Katina, Lena - Yugoslavia Lyrics

Nad vechernim Dunayem raznositsya.
Belyy tsvet,
Belyy tsvet,
Belyy tsvet.
I na pamyat' melodiya prositsya
Proshlykh let,
Proshlykh let,
Proshlykh let.
No rastayali ptich'imi stayami,
Nashey pesni prosti ne slova.
Ty ukhodish v ogon, Yugoslaviya,
Bez menya,
Bez menya,
Bez menya.
[Danube is spread over the evening.
And the memory of the melody asks
The past,
The past,
The past.
But melted bird flocks,
Our songs are not the words.
You're going to the fire, Yugoslavia,
Without me,
Without me,
Without me.]

Za noch',
Pod svintsovym. Gradom
Za to
Chto menya net ryadom.
Ty prosti
Sestra moya,
Za smert'
Pod dozhdem vesennim
Za to
Chto ne stal spaseniyem.
Ty prosti
Sestra moya,
[During the night,
Under the leaden. Hail
For the
The fact the I'm not around.
Forgive me
My sister,
For the
Death of the rain
For the
Spring that did not escape.
Forgive me
My sister,

Chernoglazoy devchonkoy, rasteryannoy
Ty stoish'
Na drugom
No dobrat'sya do etogo berega.
Ne mogu,
Ne mogu,
Ne mogu.
Nad vechernim Dunayem raznositsya.
Belyy tsvet,
Belyy tsvet,
Belyy tsvet.
I ne pamyat' melodiya prositsya
Proshlykh let,
Proshlykh let,
Proshlykh let.
[Black-eyed girl, confused
You stand
On the other
But to get to this beach.
I can not,
I can not,
I can not.
Danube is spread over the evening.
And the memory of the melody asks
The past,
The past,
The past.]

Za noch',
Pod svintsovym. Gradom
Za to
Chto menya net ryadom.
Ty prosti
Sestra moya,
Za smert'
Pod dozhdem vesennim
Za to
Chto ne stal spaseniyem.
Ty prosti
Sestra moya,
[During the night,
Under the leaden. Hail
For the
The fact the I'm not around.
Forgive me
My sister,
For the
Death of the rain
For the
Spring that did not escape.
Forgive me
My sister,

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Katina, Lena Yugoslavia Comments
  1. tauro30041976

    what a sad song this is the war and who caused it for sure England and the United States as it happened in 2001 on September 11 with the twin towers invade Afghanistan and in 2003 Iraq now want to invade Iran and how not to forget the invasion of Panama in 1989 in order to test their weapons.

  2. Paula Bianchi


  3. Le Vnugo PRO

    10 best anime betrayals

  4. apolonatomus

    Never again fsscist swines!

  5. T Y L E R 1 9 9 8

    *2019 AQUI*

  6. Дмитрий Бурлачков

    Fucking NATO.. ;(

  7. Дмитрий Бурлачков

    autor, thank you for this song,.. Big thaks!

  8. Premek Kabourek

    Kosmet is Serbia 🇷🇸

  9. penismansex

    preco je tu tolko slovakov??

  10. LowQuality_Content

    Seriously, why the fuck did they bomb us they cant kill thousands of serbians just for a countrys independence

  11. Resident Evil Dead Space

    fuuuuuuuuuck serbia, usa is the beeeeeeest!!!

  12. Resident Evil Dead Space

    arso032 jebeem ti ružnu mater kurvu u pučku, smeče, hrvati uopče nisu nastali od srba, nego su srbi nastali od hrvata i turaka, hrvatska je dominantnija i bolja od srbije, jebeš cilu srbijuuuu

    Немања Чукић

    Izvini ali samo dali smem da te pitam koliko godina imaš :-)

    Resident Evil Dead Space

    @Немања Чукић šta te boli kurac

  13. Clemie Cat

    Nad vechernim Dunayem raznosityas
    Bely tsvet, bely tsvet, bely tsvet
    I na pamyat’ melodiya prositsya
    Proshlyh let, proshlyh let, proshlyh let...
    No rasstayali ptichimi stayami,
    Nashei pesni prosiye slova.
    Ty uhodish’ v ogon’ Yugoslaviya
    Bez menya, bez menya bez menya

