Katy Perry - Circle The Drain Lyrics

This is the last time you say,
After the last line you break,
It's not even a holiday,
Nothing to celebrate.
You give a hundred reasons why,
And say you're really gonna try.
If I had a nickel for every time,
I'd own the bank.

Thought that I was the exception,
I could rewrite your addiction,
You could've been the greatest,
But you'd rather get wasted.

You fall asleep during foreplay,
'Cause the pills you take, are more your forte.
I'm not sticking around to watch you go down.
Wanna be your lover, not your fuckin' mother.
Can't be your savior, I don't have the power.
I'm not gonna stay and watch you circle the drain,
Watch you circle the drain,
Watch you circle the drain.

You say you have to write your rhymes,
Whatever helps you sleep at night
You've become what you despise,
A stereotype
You think you're so rock and roll,
But you're really just a joke.
Had the world in the palm of your hands,
But you fucking choked
Should've been my team mate,
Could've changed your fate,
You say that you love me,
You won't remember in the morning.

You fall asleep during foreplay,
'Cause the pills you take, are more your forte.
I'm not sticking around to watch you go down.
Wanna be your lover, not your fucking mother.
Can't be your savior, I don't have the power.
I'm not gonna stay and watch you circle the drain,
Watch you circle the drain,
Watch you circle the drain.

You fall asleep during foreplay,
'Cause the pills you take, are more your forte.
I'm not sticking around to watch you go down.
Wanna be your lover, not your fucking mother.
Can't be your savior, I don't have the power.
I'm not gonna stay and watch you circle the drain,
Watch you circle the drain,
Watch you circle the drain.

Watch you circle the drain,
Watch you circle the drain.

You're going down [4x]

You fall asleep during foreplay,
'Cause the pills you take, are more your forte.
I'm not sticking around to watch you go down.

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Katy Perry Circle The Drain Comments
  1. Witheredwolf and Cutecat

    This song is harsh!

  2. That70'smusic

    Good song

  3. John McLaughlin

    I'm a addict and after twenty years my girls had enough I can't blame her she should run

  4. Abigail Peek

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the pure brilliance of her line "Had the world in the palm of your hands, but you fucking choked."

    His only real known famed song with Gym Class Heroes was "Cupid's Chokehold"

    Mic. Drop.

  5. ニッキ&マー坊大好きっ子

    katy speaks for me???

  6. camilla c

    Hey everyone, I'm starting a small informal support group in SE London for friends and families of addicts. Dm my instagram jezebel_dallas for more details

  7. 06afeher

    Not to say that I’m addicted to anything, but to be honest listening to this song has always kept me motivated to do well in my studies and at work and put drugs behind my responsibilities to live a satisfying life in the future.

  8. Lupita Pardo

    Me siento malvada con esta canción 😈😈😈😈😈

  9. Betsy O'Rourke

    This song is exactly my ex boyfriend derek.

  10. Will Pearce

    i didn’t like this song until very recently.... and wow it’s amazing

  11. Ali Takavar

    i am FOREVER in LOVE with yooooouuuR heart , SOul , with YOUUuuu

  12. Ali Takavar

    you were right all along the weakness was all mine i am sorry , pls accept my apologize

  13. Echo Mitzu - The Alien


  14. Marilynn Wiggins

    S You can’t sign in you can’t send it out I am on the do

  15. Ramón Ant Ledezma

    Dear ex this song is four u, except the addiction the rest is for u

  16. Brian Ross

    No regrets

  17. Brian Ross

    See what the surgeon sat

  18. Brian Ross

    For the milky way to remove big dippers to gain access to cross

  19. Brian Ross

    Okay I guess dual miss

  20. Brian Ross

    Intent to trust terror sad mas mikita drill

  21. Rose61234

    I forgot this song existed, but now I’m here I realise I know all the lyrics.

  22. WorstEVER oh

    Disrespectful and mean mocking fiend travie was happy with you he even entered rehab 💔 now you're a racist cruel person who thinks more highly of herself than she should YOU ARE THE FUCKING JOKE EVIL WHORE

  23. Juan Cajamarca

    que metalica!!

  24. CocaColaCo

    Dude probably fell asleep ONCE during foreplay hhhh. The drugs thing is obviously reason enough to leave though.

  25. allenkozlowski

    the most underrated katy perry song

  26. useless magic

    9 years later, i'm finally understanding what this song is about and it's so heartbreaking

  27. useless magic

    this song was the first time i heard the word fuck

  28. She RAW

    is this about travis and the cupids chokehold thing he made

  29. Sophia Sicat

    She is mad

  30. Chanel Coco

    Love this song and good on Katy for breaking free xoxo onwards and upwards my darling and chin up 💋

  31. Quagsire Clearaszerg

    Twe, what should I do if my girl sing this to me???

  32. Cosmic Soul

    Her best song I think..! 😀

  33. Charlotte Jamieson


  34. Lincoln L. Loud

    Oof, I know the meaning of the song.

  35. Kaan Yüksel

    Final destination 4

  36. jwayne2k

    So is this her writing about her future self?

  37. Johnnys Journey

    Ariana to Mac Miller

  38. Alice Mc

    There's nothing cool about taking drugs, it's really sad and pathetic.

  39. adambomb1200

    My favorite song she has ever created soooooo GREAT

  40. Liana Soares

    “Had the world in the palm of your hands but you fucking choked.” 🌎✋🏻 My favorite lyric line in this.

  41. Mayra Diaz KP


  42. serenity turner

    This song really hits home for me being that I am in deep love with a self sabotaging alcoholic it tears me apart that I can't heal him, all I can do is stand by and watch him destroy himself and in doing so I am getting destroyed to

  43. Brii And Marc Risner

    This is my x. He was an abusive lil shit. He did drugs and hurt me so much

  44. Sam's Dead

    The song to my mother.

