Keith, Toby - Ballad Of Balad Lyrics

I quit school in the 10th grade and I grew out my hair
I got me a job doin' lawnmower repair
I met an army recruiter down at the Winn Dixie
He said "son you've no future, pack up and go with me"

The first place we landed was a base called Balad
They convoyed our asses to a 10 acre F.O.B.
With my boots and my cover and an old m16
Two bottles of water and a cold M.R.E.

Oh you'll meet lots of new friends and you're sure to get paid
We'll show you the world and we'll teach you a trade
It's not a job, it's an adventure, oh yes sir I got that
Ah but you never told me I'd get my ass shot at
You never told me I'd get my ass shot at

The first night in combat we went out on patrol
They ambushed our convey and we chased the asshole
We found them all hidin' in low water ditches
And we took aim and killed all them son of a bitches

[Repeat Chorus]

Walked in on my buddy with a female M.P.
The ugliest woman you ever did see
He said "why are you laughin', you got lots of nerve"
Over here in the desert we grade on the curve

Ah you'll meet lots of new friends and you're sure to get paid
We'll show you the world and we'll teach you a trade
It's not a job, it's an adventure, oh yes sir I got that
Ah but you never told me I'd get my ass shot at
Oh you never told him he'd get his ass shot at

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Keith, Toby Ballad Of Balad Comments
  1. Seth Hutchins

    Ballard of balad

  2. carol laws

    I did not have this cd I like it I like it

  3. Gampa Gamer

    Awesome, my unit was part of the initial building up of that place. Air force finally made it there and turned it into a resort.

  4. jimmyt568

  5. jimmyt568

    charlie danials.. still in saigon

  6. Jacob Kleiboeker

    I've heard people talk bad about MREs but my bestfriend said they're a blessing to he had alot when he was in Iraq there aren't the best tasting but he had to eat them anyways

  7. Daniele Occhibianchi


  8. Yo Mama

    "never get your ass shot at"?
    Are you f****** kidding me?
    I don't know how far your head is up your ass if you don't think you're going to be shot at in the military. It's like joining the NFL and think you'll never be hit. Sure if you're a punter there's a possibility or maybe a 3rd string receiver.
    Toby never served but I guess he wants to support the military. Nothing wrong with that, but use your head!

  9. Clifford La Rose

    Well good luck with whatever you do just know this best country I have been all over the world and America is number #1

  10. Earl Payne

    Salute thanks to the real hero's freedom aint free hope people never forget that simple fact.

  11. Jeffery turner

    I served in the Gulf War, I want to Thank all veterans who has served Past , Present, May God bless them from a great full vet to all my Brothers an Sisters still fighting for this Great Country

    Steven Brown

    Thank you for your service. I have veterans in my family from WW1 to Vietnam.

    Anna Marie Polniaczek

    You not only fought to avenge those who died. You fought to protect those still living. Thank you for what you did for me without even knowing who I am.

  12. M G

    You never told me I'd get my ASS SHOT🤣 I love this song... And to all who have served. Much RESPECT and APPRECIATION. God bless all of you.🇺🇸

    Yo Mama

    Toby has a couple of good songs but he needs to chill out on the American I'll put a boot up your ass cuz he's back here in the country living it up, and OF COURSE you're going to get your ass shot at, it comes with the job!

    Sargehill67 Rudnick

    M G isn’t funny that’s always left out lol

  13. Sarah M

    My hubby was in the battle of balad. His unit held a bridge for 3 days after they were attacked. I’m so damn proud of him and his unit. I’m so proud of all the soldiers who have fought and are still fighting for this great country. Hooah!

    Norman Alvarez

    Awesome 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  14. Frank Justis

    They never told you but it was implied, we all said ohooraw and then Semper FI!

  15. Lee Massie

    Gerry owen

  16. Steven Brown

    I got shot in the face and lived never served our great country but if the Looney left want to bring it on then bring it on.

  17. Dakota Puckett

    Been there done that 4 times. Got out 2013

  18. Shawn Dionne


    Jeff Mills

    Not Noah, ass.

  19. WoW Guy

    No. No you did not.