    Za noch’ pod svintsovym gradom
    Za to chto menya net ryadom
    Ty prosti sestra moya – Yugoslaviya
    Za smert’ pod dozhdem vesennim
    Za to chto ne stal spaseniyem
    Ty prosti sestra moya - Yugoslaviya

    Chernglazoi devchonkoi rasteryannoi
    Ty stoish’ na drugrom beregu.
    No dobrat’sya do etogo berega.
    Ne mogu, ne mogu, ne mogu
    Nad vechernim Dunayem raznosityas
    Bely tsvet, bely tsvet, bely tsvet
    I na pamyat’ melodiya prositsya
    Proshlyh let, proshlyh let, proshlyh let

    Za noch’ pod svintsovym gradom
    Za to chto menya net ryadom
    Ty prosti sestra moya – Yugoslaviya
    Za smert’ pod dozhdem vesennim
    Za to chto ne stal spaseniyem
    Ty prosti sestra moya - Yugoslaviya

  14. Alex L

    А по факту Сербия сейчас входит в боевую тактическую группу НАТО, ратифицировала соглашение Status of Forces Agreement и взяла на себя обязательства, которые имеют страны-члены НАТО. И случись заваруха, будут в нас стрелять... Сербы, вы чего?

  15. Alex Qkhwahck

    Long live the spirit of love and unity!

  16. Svarog B

    I didn’t really start hating America until I saw videos of what their soldiers were writing on the bombs they dropped on Serbia on Easter “will your god protect you from this” “happy Easter” death to America!

  17. Јелена Сокић

    I was 10 years old, but I still remember everything. I remember how hard our parents was trying to lie to us, so we don't get afraid. Even they lied it was fireworks when sky was light. Now I still feel my heart stop every time I hear the sound of fireworks. No matter how much time passed, scars are there, never to forget, never to forgive what NATO did to us. About Russia, there is nothing to forgive, it happened and it passed, and no matter how much we did believe that you will help us, at least we know now we can't expect things like that. Why serbian people love Russia so much, who can understand? I believe now it is one sided love, but I grew up thinking different, same like all of us.

    Jaak Varblane

    Well, I understand your fear. Innocent people died and lost their homes in that air raid. But innocent people also suffered from Yugoslav forces. No offense, but I saw a documentary about Ratko Mladić and it was just outrageous and terrible what Serbs did to muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Јелена Сокић

    @Jaak Varblane I am against any war and killing, same as most people. I agree some bad people were in control of Serbian army that time. I know now. But that time, I was a kid who didnt deserve to grow up in the basement. I didn't understand why I can't go to school and why we are hiding. Whatever happens, bombing hospitals and bridges is not the answer. I don't want to argue about what happened, I love Croats and Bosnians both and I am sorry if we did anything wrong to them. About Kosovo I will only agree that both sides did some very disgusting things, but one side is doing it till now and with a support from NATO. You saw one side of the story, that's all I will say. Anyway I don't have any fear from America, from NATO, death or war anymore. I love my country, it's a beautiful country with so many open minded and positive people. Considering the past that we had, bad politicians and wars, we are great now. If you come to Serbia, you will love it and you will see how welcoming and warm hearted we are.

    Jaak Varblane

    @Јелена Сокић Well, Russians bombed Estonia in WW2 too so we know what it means to be bombed. And I understand your fear, my paternal grandparents had the same fear when Russian bombers flew over. And I respect you for being against any war because I'm too.


    @Jaak Varblane Did u see what your muslim have done to Serbs near Srebrenica 1992-1995 ?
    They didnt killed by weapon.. they killed with hammer, knife, axe..

  18. Sloba Novakov

    Bravo za pesmu Mozda nam Rusija nije mogla pomoci 1999 jer je i sama bila u teskoj poziciji al verujem da nije zaboravila sta su nam uradili 1999 i kada bi se sutra ponovo nedaj Boze dogodilo isto Rusija nebi sedela skrstenih ruku iz vise razloga a prvi je jer Rusija nije vise slaba kao 1999.Ziveli nasi Bratski narodi zajedno samo Najaci!

  19. Diana Prince

    Oh well.... now I know what this song is about.

    When you don’t know cuz you’ don’t know this language it sounds peaceful and makes you think of home.