  45. Sam's Dead

    Her music like this, "Who Am I Living For?" And, "Wide Awake", are her best kind of music, tbh.

  46. Gabrielle Humphrey

    This song is for my mom

  47. Alyssa14

    This was my favorite song when I was very young. I had my own dance routine 😂 I would do it for hours ...!

  48. taylor's last kiss

    The verses aren't quite good but the chorus JUST FUCKING HITS ME. YASSS

  49. Kerry Moynihan


  50. Courtney Circle

    Just found this song and fell in LOVE with it. Main reason it's pretty much the only song of hers I can sing in my normal voice

  51. Thomas tom

    Drugs very dangous it's a fine line between a bit of fun or a way of life
    Think twice before you do anything

  52. Anantam Bisht

    Travie mccoy

  53. Emre Erdoğan


  54. Jefferson Barbosa

    Love 😍

  55. bat32391

    Goddamn, Russell Brand got fucking rekt

  56. Elden Lee



    When you're breaking up with someone.


    She is performing for Witness concert I am so excited.


    I love Katy Perry.


    I love this song.

  61. Chisel Marr

    Ok so she went from this song, to Feels in 2017 where she says 'I know you're not afraid to pop pills'. Hmmm


    To my ex-boyfriend.

  63. M AJ

    What the fuck!!

  64. Małgorzata Czach

    This is SO fucking good.

  65. Nunu Bell

    I dated a alcoholic.. I relate to this song SOOO MUCH!


    Nunu Bell fr 😭

  66. Beth black

    Wow what a bitch! Travie McCoy was an addict with a traumatic past. I can bet she's not perfect either.

  67. Solar X Knight

    just a curious question, when she says watch you circle the drain , is the meaning of that about the high guy who cant stick his ... up her...

  68. Rumbalifar Mohamad

    Love song😍😍

  69. Phiecut Hudson

    Love this song

  70. asthma

    My 2nd favorite song by katy ❤❤


    For my ex-boyfriend, for what he asked me to do that was not safe.

  72. Jordan Jenkins

    I have to work with you and your family

  73. eva calzada

    hay lak you song katy perry. ende. hay love. you. you. ar. soy naci. to people. endo. yo. ar suit

  74. glyde69

    The guy this is about. Total badass!

  75. MinYoongiTrashhh

    I'm 7 years late to this song....and I love Katy lol


    To my ex-boyfriend.

  77. Looking Glass Music

    Kety perr theme tune!

  78. Dead Monster

    i love this songgg

  79. Skye Parker

    Why won't this play on phone

  80. playboyシ

    This is about her ex husband


    I love this song.


    I did an accapella version of this song, except I made about people who were following me every day at school in Idaho.

  83. Miquelia Gomez

    I wish there was a music video to this song.


    I remember my mom saying that this song is about her ex husband.

  85. Msp Damla Sd

    Beril abladan geldim :3

  86. Quagsire Clearaszerg

    Ey, what should i do if my Girl sing this to me?

    b l u e m o o n

    You have to trust yourself to tell it to her... you don't have to be down

    Quagsire Clearaszerg

    Luana Kim it hurts so bad i cant even think_____________

    b l u e m o o n

    I'm hurt too... my boyfriend told me he was with another girl since the beggining, he was so far away from me... but I won't be down because of that, I'm used to be hurt, so you need to calm down and think too.

    Quagsire Clearaszerg

    Luana Kim I learned that the hard way and still struggling i think we are haunted by demons

  87. Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

    The one black dude she's with, she absolutely flames. Got cheated on by Russell Brand, was with that d-bag John Mayer, but slanders the ONE brotha she publicly dated. Guess her and Taylor Swift are both snakes...


    She was with him before she was famous, so II figure there was more of a "real" relationship with Travis than the other guys. Like, you have to know what you're getting into with Russell Brand or John "My Dick is like White Supremacy" Mayer. Travis was basically a real let down vs. expected shitty behavior

    A G

    Probably because he was her first real love, he then became more of an addict and it ruined their relationship. The first cut and heart break is always the deepest regardless of race.

  88. mebs au

    Rumor has it this is about Travis from gym class heroes

  89. Chisel Marr

    When this came out when I was 14/15, I used to listen to it just to hear her say the word 'fucking' a lot lol. And apparently this song's about Travie McCoy

    Matt Brian

    When this song was out I was 10 and a half years old where has the time gone

  90. trea versa

    vai se foder katy perry.. letra merda mas melodia maravilhosa

  91. Patrick C

    Instead of helping her boyfriend with a drug addiction she wrote a song about it ok


    Patrick C maybe he shouldn't of been on drugs

    Me Me

    I have been with an alcoholic drug addict for almost 20 years 6 treatment centers and while he was in one I fought ovarian cancer alone with 2 small children. He is verbally and physically abusive when under the influence. My kids paid a very high price and have not been able to move past it. I have reached my breaking point my kids are just now grown and I have no other option but to leave. I can't help him and am on the sinking ship with him. A partner can't make an addict better. They have to put in the work and fight like hell. So now that I have realized I was the only one fighting for his sobriety he has to figure it out for himself and praying hit rock bottom so he can build himself up and build a relationship with his kids.

    Daisy Gill

    People with addictions can't help themselves . Been there done it . It hurts so much you watch the person you love become somebody else under the influence. You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved it's down to them in the end.

  92. patty drake

    I know a lot of people that fit this song. Sad facts 😢

  93. Mark Olson

    Mistake it's You say it helps you write your rhyme
    Not You say you have to write your rhyme