  20. Wesley Rath

    That's me an Wogoman

  21. Logan Strong

    Future marines need this 4 inspiration

  22. Lawofimprobability

    My recruiter never mentioned the risk of getting shot at. Of course it was during the height of Iraq and I was asking for Infantry (and got Artillery) so I don't hold it against him.

  23. William Benson

    Been there... Done that... Brought 'em all back with all their fingers and toes...

  24. Rhonda Perry

    pay was shit , but gawddamn it was a fun time ....

  25. Anthony Calloway

    And we’re looking forward making America safe again #MAGA #MASA SEMPER FIDELIS SEMPER PARATUS SEMPER GUMBY

  26. chad b

    was in balad in 2003

  27. Jim Benyo

    Balad was my home in Iraq 04-05 more like LSA Anaconda I will never forget the nickname mortaritaville

    Andy Dunno

    Jim Benyo yep good ole Anaconda I was there in 2008, still getting mortared on the regular.

  28. walt braden


  29. Jonah Mar

    While I was in basic training a friend told me when I get to AIT to look up this song. I wish I did it right after basic instead of waiting almost 2 months. This songs great and probably soon to be my life's story.. lol

  30. walt braden


  31. Vic C

    These guys say the same thing and we still go with them - God Bless you - and hell what an adventure

  32. Joshua Moe

    i was in balad 09-11

  33. F Huber


    The military now will rarely accept HS drop outs.
    This has been policy for over 20 years.
    So that 10th grade drop out Almost certainly wouldn't have gotten in.

    Mike Sumner

    F Huber
    I did. Dropped out in the 10th. Joined at 19. Back in '01 before the war.


    I dropped out in 10th grade and been in the corps for a year


    And I joined right when I turned 17

  34. Nelson Williams

    to all that survived and still do thanks for all you did and do. and let's never forget the ones that paid the ultimate price for ower freedom

    Nelson Williams

    goatrider hater i sead to all that survived that includes women buddy

    Tyler Kinney

    Nelson Williams do you know what kia means?

    Nelson Williams

    goatrider hater killed in action... starry i miss read your original comment

    Tyler Kinney

    Nelson Williams that is ok but I have had family members killed wearing those boots and i just ask that you respect and honor those who have been kia

    Nelson Williams

    goatrider hater i respect all who answer the call of freedom i to have had frends and family in war some came home so did not i pray for all that are still over there fighting the good fight

  35. 11bang bang

    Listening to this on Sand hill fort Benning.

    11bang bang

    Lol now I'm listing to this in on a deployment 😂😂😂

  36. TiglathPileser3

    Wish I had heard this before....

  37. Matthew Fountaine

    Last 10 second or so of the song sounds very similar to Copperhead Road

  38. Brenda Proffitt

    Awesome job great song...thank you nicely done too

  39. Robert McGuire

    soon to serve our beloved country. Semper fi

  40. Ben Aschenbrener

    God this song has it right...

  41. havingfun1968

    I'm am Marine and yet I still LOVE this...

    Chad Wheeler

    havingfun1968 Same here brother. Semper Fi


    Wild Rebel Get Some my brother in arms. Semper Fi... Long live The BROTHERHOOD!!!

  42. Mike Yob


  43. A Henley

    We took aim and killed all of them son of a bitches

  44. Jeff White

    i was at Balad 05
    Camp Leatherneck 2012
    Maybe Syria and a pine box this next time

    Shirley Ford

    Jeff White
    Please come home standing up son. We need a few more good men here too.

    terry jenkins

    Jeff White Hey now think positive even though when bullets start flying that shit goes out the window!

  45. Gilmer Monk

    Good ol LSA Anaconda, Balad Iraq. Fobbit heaven, 24/7 mess halls and POGs everywhere

  46. alixe is alive

    Love the song god bless America

  47. Gary Podgurski

    I told everyone I recruited they would get their ass shot at!!

    S Roberts

    I would have thought the getting shot at would have been an expected normal event.

    terry jenkins

    S Roberts you would think lol

    Skull C. 1001

    You have to remember the fact that most milinials don't know jack shit and don't think half the time. They tend to be thinking "O boy, I'm going to war. I'm gonna get paid to see the world. O I'm sure war is going to be just a bunch of guys running around throwing flowers at each other and in the winter it would be snow-balls."

