Keith Sweat - (There You Go) Tellin' Me No Again Lyrics

There you go tellin' me no again
There you go, there you go
I wanna be more than just your friend
Don't you know, don't you know

There you go tellin' me no again
There you go, there you go
I wanna be more than just your friend
Don't you know, don't you know

Please be mine, oh, girl
Because I really, really, really wanna be yours
Every time I ask you oh, you give me your love
You tell me you're not ready, tell me, girl
Why, oh, why do you wanna keep holdin' on

There you go tellin' me no again
There you go, there you go
I wanna be more than just your friend
Don?t you know, don't you know

There you go tellin' me no again
There you go, there you go
I wanna be more than just your friend
Don?t you know, don't you know

I've been searchin' all my life
Oh, baby, and I will, I will find somebody just like you
And now that I think my search is over, yeah, baby
Can't you see, can't you see girl
What I'm goin' through' Why?

There you go tellin' me no again
There you go, there you go
I wanna be more than just your friend
Don't you know, don't you know

There you go tellin' me no again
There you go, there you go
I wanna be more than just your friend
Don't you know, don't you know

You know sometimes I start thinkin', girl
How good it would be if you were mine
This sadness fills my whole world
Said you would not, said you would not be my girl
Whoa, ho

There you go tellin' me no again
There you go, there you go
I wanna be more than just your friend
Don't you know, don't you know

There you go tellin' me no again
There you go, there you go
I wanna be more than just your friend
Don't you know, don't you know

There you go tellin' me no again
There you go, there you go
I wanna be more than just your friend
Don't you know, don't you know

Girl, what would it take
What would it take for me to win your love
What would it take, girl
What can I do, there you go tellin' me
No, no, no, no, no again

There you go tellin' me no again
There you go, there you go
I wanna be more than just your friend
Don't you know, don't you know

There you go tellin' me no again
There you go, there you go

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Keith Sweat (There You Go) Tellin' Me No Again Comments
  1. Storm

    If your woman keep telling you “No” somewhere she’s listening to a Keith Sweat song.

  2. Darrel Webster

    2020 and YES I'm playing this jam .Im not alone

  3. Rhynesha Thomas

    New jack city baby

  4. Sareada Heyward

    2020 jamming 💃🏻

  5. G-Bu1 WorldWide

    Nino Brown was a cold dude, use li girl as a body shield!

  6. Timothy Thompson

    Were listen to the sweat hotel jams ladies.

  7. Prettyasszayy

    I’m still playing this and singing my heart out to it in 2020 ❤️💯

  8. Prettyasszayy

    I be singing my heart out to this honey he made this song just for me 😭❤️😩

  9. The Gouch

    New Jack City brought me here...J/K, just doin what those who are generally younger than the song being played tend to do on dope music..Have fun ya'll and keep listing to the stuff in the vault.

  10. Shameka Farmer

    My song in 2020 stop telling me no

  11. Lavish Tink

    Still listening in 2020 😩 R&B will FOREVER live ❤️

  12. Kevin Hunter

    This music right her will never die

  13. Rickert Drawings

    Lol... Shut up!!! Lol I like the song though..Lol ... 👻

  14. Lorna Swasey

    I love you

  15. Tracy727

    This is my fav Keith sweat song - I’ll go to his concert just for this one song .why is it today’s music u can’t feel it like this - I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t have u - sounds real and geniune

  16. Leah Wilson

    This song always on repeat❤❤❤

  17. Leah Wilson

    My favorite favorite song❤💯🎵🎶

  18. Moddie Seven

    Man....the marriage of the melody of this song and his vocal arrangements are spot on. Simply beautiful.

  19. Susan Baldwin

    If you truely know this song

    What year did it come out ,and what was u doing peace and god bless u all

  20. Spydaman Stewart

    12/2019 and still in rotation 💯💯💯🎯🎯 #GrownUpsUndastand

  21. Jrocco holmes

    Get me feeling some type of way made kids off of his 🎶 lol

  22. Charisma Smith

    I miss my Auntie Barabra ann..👼🏾

  23. Albert Denmon

    Keith Sweat a got damn fool. This my jam. Oldschool R. Kelly.

  24. Belinda Jackson


  25. Segawa Peterkenyon

    OLDSKOL still rocking and shinning

  26. Golden ModeM

    When dusk tops tables and fables run the travesty, the rust of those cables snap at the brash pageantry, I’m just a crust of the lust never given back at me, I can’t help but trust the rush cuts frantically, and I’m battling the feelings of trying not to, you want me to stop feeling for others but I don’t got you, and you say I never will, if you want me to stay, then prove you want it that way, slow and real, I’m tired but still anxious, I love writing like this even if it’s thankless, I want to inspire others, I never tried to use this to gain lovers, I’ve remained guttered, my bowl in lane doesn’t move the same, it drains and utters defeat like being asleep while testing live wires with wire cutters,

  27. Golden ModeM

    Girls like her don’t want love they want attention, they don’t need me, they want perfection, let me be if you don’t want my affection, I can stay away from everyone included the woman of my desire, you don’t need to worry, I don’t stalk women or harass them like a fire, I’m quite cool you see, if I have any problems, I’ll use my words to speak, I don’t need you anymore than I need life, and you don’t need me anymore than I need a wife, you don’t need to be afraid, I’m not driven by sex or how much I’ll get paid, I’m not a slave to society, I set my own ways, and work for what I’m worth, not much but much more than minimum wage, you can be with whoever want you don’t need to walk around silently, I’m a poet with heart not a heartless violent freak, I’m a tired peace, trying to get women like you to see less blindly at least, you want me, prove it, but you can’t, that’s why nice guys finish last, and guys like me don’t advance, stop acting like life is fair and equal, go stand up for other unreasonable people, who don’t make sense, but make dollars out of cents so you can show them how to represent, and it dulls my senses, so no I’ll never be popular out of this maniacal consensus, I’m just a friend, I know, I know where I need to begin, here’s my love and support, again and again, with none of your love for me to hold, while I see you giving your love in for other men.

  28. Golden ModeM

    Girl, if you want me, prove it, I don’t need friends, I need a woman that loves me like she loves music, a woman that doesn’t want me to move away she wants me to groove with, if she’s in pain, she wants me to soothe it, if you want a puppy not a man, damn, there’s a kennel you can choose which, dog, and no, I’m not a hound I don’t sniff around trying to get down with every bitch in town, you must be clueless, that’s a fool’s wish, I’m quite literal, if I’m just a friend then let me speak to any individual, I’m not a servant, I’m a human and you need somebody else, if all you wanted from me want somebody’s help, then let me know so I can go back to my shell, you can go back to your wealth, I can do bad alone I can see through the fog you dispel, leave me lost in shadows as I paddle for land, tell me I’m just a friend and you want another man, that’s cool, I can just go back to writing instead of trying to be with you,

  29. Golden ModeM

    It’s not despair, it’s not this fair, when a fair beckons game, I’m rare because I’m not insane, blood runs through my veins, sudden change brings the pain, eventually, that’s why events like this don’t comfort me, sooner or later the truth hates my gain, and I’m back where I was to remain the same, to be greeted in a fashion not practical, then imagination leads me into a factual strain, my DNA doesn’t equip me, women like her do not want to get with me, I said this before and I’ll say it again, nice guys finish last, guys like me end up the friend, you can have them, being alone isn’t the end, I know where to begin, she can pretend to sing for something I’m not, so I can keep realizing what it means to drop, without a bottom there’s abyss, I can never stop doing this, because she chose to mislead me, I knew it from the start, that’s why I kept telling her she doesn’t need me, I’m the realest singer, dancer, rapper, because I don’t do it for the fame, money or the actor, I do this because I am this, you just want the value that results from the madness, and the world supports you, if you were anything like me the world would ignore you, real doesn’t reap rewards, I’m the real last Jedi because I speak with force, not fortune, a poor man’s art explained through a world’s distortion, I say suicide is not insane, to live to destroy good people is a world lost in vain, I knew you from the get go, you didn’t want my love, you wanted this plain and simple, my words are truth and you want to mask it, but I’m the last dragon standing, you can claim to be the best but you know damn well you don’t have it, I’m the best man, and I don’t care who thinks I’m not, I’m the best man because I let him have success so he could reach the top, and the women that I want, that’s the best man in the wedding, the best man isn’t the groom, the best man is the one you keep forgetting, the one standing on the side, the one that doesn’t have a feeling to hide, the one you want to support you, I don’t mind being a nobody, and you don’t need to like me at all, nobody forced you.

