Keith Sweat - Get Up On It Lyrics

I got something for the fellas this time around
Lady's, won't you tell me your names
Tabath, Avina and Lavan

If you really, really want it
All you got to do is get up on it
If you really, really want it
All you got to do is get up on it

The time has come for us, ooh baby
To get real busy baby, oh yes, it has, umm
And you don't have to be afraid of our love, oh no
'Cause it won't hurt you sugar
Oh no, it won't, oo yeah, baby

If you really, really want it
All you got to do is get up on it
If you really, really want it
All you got to do is get up on it

I like it girl when we can get real freaky baby
Ooh yes, I do baby
And I'm on my hands and knees
You know I'm with you sugar
Girl, I am with everything you want to do, sang

If you really, really want it
All you got to do is get up on it
If you really, really want it
All you got to do is get up on it

Boy yeah, I know that this is it, a love
'Cause I know that I'm giving you my love
Love, love, a love that you cant resist, baby
Sang, sang, bring it on

If you really, really want it
All you got to do is get up on it
If you really, really want it
All you got to do is get up on it

Ho baby yeah
I know that this is it, boy
And I'm giving you my love
Don't leave me baby, ho oh
Yeah baby
Oh boy, I know, I know, I know
I know I'm giving you, I'm giving you all my love, baby
Oh love, nothing can resist
I wanna lift you up and down, oh baby
I want you take me, take me, take your time
I want you to take your time with me

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Keith Sweat Get Up On It Comments
  1. Rashonda Clark

    Still on bumping this real ass RnB shit 2020 💋.. I love this shit ❤

  2. Chad Buie

    Last of the Real Dope Women of a generation 👌

  3. charles jones

    Athena and this fuck ass bob is killing me😂😂😂

  4. gimme larson

    2020 who loving dis song all over all over again like me great song

  5. Reina C the Spicy Queen

    Who’s still listening with me in 2020?

  6. Lashonda Reid

    I still like listening.

  7. felipe strong

    can’t believe i’m seeing this video for the first time in 20 freaking 20

  8. Bryant Blackmon

    Just saw him do this song live and it was awesome

  9. Tete Brooks

    Yasssssssss😍😍😍😍 song makes u feel good

  10. mugglepuzzle

    Sing it Athena!!! I'm here all reason for Athena rocked the 90s!!!¡ Part of it belongs to her and Mary

  11. BigDapPacino

    I know somebody is going to jack this instrumental ...if it has'nt been jacked yet....the bassline and hook to this song are so soulful....Althea Cage....shines on this song!

  12. Rashonda Oliver

    And I know I’m giving you my loveeeee 🗣🥰🥰🥰

  13. Justin Bing

    3:09 to 4:54 Sensationally feeling better than sex 💆🏾‍♂️💙🧖🏾‍♂️

  14. LEE L.

    This song only got 94k views, you'll crazy!!!!!

  15. Jeffrey Cooper

    Athena was so underrated back then

  16. Jeffrey Cooper

    Notice how the female vocalists in those days didn’t have to perform half naked and twerk. They relied on their talent as a singer.

  17. Mahlia Young

    December 2019 🔥❣️🔥❣️🔥❣️

  18. Tasha Thompson

    Music 🎶 to my ears 🤗

  19. Ed Liyai

    This never gets old. Awesome song.

  20. TheCombs444

    When the ladies were right back then

  21. lil shortee Greaves

    When your parents play jams in the car thru ur childhood and 20+ years later your looking for them tunes . You know they had taste !!!

  22. Moe Taylor

    Athena & Keith should have done a duet album!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  23. Demetre Roberson

    2019 anybody

  24. Its. Nayyee

    On repeat all damn day 🥰

  25. jland904

    When women were naturally beautiful in videos all three of these ladies are wifey material

    Chad Buie


  26. Kimberly Smith

    favorite song


    Gurl I am I ❤Keith sweat music too throwback fridays musiv👀🔥

  28. Che’Supreme

    Come through Kut klose 🙌🏽 and Athena’s voice was definitely Unique. These youngins will never understand real slow jams of the 90s

  29. Gary Dalais

    Sexy muzic...

