Keith, Toby - Bullets In The Gun Lyrics

They used to call me lightning
I was always quick to strike
Had everything I own
In the saddles on my bike
I had a reputation
For never staying very long
Just like a wild and restless drifter
Like a cowboy in a song

I met a darkhaired beauty
Where they lay the whiskey down
In southern Arizona
In a little border town
She had to dance for money
In that dusty old saloon
I dropped a dollar in the jukebox
Played that girl a tune, yeah

Never see it comin'
It just hits you by surprise
It's that cold place in your soul
And the fire in her eyes
That makes you come together
Like wild horses when they run
Now the cards are on the table and
The bullets in the gun

She was sittin' on my lap
We still had shots to kill
When a man pulled up
Who owned the bar
In a Cadillac Deville
Grabbed her by her raven hair
And threw her on the floor
Said, "No free rides for the cowboys,
That ain't what I pay you for, no"

She jumped up and grabbed my pistol
Stuck it in the fat man's back
Said, "Open up the safe
And put your money in the sack"
Then tied his hands behind him
And put a blindfold on his eyes
Said, "If you're dumb enough to chase us, man,
You're dumb enough to die"

Never see it comin'
It just hits you by surprise
It's that cold place in your soul
And the fire in her eyes
Makes you come together
Like wild horses when they run
Now the cards are on the table
And the bullets in the gun

We rode across the border
Down into Mexico
When you're runnin' from the law
Ain't that where everybody goes
We came upon a town
With a name I couldn't spell
She gave me what I came for
In that Mexican motel

I woke up to sirens
And the sound of running feet
Near 50 Federals locked and loaded in the street
She grabbed my 44
I grabbed the money in the sack
I kissed her for the last time
And we headed out the back

Every gun was on us
And every heartbeat pounded
The only thing that's left to do
When they got you all surrounded
She fired that old pistol
But we didn't stand a prayer
Money hit the gravel
Bullets filled the air

Never see it comin'
Just hits you by surprise
It's that cold place in your soul
And the fire in her eyes
Makes you come together
Like wild horses when they run
Now the cards are on the table and
The bullets in the gun

Bullets in the gun
Bullets in the gun
Bullets in the gun

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Keith, Toby Bullets In The Gun Comments
  1. Lynn Minks


  2. 1st Battlion

    She'd be worth it...

  3. Lisa Hatton

    Still here in Dec 2019...
    Love this song,reminds me of Travis Tritt's Modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Kick ass country songs..

  4. Rusty Beatty

    True moral of the story use a higher capacity gun and revolves won’t cut it in a gunfight you need a AR-15 to even stand a chance of coming out alive and also get further away from were you commit a crime before you stop to rest seriously more 50 to 60 miles away.

  5. Holland Miller

    I have had the best and the worst of times with this song all anybody really needs to say is play on toby play on your music is top shelf and I for one in the world love it when Hanks

  6. Darrell Terry

    Get gone dump the bike get a used car with a temp plate and head east at your leisure.

  7. Anray McNeil

    Toby was born the jam
    Today he’s still JAMMING!🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

  8. mike Bauer

    The road goes on forever by Robert Earl Keen, sorry Toby

  9. joy Tkaczyk

    That's funny. Shot him take money for yourself. Something I would do. What's mine is mine, and, what's yours is mine!!!!!😙😗

  10. Jah Jah

    Best. Country. Singer.

  11. capitalD D

    Great video - should be a movie.

  12. capitalD D

    ...."ya never see it coming"... pretty accurate statement.

  13. Elijah Butterfield

    That's my kind of girl.

  14. úlfhéðnar

    ok, I need to know if this was a true story. years ago I lived in Tucson and I knew a black haired chick whos boyfriend was a biker named lightning. he got his name because he was known to suddenly punch out people who pissed him off, but after hitting onec he would never hit you again. ( or so she told me ) there's a lot in this song at the beginning that makes me wonder. if toby made it up, he got pretty close to reality, like he was channeling real people. never knew what happened to them after 20 years.

  15. Istnet

    bitches aint loyal: the song

  16. T. Ferg.

    Yes, this is a direct rip off of Robert Earl Keen's The Road Goes on Forever.

  17. 1st Battlion

    My kinda woman...Roll a joint doin' 80 on a Harley and suck a 9mm out of your shoulder...

  18. Donna Greene

    Toby QUEEF rips off alottastuff.

  19. Mary Hernandez

    Totally surprised me!

  20. Tyree Cruz


  21. Tyree Cruz

    Mollinda Flannigan

  22. Tyree Cruz


  23. Tyree Cruz

    Theory of Deadman

  24. joey reamer

    I love this song, I always kept bullets in the gun, until the cops took my guns away.

  25. Tommy Pickren

    Sorry Toby, dont hold water.

  26. Michael Untulis

    Did your friend told you where you live

  27. BuzCzar

    Yeah, and "The Road Goes On Forever"...

