Kearney, Mat - Hey Mama Lyrics

She don't know what she wants to be
With all the pictures in the magazines
Holding hands when she's mad at me
'cause she don't wanna go, don't wanna go

I met her at anthropology
Purple boots and her golden dreams
Standing there like a Tennessee queen
Singing don't look at me, don't look at me

Singing oh oh
won't you help me sing this song
Singing ee ee ee
She don't ever want to go to sleep

Singing hey mama, don't want no drama
Just a kiss before I leave
Hey lady, don't say maybe
You're the one that I can believe

Hey lover, don't want no other
finger for my ring

Hey mama, hey hey mama
Hey mama, hey hey mama
Hey mama, hey hey mama
Hey mama, hey hey mama

Oh oh
Ooh oh oh oh
Ooh oh oh oh

I can see it in her Cherokee eyes
Those baby browns and the golden thighs
What you doing for the rest of your life?
Cause you don't want, don't wanna go

Singing oh oh
won't you help me sing this song
Singing ee ee ee
She playing like a mystery

Singing hey mama, don't want no drama
Just a kiss before I leave
Hey lady, don't say maybe
You're the one that I can believe

Hey lover, don't want no other
finger for my ring

Hey mama, hey hey mama
Hey mama, hey hey mama
Hey mama, hey hey mama
Hey mama, hey hey mama

Oh oh
Ooh oh oh oh
Ooh oh oh oh

Couldn't be more opposite
I'm hard to please and you're hard to get
You're Mississippi and I'm Oregon
You're sun tanned and I'm porcelain skinned.

Singing hey mama, don't want no drama
Just a kiss before I leave
Hey lady, don't say maybe
You're the one that I can believe

Hey lover, don't want no other
finger for my ring

Hey mama, hey hey mama
Hey mama, hey hey mama
Hey mama, hey hey mama
Hey mama, hey hey mama

Oh oh
Ooh oh oh oh
Ooh oh oh oh

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Kearney, Mat Hey Mama Comments
  1. Luke Harris

    one republic lookin ass

  2. Beverlee Ann

    This song takes my breath away on so many levels...every. single. time.

  3. Maddogg Mike

    This song drives me insane at work... they play it 10+ times 😂

  4. Tim Lambert

    I always start a phone conversation with mom with Hey, Mama.

  5. tootucute

    This is my song!!!!!

  6. Allen Murray

    I'm planning to sing it for my mama for her birthday this June shez all I've got and none can take her place love to the moon and back mom................. God's best gift to me ever...............

  7. John Griffin

    My wife & I were lucky enough to win a trip to the fabulous Pinehurst, NC, golf & tennis resort. It was part of a national promotion run by Mercedes Benz dealers. Turns out Mat Kearney's dad was there and they lined Mat up as the entertainment for the main dinner to cap off the event. I have to admit I'd heard a few of his songs and liked them, but I didn't know his stuff well at all. He was great, put on a wonderful show with just one accompanist, and stuck around afterward to casually chat with people. Super impressed with his music and personality.

  8. Darenda Garner

    Hey momma

  9. You are BEAUTIFUL

    These makes me happy the the black and white calm it down 😞 still love it 😊

  10. Sarah Bartz

    Still my favorite

  11. Jonas

    This was my childhood song that I loved and I lost my iPod (no not a touch it was JUST for music) which had this song and after SO MANY YEARS I have found this song again and it is like when I lost this song I lost a Piece of my childhood which I have now regained

  12. Anne Savall

    Eu amo! ❤️

  13. Charles Bartley

    Hey... Incredible song.

  14. Vered Cookie

    Isn’t this ironic? We’re doing tennis in gym 🎾

  15. under-the woods


  16. Juju Bee

    Nothing like a Mat Kearney beat!!! 👍

  17. Madison Smith

    Love this song so much!

  18. MaxTheGhostKing

    Amazing song. Deserves every view it gets and more

  19. Hannah Chesnutt

    Heard this in an Uber the other night! Didn't know this was his song.

  20. Kenny Rudolph

    This video was shot in New Orleans,wasn't it ?

  21. Unruly Unicorn

    Love love love this song!!!

  22. what what

    How have I never heard this song before!? It's awesome!

