Keith, Toby - She's A Hottie Lyrics

She's sittin' by the water where the river gets wide,
Think about swimming to the other side,
Got a Malboro red, and a can of cold Bud
Toes squished down in the Arkansas mud,

Hey Mister! Yeah, I kissed her.
Son, you ought to see her sister!
You've got to give a little something to a cool dark cat,
Finding him a woman who could shake like that,
Hottie, she's a Hottie! Got a smokin' little body
String bikini and a barbed-wire tat (tattoo)
She's rockin' that cowboy hat
Hottie, she's a Hottie! And just a little bit naughty
Kayay digidigy, Kayay digidigy, yey Hey hey hey Hey

She's slappin' down a dam
Where the moss gets thick,
Yellin' Yee Haw! she's a redneck chick,
Spittin' in the fire, puttin' on a show,
Struttin like a chicken to the radio,
Hey Slick! She's a hick!
Hmmm and her butter milk lipstick
Give a little something to a cool dark cat,
Finding him a woman who could shake like that,

Hottie, she's a Hottie! She got a smokin' little body
String bikini and a barbed-wire tat (tattoo)
She's rockin' that cowboy hat
Hottie, she's a Hottie! And just a little bit naughty
Singing Kayay digidigy,
Kayay digidigy, yey Hey hey hey Hey

Dress her up boys, I took her from the farm,
I brought her downtown, I hung her on my arm,
You've got to give a little somethin' to a cool dark cat,
Finding him a woman who could walk like that!
She's a Hottie, she's a Hottie! She's got a smokin' little body
String bikini and a barbed-wire tat (tattoo)
She's rockin' that cowboy hat
Hottie, she's a Hottie! And just a little bit naughty
Kayay digidigy, Kayay digidigy, yey
Singing Kayay digidigy, Kayay digidigy
Yey hey Hey hey Hey

Singing Kayay digidigy, Kayay digidigy, Yey Hey hey Hey

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Keith, Toby She's A Hottie Comments
  1. Richard Glazebrook

    Love it 2020 💜⚘🍦⚘💚💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  2. Brandy

    Thank you Jeff Lingle!!!

  3. Sarafina Anderson

    Thats right.......

  4. George Mercer

    Damn Toby I like that hat you got onAND THEM BOOTS DON'T KNOW ABOUT THEM SHORT... ... HAHAHA...

  5. Brandi Lester

    Hey Slick 😉 she's a hick!! Love it. ♥️

    Caitlin Womack


  6. Jim Brown

    T Keith no question a true cowboy! American!!

  7. Taylor man40

    This is the country equivalent to Eminem's shake that.

  8. Brandi Lester


  9. Wd B

    Just look at those "drumstiks"!!!

  10. Richard Glazebrook

    Love it 😍😎❤😎😍 2019

  11. Belen Arteaga

    Face book

  12. shamus248

    Anyone else remember when he sang this at the cmt awards and a fan came on stage and started dancing

  13. Guy Smith

    I remember when this song came out good times!

  14. Jay Dupree

    I'm still loving this song

  15. Jay Dupree

    Damn I love this song I wish I could make a play everyto I see the hottie with a nice body is a cowboy hat

  16. Pink Phantom

    This song is my national anthem in my house and I'm only 12

  17. ya favorite meat guy y'all

    born in West Virginia in the mountains where the shine flows

  18. JoeyNap

    Hey Mister... yeah I kissed her

  19. Jane Smith

    That Arkansas mud!!!

  20. Patrick Spurgeon

    dress her up boys took her to the bar down while she's rockin that cowboy hat

  21. Pancake Nation

    just a song i wanna dance to awesome beat

  22. Shayla 152

    fav song

  23. Kristen Skillen

    I love this song

    Cień Duch DuszaTM

    Same, Love your hat by the way.

    Thomas Mello

    kristen skillen hell yea! !

  24. Logan Bell

    she is a hottie!

  25. Tracy x

    diggy diggy

  26. mkozzokm

    Petite Women are the BEST!!!!

    Cool Knight

    Fuck yeah.

    Ann Osborne

    I'm petite!!! Love shaking it!!!!😃

    Brian Smith


  27. peskos31

    This is the greatest! She's rockin that cowboy hat..