  20. Samsung Samsung

    На данашњи дан пре тачно 20 година. Никад заборавити никад опростити! ☦️🇷🇸❤️🇷🇺☦️

  21. Aleksandra 0218

    24.3.1999 - 24.3.2019 никад заборавити 🇷🇸

  22. Matej Škatuliak

    Jebem te Albania, jebem té Amerika, jebem te NATO i UNIA, Sláva Slovánom! Serbia, Slovacia bratia!

    Resident Evil Dead Space

    jeebem te srbijo, amerika je najbolja

  23. Sokol

    Prepáčte bratia.

  24. Mr. Fantastic

    Sometimes I think Russians love Serbia more than Serbs love Serbia. There is also Russian band Arkona with a song called "Serbia", I know there are 2 more Russian bands singing about Serbia/Yugoslavia, can't remember names at the moment, but I never heard any Serbian band singing about their own country (well maybe All My Sins, The Stone and Punished in some way).

  25. Nightsaber


  26. Julia Milczarek

    This is the saddest song I've ever heard

  27. Luka Veljković

    USA: hey Serbia, i have an idea!
    Serbia: yes?
    USA: So how about you unite all southern slavic countries into one, so great powers won't be able to destroy you.
    Serbia: ooooooooooooooookaaaay?


    规划设рахаубаљ slim

    XD so true!!!

  28. Daniel Nikolin

    😰😭😭😭 big Brother russia we love You

  29. Mirta Sodan

    Because of this song I started learning Russian 👏 thank you for motivation

  30. Algeria Algeria

    Algeria 🇩🇿 Serbia 🇷🇸

    规划设рахаубаљ slim

    Algeria is first country to refuse recognize kosovo, much much love to Algeria from serbia 🇷🇸❤️🇩🇿

    Arief Rakhman

    🇮🇩 Indonesia the biggest moslem country in the world still refusing to recognize Kosovo. 🇷🇸 is our friend.

  31. Sara Tomanović

    Наша дивна земља... Успела је много тога да преживи па и ово. Многи недужни људи су страдали, много породица је уништено. Последице НАТО бомби се још увек осећају. Нека је проклета породица Клинтон која је све ово закувала. Надам се да ће Бил и Хилари горети у паклу и платити за сваку смрт за коју су одговорни. А ако нас НАТО или било ко други поново нападне, ми ћемо се бранити и поново сачувати нашу земљу. Мали смо, али смо јаки.

    НИКАД У НАТО!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Dušan x

    Ја сам млад Словац. Не сећам се великог рата у Југославији, али моје срце боли и плакам за вашу беду .


    Grand Master flash


    Grandmaster Flash

  33. Руслан Алиев

    Борис сука! Прохерил многое! Ещё чуток и Курилы просрал бы! Какой ему памятник???? Враг народа!!!! Где суд для него!!!!?????

  34. Rattus Norvegicus

    Yugoslavia live  forever in our hearts great salute from CzechoSlovakia.

  35. Marian Hurban


    Z večera sa rozprestiera pozdĺž Dunaja,
    biela farba, biela farba, biela farba
    v pamäti sa modlíme do melódie,
    minulích rokov, minulích rokov, minulích rokov,
    ale rozdelil sa kŕďeľ vtákov,
    naše piesne jednoduchích slov,
    ty ideš do ohňa Juhoslávia,
    bezo mňa, bezo mňa, bezo mňa.

    Za noc pod olovenou paľbou,
    pretože som neni blízko,
    odpusť mi sestra moja, Juhoslávia.
    Za smrť pod jarným dažďom,
    zato, že sme nepomohli,
    odpusť mi sestra moja, Juhoslávia.

    Ako čiernooké bezmocné dievčatko,
    ti stojíš na druhom brehu,
    no dosiahnuť ten breh,
    nomôžem, nemôžem, nemôžem.
    Z večera sa rozprestiera pozdĺž Dunaja,
    biela farba, biela farba, biela farba
    v pamäti sa modlíme do melódie,
    minulích rokov,

    Za noc pod olovenou paľbou,
    pretože som neni blízko,
    odpusť mi sestra moja, Juhoslávia.
    Za smrť pod jarným dažďom,
    zato, že sme nepomohli,
    odpusť mi sestra moja, Juhoslávia.
    minulích rokov, minulích rokov.

  36. Muthanna

    Salutations from Iraq to Serbia! We stood with you against NATO in 1999, unfortunately we were being bombed to.

    Mirjana Pucarevic

    I know but we are still here and we will have next generations we will survive!

  37. alex dobre

    respect from Romania
    we stopped some NATO trains to go to serbia
    watch this:

    Sherlock Homeless

    Thank you and greetings from Serbia for our Romanian brothers! We know about that true event and the movie.

  38. Resident Evil Dead Space


  39. alex dobre

    i cry every time i hear this song i am from Romania and i'm glad that we stopped NATO,we don't let them to use our airfields or any armament


    Love yugoslavia...from indonesia..
    Non blok friend

  41. Митяй

    сша адская нация, когда вы будете подыхать весь мир будет улыбаться !!!

  42. haicommuna

    Мы потеряли братскую Югославию

  43. haicommuna

    Американский империализм устанавливает в мире ад!

  44. Serbian Boss

    Once american asked serb who fought on kosovo against america how it feels to battle aginst strongest force ever? He said, i do not know i never fought russia

  45. Lunatic Gorilla

    Long live sfry down FT yugoslavia this song is dedicated to chetnik forces yugoslavia after 1980 was not what we want


    why rusia whyyyyy never do this again . SLAVA RUSIA SLAVA PUTIN . SUPPORT FROM MACEDONIA

  47. Serbian Boss


  48. Ljubisa Jelic


  49. magnum5583

    SRBIA JE KOSOVO .....POZDRAVUJEM ZO SLOVENSKA.Hanbim sa za nasich politikov ze dovolili zbalelo prelety USA lietadiel ponad Slovensko...aby sa Slovensko dostalo do NATO FUCK NATO A USA

  50. Mirkosh Temirkulov

    Sorry yugoslavs, we russkis also had problems so we couldnt help u. Apologies from dear heart

  51. Janusz Szarzewicz

    Piękna piosenka :)

  52. Vuca

    Fuck you USA i will never forget that my dad died when you attacked i hope you all die strike again NOW you pussies attack from air.

  53. bogdi55

    Fuck you West world, with love from România

  54. Бот #53293

    Мне было 11 лет, когда НАТО бомбило сербов. Наше телевидение каждый день показывало эти ужасные кадры. Я не понимал до конца, кто кого бомбит, но однажды моя мама сказала, что бомбят наших братьев славян - сербов. Я это запомнил на всегда. Я каждый день смотрел новости, моя детская душа разрывалась на части, мне хотелось что-бы это прекратилось. Я никогда не забуду какую боль вам причинили албанцы вместе с сша. Зло к ним вернется.

    I was 11 years old when NATO bombed the Serbs. Our television showed these horrible images every day. I did not understand until the end who was bombing whom, but one day my mother said that they were bombing our Slav brothers - Serbs. I remember this forever. I watched the news every day, my child's soul was torn to pieces, I wanted something to stop it. I will never forget what pain you get from albanians and usa. Evil will return to them.


  55. Shawn Green

    Ayye fuck america

  56. Милош Станковић

    Сербский и русский, братья навсегда! Слава России!
    Krim je Rusija! Косово - Сербия!

  57. [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅е]

    Мирных всегда бомбить легко.......нападите на нас, меня это ожидание угнетает)) Хочется уже угомонить вас как Майвейзер, Макгрегора))

  58. Anthony 04

    why Yulia dont song?

  59. mr az

    i live in romania close with the border with serbia,we just couldn't believe what was happening back then,united states and nato are responsible for thousands of deaths!!!our hearts was just bleeding along with our serbian brothers!!!!

  60. Tuta Bugarin

    i love my russian brothers............. ❤☺

  61. PartyMemes


  62. crazyspb

    Forgive us, brothers ... We will fix everything, I promise.

  63. FrapsGamer YT

    im from the serbia american-NATO not love serbia,crna gora,macedonie,slovenia,hrvacka,bosna-Yugoslavia-SRY

  64. serz serz

    Восьмого мая бал на Волге и в Волгограде, невероятно что пережили тогда и что пережили ВЫ. Простите, что тогда не помогли...

  65. ShoneGrobari1970

    Слава Русији , живела Србија!


    Na danasnji dan 24. Marta pre 18 godina pocelo je Nato bombardovanje koje ne treba nikad zaboraviti! Taj zlocin koji su napravili prema Srbiji i Srpskom narodu ne moze se nicim opravdati!

  67. János Gyekiczki

    lol you Serbs blaming USA for the whole thing and forget that Yugoslavia couldn't have been alive without all the help from the West when Soviets had the whole Eastern-Europe. Yugoslavia was kept alive by the support of USA for a long time, but you thought it would still stick together in the 90s when communism fell in the whole world and killed innocent people only for their religion. Please open up some history books.

    Свет Демагогии

    János Gyekiczki wait what? Communist Yugos were supported by the west? Lol nice conspiracy theory, go on

  68. Bender Bending Rodriguez

    Engage in ethnic cleansing and then bitch about being bombed...


    Where are the croatian serbs, kosovo serbs, sarajevo serbs? What have they done to us in ww2? Yeah, we are the genocidal maniacs and everyone else are angels

  69. Vasilij

    my brother was in beograd and he was killed by rocket pocivaj u miru andrej

    Ftwthermite Fist

    Vasilij sve su zasrali jebem im mater u picku

  70. واقعي بدون مجاملة

    kosova ...forever ..the land of geniuses ...

    Daniel Medjedovic

    Kosovo iz srbija

    واقعي بدون مجاملة

    Daniel Medjedovic as u wish bitch .

    Daniel Medjedovic

    You're the bitch and govna

  71. Alex Bindasov

    fuck america

  72. Антошка

    Браћо Срби! Руски стварно волим ову песму. Али ја бих да чујем на српском језику! Ко ће бацити линк ће бити веома захвалан! Желим Вам срећу и здравље у нашој родној земљи Србији!

    Vlastimir Stojiljkovic

    Над вечерњим Дунавом се шири
    Бела боја, бела боја, бела боја.
    И у сећање моли мелодија
    Минулих година, минулих година, минулих година...
    Али растају се као причја јата,
    Једноставне речи наше песме.
    Ти одлазиш у огањ, Југославијо!
    Без мене, без мене, без мене!

    За ноћ под оловним градом,
    Зато што нисам близу,
    Ти опрости, сестро моја -- Југославијо!
    За смрт под пролећном кишом,
    Зато што нисам постала спасење!
    Ти опрости, сестро моја -- Југославијо!

    Као беспомоћна црноока девојчица
    Стојиш на другој обали.
    Али допрети до те обале
    Ја не могу, не могу, не могу.
    Над вечерњим Дунавом се шири
    Бела боја, бела боја, бела боја.
    И у сећање моли мелодија
    Минулих година, минулих година, минулих година...
    За ноћ под оловним градом
    За то што нисам близу
    Ти опрости, сестро моја -- Југославијо!
    За смрт под пролећном кишом
    Зато што нисам постала спасење
    Ти опрости, сестро моја -- Југославијо!

  73. Kawaii Asia

    Вся проблема США в том, что они не знают, что такое, когда в твою страну входят войска. Когда сжигают все, что ты с детства знал когда бомбят. Убивают детей. Когда убивают и грабят. Ведь, когда шла Великая Отечественная война, когда голодали целыми городами, единственной проблемой этих людей было максимум, ну не знаю, например, перестали выпускать кошачий корм. Когда нибудь они поймут насколько все, что они натворили плохо, но будет уже поздно.

  74. Miroslawa Selwat

    Du bist Super mit DEine MusikJestes wielka

  75. Silverlance988

    Nationalism has brought bombs to Yugoslavia (Serbia). But they haven't learned the lesson. Should've sent in the tanks and infantry as well.

    Magus Simon

    Actually, the IMF, NATO and other globalist organizations brought the war to Yugoslavia, and btw we would have welcomed it much that you sent infantry and tanks rather than fight as cowards that you are!

  76. akafinster

    Smrt Fasizmu Sloboda Narodu!


    akafinster Slava Titovi!

  77. Benito Mussolini

    After destroying Yugoslavia, USA and NATO tried to destroy our country INDONESIA, when my country affected by the financial crisis they (USA) tried to divide us but their efforts failed because only East Timor's breakaway, but not quite up there now they are trying to divide us again, australia smuggle weapons into west Papua and supported by the English, they also want to divide embarrassment with support from the Dutch yet again from Sweden who funded the insurgency Aceh in Sumatra #wehateNATO #saveINDONESIA

    Matej Bukovec

    Just don't let them destroy you or influence your minds against each other. In Yugoslavia life was much much better than now, plus we all loved each other. Now we let them brainwash us to hate our brothers. Now there is much poverty, crime and hatred. And we could have so great future if we would stay together.

