Keith Sweat - Butterscotch Lyrics

Hooo yeah, hooo yeah
You know we had to do again right? huh huh
Hooo yeah, hooo yeah
Now just incase you forgot,
It went on something like... this
On and on and on and on
That's right
Ooooohhh It's me again

I remember the very first time that I met you
Couldn't take these eyes off you
There was so much I wanted to do with u babe

Ooh yeah, yeah yeah babe
Made a vow that I'd always be here
No matter what
Just the two of us
I am so sprung on you
I don't know what to do
I am so in love with you
Let me hear those sound yeah

Do you like the way it sounds when I put it down
When I make the noise like I do
Ooh ooh ooh Aw aw awe

(Your body) My body tastes like butterscotch
When u lick the spot, U lick up and down
Ooh ooh ooh
You qualify, let's do what freaks do

Boy I like it when u get on top
Boy just take your time
Boy you know u blowing my mind
Ah ah ah ya
Boy you know it's just ain't no sexual thing
The way I feel for you is real boy
Don't question me

Your fantasies I will fulfill boy
You should be loving me

Do you like the way it sounds
When I put it down
When I make the noise like I do
Ooh oooh oooh aw aw aw
I like the way you scream my name
My body tastes like butterscotch
When you hit the spot you will be looking up and down
You qualify, let do what freaks do
Ooh ooh ooh ooh

I won't stop till I, hit the spot till I
I won't stop till I, make you hot till I
I won't stop till I, make you cream till I
I won't stop till I, you know what I mean
I won't stop till I, hear you moan girl I
I won't stop till I, hear you groan yeah
I won't stop till I, come on top of me
I won't stop till you tell me you can't take no more

Do you like the way it sounds
When I put it down
When I make the noise like I do
Ooh oooh Aah aah aah
My body tastes like butterscotch
When you hit the spot you will be looking up and down
You qualify, let do what freaks do

Boy I like the way us do what we do
Girl don't you know I am love with you
Boy I like the way you make me feel they way I feel
Girl don't know my love for you is real
Boy I like the way you make me scream my name
Girl I can't lie you just drive me insane
Huh huh huh huh
I am so qualified

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Keith Sweat Butterscotch Comments
  1. Carla Brown

    Keith Sweat!!.. 🕺💯 You're Flawless 🎉🤩😋💞🔥🎶🥂🌹

  2. Rachel Harden

    Who's jamming this in 2020

  3. samantha dixon


  4. Ebony payne

    My shit

  5. kool jj

    This will always be my jam❤❤❤❤😍😍😍💃💃💃2k19

  6. kool jj

    💃💃💃i love this song😍😋😋❤❤

  7. Lilith AL

    beauuuuuuuuuutidil , i love Keith alot, so damn sexy all the way ,

  8. Maurita Williams

    Watch out now! Sounds like a plan to me 😉

    Martine Chaplin

    Martine love

  9. Sam Kuvare

    16/11/19 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  10. Faith J. Batista

    Always Love , Listening To Qualified Music , Makers??
    Love Is Real!!

  11. Love Alot

    Very Nice

  12. Ebony payne

    Love this song love u to mr keith mmmm u can love me

  13. Earl Jamison

    Don’t stop licking it please 👅

  14. Sabine Thomas

    August 2019?

  15. omega riches Smith

    My body taste like butterscotch yummy 😋 😋 XOXO

  16. Anna Yuen-Nasario

    Keith Sweat definitely gets it sweaty!

    Sandy Naylor

    LLLOL soo funny what i was thinking to,people keep talkin about this player,lol. BRAVO KEITH great artist and song writer,performer.

  17. Cindy TwoHatchet

    Yesssss!! It's all good.. my Man
    AJ, Johnson my love. Looks so lovingly at me when this song plays . I guess I need to stop being mean.... I can't help it 😔. He's got me spoiled 😁😉😍❤️💋 sooo much better than before.. I love him too..

  18. Oakley King

    Keith's album til the morning has a bonus track,dont make me wait long, I wish he would've made a whole track but it still fire!!!Check it out

  19. Alexis Toon

    I love this song😍😍💕💕 also my baby he is a dog his name is butterscotch!!

  20. POWER & WILL

    I want a butterscotch Lady

    Martine Chaplin

    Martine love

  21. Sosa Tyson

    So much better than anything coming out rn 💙

  22. Andrew Flood


  23. Jhamel Wade

    This was the song since 08!!!

  24. Latoya M

    Who still listening #2019

    Martine Chaplin


    Tiffany Wimberly

    I'm going to listen to this song and any other Keith sweat song's till I'm gone, I'm a real fan of KS md

  25. Dee Green

    2019...still listening 💜

    Stephen Pothin

    Love agal iam

    Stephen Pothin

    Iam a gal

    Martine Chaplin


    Stephen Pothin

    No thanks

  26. dsean johnson

    listening in 2019

  27. Vivian Pace

    I love my oldies and goodies songs always.

