KB - Give My All Lyrics

I got 100 different reasons
100 different ways to go
And they say I'd never make it
Baby I’m already home
100 that’s the only way I know
And they said I’d never make it
They don’t know who I’m working for
100, 100, 100

[Verse 1:]
Look, I ain’t down with my feet up
I don’t care where you bury me brah
Running hard till I drop
So bury me in my free runs
Funny how I don’t want the stuff people dream of
Wish living in a beach front, eased up with my ease up
So what if they think you the man
That don’t mean nothing in the kingdom
So what I want ya’ll to remember me for
If you forget my name, please remember my Jesus
They can have it all, we content
I know they tripping over nothing, this a horror flick (It's empty)
I know how this ends like I authored it
That’s why I’m waiting on my Savior like he's ordering
Time after time, I wish I could get time back
I’ve wasted so many years I can’t rewind now
But God is over time, I ain’t talking to talk
He runs the clock, call it time lapse
You can’t go back to the future, now your futures back
401K where your future after your future at
Go invest in it, and give your all
Cause life is short but eternity is long
Yeah, that's why
Can I, can I
Get a little ignorant with
Boy I'm feeling this
Killin' this yeah I'm still legit
And I'm going in
(Hol' up) I know God watching me
(Hol' up) I know they watching me
(Hol' up) If it glorifies the King
I'm like dame ven aqui mira
I’m a be looking to keep whatever you put us through
Given us everything cuz you know we got a mission
I know they don’t get it but gotta go with the vision
to do everything we doing unto the one who has given us life
Its all cool we passed bars like law schools
100 my dogs don’t do 50 like Ja Rule

I got 100 different reasons
I give my all, 100
I give my all, 100
I give my all, 100
At the end of it all
That’s the only way I know

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KB Give My All Comments
  1. Days Of Old

    "They tripping over nothing, this a horror flick"

  2. Dussé McCussáy

    Who giving they all in 2020? Its still 2019, start now 💪🏽

  3. Elizabeth Hiseley

    Who's still listening in 2019?

  4. Sharp

    More people gotta see this

  5. Kathryn Lroh

    The focus on Jesus puts tears in my eyes.

  6. KateLynn Osborn

    This song is amazing!!

  7. Airiana Johnson

    "Life is short, but eternity's long!"

  8. Supah Kalumba

    KB never dissapoints, I'ma give it 100 all the time. Maaaayne this track is 🔥🔥🔥 #HGAtothegrave.


    Yess!!! Love this💜💯

  10. Dillon Sam

    ooo good sooo goood I am sceaming!

  11. Dillon Sam

    Lets go kb you are the best.

  12. Joel Florez

    Who listening in 2018?

  13. Reach Records

    KB always keeps it 100 - Check out his VEVO channel if you don't believe us! 💯


  14. Joe Cotton

    I pray that lecrae and Andy mines and tadashi can come to Springfield Massachusetts again because they toff we wed more influences like them for the young youth coming up

  15. Victor Muthoka

    "So what if they think you the man?/ that don't mean nothing in the kingdom."

  16. John Magallanez

    a gift u have kb that s a blessing all the honor an glory to the Lord JESUS CHRIST AMEN

  17. John H

    Wow just came back to this song and broke down crying Lord Im giving u my all!

  18. Stefan-Rares Crisan

    I know it's 2016 but im buying this. Praise God!

  19. Adam Schatz

    Better than fetty wap

  20. Dangerous Thinking

    Holy shit. This gives me so many memories from 7th grade football.

    Cephas Monette

    shut up man

    Will Miles

    hear hear

  21. Rodny Sorto

    give my all 100 cool

  22. Eric Moreno

    he beast just like lecrae and everybody else

  23. Subzero Scorpion

    Who else here has heard of NF and Lecrae

    Kierahn J.

    Are either of them here? Why even mention them? This is KB...

    Joseph Singleterry

    Subzero Scorpion who hasnt

    Dillon Sam

    NF and Lecrae are soo good

    Will Miles

    Son Of THE PReachER, ever heard intro? "I look at the math, I look at the map, and thank you GOD, i swear its a miracle", in Real, "Father, forgive me, for I am a sinner, but you gave me music as medicine, woo!" and other, but at the moment im too lazy to look it up

    Will Miles

    NF is a christian rapper, "Nathan John Feuerstein , known by his stage name NF, is an American rapper, artist and songwriter, who has charted in both the Christian hip hop and mainstream hip hop markets."

  24. Jovanna Perez

    I give my all 💯❗❗

    At the end of it all, that's the only way👣 I know‼

  25. THE LeGeNd

    KB all the way, I always thought it was all lecrae from reach, but KB is a rising star 😁

  26. Solar Shiloh

    They don't know who I'm workin' for :)

  27. me-and only-me

    sick at the end☺

  28. Luke Benjamin

    this song has brought me to tears many times! I give my all LORD!

  29. Okiiee

    soon as he says they don't know who im working for I rewind and repeat

  30. Harrison Koonts

    when the beat switched! straight fire!

    Zygy __

    Harrison Koonts it still makes my heart race

  31. koleen brown

    this song touched the heart and beyond...good job KB!!!

