k.d. lang - Walkin' In And Out Of Your Arms Lyrics

Problems find you, at least they try to
sometimes too easy, just to teach me
some things that i dare, others they don't care
but still i know there's

always somebody there to tell me
'bout deep muddy water, why do they bother
won't be roped and tied down
no i can be found, comin' back 'round
cause i know

all your lovin', all your charms
all the things that keep me calm
time apart can do no harm
walkin' in and out of your arms

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k.d. lang Walkin' In And Out Of Your Arms Comments
  1. Rebecca Vaughan

    Love this song! 🎼😊

  2. Flora Fauna

    I thought she said "heart" instead of "arms"

  3. Mike Madden

    Another great LSD tune, like Big Boned Gal!

  4. Mark Schmit

    brings back so many great memories, I wish I was young again....

  5. Lorelai Nokomis


  6. 524sbth

    Voice is golden!!