  30. Antoine Townsend

    Keith Sweat Feat Kut Klose Get Up On It

  31. sillybilly

    3:08 fiiiiiiiirrreeeee

  32. David Jackson

    Lavonne Battle, Sweet Jesus. I'm still crushing on her.🙏🙏🙏

  33. Sharecia Newsome

    LISTENED TO THE WHOLE SONG FOR THE FIRST TIME TODAY , can’t stop listening... 😘😘. Love me some Keith sweat 😍😍😍

  34. MindofDrayblock

    Who's the tall one? 😍😍😍

  35. Jay Land


  36. James Macchia

    This jam will never get tiring or Keith sweat. #kingofbedroomR&B

  37. Carolmel ATL Productions


  38. susan grant

    This song reminds me of albey because he nows how to get up on it every time i see him

  39. Mrs. Bell

    Jammin this at work all 2019!😊

  40. Rashida Nelms

    This was my shit back in the day!!!

  41. Adrienne Adams

    Real music 🎶

  42. Flá C

    Beautiful song 🥰

  43. Edward Robitson

    Kut kloss another hot hit!!!!!!

  44. Natalie Francis

    Still dropping in July 2019 boom

  45. Alleycat1921

    "Getting up on it in 2019."

    Jimmy Bonez

    Are you from the Bay?

  46. Tyrrell Fairley

    Am I the only one who notices the similarities between this song & “Stay” by Pretty Ricky...

  47. susan grant

    This song reminds me of Tom getting up on it

  48. Las Vegas Playboy

    Golden Clissix Rite Here. Str-8 Up Grown Folk Musik.

  49. Natalia Mikanowicz

    Love this!!!!

  50. Eric Jones


  51. Ditra Comer

    Give me all three of them Athena, Lavon, and Tabitha. I be one happy person on the real. This song and I like is the best jam from Kut Klose.

  52. Te'Angela Henry


  53. Ellishon Douglas

    Why Doesn’t This Have More Views 🤭☹️

    Shawn Nemo

    Ellishon Douglas exactly

  54. Carolmel ATL Productions


  55. Freezer The Emperor

    Bring back the 90s r&b

  56. Krystal Harris

    All that ICE....

    I'm anemic btw

    Pandora's Box

    Same here

  57. Krystal Harris

    My male cousins couldn't watch this funny, right?!?!?!😂

    Elizabeth Toups

    Because they are gay.

  58. Eileen Stewart

    I remember all the fast tailed girls singing this in 8th grade......😂😂😂

    Travis Carter

    Yea 1994.

    Travis Carter

    Shout to the class of 94 I know prom alot of girls got pregnant that night .

    alise Scott

    @Travis Carter damn 👀 pregnant 😭😭😭?!???

  59. Tia Rose

    Whhhheeewww Song bird🌹.

  60. Tia Rose


  61. TheBeanTeam

    Top 100 all time slow jam tape list!!! Big up the Legend Keith Sweat and the sweet Kut Klose!!!!

    D-Jay Prime

    top 10👌🏾👌🏾

  62. love mystic

    Lead singer is too classy n grown for those choice of clothes I could never see her wearing that

    Keanan Johnson

    This wasn't Diana Ross and Motown of the 60's. This was the 90's Hip Hop/RnB crossover era. Many female divas/groups dressed like this. Total/Mary J/SWV/etc. It was what it wad for the time.

    Keanan Johnson

    Why not? Was she supposed to wear a gown like Diana Ross of Motown in the 60's? This was the 90's evolution of hip hop/R & B. All divas/groups at this time dressed like this. SWV...Mary J...Total...etc.


    love mystic It looked great on Athena! She looked adorable rocking those newsboy caps and 90’s gear. As another user stated, most of the female singers of the 90’s embraced a hip hop influenced style: Mary J, SWV, TLC, Faith Evans, Aaliyah, and on and on. The pop divas like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Toni Braxton were the singers who would wear a gown or something like that.

  63. cherry dougla

    Still love me my 80’s music


    cherry dougla this is 90’s

    ꧁༄༺Stephen ༄ MichaelsTM༄༺꧂

    @TeeToT Same era. 80s & 90s are synonomous. Those 2 decades are forever the best.

    Jimmy Bonez

    ꧁༄༺Stephen ༄ MichaelsTM༄༺꧂ they not alike tho


    Back When Fake Tits And Ass Didn't Matter

  65. Willie Ray

    Athena smashed Keith Sweat on this!!

    Travis Carter

    Not really.

    Nnamdi Onyido

    Not really sir...Keith was using this as a showcase to introduce Kut Klose...


    Yeah that was the point. He gave her the alley-oop. He wanted her to shine.


    Sometimes I just have to dig deep.. for something so soulful.. just not the same these days.. grind on this for a Minute..😛✌🏽💃🏽💃🏽

  67. Ismail Abbas

    R Kelly had changing Faces, Keith Sweat had Kut Klose

    alise Scott

    @Tia Rose I thought biggie had total

    alise Scott

    @Elizabeth Toups who?


    Dupree had excape


    @Tia Rose uhh....Total?

    Eric Lee

    Michael Jackson had Brownstone, Mariah Carey had Allure and Left Eye had Blaque

  68. Gustavo Alves

    Escutando direto do Brasil

    Thais FS

    Bom gosto,eu tmb!

  69. Dineo Mokgosi

    Athena Cage cremated those bloody vocals. Respect! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    Willie Combs

    Strong vocals Frfr

    Live laugh Love

    @Willie Combs bruh she sounds like whitney houston no cap 👀😎

    James Caldwell

    Live laugh Love Actually Athena sounds almost exactly like Coko from SWV. Also to be real honest Athena might be a better singer than Coko because her voice, pitch and everything is just so pure. No disrespect to Coko because SWV is my favorite 90’s female group.


    Keith featured her on his album....he knew she could sing her butt off !

  70. lameck ondego

    That chorus by the trio girls of Tabitha Duncan, Athena Cage and Lavon Battle making up Kut Klose is the killer of it all. My all time best 90s track of all time. Surely with Keith Sweat's in put excellence is what sums it up all. This is the REAL MUSIC!!!

  71. michael parker

    I was today years old when I found out just klose was the feat in this song

    Lungelo Khumalo

    Mina I been searching for Keith sweat ft. En Vogue 😒


    Their not actually the song is a duet.

  72. ember michelle

    This song is so great and soothing

  73. Darlene Anderson


  74. JayTee Smooth

    Dammmm this is real R&B!!

    Chris Wright

    R&B is becoming a dying art form.... everybody and they mama wanna mumble rap now 😂

  75. Teri Burch

    Who’s still listening with me in 2019?!

    revival eises

    Us normal people that love music not this Mother f**** 'ISH you kids listen to....but I don't blame you just shows you're young!!!♡

    dayle davis

    This is my era im 46 yrs young and it was a great time period it takes me back to summers in Florida block parties girls dressed in tight jeans and hip hop braided hair i was chillin tank top on baggy jeans jordans on my feet saying hey baby we can hang out listen to some r&b and hip hop and have fun.

    Zarco Malike

    Me babyyy

    Shawn Nemo

    Teri Burch 2020

  76. Crystal Jones

    This is what I call real music


    Crystal Jones You ain’t lying 🤥


    Can we get a million views???

    Davise Banks


    J LeeMusic

    yes girl, real music right here.

    Shae Powell

    Agreed . And Keith Sweat and Athena Cage killed this song. Vocals on point.