  32. colin ogilvie

    so can this album be bought like as a CD or...

    richard j

    check reachrecords.com ;)

  33. Evelyn Zapata

    this is literally my favorite song ever 😁😁😁


    +Evelyn Zapata yes so much motivation and realization

  34. Love__ Taylinnn

    I love this song so much I actually listen to him ,lecrae, trip lee, tedashii, Andy mineo, and bizzle

  35. Dayve Pineda


  36. daniel cockrell

    All glory to our lord and saver Jesus Christ thank you lord

  37. JustPierre

    Does anyone know how to achieve that vocal effect (in the chorus) on FL Studio?

    yojoe O

    I like you can make a auto-tune effect on audacity (it's free too)

    Joshua Belton

    +yojoe O wait you can where at on audacity can you achieve auto tune effect cuz I could use that maybe when I record some certain raps

    yojoe O

    +Joshua Belton (JDB13) Research into it man, I just heard about it, I don't use it myself bro

    Joshua Belton

    +yojoe O alright man yea I probably wouldn't use it but I'll have to search into it just in case i ever decide to

  38. Jamael Mccrae

    God is good!

  39. OriginalVyze

    0:00 - 3:16

  40. Micah Bundy

    Give my all!

  41. not 6god


  42. Emily Grimaldo

    Amazing song!

  43. J James

    fresh bars dude

  44. Dar3o

    "thats the only way I know"

  45. Rin Two Timess

    "If you forget MY name, PLEASE REMEMBER MY JESUS!!!"

    ... gets me every time. These are words to live by.. every Christian's anthem.

  46. IS Music

    1:24 GOT ME LIKE '0'

  47. Christina Coombs

    love it

  48. Joseph Christy


  49. Joseph Christy

    please remember my JESUS

  50. WorshipGod4ever


  51. Conner K

    2:06 Oh yes.

  52. Makindy Joseph

    They dont know who im working for! Listen to this everyday as reminder

  53. John13verse35

    What an encouragement

  54. Spenser Eggleston

    My anthem err day.

  55. Jose Smilez


  56. David Hopkins

    Sickest departure!

  57. K3ZMusic

    I think I have to go buy this album now.

  58. Mike Smith

    KB is just beasting it with his new album :D

  59. Albert M

    Real talk

  60. felicia Romero

    Yoooo that was dope!!!!! 👊👊👊👊👌👌👌

  61. Marioandchesney

    If you forget my name...please remember my Jesus!!!<3 awesome!!

  62. Uncle Fredd


  63. Toray Shaw

    I give my all to u Lord Jesus

  64. CPowell

    If you forget my name please remember my JESUS!

  65. Jesse Xibona

    Love this stuf man awesome...I gotta  hundred dif reasons...

  66. Christian Whitmire

    I love the story in this new album but this song really touched my heart. God is telling me through this song to stop worrying about what happened in my past and enjoy the good things that will happen with my life and relationship with God in the future. KB if you reading this, thank you so much for your love in Christ and teaching me new things. I support you 100!! percent. 

  67. Lleroy shakur

    what I want ya'll to remember me for if u forget my name please remember my Jesus wow

  68. Cage Nine

    Whens trips album coming out???

    obi wan

    @Cage Nine trip lees album came out all ready

    Sam J

    give sleeping beauty some rest

  69. Steve Huber

    I love the beat switch. Perfect

  70. jeanluc knowles

    favorite part if you forget my name please don't forget my Jesus :')

  71. Domingo King

    Man this song is crazy..on repeat

  72. Domingo King

    Man this song is crazy..on repeat

  73. Paula Wilson


  74. Mr.Muhumuza

    If you don't remember my name, please remember my Jesus!!

  75. Novarunfall

    christ the everything

  76. appleberrybagel

    So I bought this album from the Reach Records the morning it came out (3/4/14), and this song is called "Different Reasons", not "Give My All". Anybody know anything about this??

  77. Monty

    Glory to God 100%!! Go KB!

  78. Milja Lerber

    wow this is awesome!! 

  79. Bari Building

    Just love how God can talk to us through music!! Great way to share the Gospel to those who love listening to beats like this!! KB you are an inspiration!! God bless you!! Keep it up!! 👍

  80. Gla3dr11

    The first time I listened to this song I had to make sure I wasn't on a different song when the beat switched :D


    Sometimes, I don't like it when a beat changes, but KB does it right lol

  81. Endelani williams

    thanks KB, Glory to GOD.

  82. alwayssmilesz

    Wow.. im speechless.
    All I can say is...AMAZING! Glory be to God

  83. i'am immordecai 7

    Um, no, this is k to the second letter. KB

  84. courtney hawkins

    This album has 6 songs and they're all sick! Bought of iTunes hehe


    It's definitely worth it

  85. Dumisani Ndhlovu

    AYE 100%,4 SHO!!!....

  86. ThatThrift Piff

    Kanye ? Or nah

  87. Breon K

    Really nice song

  88. Spencer Urban

    2:10... dang he killed it

  89. kristierivera01

    Bless the LORD!

  90. jessie esparza


  91. Lagiselota Taufi

    Great song