  48. Austin Seder

    we grade on the curve!

  49. Best_N_The_West

    fuck yea! just  got back from ballad. operation inherent  resolve.  slay haji, fight to win. tobby i can relate to this song more than you can ever believe. for those of you thinkj America is dead, fuck you. us mellnals rememeber 9-11

    jose rodriguez

    bry10101 hoorah!! Damn right brother

    Joe Partridge

    Semper fi bother amen

    Joe Partridge

    semper fi brother oorraahhh!!!

    Nelson Williams

    bry10101 hell ya i am 26 and wanted to go fight those got fuckers

  50. John Smith

    You're sure to get paid... and you'll likely get laid. It's not a job, it's an adventure. But you never told me about Jodie :(

    JROTC color guard

    Who's Jodie ???

    Clifford La Rose

    @JROTC color guard go on deployment and if your girls gets lonely she will find jody.

    JROTC color guard

    @Clifford La Rose oh hahaha I can't join the military because I'm legally blind but I might join the civil air patrol so I won't be going to Iraq it's just like JROTC but for adults and youth

    Anna Marie Polniaczek

    @JROTC color guard
    It's ok sweetie. I'm legally insane and I do just fine.

    Alexandra McGraw

    Well here in the desert we grade on a curve

  51. Ngimember2010

    toby Keith performed this song live in Afghanistan when I was there!!!

    Operation Enduring Freedom 09-10 11-12

    james clinton

    Good hunting bro, OIF first round 2003

    Baby Food Challenge

    @james clinton same as you early rounds 2002.

    Norman Alvarez


    Anna Marie Polniaczek

    Thank you.

    Oberleutnant Fluffyburger

    Yeah i remember that, my good buddy Commodore Brick recorded it on his camcorder. Rest in piece bro 2000-2015

  52. TheREDneckdevildog

    As a Marine I want to thank all that served Semper Fi to all my brothers and sisters

    Colton Jones

    Sean O'Connor yes that is is very unfortunate im hoping one day to go reconnaissance so i would like to go either comms or infantry but honestly combat engineer sparks my interest heavily since your a 0351 and they eliminated that mos what are you being moved into if you dont mind id like to pick your brain and ask you a few ?
    [email protected]

    Cole Wilson

    thank you

    Chris Dalrymple

    Ooh Rah. Sgt Dalrymple OEF 12-1

    Lee Hilton

    Thank you for serving! My grandfather was a marine til three years ago at 89.

    killer cowboy

    My grandpa was a marine in nam id like semper fi to you and your brothers and sisters i would also like to thank ypu for your service

  53. Patti Copas

    Wish it was this easy to get into the military. Been trying to get my son in for months...Quit school? not anymore, have to have a diploma

    kyle hudson

    Patti Copas and a clean record. good luck getting any waivers.


    I got in the corps with a GED

  54. Michael Erickson

    This is an adaptation of an old Irish song "Sergeant Where's Mine". Nicely done.

    To all the people who think this is a pro war song, I think you need to listen with wider ears. Its pro soldier, but not pro war.

    JGB Creations

    +Michael Erickson Yes. There's a difference.

    S Roberts

    Well yeah. It's not like the song "napalm sticks to kids"

    Yo Mama

    And to those of you who don't hear: you're stupid to think you join the military and risk no chance of ever being shot at!

  55. Travis Robertson

    Death row 2Pac I would go with the military you go kiss that ugly stupid knowing

  56. Deadblox 2758

    Toby is amazing

  57. Bayly Junker

    Join naional reserve at 17 and im 15 im going to shoot for infantey then idk what branch i want to go in any suggestions? (Illinois)

    Chaz Jordan


    Edward Cassidy

    You better take a good look at what's going on in this country and the world. Before you join the military. Unless you plan on fighting and dying for Israel. Because you won't be fighting to keep anybody here safe. All the information is at your fingertips for now and they're trying to take that away. See what you'll be fighting for.

    Ben Aschenbrener

    Bayly Junker yeah... you're not shooting for infantry, they will give you infantry...