  30. Segawa Peterkenyon

    This with a great instict in love splendid and awesome KEITH SWEAT DOUGLAS still rocking and a legend

  31. Kimberly Adams

    This song takes me back to my early teens

  32. shannon mahugu

    All these years and this song + why me baby.....ROCK...!!

  33. Joseph Pop

    She said naw. Then I said then kick rocks

  34. Heartbeats 04

    There u go telling no again.. there u go... I want to be more than just your friend... don’t you know???

  35. OhSheila

    1.9K mad because they was told No!!! This was the ish ya'll Stoopid!!!!!

  36. ExpressThrift 209

    2019 rocking it still. Been hitting this jam since the 90’s.

  37. Rosalie Howard

    Who is listening in 2019 these artists these days can't compete when it comes to true love,♥️💓❤️

  38. Golden ModeM

    Mind, this not mine, I tell her all the time, my mind is not mine, her mine is not mind, I see her like the stop sign, but can’t reach her without mind, that’s the only way in line or online, she’s the outline, skyline and sigh fine, I’m sidelined, she’s been on this feel like the sunshine, why try, my lines are weak, pass the drug to another freak, I’m just a natural disaster, she’s a beautiful day I close my eyes to seek, I ask her for the pasture, there’s no reply in the message to read, grazing in substances not right for me, trifling circumstance, searching for plants just right to eat, she said something enlightening, but I’m not her cloud I can’t read between her lightening, she’s screaming out loud, in the sleep allowed I can only reach advisory, speak to her like she might like to see me now, yeah, I still have that right to dream, I don’t know why she’s enticing me, just to leave me out like the towel she used to clean me out idling, driving in the pouring, see her ignoring the way I’m storing the forms that soar in to create sores and sort of exploring better options to relieve my snoring, can I sleep in peace with her to be my little secret, I don’t need to tell anyone I just need her smell to complete this, full body of gravity, bring me back to a reality I’m glad to see, add me to an anatomy that can grow into peace gradually,

  39. Icy Xplixit

    This song is a whole mood💓🙌🏽

    Shirley Butler

    OMG Tell it like it is AMEN!!This beautiful classic just move your soul in the right direction do you agree ? When real music speaks for itself timeless indeed 4REAL!!! Still listenin how about December 08 2019

  40. Golden ModeM

    No is a shower door, where there is no pantry, no sustenance no loving thrown at me, just wash me away, more, like clay under shades of gray that explode like claymore, mine, you weren’t, since the beginning when time tied itself together like chimes, I pitched pennies into a well wishing for more from dimes, but nothing makes sense, and every little something you step with loses meaning like the steaming through vents, I see you still, that’s time when it doesn’t move like blues over mound hills, your amount builds, ribbon winner crossing checkered flags, you race to a finish without me in your checkered past, i was a pawn in your chess piece, dotted eyes left to cry in the back seat, you didn’t need me, you needed that extra piece to just cheat, snap of two digits, treat me indifferent, bent in her pretty image, wishing for her touch, then a rush pushes me to my limits, dam felt, waters cascade along my grave like a flat belt, the sands melt, castle crasher, she’s a good practitioner of the mourning after

  41. Segawa Peterkenyon

    Brilliant slow jam thnks for uploading still rocking and blossoming 2019

  42. Grace Malinis

    Love this song 😘😘😘😘

  43. Shanna f

    Just watch New Jack City.. classic movie and song!

  44. Coryyonna pree

    Yes I'm still listening to this song and I like it n 2019 don't you just hate it when someone tell you no again and again

  45. Queneka Butler


  46. FACTS Monroe

    4:02 makes Keith the 🐐

  47. Hey Lovely

    Yes still listening in 2019 and forever🔐

    Shirley Butler

    OMG I'm with you all the way 4SURE I will always cherished this beautiful classic as long as I live AMEN!!Some songs are just too great for words 4SURE!! MEMORIES WOW!!!Still listenin how about December 08 2019 4REAL!!!

  48. geostaine

    I just told him No n it makes me sad 😩😩

  49. Function

    Me old school

  50. Sidney Nathan

    Don't you know%@

  51. Mr. & Mrs. Hernandez

    Mr. Jazzy and Mrs. Corina...
    Still jamming to this song in 2019.who else?

  52. Ashley Curtis

    1.9k??? Yall dont know what real music is and i am only 34 listening to this jam!!!!!!