    Brian Mead

    You are fucking crazy.


    @Matej Bukovec Da brišeju nam jebene mozgove

    narod noye

    @Matej Bukovec Thank you for your support for our country Indonesia, hopefully you will be reunited without any hatred and revenge among you

    Matej Bukovec

    @narod noye We won"t. It"s impossible to happen. Just don"t let your country go the same path, please

  78. MBIB motovlog

    sahabat yg telah hilang

    from indonesia :')

  79. Naufal Akbar

    ya allah
    aku tidak ingin indonesia pecah seperti yugoslavia dan uni soviet
    tapi presiden ku seperti ini

    notorious kyoko

    that's ironic how a muslim country would support a country who killed millions of muslims in balkan.

  80. alanM28

    from indonesia,.
    i love rusiaan, besfrend indonesia rusiaan


    You know serbia got bombed for etnic cleansing in bosnia and kosovo. So it's basicly their own fault.

    Eugene Frolov

    ryhrex, never knew about ethnic cleansing of Serbs in bordering countries? Or Bosniak brutality, who were known as the cruelest soldiers of that war? No?

    But anyway, who was to decide whom to bomb and for what? US? NATO? How about you step aside and learn a thing about international law - like principle of sovereignty, for one, or not meddling into anyone's business?

    HuaweiGhumen H. M.

    Travel and live in Scotland asian people.

    Није ти лако

    @ryhrex What about the ethnic cleansing of Serbs in Croatia? Kosovo? Don't talk bullshit.

  81. Дивље Малине

    Oдна нация!
    Сербия и Россия!

    Александр Калугин

    Мы славяни и должны друг за друга стоять!

  82. Ján Stanek

    Братья, извинения за всю чехословацкого правительства :( Я прошу прощения за измену нашей тогдашней, "как" президент! Наша славянская сердце сердца никогда не должны позволить, что случилось с вами! Мы патриоты встали, и мы готовы помочь вам :(. прости нас :(
    Brothers, apologies for the whole Czechoslovak Government :( I ask forgiveness for betraying our then, "As" President! Our Slavic heart of hearts must never let what happened to you! We are patriots rose up and we're ready to help you. :( forgive us :(

  83. Big Lol™XD

    what did europe do to serbs/yugoslavs
    i know what usa did but what did europe do


    +Big Lol™XD Exactly the same things the US did. They backed up the US in every way, militarily and otherwise.

    Big Lol™XD

    +Juggernaut but why

    Mladen Radivojevic

    +Big Lol™XD because good dog always do as master say :) good dog never disobey it's master in any way possible :) and NATO is US attack dog and whole western Europe are part of the NATO as simple as that

  84. Mix

    I hope one day Russia and Serbia unite together and fuck whole Europe and USA!

    Бот #53293

    Russia, Serbia and other slavic states!

  85. xXMONSTERXx Drink

    Serbia is Bombed by NATO on the 25.March 1999... 🇽🇰je❤🇷🇸

    Brian Mead

    That's what you get for being genocidal assfucks. Don't wanna get your shit chiki briki'd? Don't murder people for worshiping differently!

    Sherlock Homeless

    The alleged "genocide" is Clintons and Alija Izetbegovics creation,it has nothing to do with reality.

    Brian Mead

    @Now We Are Free
    You are a fucking liar!

    Sherlock Homeless

    @Brian Mead Stop posting propaganda articles,no1 is going to read that,mate.

    Bender Bending Rodriguez

    propaganda lol.. come on man..


    Forgive us Serbia! Never forget 1991-2001! Russia with you!!!

    Amira Hmida

    MEWITHMYSELF You never forgot that, but your forgot Srebrenica Massacre that took 12 days in 1995 in Srebrenica killing over 8000 Bosnian civilians. Hypocrisy!