    Ben Aschenbrener

    Bayly Junker dude, consider all your options lol... it's not summer camp kiddo.

    Richard Morrison

    Bayly Junker USMC or bust

  58. maggy mercado becert


  59. Jill Mueller

    Sorry I cant fucking hear you my damn glasses arnt on my face maybe I should get some nose plugs ?????

  60. Alex Tillman

    How the fuck did you have cold ANYTHING in iraq? (Besides showers)

    Joseph OGERSHOK

    @Alex Tillman I have seen snow in Iraq.

    Dale Sides

    Since Iraq I hate the cold much more than the heat. I remember freezing there. Don't get me wrong, it was hot, but we were prepared for that (as much as you can be) but the cold we weren't equipped for.

    What Do You Want

    Alex Tillman MRE

    Michael Salovich

    Alex Tillman night time berrrr

    Tyler Davis

    Alex Tillman any meal that isn't heated up is cold, my friend

  61. Sean Bad

    Show you a trade? Aircraft engineers allowed to work on civilian aircraft if they only worked on military planes? Remember AD's and special bulletins do not apply to millatry aircarft, most FAA, CAA authoriteis don't allow the cross over

    Larry Florida

    I have a buddy who got the training to do civilian work after he retired. It's not at all hard to do.

  62. Cj Hammack

    Welcome to BALAD! 2yrs It was a BLAST, lost my left ear hearing....

  63. Stick0413

    Reminds me of something John Prine would sing.

    Macy Miller

    Yeah. It does sound similar

  64. Austin Kesler

    blackout3able on D-day American British Canadian and French troops assisted in the landing with the French troops being part of the British military 

  65. Garrett Larsen

    thumbs up if this is your story!

    Nelson Williams

    Garrett Larsen i wish

  66. a3grimreaper

    Amazing how the recruiters never really mention that detail.


    a3grimreaper my recruiter didn’t have to tell me because I wanted a combat job #USMC

    Shirley Ford

    Thank you. And please allow me the honor of saying to you.......


    Shirley Ford haha thanks

    Yo Mama

    Because you really needed to be told that? You're freaking crazy. do you think the nurse might ever see blood 😶

    Sargehill67 Rudnick

    a3grimreaper yes but we all should know that when we sign on dotted line but lieing sob lol

  67. NormalEd

    Get your facts right first. Winston Churchill was begging the U.S congress to join the war because the Brits and the French were getting torn apart. The only reason you survived the German Blitzkrieg was Winston and the British news used Yellow Journalism to distort American anger towards the Germans. America save the war in Europe because the British Army didn't even have a staging point on mainland Europe. Ever read about D-Day? America broke the German Lines at Normandy. Not Britain.

    Lenny Fritz

    Well, mate at d-day, there were 5 landing areas. Omaha and Utah, the Americans took that, and Sword Juno and Gold taken by the English, and Canadians. But America did help tremendously, but given time England could have won.

  68. 11tagus

    In case no one has said it yet. Thank you

  69. john qubet

    about 40 of us seen him at fob tillman in 09 he was awesome, got my pic taken with him

  70. Sierra Mulhern

    Because their retarded.

  71. Raiderb0mber117

    Actually you brits abandoned the US in the pacific.... while you were partying after the war in Europe ended the US was still kicking ass in the pacific...

    Nelson Williams

    Raiderb0mber117 that's because American's kicks ass 2 time world war champions

    PCTech Guy

    USA Rocks !!! We are still one of the youngest countries on this planet. Yet WE are the Superpower!
    And all for entirely the correct reasons as well ! FREEDOM ! Including for our Allied countries ! That is USA and what we are all about. The right for Human beings to live in FREEDOM ! Peace thru Strength is what we are all about. But Screw with or attack USA or our allies, and your ass is ours ! We have given Millions of American lives to help save and protect their countries. We liberated those countries and then gave it back to what we felt was the rightful owners- the people of that country. We helped them rebuild their country after the war as well where we could. We helped feed even those who were just even days ago our enemy before they surrendered. We made them our friends and allies. That is why USA has 58 allied countries and in second place has only 10. That is pure CLASS USA !!! That is MY USA !!! WERE A CAPITALIST COUNTRY ! DO NOT LET ANYONE OR ANY POLITICAL PARTY SCREW THAT UP !!! USA !!! My Country !!! Next videos - ALL PURE GENUINE AMERICAN !!!! !

