Katy Perry - My Own Monster Lyrics

I turn my head, there's nothing there
All I own is my thoughts for my fears
I close the door to keep out the bad
I plug my ears to keep out these fears

And I cry

So hold me close
For I'm so tired of holding myself
So very tired and tired
Tired and tired
Just hold me

I listen to these voices
Or is it this house that's giving me chills
As I lie upon this little girls bed?
Who's at the door? Who's walking near?
Or has my imagination spilled?
This little girl all grown up still fears

Oh, and I cry

So hold me close
For I'm so tired of holding myself
So very tired and tired
Tired and tired
Just hold me

Where can I go, where can I hide
from these evil sufferings?
Oh, these images painted on my walls
They say there's a place that I can
hide in the shadow of your wings
Oh Lord, bring me to this place of refuge

No more tears

So hold me close
For I'm so tired of holding myself
So very tired and tired
Tired and tired
Just hold me

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Katy Perry My Own Monster Comments
  1. Shin lol

    Antiguinha msksks

  2. Janellie Calderon

    not that bad

  3. MacG

    I just wish she'd do Katy Hudson album live sometime in the future in style of MTV Unplugged.

    killer gaming07



    She can't. She sold her soul to satan.

  4. Melissa Ward

    Copy Righted?

  5. Edgar Cruz

    Katy Cat Family!!! I need your help to make my channel grow! i made a video on my channel on why i love Katy Perry! please come to my channel and watch my new video I'm sure you'll enjoy it and if you do please subscribe/Like it! Please Thumbs this up, Thanks Katy Cats ♡

  6. threeholePUNCHify

    i wish she would go back to this

  7. Ollie Brock

    Its not your song to copyright, katy perry could sue you..

  8. NeuronMasturbation

    The lyrics are amazing,but I can't stand the song itself.Oh,well.

  9. YO!

    Copyrigth on a illegal video diffusion... strange..

  10. Michelle Clardy

    Ilove katy parry

  11. michelle brewer

    This is a very um....cool song thanks AntherGleeFan

  12. Krista Hall


  13. argeeten jamsai

    sweet very much

  14. myisthebest guy

    Look up wide awk

  15. Mileys sis

    Oh no .. She cant sing at all haters ?? well.. I hope after hearing this u guys have enouugh money to buy new ears !

  16. RocknCorruptrepublic

    And people tell me she can't sing :P

  17. oREIjuela

    katy <3

  18. Douglas Roth

    She amazing <3

  19. Shani

    @IdRatherBinADream92 Maybe,I think it may all depends on what song and if the meaning she had back then still means the same now.If you get what I mean.But I do hope that soon she will perform one of these Gospel songs at a concert of hers,but most likely the people who are at the concert they wouldn't know any of these songs,only the big fans would know..(KatyCats).

  20. firewolf101

    saw her live tonight, she was AMAZING!

  21. Marina Isms

    very good song, so powerful ♥

  22. diana9martin6


  23. jonathanjbramnath

    Reminds me of rebecca st. james... best music :) love it

  24. linzy pi

    @jared743 Ugh thank you! It's on every single video and it makes no sense.

  25. 16 Janeiro 1993 RocketMan

    it should be released

  26. Isabel Lalic

    Even though she sounds like she have a cold or she's chewing gum, this song has a great meaning. As in. I just keep on wondering what kept her out of singing this type of songs though. I hope she makes a remake of the whole Katy Hudson album!



  27. Jared D

    "Copyrighted by me! Toni"

    Ha! It is not likely that you took that picture, sang the songs, wrote the music, or hold the copyrights to any of these. unless you have been licenced to display any of these, you are likely breaking Copyright. I am OK with that, but don't say that you hold the copyright.

  28. Ashley Dufault

    Her voice is so freaking beautiful <3

  29. hellokitty122304

    this song is amazing...and yet so very haunting..it reminds me of a little girl who may be abused by her parents...maybe her dad?? sexually...its scary and yet a great song.


    Open her wiki, its not like that...and I JUST LOVE THIS SONG

  30. katyperryrules88

    they are the same person. but if you say kate hudson, then youe talking about two different people

  31. Lisa Mahaffey

    I have herd a lot of her stuff, but this song is by far my favorite! The emotion through out the whole song is intense and I feel it ^_^ Kudos Katy!

  32. Rubén GaGa

    me encanta!!!! I LOVE U KATY!