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What do you do when the guilt doesn't cease the morning
After a fall, crying Lord would you send relief
Relief, relief
Depression is setting in

Constantly feeling down
What's this really about?
I'm recommitting the sins I feel most guilty about
I'm weak.
Spiritually my bones sticking out
I want holiness, but I ain't got the power to live it out
That's why i gotta preach
Cause the gospel it gotta hit me
Jesus has died for my sin
There's no power without belief

Oh, I'm letting go of my yesterday
Grab a hold free in your grace to live
There's no more guilt
I know that I've been forgiven
Hello new mercies
Hello every morning
Every day I live
Is another day I know that I've been forgiven
I know that I've been forgiven
I know that I've been forgiven

After life, there's a judge that we face
With no Christ, then the lawyer is bringing a brief case – Guilty
But not for those who are truly underneath the grace
That's making me chase knowing my sins have been erased
After we stray, we see no point in praying
I can't go to God, I'd rather hide ‘cause he's angry, WHAT?!
Who told me that? The Gospel lifts me from my fall
I have no sins to pay; Jesus has paid them all
That's why I preach
Better get that Gospel to me
You see the power indeed is available through belief. Believe


I am His
He is mine
Bought with the blood of Christ
Every sin
On Him lay

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KB Hello Comments
  1. Tanisia Corbin

    Your intelligence is amazing to me cause it comes from the Holy Spirit. I hear it and the God in me go crazy. Thank you for loving our God and I thank our God for giving you this knowledge to spit.

  2. Tanisia Corbin

    Kb your music saved my life. I gave up on rap. When I began seeking Jesus with my whole heart all the rap had to get cut. Then I found your music. Thank you God

  3. Natalia Smith

    Vocals are on point

  4. Nora Jenkins

    KB Hello I knew I was forgiven now I don't if he will forgive me again


    This song's AWESOME!!!GOOD JOB KB.Your songs always relate to my life and this one's 101+%.(:

  6. Reach Records

    KB always keeps it 100 - Check out his VEVO channel if you don't believe us! 💯


  7. Casey Wellington

    How does this only have 8 comments? Well, nine as of mine, but that's beside the point. If you like it, say so!

  8. Ingrid Belle

    This is my song like it's speaking my life at the moment.

  9. BryanJae

    Loving the lyrics and the beat! Is the beat available anywhere?

  10. Braulio Vergara

    Yupppp <3

  11. Nat Maldonado

    Love this Song!!! (: