKE.

  38. Ricky Selman

    Their R Things Down Here That The Devil Himself Wouldn't SCREW 😎😎😎

  39. Codeman

    Sioux Falls Love!

  40. matemahe

    Why the duck was there a Trump support ad before this music videos

  41. Jeff Cirar

    Hey Sammy, did Toby give you your royalties for using your clubs name is his song...?

  42. JD Blaylock

    2018 y’all 💯💯💯

  43. Robin Dawn

    Stays wherever it happens 😈😈

  44. compton300

    We were on vacation in a hotel on Collins Ave South Beach Miami and watched this video being shot there. It was good fun.

  45. MiguelPpM

    This is some old song, anyways, the theme is common, cheating love stories, this theme is very common indeed.

  46. Mr. Chip

    Banked on being a great american

  47. AmericanPride1234

    Too bad Mexicans, you know stayed in Mexico.


  48. The Maximoff

    Hahaha 😂👏

  49. Kayla Schulz

    Yeah you stay in Mexico and don't come back

  50. Kayla Schulz

    Better yet shoot the guy in the head

  51. Andra Barrientoz

    3:00 that dab

  52. Jonathan DeMent

    My hometown is Sioux falls south Dakota

  53. Hallucination

    I can hear this music in Sioux Falls

  54. Shirley Ford

    My sisters won't let me go to by myself. At first I thought they just liked it there. Then I realized they just didn't want to have to buy my way back across the border. They're not as adventurous as me. They aren't the kind to ride in and bust my crazy ass out.

  55. Dario Talamoni

    Nice song. Love it. Córdoba Argentina.

  56. Rachel E Reynolds

    I love song , it make my night, 💝

  57. austin smith

    This is true.


    it aint my fault

  59. Krystal Parga


  60. Ryan Beers

    just like vegas what happens in vegas stays in vegas or so the saying goes all except syphillis that follows you whereever you go unfortunately 😐😡😠😣😤😧..!!

  61. Ryan Beers

    wait a sec cabo wabo is the name of one of jimmy buffet's songs orone of his places and ironically enough it's down in mexico or somewhere tropical like that ft. lauderdale maybe😮😞😦😯..?? Isure as heck dk 😐😡😠..!!

  62. Ryan Beers

    approperiatly enough a corona ad was played seconds before this music video played the ad had the line "everytime tailgates are down a corona gets it's lime" 😐☺😊😆😅and ironically he was drinking a beer with a lime in the mouth piece/neck of the bottle or in the spout of the bottle where the alcohol flows through..!! talk about irony 😂..!!

  63. G S T

    viva Obrador !!!

  64. Kayla Oxley

    Love his songs

  65. Michelle Piatt

    I love the mariachi band! Great video!

  66. Animal Sarah Playz

    Love this song

  67. Josefa B Munarriz


  68. Game Reveiws 97

    I'm Donald Trump, & I Approve This Message

    Jennifer Dijames

    OK Mr President.

  69. Andy Snyder

    I say build that wall

  70. Ashley Abeyta


  71. Jack Meyer

    Not even going to point out the irony here

  72. Andrew Motta

    I think mr. Keith is an alcoholic

  73. Andrew Stetler

    Summer time

  74. Andrew Stetler

    The best country song

  75. Power Metal

    Hello amigo Toby Keith from Mexico!!!

  76. lunda m. chavez

    I'm going to Mexico to marry a buracho

  77. jack mayhoffer

    Gina is a little 'ho.


    She is Pretty HOT

  79. stasvideo

    Best of the best! Love this song and video very much! Toby is the great!!!

  80. tejano151

    I Dont like this guy.

  81. Kayla Schulz

    duck no

  82. Cgi Oakland

    lmao the picture of the family lol i can see why he cheated lol

    Justin Oiler

    Justin down syndrome
    Danielle pullin
    Misty brown
    Megan Ellis
    Michelle story
    Angela Dellipoala
    Leax atoaf
    Alicia Thompson

  83. Diane Sharpes

    I thought you were a nice guy! Talk real about REAL MILITARY. MY HUSBAND BUILT A REPLICA OF THE USS INDIAPOLIS.

  84. Steven A

    that one got a wee bit close for me!

  85. Rowdy The Redneck

    Got the CDs that had this son on it lol

  86. kathy conner

    this brings back emories

  87. Morgan Farmer

    If I was that mans wife and he called me and said "hey hey babe everything ok" I woulda said why do you care. Your cheating me anyways. I don't like this video. I love the song. But the video is him cheating his wife.

    Steven A

    and she is cheating her husband

  88. Steve Someone

    The innocent school teacher has a tacky tattoo on her belly. He can have her.

    Sean Bad

    You actually pointed out a good continuity error, the tat is there and the very next scene it is gone

    Steve Someone

    Sean, I just looked at the video again, more carefully, and maybe it's not a tattoo. It's just there for a moment, but it looks like it moves. Most tattoos don't move. Maybe it's something else. If she doesn't have a tattoo then I would bang her.

  89. Alpatriod

    Still here this one on the radio

  90. stacey bennett

    like music video by toby keith

  91. Steinberger synapse

    Went too Moore High With Toby , Had my own Country Band, and used to seek his advise he always showed up at 5 till 9 and jump on stage as he buttoned his shirt, he was a pro then and a pro now, he has now coached little league football with my son.........Toby is a Good Guy , Talented, never forgot his Roots, Toby WHO IS GONNA BE THE FIRST To write a song about the passion the state has for the OKLAHOMA SOONERS, THE KING 47 STRAIGHT, THE NUMBER ONE COLLEGE FOOTBALL PROGRAM IN HISTORY GET IT WROTE TOBY ! GET TO WRITING ...... "JIMMANY CHRISTMAS" Their has to be a human emotions expressed in young boys, not having fathers around and discovering a place they Forever call home, Memorial Stadium, The Crimson and Cream the people good times ,bad times, they love and i mean "LOVE their Sooners....Pay the program a trubute.

  92. paultheuglydog

    When you let loose just remember that what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico unless Toby Keith wants to do a music video. If that happens remember that what happens in Mexico is on youtube for the whole world to see.

  93. Travis Robertson

    Wish I was in Phoenix Arizona drinking and smoking chips man hello miss keyhole was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona she moved because of her of the school pricing

  94. Travis Robertson

    Wish I was in South Dakota

  95. Travis Robertson

    I wish we were in Mexico