    Bosanci koji su radili za Ustase naravno i uvek, sve su to politicke lazi, u koje samo budale veruju. Davno ste se Bosanci poturcili, nema u vama vise slovenskih gena samo albanskih i turskih, nmj da kvaris pesmu tvojim glupim komentarima.

    nikolai Vasilev

    you mean 8000...that in first report was 5000 and then they decided later to submit another one with 8000,which was total life lost there.
    Also,what about Oric and his terrorist trainers and volunteers from Afghanistan and Pakistan? What about him killing 3000 civilians,3/4 children/women or elderly....On other hand,out of those 5000 almost all were grown up man.
    Also,what about Srebrnica being one of the main military bases where Oric comanded Bosnian forces and trained them,despite it being demilitarized zones that Serbian army left and agreed on to be demilitarized for the sake of CIVILIANS ! Who broke that rule? who for 2 years killed our civilians under UN peace keepers(you can even listen and find confessions of even higher officers of Peace keeping forces there,because they were told not to stop it) and went unpunished,while at the same time sent ambush parties to attack our soldiers(NOT to mention everyday sniper and mortar fire from the so called demilitarized zone).This was all with intention of spreading hate and breaking unity.
    You can call it a massacre,but not unprovoked....and civilians were looked to be spared,especially the 3 mentioned(women,children and elderly which WERE UNDER UN PEACE KEEPERS eyes given to UN to look over while the army finishes its job).Very few outside of that died,unlike what Oric did.And those that did die from our side were few and done almost exclusively by paramilitary forces,not by army.
    I wont say it wasn't a massacre,but far from a genocide and far from being unprovoked for years.It is thanks to people like Bosnian commander Oric that hatred spread on all sides.

    Hu Man

    It was not your falt! Our russian Brothers and Sisters had their own struggle after Imperialists invaded your country like our. But the future is ours! We will get all back that was stolen from us. Punish all those that robbed us, humiliated and masskilled us! Slava to all slavs and real christians. May God help us all to unite against the evil forces and gain independence from the evil! Long live Putin! Zar of the Slavs!


    @Amira Hmida This a big fat lie. More than half of them i were found alive abroad in electoral registers. You had help from mujahedins. Iam sorry of all innocent peoplew who died but not for your soldiers

  87. mladen pavlovic

    e kakva je samo to zemlja bila

  88. Mirjana Jelovac

    My children were 3 and 5 years , I will never forget their tears and fear . Of course they hate the USA and Europe and NATO. I gave birth to a third child in 2001 and it had learned to hate America !!!


    @Екатерина Николаева you did the same thing to us Croats hypocritical fuck


    @Resident Evil Dead Space lol jebo im majku srpsku zas se uopće srbija piše velkim slovom


    @Brian Mead yeah they fucking killed thousands off Croatians my grandma died at a serbian camp she got buried alive I found that out few days ago and i'm fucking 17 they waited 17 fucking years to told me some random cunt buried my grandma I hope they get bombed by Russians themselves even tho that's never gonna happen

    Mirjana Jelovac

    @UnbanKocayine https://youtu.be/dHwo8HphvLI

    Pan Baron

    @Mirjana Jelovac They hate Europe? They ARE in Europe

  89. Druid Druid

    One day Partisans will came here again and bring alot of weapons to kill evry traitors and free people again. Live long SFRJ live long Marshal Tito. Against any imperialism capitalism colonialism.

    miha djajic

    +Druid Druid you are big fool

  90. Mechov Reporting UP ! ! !

    Југаславија );


    +Black space Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, libiya.