  53. Shundra Watson

    Cant wait till somebody makes me feel like this

  54. Shirley Stanford

    I need you

  55. Tracey Moses

    Me I am here for it! Still in love

  56. Stephanie Grier


  57. Brandi Jeffrey Simmons

    Baby making music

  58. K Smith

    Sooo Goood

  59. Jojo Saylor

    He keeps telling me things I dont want hear 😭😔😔


    Anyone else listening to this track in october 2019

    April Lowery

    Yes Sir

  61. Royelle Robertson

    Lawwwwd smh!! Hot shit

  62. Torri Stalk

    Don't tell me No I don't like that word I take wtf I want.

  63. Diane Owsley

    loving all of Keith Sweat greatest hits,Smooth Sexy.i do remember he,s was sanging this song on New Jack City.

  64. Halimah Griffin

    Whenever anyone including myself here this song they instantly think of NEW JACK City and then want to watch it.

  65. Leniz Castaneda

    My school used to have a dj play music on Fridays during lunch and recess. It was always Keith sweat. I swear every boy on that blacktop looked good when Keith was playing. You just wanted to be in love so bad

  66. Philos Stone

    Yall gon stop calling my daawg a beggar out here, I know that

  67. Trish Jacobs

    Dis song only has 4 million likes ? Smh...Dis song will make u thank & thank some more...#southerntalk

  68. John Brandon

    I can play it over and over again cause it's Saturday

  69. John Brandon

    He did his thang with this song in New Jack City

  70. Janet McClendon

    Love this music ❤️

    Shirley Butler

    OMG I'm with you all the way Janet this beautiful classic just move your soul in the right direction do you agree? When real music speaks for itself timeless indeed 4REAL!!! Still listenin how about October 15 2019 A trip down memory lane good ode days 4SURE!!!

  71. the baddest chick

    there you go pushing me away again there you go 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙄2019 still listening

  72. Terry Allen

    My good jam here

  73. cunsumer96

    Ayyye, I looked for this forever 🔥🔥

  74. Kevian Price

    I don't care if he Begging lol..It's R.kelly then Keith Sweat when it comes to this thing we call R&B💯

  75. Chermaine Williams

    Still here

  76. brian hurst


  77. Tracey Bean

    Now we got to give this generation some love but you right it's does the only hope this generation is Chris brown he makes quality music props.

  78. Darline Charles

    New Jack City Faze. Was The Shit Mr. Wesley Snipes. Allen Payne And Ice Tee And Keith Washington And Keith Sweat.

  79. Orlando Ben

    Always gonna jam me some Keith Sweat... Wouldn't mind seeing him in concert again.

  80. Sadique Munian

    KS is a hit maker

  81. Tanisha kinkz

    Still that🔥2k19

  82. BROWNEYEZ 420

    This song still has alot of power behind since day 1. Nobody put honest begging out there since Keith Sweat. There you go telling me no says all it needs to say. This is definitely grown folks music. Not like the piggy bank music out there today. This song shows men in a vulnerable state that says their not too proud to beg for the love of a real woman. As he sings you can feel every word he sings. You understand that he wants more than a piece of ass from her. He wants her love and he wont be denied. What will it take to win your love!!! How do you express to the one in your life you will truly go above and beyond to win that person's love? GET THAT MONEY AND KEEP THE GREAT MUSIC FLOWING!!! GONE ARE THE GOOD OLE DAYS OF TRUE SOUL MUSIC!! BIG MAMA'S SUNDAY NIGHT JAMS!!!

  83. Dawn Richards

    💜💜💜💜🤘🤘🤘🤘Bring back the music like this!!!!

  84. Shawn Willis

    Comments 14k

    Shawn Willis


  85. Ebony payne

    Singing too my. Baby love ya Felton

  86. Brenda Green

    I Love This Song

  87. MzCappalot

    Who listening in 2019?

  88. Debra Williams

    9-11-2019Very,very deep memories💝🙏🏾💪🏿✌🏾🗣🎶🔊🌐

  89. K Smith

    Fall in Love everytime

  90. Jamal Williams

    Tell sweat to make some new shit put it on tubeba fuck the radio

  91. Robin Gardner


  92. Charmaine Lane

    Forever listening 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  93. ROPE Wilson

    There u go telling me no again got me GOT ME WANTING TO BEG MY NEXT WOMAN LIKE KEITH SWEAT

    Yolanda Draughn

    Love this song still in 2029

  94. Black Widow77

    From the New Jack City Soundtrack. Love this song ❤️❤️💙💙