  28. Martha Skeen

    I love this butterscotch is my favorite candy 🍭

    Martine Chaplin

    Martine love Martine


    Puts you in the mood! I'm qualified so let's do what freaks do.

  30. Adrian S

    Athena voice... real love songs. Keith & Athena should've made a cd together... back 2 back!

    Stephen Pothin

    @Martine Chaplin hi people out there a big shout out to all you lovers yes Martin Direct sane

    Martine Chaplin

    Martine love

  31. Anne O'sullivan

    Who still listening in 2018 ? ❤️❤️


    Hopefully into 2019 soon enough


    @KingQuad75 2019 confirmed ♥

    Pete Lobato

    Never stopped KSweat is the man
    Always has always will be

    Marcelinho Silva

    Oi smor

  32. Jessica Grubbs

    Ol i love his old album back innthe day and this just me album yassss god 😘😘😘💙💙💙

  33. Mary Smith


  34. Truesdale212

    LMB 143

  35. bruno santiago

    Essa música é uma das primeiras músicas do keith sweat que eu gosto muito amo amo amo essa música linda 😍💓❤ maravilhosa

  36. nat7677

    Our Song Me n Nat missing you

  37. Charmayne Turner

    Boy I Love the I make you scream my name!

  38. Krissy Dior' TV


    John Wright

    I like that

  39. peaches wright

    i love this yess i felt like this with felton payne but he wasnt ready for me now i am ready for carl e n i love this song

  40. Felicia Feefee

    These words lol 🔥💥💥💥

  41. Felicia Feefee

    Athena girl!

    Martine Chaplin

    Martine love

    Marcelinho Silva

    Oi linda

  42. Ebonee P


  43. LaChele

    I haven't heard this song in a minute. I'm sure nobody knows or cares about this album, but I enjoyed a few cuts off this album. _2000's: The Lost Decade of R&B._

    Ebony payne

    I did i love all of he's music

    Martine Chaplin


    Stephen Pothin

    No thank

  44. Shaneiqua Randle

    Still listening n 2017

  45. Shaneiqua Randle

    My shit frfr

  46. Badasi12b

    I bought this album on release day... stand out tracks were butterscotch, teach me, love u better and somebody. That's just off the top of my head... great album!

  47. Badasi12b

    Who are these 21 people who dislike the song?!

  48. Charlotte Yaffe

    My body taste like butterscotch...... love it 😍 love this man soooooooooo much 😘😘😘😘😘

    Stephen Pothin

    @Martine Chaplin hello darling I'm a girl imagine bad girl Jamaican t Jamaican music my music you like rewind rewind Selecta scene Littlemore

    Martine Chaplin


    Martine Chaplin

    @Stephen Pothin hello darling Martin's money not Stephen Martin and I love Jamaicans little more sing are you mean how your name bombaclat don't know a Jamaican way wait this I am awake niga

    Martine Chaplin

    @Stephen Pothin yo

  49. Dondrea Lee

    i miss you Brown Boi

  50. Tiffani Sifford

    this is my jam

  51. blaqueangel1983

    oooh waah..... oooh waah......

  52. Charly Gaede

    Thank you Keith Thank you !!!!!!

  53. loretta green

    THIS ny song

  54. Deandria Madison

    I love this song but, I can not find it on no music app


    Deandria Madison buy her cd

    Martine Chaplin


  55. Blanch Rio

    Keith Sweat 25 Anniversary
    Happy 25 the Anniversary Keith
    You are the best R&b singer songwriter

    Marcelinho Silva

    Oi amor

    Martine Chaplin

    @Marcelinho Silva hi

    Martine Chaplin

    @Stephen Pothin yo martine

    Martine Chaplin


    Martine Chaplin

    Love you Martine

  56. noua sla

    La belle musique

  57. Edward Gore

    I like when keith has a female singing with him.....

    Anthony Del Toro

    Yes sir

    Martine Chaplin

    Love Martine

  58. Natron Nash

    Reminds me of that special someone...R.E.M.


    I love this one

  60. nana taylor

    I love this song......I am Keith sweat biggest Fan <3

    Gina Wright

    Can't let you have that

  61. GoChiefs15

    I'm a Keith sweat fan

  62. Katz Partybus

    this song is the bomb im trying to book him for my daughter but im not getting no where just a lot of running around if anyone knows please comment and tell me

  63. Cayenne Pepper

    umph, mi speechless...himma say "I Am So Qualified" lawd, help mi

  64. osheita weygant

    this iz that shit! boy i did some thangs while this song was playing!WOW!!!!

  65. kin conerly


  66. 212Evidence

    this is the man he knows his stuff


    Damn I love this man & his music. He always hit the right spot with his songs!!!!

    Martine Chaplin

    Martine love

  68. stephion smith

    iam a big sweat fan

  69. Lexx Lopez

    you gotta know sweat is the man!!!

  70. msvannessa


  71. Fataisha White

    i love this song it's on R E P E A T !

  72. bobbyt226

    once im re-united with my sweetheart Imma make Love with her to this song.