Keith Sweat - Ten Commandments Of Love Lyrics

Hey, baby.
In order to keep this relationship going long and strong, there's ten things I promise I will always do.
I call this my "Ten Commandments To You"

Come on
Come on, baby

Here it is
One, come on

One: Promise not to hurt you, girl
No matter what is said, said or done

You know, baby?
You haven't heard nothing 'til you heard two

Two: No matter what happens, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby,
It'll always be just me and you

You know what, girl? Three is my favorite

Come on

Three: If you need somebody, baby,
You can always call on me

You know those times we start to fuss and fight, girl?
That's four

Four: Babe, no matter how bad days get, girl,
I would never, never, never, never, never walk out that door

You know, girl, the times you think
That you just can't take it anymore?
That's five

Five: I promise to always keep our love, our love, burning deep, burning deep inside

Listen to the way I sing six to you, baby

Six: Baby, whatever gets broke, baby,
Believe me I will fix

Uh, seven, oh, yeah, seven

Seven: We'll make it, make it, make it, make it, make it good love, girl
I'm gonna make it feel
I'm gonna make it feel like you're in heaven

Na, baby, I'm not finished yet. Eight

Eight: Whatever you need, girl,
You will never, never, never, never have to wait

Yeah, baby, let me take my time.
Here's nine

Nine: When you need my loving, baby
I'm gonna give it to you time and time after time, after time, after time, after time

Now ten.
You know what happens?
We start all over again

Now that this record's over, baby
I'm gonna start all over, all over again

That's right, babe
I love you
It's over now, babe

One: I promise this to do
Two: to keep on loving you
Three: girl you will see
Four: how good our love can be

Five: I'll keep it all alive
Six: I'll never tell you lies
Seven: I will be your friend
Eight: 'til my very end

Nine: I will make it good
Ten: like you know it should

Come on, baby

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Keith Sweat Ten Commandments Of Love Comments
  1. Barbie33 33

    Who still listening to this 2019

  2. Barbie33 33

    I love all his songs

  3. Barbie33 33

    I love this man



  5. Segawa Peterkenyon

    The legend of RNB and slow jam KEITH SWEAT DOUGLAS 'S music never gets old

  6. Christen Darnell

    Lawd I love this man and his music



  8. Naranjo Jose

    Ded to deacons daughter of the Lincoln church ⛪️

  9. Charles Johnson

    KIETH SWEAT 1 OF DA BEST EVA!!!... 🔥 🔥 🔥

  10. Charles Johnson

    HEITH 1 OF DA BEST EVA!!!... 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  11. Kizzie Jones

    1)...I Promise Not To Hurt You Girl.....2019"

  12. oliverrando

    this song wack and keith sweat always sound like hes begging

  13. Ashley Cotton

    That!!! Come on.. come on... come on....come on baby... September 6, 2019... who is still listening to this..mmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  14. Beatrice Jones

    Who Still Listen to this In 2019...🙋🙋🙋🙋

  15. Reginald Walker

    1 I promise this to do
    2 To keep on loving u
    3 Girl u will see
    4 How good our love can be
    5 I'll keep it all alive
    6 I'll never tell u lies
    7 I will be your friend
    8 Til the very end
    9 I'll make it good
    10 Like u know it should

  16. Frontera Cade

    Real R&B on repeat all 2019❗🤸💚🔥

  17. Segawa Peterkenyon

    Great ballad from the legend of slow jam

  18. Segawa Peterkenyon

    Great lyric from my Slow jam king KEITH SWEAT the artistry of his music was exclusive

  19. Segawa Peterkenyon

    Still rocking 2019 the legend keith Sweat made it shinning thnks for uploading

  20. LovinMe60

    Ooohhhh 7🔥#Take me bacckkkkk😣😣😣


    *2019* I'm still bumping this cut...❤️💯💞

    Reginald Walker


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    Classic 🔥🔥🔥still my Jam in 2019 ....(I used to keep this on repeat when I a was youngster) thinking about my High School Love😂🤣😂🤣c/o 95.. Blessings ✌️

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    A ded to my later appointed wife DIGGETS

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    My youngest daughter is a Keith Sweat baby. Thank you Keith

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    Sing it baby sing to me like you always do;)

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    My girlfriends all knew when I put Keith on, they knew what time it was! My daughter is 17 now. She should know Sweat's music by heart, cuz she was made to it!

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    2018 another one of my favorites

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    Just call on me because i will alway be there for you baby i'm never going too leave your side into the day i death i love you man

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    he is a real man and honest i know him

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    Well it's sumthin else wen my kids know all Da words... Lik they know wut he talk n bout.. Lol lawd help me.. Lol

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    When music was at its peak Keith is the KING of slow Jam

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    I'm your and you're
    Mine forever i love you to baby
    (Ten commandments)

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    Even when the song is over ,the music keeps on playing ,i still feel that way.

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  87. Brian Hyde

    Commandments and love are mutually exclusive and thus irreconcilable concepts, so it is irrational to talk of a "law of love"  There is no such thing as love where there are demands.  Conditions are stipulations that potentially carry a penalty for forfeiture, and that creates uncertainty and fear. Any form of conditionality, subject to reward or punishment, is not love but enforced behaviour which is classic law.  Love can be invited and encouraged but not coerced or threatened. Divine Love is a natural condition or state of heart and  mind which is undermined by the distortions of uncertainty and fear.

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