  23. RoyalWeasley


    Saif bsoull


  24. kimatyt

    ... Singing hey mama, don't want no drama
    I know I'm gonna be OK
    Yeah, it's a party in the USA

  25. Joey Yates

    You're the best!!!

  26. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    how many watching this are from the city this was filmed in? :D

  27. Twilight Mack

    I can see it in her Cherokee eyes......fave line ;)

  28. Cyber Kirby


  29. ashli674

    I really love this guy's music. I am not a religious person but I listen to his music all the time because even tho it's about loving God, you can take it anyway that you want. His music could be about loving God, loving yourself, enjoying life, etc. Always holding on and never giving up.

  30. pisica dansatoare

    faina muzic

  31. OmGzBritt87

    great song, great video, wonderful message!

  32. Nayesah Rich


  33. Jonathan Kerr

    This is my 19 mo old's fav song!

  34. Ruru liean

    most underrated singers... should go on AGT.. to get exposure...

  35. Holly Mcmahan

    you are good singer

  36. Charles Bartley

    This is song polish and shine. Excellent song.

  37. eshkar y

    cool just the right turn for this mornin'

  38. Jairo Alexander Bustos Rincon

    excelente cancion
    un buen artista

  39. whatamusicgeek

    I think they shot this music video in New Orleans... I've never been there, but I've always wanted to go. Love this song; fits right in with everyone dancing in the streets.

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    that is for sure new orleans.

    Shawn Cullen

    Oh trust me, you HAVE to go to New Orleans. Love it, the people, the food, the atmosphere! It gets in your blood...don't say I didn't warn you.

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    @Shawn Cullen and new orleans is basically a mix of los angeles and miami but we have only one million people, slightly less spanish but we still got plenty of spanish people, white people, black people, some asians, some indians, we dont have mountains, we have levees, we have a coastline along the river and along the lake, lake pontchartrain, but its not really a lake, it is connected to the gulf, so i basically call it an ocean, i mean its huge, 44 miles wide and 24 miles long

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    New Orleans is basically a tropical island huge city with urban nature/forests everywhere, when you are driving in the city on the interstates and you are on a bridge, you see nothing but trees and the occasional highrise, yet they are neighborhoods under those trees, quite amazing, and we have a huge downtown compared to other cities with our population, temperatures rarely go below 30 in winter and rarely above 100, we have a national park on the westbank with lots of trees, we have many palm trees all over the city, we have people growing papaya trees, banana trees, and much more, we are like florida, actually pensacola is 4 hours away, houston is six hours, this is an amazing place, a gift from Jesus and I am happy He put me here, but I got plans to leave as soon as i turn 18. I am dropping out of high school and going to hawaii or something

    K Brown

    Mike Christiaan thank you Mike🙂

  40. Alex Morera

    Maricela sos de CR

  41. Isaac Perez

    sad he deserves more views than he gets

    Alois Trancy

    I heard it on the radio a long time ago

  42. Patricia Lee Mazurkiewicz

    Awesome tune it brings me out of any kind of depression

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    aw praise Jesus! :)

    Loïs Dijksterhuis

    Can I suggest JR JR - Gone? ^-^ It really helps me and it's such a happy song :D

    Jason Meneses

    Mike Christiaan

  43. JoAnne Young

    Yay!!! such a great little tune!!! <3

  44. Tara Rooker

    before we broke up, my ex said this song reminded him of me, and i never looked it up, then after we broke up I finally looked it up and I really miss him ..

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    aw im sorry :( Maybe you can get back together and both follow Jesus?

    Steady Albatross

    +Mike Christiaan Subtle.


    Well it’s been 2 years so hopefully you have found another that you love

  45. RipleyAlys

    Mat i think your awesome man :)

  46. Zookhra Miriyeva

    In love with this song❣

  47. Just E

    I just love this mans voice.

  48. David Thom

    Here's a new comment: very nice work Mr. Kearney.

  49. 김준원

    완전 좋다,...

  50. Mike Finch

    i always liked closer to it. its his best song!!!

  51. Mike Finch

    maybe he dresses poor. hes not made it totally big yet. hes awesome though!!!! One of a kind

    Matt Brown

    Or he’s just smart with money and doesn’t waste it like rappers do :)

  52. Mike Finch

    poor mans coldplay???? This guy is awesome! Red lobster ripped him off if anything!

  53. Sophia Messer

    "you're Mississippi and i'm Oregon"

  54. Chance Shermet

    Sounds like the poor man's Chris Martin..

    StormTree Music

    I thought it was Colplay when I first heard it.

  55. Sean Harman

    Still prefer this over the version Nicki Minaj sang

  56. BLueSun


  57. Wild Honey Locusts

    Me like! ~Just a kiss before I leave, wooohooo!!!

  58. Lenka Křivánková

    Brought here by the 5 Rhythms Staccato and Chaos playlist. Anyone else? :) Love this song!

  59. Célia Rnlt

    Anyone here because of Switched at birth?

  60. FREEstate Workshop

    Was that Kermit in the video?

    Awsomemobs2000 The minecraft dude

    @FREEstate Workshop yes

  61. tayebi asmae

    i Love It <3

  62. Michelle Baylon

    Nice voice!! 😻 He really sounds like Chris Martin and I like the song 👍

  63. Jenya Kalinin


  64. Michele Briere

    I love watching all the happy people in this vid.

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    +Michele Briere praise Jesus!

  65. SnazzyD

    Ahhh, love this song.  It's just ten shades of awesome...

  66. Joe Springer

    love this video

  67. tito monroy

    i swear every time i hear this guy it puts a smile to my face the whole day


    Same :)

    Hayat Koukouh

    +XMafiagamingx Same here

  68. Aaron Ferrer

    Omfg, I thought Chris Martin from Coldplay sang this.


    So did I lol

  69. Carl tucker jr


  70. tussfaithgrace

    This song reminds me of my friend. Don't kno why tho. 

  71. jonashgs


    Fanny Urban

    SO AGREE ! 

    imane elidrissi

    @Fanny Urban yeaaah at first i thought it was a coldplay song :'D


    Because he's a poser.

    Popular Panda123 Msp

    @jbassman3 Excuse you.

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    praise Jesus!

  72. Luis Felipe Venegas

    Estoy aqui por "La legendaria miss Britney Spears".

  73. Leslie Garza

    Ha that's the year when I moved here in New Orleans lol

  74. leydi tatiana albarracin

    i like so much :)

  75. MyLittleFive

    Will he make new songs? His songs are so great!

  76. Sabrine A

    Aww i love him he's great

  77. Isabella Marciante

    New Orleans <3

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    +Isabella Marciante praise Jesus!


    Why can't every song mean something like this?


    because its there choise duhhh

  79. ish jimale

    just a cool tune, how come I havent heard of this guy before?

  80. Mark Behrens

    My best friend, who died, used to say, ”Mark, even if I don’t feel good, God is good”.  He told me that even though he was dying, he was never happier in his life--always praising God, always talking about God with me.  Only God can do that.  His name was Ron Williams.  I wrote a song about this; Just Click on my channel name above to check it out.  Thanks and God bless.

    Gabe Aumack

    Amen brother. 

    Justin_C_ Mulligan

    God is great!

    rebekal pankajam

    which song from ur channel?

  81. Moonur Qabilqizi

    woau suppper :)

  82. Brenda Wentorf

     I love this line "Ey, lover I don't want no other finger for my ring!"

  83. Aqil Babayev


  84. Fexreddin Abdullazade


  85. Carmelita Brooks

    <3 I love this <3 -Carmelita

  86. cb4ujudge

    For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, abounding in riches for all who call upon Him; for "WHOEVER will call upon the name of the LORD will be saved." Romans: 10:12-13

    "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that WHOEVER believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life."--John 3:16
    Please look at this INSPIRATIONAL song about God’s Love.
    Just Enter: MARK BEHRENS (in the search field)--THANKS.

  87. Michiel Ris

    This song is so innocent and cute!

  88. jdanddpt

    I love Mat! Wears his heart on his sleeve, at live shows and through his music. Real music is so under-appreciated these days.

  89. Joe Strasser

    I am in love his songs:)

    - michelle strasser

  90. Bob Bob

    This song is the shit

  91. david2true

    Seriously??? How is this comment spam???

  92. hjsitfrek

    is it weird i want this song to be in my wedding video? idk why

  93. Dana Prevost

    YEAH New Orleans baby!!!!!!

  94. Heather Atkins

    I couldnt believe I hadn't heard of him before!?! He is really good, I would compare him to some of the greats, One Republic..Coldplay..ect.!!

  95. loly

    filmed in new orleans <3