Keith, Toby - Chug-A-Lug Lyrics

Chug-a-lug chug a lug
Make ya wanna holla hidy hoe,
Burns your tummy don't you know
Chug-a-lug chug-a-lug

Grape wine in a mason jar
Homemade and brought to school
By a friend of mine after class
Me and him and this other fool
Decided that we'll drink up whats left
chug-a-lug so I helped myself
first time for everything
umm my ears still ring

Chug-a-lug Chug-a-lug
Make u wanna holla hidy hoe,
Burns your tummy don't you know
Chug-a-lug chug-a-lug

4 H and an FFA
On a field trip to the farm
Me and friend sneek off behind
This big old barn
Where we uncovered a covered up
Moonshine still
And we thought we'd drink our fill
And I swallowed it with a smile
ohh I run ten mile

Chug-a-lug chug a lug
Make u wanna holla hidy hoe,
Burns your tummy don't you know
Chug-a-lug chug-a-lug

Jukebox and sawdust floor
Somthin' like i've never seen
Heck I'm just going on 15,
But with the help of my fanaglein' uncle
I get snuk in for my first taste of sin
I said let me have a big old sip
bbbb i done a double back flip

Chug-a-lug chug a lug
Make u wanna holla hidy hoe,
Burns your tummy don't you know
Chug-a-lug chug-a-lug chig a chagle uh

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Keith, Toby Chug-A-Lug Comments
  1. Dayna Hefley

    i shoulda married YOU Toby Covel !!(( instead of Danny Gilmore 1978))

  2. Everett Wilson

    Not bad.

  3. Andrew Wallace



    I like it but I don't like Roger Miller I like toby kaith

  5. Joanne Russo

    I like this song me and my dad love it ......

  6. Jody Reeder

    You left the part where Toby & gang was enjoying Circus Jolly. XD The scene.

  7. Mark W

    In 1965 My dad named our Willys Jeep CHUG A LUG after Roger Millers original version of this song. I still have the Jeep and will in the next year or so have it back on the road.

  8. Ace

    Not bad!! Not as good as our Roger, but then no-one can really.,


    +Grim Pheasant agreed! it's not bad though

  9. Kayla Kain

    Roger miller john denver and glen Campbell sang it first i like the original one it was funny john denver made me laugh

  10. Anthony Rudich

    One of my favorite remakes. I have this CD and didn't even know this song was on there until I got done listening to the original and this one came on up after it. 

  11. Chris Carlson

    Toby Keith sucks

  12. KillingJokes97

    Cummins is the mess that comes after strokin'

  13. Joseph Pittman

    thats a beutifull truck

  14. bloodpool

    Original is better. This song makes me laugh cause it kinda sounds like the sesame street song

  15. tom sawyer

    sorry rogers,toby is the man that can sing a song, like no other, sorry

  16. Ryan Chugg

    Raptor is AWESOME!

  17. TheSteelhead15

    Sorry Toby, Rogers original version is far superior

  18. Craig

    @fart4567 with a name like fart4567 you can really call something silly. thats like the pot calling the kettle black.

  19. Anthony

    why do Raptors have to be so much money :(

  20. thor6580

    2 people drive chevy trucks

  21. Slow_Blank

    I <3 Raptors!!

  22. sparks277

    @TheWise138 I agree, but this is a pretty good cover!

  23. ryan mc kay

    wouldnt it be great stirrin up the dirt in that bad ass truck with the radio blastin thats one lucky s.o.b

  24. usernamearefngay

    I wonder how many fords it took to make that video

  25. Matt Loson

    @akemoguy You spotted a Chevy in the video

  26. Learning Experience

    IF that is your truck u are a lucky son of a bitch

  27. ussenterprisenxo1

    @DodgeMan360 fuck you ford rocks

  28. Norm Trousdale

    @kymerp - This'll be a first for me, although I have every album - I personally think that, like a lot of the REALLY big names in country, he'll sound better live.
    These sorts of stars have been around the block long enough to know how to put on a show.
    Bit of a shame that some of the other big names don't come over here too often, especially to bonnie Scotland where there is a huge Country Music following

  29. kymerp

    @norm19101 Have you seen him before???

  30. Brock Smith

    @norm19101 lucky

  31. Norm Trousdale

    Going to see him in Edinburgh 30th October - can't wait

  32. ryan mc kay

    that is one mean looking truck

  33. johnnyboy922

    that looks like a blast. cool video

  34. Garrett Ramsay

    Is this video about drinking and driving? lmao

  35. BoitoHunter

    As long as y'all had fun making your video buddy thats all that matter ;) seen alot worse on here.

  36. Hellnation13666

    Rodger Miller baby !

  37. grueeatyou

    @gtasamythhunters100 i was just looking for a song by one of the most genius country writers to ever exist, hence giving him props for singing this crappy version of an awesome song

  38. Brenden

    @grueeatyou well if you think that Toby sucks then dont listen to him.... common sence

  39. grueeatyou

    toby keith, you suck. but apparently you get props for being the one dang pop country singer today who hasn't completely forgotten the past

  40. shawneegirl97

    i love this song great tribute to Roger Miller!!!!:)

  41. Mark

    Chugga Lug Chugga Lug, makes ya wanna go hidey-hoooo, burns your wallet dont ya know, that Ford chugga-lugs.

  42. DRR

    @fart4567 Just added whatever video I had on my HD so I could get the song up quickly