KB - Church Clap Lyrics

(Oh Lord)
Gimme that God Almighty
That good old Gospel
That old school doctrine (Oh Lord)
Gimme that truth for the body
Ain't nothing new about it
But it's still full of power (Oh Lord)

Now church clap, let me hear the church clap (church clap) [x4]

Gimme dat, church mother and they church hat, clap
Man that Shug Avery Color Purple coming back, clap uhh
When that whole week beat you up and stress ya
But you hear that organ playing it remind ya of ya blessings
And on another note, she just hit another note
Chills down my spine, got me crying, make me over Lord
You don't know about us though, old school church hymns
Deacons get to humming now the drummer finna burst in
(Lordy, lordy, Lord) Can you hear me now
Church clothes sweaty, you don't care you just get it now
Testify, how we made martyrs outta these fathers
And rose up all of his daughters to glorify Him with honor
Man I swear I saw Miss Jones with her hair did
Now its flying everywhere she don't care what her head did
She an heir, yea
Caught up in the air, yea
Probably why she clapping like Jesus just hear her prayer, yeah


I wanna be the type of dude to get the Lord on his feet
I wanna do the type of shows that the Lord wanna see
And what I mean, if I could make the whole church clap
But ain't a clap in the heavens then that clap just a clap, clap
For the son glorified, sin mortified
The Holy Spirit's going where that truth ain't watered down
It sound doctrine, Spurgeon and common uh
Nothing wrong with singing loud but that ain't where the power's found
For too long the church churches been clappin' at weak sermons
Leaving the weak hurt, no one's changed by Sunday's service
We need discernment, check what you be affirming
Cause a church can be full of members but empty in conversions
Preach the gospel, and stand back
Look for changed lives not for hand claps
Love people well, oh they can't stand that
The church just a church when the word is where we stand at


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KB Church Clap Comments
  1. Sleep_Deprivation

    God is good!!!!! :D

  2. Robby Lugo


  3. Poe

    I’m a jew

  4. Mason Jessie

    That free-mason Illuminati symbolism was blasphemous though. Someone's got some explaining to do.

  5. dare_devil T

    Go 2 the carthage rink every night and listing 2 this at the end

  6. Jaylee Towns

    i went to his concert
    church clap let me hear the church clap

  7. Delaney Curtis

    Love this sound

  8. alisandro Hernandez

    My anthem for every morning!!!!

  9. Guy McPerson

    Church Clap? More like Church Slaps

  10. Elisha's-all together studios

    Sitting in church in my mind I said Shut up to the devil because he talking in church

  11. Elisha's-all together studios

    When I heard this my dark side died I heard him oof

  12. Info Hub

    God bless! Life is short! NeedGod.com

  13. Jewel Rook

    My little cousin 💙 this

  14. mocca777

    hello guys! im Norwegian and gaming roblox. are you gaming roblox so please like here ;)


    mine name on roblox is: 21marie0310 also

  15. Caleb Schultz

    We play this song at a church camp called engage camp EVERY YEAR!!!!! With the bass so boosted!! Dude church camo is something else.

  16. Jazavia Jefferson

    I’m going to your house


    Please do

  17. Alex Hooper

    Here is a version of the line dance.
    0:24 step right, bring the left leg to touch it. clap in sync.
    0:25 step left with left leg bring right leg to touch it. clap in sync
    Repeat until 0:36

    0:36 Hop twice on the right leg.
    0:37 twice on left leg.
    0:38 hop twice on right leg again
    (now the fun part)
    0:39 raise your right leg at a 90 degree angle. Clap above it, then below it.
    Turn left, do it again, turning left until you get back to where you started.

    Repeat this. There you go, one of the most fun and simple line dances out there.

  18. Vortex6959

    Ngl this is actually a good song

  19. X-LORD G

    One sub to me when I heard this was depressed till I heard 🐶

  20. SuperMənyFən Ź

    I've been getting more depressed because every week more of my friends either die, or move away. I don't know why this is happening. I don't even know how they died. Currently 7 are in the hospital. At least I still praise God that some of my friends are still alive! It's been a rough year though.

  21. carol robinson

    My 18-month-old grandson LOVES this song, got his Gigi turned on to it!

  22. alessa linn

    Was in a party when I first heard this. I've blasted it every day since!

  23. Debi VanLandingham

    I dont like this song

    I LOVE it

  24. Silenced Logik

    Winston churchhill clap

  25. MrAlternian

    What?! It's sunday already! Y'all mind if i praise the Lord 🙏🙏

  26. Alexander Dimitrov


  27. Mandalore

    I can see that one 80 year old grandma jamming out to this at the back of the church...

  28. Christian fn

    we do this in fca/first priority

  29. crusade time

    every mission trip i go on we dance this with the kids

  30. Antwoinette Ayers

    Where have I been....this got me so live, cleaning up my house!!!!Yes saints

  31. Markus Frenin

    Who’s here from nova xeno

  32. Peaz Dszx

    It’s Sunday already?

  33. Stefan Mahon

    sooooo Gooood!!!!

  34. Chloe Kallaos

    Who’s here after church camp

  35. Ltab249


    changed name346zs63

    Why I'm here

  36. edgarjx1


  37. Alexandre Jones

    I heard this in church camp and I can not stop singing it that’s telling how lit it is

  38. Slader 6000

    "Oh Lord give me the god almighty that good old gospel, My favorite part.

  39. macdabluepanther

    KB and Lecrae them dudes mayne!!!