    Steve Casteel

    peskos31 haven't seen a cowboy hat yet ,but doing Daisy Dukes justice........... No one heard that , right? 😈

    Nicole. Goodman

    peskos31. Mn cter mn c ewkmn nicole

    Steve Melancon

    I haven't got past her shorts. Hadn't even noticed the hat.👍😀

  28. Best Gamer101

    whoooo! FULL BLOODED COUNTRY BOY I joke I drive a old ranch truck😂😂😂And I live in California now not texas so I have the ugly looking vehicle now...Jk love my truck even gotta rebel flag in the bed of my truck!

    Cheryl Hall

    love rebel flag's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chase Ambrose

    Watch out everyone we got a badass over here... Just kidding just some wanna be

    Tj Heard

    Best Gamer101 x

    Nicole. Goodman

    Best Gamer101 inv eyt mn c ew s mn im rt wr

  29. Rufus Leakin

    70 people aren't hotties!

  30. Erik Fauver

    Erik fauver

  31. jjj023

    My hottie likes to show the truckers a lil something in my Vette with the top down.

    San Diego

    so you are saying she is an exhibitionist tramp ??? - LOL

  32. darryl short

    Iam from hazard kentucky love this music whooo !!!!!!!!!

    Sarah McKay

    darryl short ever run into the dukes of harzard? Shoot if you do, tell them that they are late on making that moonshine delivery!


    knox county here!!!!

  33. David Greer

    Welcome to Bro Country Toby, You just wiped your ass with all your great songs

  34. Louise Joseph

    This is a good song. I don't listen to much music, anymore. All it did was remind me of my real brothers and sisters that have all gone on to heaven.

  35. Maria Riley

    Hi there Toby Keith .

  36. Gary Bross

    Toby Keith is an All American Country Star.

  37. MC788

    Never forget 9/11

    Michael H

    +MC788 You are only here for 9/11?

  38. Reiner Maurer


  39. Blaine DeChenne

    i was born in the north but i have southern blood run in my veins and was raised on southern traditions and i'm only 15 and anybody that's got a problem with that can say it to my face

    Texas Whiskey

    Blaine DeChenne how does that work?? I'm from the north so you just disgraced us 😑 just because we weren't born in the south doesn't mean anything. We go mudding, listen to our beloved country music, drive our beat up trucks, live life a little slower, and respect our momma and our women. Honestly. Northerns can throw down better than the south. I know cause I'm living in the south. Soooo leave the north. We won't miss ya 🖕

    Johnny's Survival

    @Texas Whiskey if you think the north is so good why don't you follow your own advice. Leave we sure as hell won't miss you

    Kristina Breter

    good for you

  40. Emile Morales

    tight tight

  41. Ryan Kidd

    fuck the northers stick with the southerners

  42. Andrew Henning

    My dad if form Texas I'm century

  43. BitchPlzIllEatYou

    Minnesota Country Girl!! haha

  44. Kevim Varner

    well ya see im from Minnesota but my dad as raised in the deep south and raised me the same way he was so I country to the bone

  45. paul sanders

    thats my tractor

  46. wyatt

    the sticks are were its at

  47. Rowdy The Redneck

    MOVE BACK THEN! I've lived in the same county fer 22 years and not movin out from the sticks cause its peaceful and nobody bothers me out here!

  48. Justin Hayes

    I am from Virginia. I am country to the bone, yet I had to move to Tucson, Arizona. and there ain't nothin' country out here not even any sticks v.v

  49. Michelle Robin

    see below. Its easy to live there. Politics, cradle to the grave. up here we do for ourselves still. Nobody gives us health care, free money. We hunt or starve. But good for you guys

  50. Michelle Robin

    I hope for you a thumbs up!!!! I love where I live

  51. Michelle Robin

    We still live free and Truly country

  52. Michelle Robin

    Bet you never lived in these places have you. Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho?

    Mad Melody

    Michelle Robin I live in Washington, it's freezing! I'm over here just like Boi! Where the helckle are the blankets!?

  53. Jesse Coit

    im a country boy from arkansas and ol toby yea he is dadgum right!!!!

  54. Buck Jumping Cowgirl

    Country Music Is My Life <3

  55. dominick atchison

    i know right

  56. taylor jackson

    me too bud

  57. dominick atchison

    i need a cowgirl girlfriend!!!!Please God can you make that happen!!!

  58. Tammy B

    I am still hoping for a woman to cover this tune and alter just a few of the words, then this at-heart country girl will have a song that actually connects to my life.

  59. Northerndipper97

    love this song love the backgound as well

  60. Michelle Robin

    Just like I thought. Under a MAN

  61. Michelle Robin

    would love to comment but where!.

  62. The Sunset Chasers


  63. donnie wing

    Damn so many women this song pertains to ones sleepin now I wanna wake her up but man she'll get HOT.

  64. Dakota Cobane

    hey not all country folks are idiots im country but aint an idiot so watch how you word it

  65. camogirl shelby

    Us country people no how to get down and dirty and we ant no city slickers we dont put up with people mouths

  66. camogirl shelby

    Im from kansas born and raised here and me and my family are crazy country people we get down and dirty when it comes to mudd and trucks

  67. michael A

    Missouri boy right here

  68. michael A

    hey now missouri boys are some tough mofos

  69. Zabrak

    due to your atrocious grammar, you didn't have to make anybody aware that you were 'country to the bone'

  70. Alien Fisherman

    don't forget about canada eh, the true bush boys i tell ya

  71. Jordan Daymond

    Im from Manitoba. Never heard of it? It's in the greatest country in the world sitting right above you, where I live is the 2nd coldest place on earth but we've had plenty of days hotter than mexico, Florida, Georgia, anywhere. You want tough boys, look no further than Canada, to be able to survive frigid cold and blazing heat, 80 degree Celsius temperature changes, and all that fabulous stuff? Oh, and everywhere I look all i see is trucks, mud, and down home country folk. :)

  72. awhitecouple

    Why cant You respond to My comment? Is it You dont like it or You dont Understand it. Try this Are You Pro-White or are You Pro-White Genocide?

  73. Chris K.

    i can't respond to that. but the video is great.

  74. Chris K.

    margarita mmm.

  75. connie le

    Love this song

  76. Eli Jackson

    well amen to that

  77. Classicalguitarist22

    This song is cool but god love her and dream walkin are really cool. Dream walkin has such a trippy music video though

  78. HoytBows97

    Love This Song!

  79. awhitecouple

    A people who are not convinced of their uniqueness and value will perish.Political, economic, and religious systems may be destroyed and resurrected by men, but the death of a race is eternal.

    No race of People can indefinitely continue their existence without territorial imperatives in which to propagate, protect, and promote their own kind.

    A People without a culture exclusively their own will perish.

  80. kickinupmud2

    hottie! she's a hottie! and a little bit naughty! damn i know im a lil naughty but i hope y'all see me as a hottie with a smokin little body

  81. Vols Fan Tom

    Damn Right, That's Right

  82. Casey Martineau

    Arkansas country ass hillbilly. And proud.

  83. Eli Jackson

    hehehheh weeelll alritey then i can support that y'sayin if you gon do it DO IT is that bout right??

  84. Hadenoaks

    Hey y'all, I'm new to YouTube as of July 4th and am trying to get my music out to country fans. It's good, I promise! I've got almost 700 views and ten subscribers in my first week. Thanks to all who take time to view, subscribe, & support new artists like me!

  85. Vols Fan Tom

    Don't Never Let anyone Tell You You Can't Do Something in Life, Be it Girls or anything Else. Good Luck with that Number. :-)

  86. Vols Fan Tom

    Yea But the Boys Got Some Balls on Him. LOL. Go for TheBenz97 Don't Let anybody Stop you from what you Want, that's How I Teach my Son. Not Just Girls But Whatever You Want in Life.

  87. Eli Jackson

    comeon son 14? aint y'all a lil early to the game?

  88. Jared McMichael

    lol you shoulda takin this pic with dat string bikini and tat showin

  89. destiny keen

    im pure country

  90. michael margelony

    just enjoy the song poeple texas has tough boys just like missouri has some and oklahoma or even kansas has some everywhere does iv lived in alaska missouri california texas it makes no difference im still country to the bone and if your country too then thumbs up

  91. seastarpwn

    to those people who post that their from texas, i hope your telling the truth. if your not, then I'll find a way to come kick your ass.

  92. jack inhoff


  93. Sarah Gregory

    I love this song y'all

  94. dipn4life

    damn right its nice in washinton right now! but the south is where you otta be. monsterdrinkinfool i know how it is down there i spent a summer there and it was one of the best ever. but yall quit talkin shit over someone that lives in a whole other state for fucks sake

  95. John Walker

    even funnier than monsterdrinkingfool ben

  96. John Walker

    lol so funny and ur name i like i like drinking monster energy drinks

  97. Dinger425

    30 people dont have a hottie