  28. Zachary D

    Outlaw life’s for me

    The Devil's Advocate

    I'm down
    As long as I can get to bed by 10

  29. Dana White

    Bad decisions = Bad Life

  30. Red Skin

    Is this a movie? Whats the title?

  31. CherryMan117

    Moral is: don’t ever be used by a woman. You’ll lay there dying on the floor knowing good and well she ain’t coming back

  32. Fred Keeling

    " Never trust a beautiful woman, especially one that's interested in you...." - Magneto

  33. Perry Henderson

    I have always said "Pu__y will get you killed!"

  34. Jeffrey Morris

    Google "The BPM's Jeff Morris Official Video." It's a great biker song. You'll love it. Give it a chance.

  35. Faux Mulder

    Toby Keith is a cheap knockoff

  36. mark evanoff

    Bullets in the gun... there was no bullets in the gun when he pointed it at the fatman

  37. Southern Lady

    Of course the federals would have you surrounded if you're tried to run your own words would ring true if you're dumb enough to follow me or dumb enough to die. You won't outrun them no you got to be witty and canny you might outsmart them but you ain't going to run from them

  38. Helmut Müller

    classical woman

  39. customrodandrestoration

    WOW , total rip off of The road goes on forever , Nashville song writers have no shame , check out Garth Brooks rip off of BEER RUN written by Tom Snyder

  40. briank06261973

    Lesson: There ain't nothin' funny about a woman with a gun.

  41. Kim Kitten

    Dont stress safeties still on.

  42. Mark


  43. Clone0785

    Wait, she got away? I liked the song more when it was a tragedy

    Adam Heyman

    That is how real life it woman never get punished

  44. Jim Howse

    Cool song and video but that bitch needs too be dead dead dead.

  45. quin bagwell

    The road goes on forever and the ripoffs never end.

  46. Tuff Luv

    Does anyone got the name model an year of that bike?

    Joe Pangrac

    Looks like a nightster

    Tuff Luv

    Yea but those ain't stock handle bars

    Joe Pangrac

    @Tuff Luv definitely not I have an 07

  47. LS6-SS

    Her smile at the end sums up every female I've ever been with.

  48. Bobbie Caress

    Lightwork #who #sanbernardino #ca

  49. Bobbie Caress

    What's in my #face who's #death ?

  50. Midwest 444

    If you dumb enough to chase us man, you dumb enough to die!

  51. Buddy Sherart1

    Toby Keith is Cool ✌😎

  52. Isaac Melo

    Your song is playing here in Brazil 🇧🇷

  53. Sasha Pantelic

    Zvali su me munja
    Uvek sam udarao brzo
    Imao sam sve što imam
    u sedlima na mom motoru
    Imao sam reputaciju
    jer nikada i ne ostaje drugo
    baš kao divlji i nemirni momak
    kao kauboj u pesmi

    Sreo sam tamnokosu lepoticu
    tamo gde spuštaju viski
    u južnoj Arizoni
    u malom pograničnom gradu
    morala je da igra za novac
    u tom prašnjavom starom salonu
    Ispustio sam dolar u džuboks
    igrala je na tu melodiju devojka, da

    Nikad ga ne vidim
    samo vas iznenadi
    to je hladno mesto u tvojoj duši
    i vatra u njenim očima
    te tera da se zbližiš
    kao divlji konji u kasu
    sada su karte na stolu i
    metci u pištolju

    sedela je u mom krilu
    na stolu jos casa za ispijanje
    kada se čovek povukao
    koji je posedovao bar
    u cadillac deville
    zgrabio ju je za garavu kosu
    i bacio je na pod
    rekao je da nema slobodne vožnje za kauboja
    to nije ono za što ti plaćam

    skočila je i zgrabila moj pištolj
    zabila u leđa debelog čoveka
    rekla je otvori sef
    i stavi novac u vreću
    a onda je vezla ruke na ledjima
    i stavio mu povez na oči
    Rekao sam mu
    ako si dovoljno glup da lovis čoveka
    Dovoljno si glup da umreš

    Nikad ga ne vidim
    samo vas iznenadi
    to je hladno mesto u tvojoj duši
    i vatra u njenim očima
    te tera da se zbližiš
    kao divlji konji kasu
    sada su karte na stolu i
    metci u pištolju

    jahali smo preko granice
    u Meksiko
    kao kada bežite od zakona
    nije to mesto gde svi idu
    došli smo do grada
    sa imenom koje nisam mogao da napišem
    dala mi ono radi čega sam došao
    u tom meksičkom motelu

    Probudio sam se pored nje
    zvuk trčećih nogu
    50 Federalaca je zakrcilo i napunilo ulicu
    zgrabila je moju 44
    Uzeo sam novac u vreći
    Poslednji put sam je poljubio
    i krenuli smo nazad
    Bili su skoro za nama
    I svaki otkucaj srca
    jedina stvar koja je preostala da uradi
    kada su vas sve okružili
    ispalila je metak iz starog pištolja
    ali nije podrzana nasa molitva
    novac se rasuo po zemlji
    čoveče, metci su ispunili vazduh

    Nikad ga ne vidim
    samo vas iznenadi
    to je hladno mesto u tvojoj duši
    i vatra u njenim očima
    te tera da se zbližiš
    kao divlji konji u kasu
    sada su karte na stolu i
    metci u pistolju

  54. Sandra Underwood

    I guess we did enough for Harley and now he dropped me to the grown and I did the song when carry underwood did the song I was down here and everyone was buying bikes but you want to drop me to the streets but I guess this what they do to you Sandra underwood

  55. Edward Mccoy

    John Morgan is gonna find out the hard wAy.