  91. Stefan markovix

    Crna Gora i Srbija su bila zajedno ali razdvojile smo se zbog Nato-a

  92. Србија Русија

    Привет всем! Я был немного для меня было 9 лет, как в результате взрыва. Наши родители пошли на работу, даже когда падали бомбы. Я и другие дети мы играли в футбол, и когда мы слышим гонку сирены, кто будет первым, чтобы прийти домой. Мы боялись, что сирены больше ничего, так они сказали нам, что, когда родители слышат сирен быстрее бежать домой. Ночью никто не спал, небо ярко каждый ночь нашего кто защищал страну. Я никогда не забуду звук из бомб, которые падали вокруг нас, они уничтожили все, что они могли уничтожить. Все заводы, которые были лучшими были уничтожены, и поэтому они все уничтожены экономики моей страны, и мы никогда не можем вернуть. Они разрушили нашу детства, экономики, заводы, мосты, больницы, все ... Они говорят, что они идут против нашего президента, почему они бомбардируют невинных людей и больницы и дома для престарелых. Однажды ночью это было 3:00 утра я был разбужен мать и старший брат, то падали бомбы вокруг нас и закрыть наш завод полностью разрушен. Должны ли мы будем захватывать землю и убивать граждан? Всегда наша pravoslavnjanje убивать и унижать, хотя мы никогда не хотели других людей, и мы рады, что у нас есть наши собственные. Долгое время я говорил, и я рассказал все, что произошло. Только одна вещь, я должен сказать: не забывайте, не простит, мы готовы защищать нашу страну и все православные страны и людей сочувствующих с нами. И еще одна вещь, я вижу, что люди говорят нам, что Россия, у нас никогда не помогал, никогда не был с нами, и так далее ... Все, что говорить так они враги, предатели и либо не будет или не хочет понимать как Россия помогла нам и был с нами все эти века. Мы всегда были вместе и против наших врагов. Кто является врагом России, что является для нас, и наоборот. Сербия и Россия братья навек, одна семья, так что это было, есть и так будет! Слава нашим предкам! Слава России, Сербии и всех православных людей! Слава нашей России, вырос, как Феникс из пепла, мы снова будем сражаться бок о бок для нашей братии !!! Извините, дорогие братья, если мы имели плохой перевод, сестра прощает ее сестра! Я знаю, что вы простите меня, вы хотите, чтобы я вам! Одна вера, одна кровь! одна семья! Спасибо

    Олег Басов

    +Србија Русија Привет, братишка, из Приднестровья!!!

    Olga R.

    +Олег Басов и из Приднестровья, и из Литвы.

    Be cursed NATO!

    Оксана Гусева

    Наши братья и сестры из Сербия, все будет хорошо, Россия сейчас сильная!!! Когда Путин уже не будет президентом, будет Путин 2.0!!! Ничего уже не бойтесь!!! Мы вместе и сила в правде!!! Люблю вас!!!😘

  93. Александр Харитонов

    Простите нас, братья-сербы! Тогда не смогли вам помочь. Теперь мы вас в обиду не дадим! Никакая падла не сможет напасть на Сербию! Мы Крым вернули, скоро и Косово вам поможем вернуть. Подождите немножко)))

    Vladimir Chekrygin

    Вы Кубань скорее вернете, чем Косово)

    Zeljko Ilic

    Христос Воскресе

  94. Gio The Great

    Greek nationalists fought voluntarily in the side of our brothers Serbs in the Yugoslav Wars.

    Stefan Stefan

    +Gio The Great And Greek army refuse orders from NATO we respect that.

    Pavle Biljic

    +Gio The Great We will return that help if you ever need us brothers !!! SERBIA-GREECE-RUSSIA !

    Nedim Kuc

    In American-NATO war you should say... None of Yugoslavians wanted a war, we were one of the most powerful countries at that time. The same with Alija, Milosevic, Tuzman, same chit who destroyed our Republic. Today we are seeing that we all loose in this war... for the profit of US. The same happen in ukrain, but Putin war here to say no, Unfortunatly Putin was not Eltsin...The same happen in Greece, it's a lovely situation that you have now... all the richness that the country had, has been privatized and like a prostitute you sold out everything to Troika. What a success. SFRJ <3

    King of the 601 slavs

    @Nedim Kuc​​ as a Ukrainian diakuyu (thank you) for that. I just wish people could understand Putin is not Russia and Russia is not Putin.I have nothing against the Russian people I have a little bit russian ethnicity and Georgian ethnicity.


    I hope all of those greek nationalists who fought in my country died painfully.

  95. R.U.S. S.I.A.

    fuck in the mouth the U.S. and Europe

    R.U.S. S.I.A.

    +Southern slav мне похуй я говорю по русски,но за то что вы обидели СЕРБИЮ-ЮГОСЛАВИЮ,сука вы пожалеете

    Ricardo Richardii

    +R.U.S. S.I.A. dont be stupid R.U.S.S.I.A..... Peace and love, friend... from Brazil

    Benito Mussolini

    +Trinidad & Tobago Not only in iraq, libya, egypt but the USA and NATO tried to destroy our country INDONESIA, they smuggled weapons to the rebels of West Papua. And their (USA and NATO) has managed to divide us by helping East Timor's independence by pressing our country when we are helpless because of the impact of the financial crisis. Our Indonesian people hate the USA and NATO

  96. cmpeax5

    Лучшая песня Тату. Единственная, божественная и хорошая.