    We are the largest, most technology advanced, and most BAD ASS Military in the world. And we can ROCK OUT along with watching our so cool and such class act Military do their jobs ! ENJOY THIS ! NO other country can say this ! USA baby !!!

    Our AWESOME American Military allows us the Freedom to ROCK OUT and turn the night into the day! And we can do the USA Walk of Life !

    There is no other country like USA !!! So extremely much to be proud of USA. Be proud to be an American !
    Now you get a better understanding of why USA gets far more people from other countries every year to want to become citizens of USA. No other country even comes close for other citizens of other countries to want to be a citizen of their country. USA ROCKS !!!

  72. matt Russo

    We stand for

  73. matt Russo

    A lot more us soldiers were killed because the us is not afraid to fight for what they stand for England Just sits there like pussys and let us do all the work

    Nelson Williams

    matt Russo don't forget the biggest pussys of them all the French

    Lenny Fritz

    matt Russo To be fair they had been fighting the strongest force in the world at the time virtually alone for over two years and they served as well as the Americans did, and in some cases like Africa even better. In the Second World War but I can agree they are not as strong now as they were.

  74. GunsmithPete338

    Its funny because its true.

  75. xxkingofthievesxx

    The Royal Army is my favorite joke

  76. Amber Lemen

    Hey children, let's stop fighting on YouTube and just appreciate some good music.

    Nelson Williams

    Amber Lemen to late more fun

  77. Dean Hawkins

    But they fought by outdated rules..

  78. Erkan Amasyalı

    /watch?v=2eI5jcB6qss balad guitar!!

  79. Jesse Fair

    If your country's military why did they get defeated here in the American Revolution?

  80. Christian Scearce

    Well the British army has had a army a lot longer than us

  81. Jesse Miller

    Are you really going to believe a magazine? Haha

  82. Infamous

    fuck off, punk.

  83. Bigbuddah2011

    @BradleyJessica1 if you guys are so patriotic why did a british magazine rate the best countries militaries highest to lowest and put US marine scout snipers at #2 with russian special forces at #1 and marsoc (us marine corp special forces) at #3?

  84. BradleyJessica1

    So you can come and save us...? Haha don't make me laugh!
    When did you join WW2...What did you do? Nuked a country..after the war was over.
    Don't get me wrong, i have alot of respect for the US army..but go and check how many of US Soldiers have died compared to British soldiers? We have the better tactics..PROVEN!
    Get a grip, you have an alliance to us as much as we do to you!

  85. Jason Malitz

    i did a tour there with first cav div

  86. supersentaifan26

    to all armed forces keeping our country free thank you i hope to join all of you in a few years OOH RAH

  87. Scarlet Sylveon

    i got here from ponies.... wat

  88. Fleek Six

    Heard this when he came to Camp Lemonnier last year. He wouldn't give any autographs though lol what a poser.

  89. Maxvansteel

    Amen to you brother!

  90. no one

    Haha love it.

  91. 44schevy

    Lol didn't quite make it to Balad but I was in Kirkuk close enough

  92. Tina Gratias


  93. MrDunbar177

    Come on man don't start stuff on good songs. It's just stupid.

  94. Tony Romig

    Gotta love the foreigners that watch these videos just too bitch about america.. Do you see American's doing this?! nope.. either we are helping them out of a war or giving food and money.

  95. MrBeprepared123

    might be a little late to jump in but our 300 year old country was able to kick the shit out of trained british soldiers. This was done by fucking farmers. oh and nice grammar. we guys in europ we smiling.....can't even spell europe right. The grammar I can forgive cause its the internet, but i use it irony since you know your supposed to be better then me. Oh I admit I don't use good grammar online, but I do spell correctly sir. Now I tip my hat to you sir, good day.

  96. tina shelly

    absolutely love this song and video, great job as always

  97. 1989Dane

    USA back to back world war champs