  56. fitepits n bonfires

    She's a beauty but no women is worth that ,just for the exitment .

  57. Pyro Head

    1:33 That's assault... Sue his aas for the business and for all his money...

  58. Dinky Dot

    lol Biker on a Sportster. he needed a bullet

    Guinea Pig

    Big boy for a sportster!

  59. James Benedict

    Women--------if you couldnt screw them ,there would be a bounty on them !

  60. Joseph Champlin

    No, no, no. Moral of the story is never let the women hold any of the cash. F 'em & forget `em

  61. Geof_McNiel

    God, I do love America. God bless the USA.



    Jerome Jones

    Ok as a gun owner I don't give a big fuck

  63. Brett Barr

    Moral of the story, carry 2 guns, and never trust a stripper.

  64. Kelly Harmon

    If you ever just had one of those nights that you never wanted to end where you and special someone had the time of your life I got that from this song great song in my favorites

  65. Johnathan Clark

    Did anyone notice they didn't put a blind fold on the man just tied him up 1:53

  66. Justin Hall

    I love the bad girls. Knock on wood

  67. Detroitman.

    This will would make a great movie.

  68. Michael BUCHANAN

    20 Navy, 14 volunteer Rescue Squad and Fire Department. Wrecked/Rollover a Fire Truck.7 weeks in Coma Slow Starting But Steady Running Country Boy

  69. Marion Cobretti

    this is like a country song mixed with an action movie

  70. First Lady Sims

    Yeah I like both songs kinda like the party never ends song
    But much respect to REK

  71. Goran Potrebić

    The bike...

  72. Cutie Cotten Candy

    I'm an OUTLAW TODAY not too many of us left. I need a Raven girl....

  73. Darrell Somers

    The road goes on forever

  74. Michael BUCHANAN

    20 Navy, then Volunteered 14 Rescue Squad and Fire Department wrecked/Rollover a Fire Truck. 7 weeks in a Coma Slow Starting but Steady Running Country Boy

  75. Omar González

    is this the same history of whiskey in the jar??

  76. Patsy Viars

    Yeah! my late husband & I rode to, nothing bad did I see, Harley was all of our life. Until we got his children then we had to settle down! Love the thump of a Harley Davidson!!

  77. Joel Williams

    Just saying, the women are there while it benefits them. When it comes to the need, their gone, and takin all they can, leaving you dry. MGTOW

    James Got Jokes


  78. Phil S

    This is just how I'm feeling now!

  79. Lion

    Isn’t that the music without the singing doesn’t Home Depot use that

  80. EvilJ069

    And all women are traitors

  81. EvilJ069

    Fuck messico! Trump 2020!

  82. Frank chase

    If ya gonna die, have a badass bike, a Hot ass babe and cash to prove you died for a reason. Life is a journey, make it a good one

  83. James Brewer

    2019 anyone

  84. Jennifer Delay

    Double duce its not me

  85. Charles Cox

    Back in the day you had to check in your gun with the barkeep if you wanted to drink, hence the birth of the Dillinger

  86. contry swag guy

    2nd favorite by him

  87. aidan deegan

    Live hard and die free

  88. Marty Wilson

    this is one of the best songs i have ever listened to ! rock , pop , country, great story , great music and great vocals ! just the pace of the song is amazing !

  89. 556585623489

    Anyone else get the feeling that this song was inspired by the Robert Earle Keen song "The Road Goes on Forever"?

  90. Nancy D. Beam

    BEANS in the shoot

  91. Clyde Stamp

    I'm still looking for her. I want my half...

  92. kesser graciano

    boa musica voce agora e conhecido no brasil cara

  93. Mr Wilder

    So basically if you Rob one club,you get the whole freaking national guard on you

  94. Chris Satterwhite

    These hoes aint loyal

  95. gregory sullivan

    Freedom isn't free no it costs a hefty fucking fee. Trey Parker and Matt Stone nailed it and so did the great Robert Earl Keen. Fake desperado cowboy slop. Sorry

  96. Some Canadian Guy

    Never trust the wamen

  97. Austin Maynard

    I swear i seen this dude in a movie...? Anyone know?

  98. walstib

    I am a die hard rock n roll guy But toby keith reminds me of the country greats!