  40. samelelele


    Ruggero Salimbeni


  41. Sans Undertale

    Wait its sunday already?!?!?!

  42. XxZiOnSpaRTanxX

    Let me hear the Church Clap 👏🏻

  43. Andrew Edwards

    its sunday already?

  44. TheBlueKnight

    When i came to School this morning i was shocked i Saw one of my teachers dancing to this song in the class while nobody was there

  45. Archangel Auriel

    JESUS CHRIST is here in the flesh NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


  46. jo :}

    I’m getting pep rally vibes

    Oh yea bc I and a bunch of cheerleaders and high schoolers did this at a pep rally

  47. Commie_waffle

    Supercamp where you at

  48. Cringey Carl

    man this gives memories

  49. SilverSugarwings

    What excellent video editing!

  50. Zachary Sokol


  51. aloha breeze

    this song is in my church!! 2019??



    Ruggero Salimbeni


  53. michael castro

    Just heard this for the first time ever.... AND IT'S FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!!

  54. Promise Onyemulu

    I love the message in this song

  55. Mark Bohm

    The worst song yet

  56. •selcouth•

    forgetting the yuh and aye

  57. Deborah Rose

    I’m doing a tap solo to this song and I absolutely love it!


    We did a dance to this song and my friends parents said the dance looked like a rave and that she wouldn’t want to go to that church

  59. 「ダスティ」 Dusty

    What did he mean by "Get Spurgen and Calvin out"

  60. Michael Wardlow

    My son dances to this song all the time he LOVESit

  61. NightCrusher76

    Anybody else dance to this in school or just me?

  62. CB Branch

    This sucks

  63. Ashley Leeman

    Singing lordy lordy lord

  64. English Fire

    00:23 👌

  65. Alicia Marshall

    This is such a stupid song it had nothing to even do with church and y’all know god would not except this

  66. Pat Feagles

    Be safe there is some hacker hacking YouTube named momo

  67. Abigail Wilson

    I love this!!! Our school has a dance to this!! It’s so good.😁

  68. ScEpTrE

    this lyric vid is Lit! Love it!

  69. onskis and funkos disastrous adventure

    Whoever is here from HillVue Bowling Green Ky i love yall and this slaps


    And they say Christianity is boring...
    We played this BANGER at my church(Choose Life Church) today and EVERYONE got LIT!!!!
    Anybody that loves God CLAP YO HANDS!!!!

  71. Otaku Dos GAMES


  72. Isak Bong

    Nice i love

  73. Tear_ Brightlights

    #Winterfest 2019

  74. PaigeTheCat312

    I love the dance to this

  75. euphoria

    Heard this in gym class and I didn't even realise it was religious... Y'all when I tell you only in the south I mean *only in the south do they play Christian rap in the gym classes*

  76. Valance Bohm

    That chorus beat is on fire!!!!!

  77. Squishy Watchbee

    I love this song. Gettin ma worship on!

  78. Conrad Hyde

    I just love this awesome song 😍❤️

  79. Conrad Hyde

    This is a hopping song!😍

  80. William Curtis

    This is what we will play at soccer games for our warmup👍👌😄

  81. Mr. Mat1

    P mills bout to blow the subs up

  82. Lauren Caroline

    I love Christian “hip hop”? 🙈❤️

  83. I Survived The Muffin Joke

    I am about to personally hunt down and capture those 243 people that disliked this video

  84. I Survived The Muffin Joke

    My sister and I are obsessed with this song, we have been doing the dance for the past 2hours

    Cathy Lee

    My daughters did this for me when I came home and it put the biggest smile on my face!

  85. Alexis Welch

    I did this song for a talent show at a church camp. And ever since then everybody says hey red head your really good at doing gymnastics and flips. This song changed my life. I may be only 12 but at my school I've put together a dancing group and we've went to a state competition in dancing and gymnastics and like. It's really amazing. If your kids would like to try out the group or anything we provide transportation like we can even meet up to where u can see the group. Just so that you don't think I'm like a child molester or anything. Just give me a call at 740-771-6182 💖

  86. Ruby Heart

    This is one of my favorite songs. My youth group dances to it all the time. Its so much fun and we bond over it! Thanks Lecrae!

  87. Shark4195

    I had to do the dance in P.E......

  88. BOSTONceltics FAN alt

    So inspiring

  89. Crystle Gunderson

    I know how to do the dance me and my friends do it and we went to church they showed us this and I was like this sounds good

  90. Gabriel Meyers

    we listen to this every day at camp shamau

  91. Jay Lander

    Omg amazing vid!!

  92. Kori McKenzie

    Best thing ever when my 3 year says "mama turn on church clap! Turn it up loud!" 👏👏👏👏

    Ruggero Salimbeni

    Yeah this didn't happen, did it?


    🔥 my school is doing that dance

  94. Emily Earles

    my athiest ass bops to this daily

    Brody Anthony

    Thank God

    Karyn Rosselli

    Emily Earles My agnostic self jams to this still...lol

  95. james zander


  96. Reach Records

    KB always keeps it 100 - Check out his VEVO channel if you don't believe us! 💯


    Lissy Reilly

    I like this song

    Archangel Auriel

    "I wanna be the type of dude that get the Lord on His feet!"

    Somebody please tell this man he actually may - just send this song to Eminem, because he is our Lord!!! (The Father revealed this to me. It is 100% truth!)

    😇 His Holy Archangel Uriel

    Archangel Auriel

    JESUS CHRIST is here in the flesh NOW!!!!!!!!