KB - Here We Go Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Everyday I got one goal
To convince myself that there's one Lord
It's not me or the things that I long for
But the world that awaits on the other side of the door
I would walk away
My faith would fail I would fall today
My hearts so prone to go astray
Every morning I pray
It's a call for grace
Don't miss this
I beg the Lord to give me vision
Lord I wanna see beauty in the scriptures
And not giberish in this missing
My God I wanna be hit with your glory
I wanna feel it
Lest our temptation will lift
And we will win
When we see Him
He's greater than pornography
Taste Him you'll find like a harvest week
All will see for my God
Who can find a match no Harmony
He controls the economy
Elects presidents from nomonies
Every evil in the world
Can no sin against me
Not a hair will touch
Unless He decrees

[Verse 2]
Cats are always asking us
I know you say "but it'll take all that"
Break ya'll back for the Savior mayne
Man He better be real off the way ya'll act
KB man you went to Brazil
Don't trip man you know how fine them chicks is
Tell you ain't wanna take a little
Huh you better wake and live
If they knew our God
And what He does to a human heart
My God woulda light ways through the dark
No He wont let us
We're awake yes He'll come get us
Jesus He's our treasure
Yeah she look good
But my God look better
And I know this
When I'm in my lowest
I ask the Lord to give me focus
I know joy comes in the morning
His weight and glory
Is how I fight depressions
To say God is our crutch naw
He's much more like my stretcher

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KB Here We Go Comments
  1. junie VertZz

    On scream 3 lmao I remember I got to see kb and talk to him

  2. Christian Davis

    D-Day Elliott✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 Like if you got this from Season 3 of Scream


    Scream Season 3 👻 😱 Deion Elliot #21

  4. ReImaged Life Ministries

    We need a instrumental w/lyrics for performances!

  5. girldragon

    Heard this on legacies n had to find it to check if it was saying what thought I was like no way a Christian rapper on cw show yeah my life thank you lord

  6. Sophia McDonald

    Here from legacies <3

    Jonathan Gutierrez

    Yo igual


    Same here 😍


    What episode of legacies is this from if you don’t mind me asking lol 😂?

    Flix Garcia

    Scream season 3 episode 6.

    Hamza Muhammed Al-Zein


  7. Reach Records

    KB always keeps it 100 - Check out his VEVO channel if you don't believe us! 💯


  8. Cody Nelson

    Great song

  9. Victor Muthoka

    Still my 300. fight club music.

  10. Shalayah Truss

    I think is a,great song

  11. Ashley Padgett

    I love this song so much. KB and the whole Reach Records crew makes some beast music!!!!

  12. fastbud5k

    Here we go for God!!!

  13. Grace Daniels

    Can't get enough of this song

  14. Brittney Young

    Love it!

  15. Brad Oconnor

    This is good