Katherine Jenkins - Your Silhouette Lyrics

Something in the way you held me
Heaven in the words you said
Tonight I'm looking at the open window
Lying in our empty bed

I try in vain to remember
So afraid to forget
How light the snow was falling last December
On your silhouette

Clinging to a memory of you
Lying by a winter's flame
The night I told you a was born to love you
And how I'd never be the same

For as long as I'm living
I'll will always regret
How all the time I never took a picture
Of your silhouette

I used to close my eyes
And only see your face
But time was made to fly
And carry you away

How light the snow was falling last December
On your silhouette

Oh, and maybe if I try to listen
I can hear you call my name
From out across the great and mighty distance
Something like an open sea

Helping me to remember
So afraid to forget
How light the snow was falling last December
On your silhouette

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Katherine Jenkins Your Silhouette Comments
  1. georgette martinez

    quelle magnifique voix!

  2. Pierre Codaccioni


  3. Pierre Codaccioni

    your silhouette is beautifulcath .. UR SMILE ALSO

  4. Pierre Codaccioni

    your silhouete you are adorable


    liked the premise of the song ; not satisfied with the quality of the recording - sounded tinny and too much treble . Apart from that it's Katherine who wants more ?

  6. Bob Smith

    These are the best sounding "twins" on YouTube.

  7. Grabon79

    вылитая мэрилен монро

  8. Robert Schrachta

    I am so grateful! Amazing to play her videos!!

  9. george stege

    Katherine Jenkins yes Casatorio Civil george Stege yes England 2019 wonderful Thank you lovely yes love you Kisses England

  10. Susan Bailey

    Absolutely beautiful song Katherine sue ❤

  11. Charliton Costa

    Muito linda! !!!

  12. Charliton Costa

    Fantástica essa música.... Ainda melhor com a Katherine Jenkins. ...Uauuuuuu! !!

  13. Erik Kudsk Larsen

    An angel

  14. dreamyblue44

    Beautiful track, and well done for the slides :-)

  15. Andy Haslam

    LOvely song and she has the most amazing eyes aswell.

  16. georgette martinez

    mervielleuse voix

  17. JSMercenary223

    My new favorite Katherine Jenkins song because it's super beautiful :D

  18. William Radford

    Very nice song. Nice photographs of Katherine, first one of her in a lovely dress.

  19. Antonella Sturatti

    bellissimissima x me , bellissimissimo video

  20. Wombah 0070

    This woman has, obviously, an incredibly good voice yet only scores 75,741 hits - just more evidence of cloth eared wonders. Yet others who couldn't hold a candle to her score ridiculous figures. What's that saying? "It's impossible to overestimate public bad taste!"

  21. M. W.

    Do you know, is there a playback Version available? I do love this song

  22. Bruce Preece

    Beautiful personified! And I don't mean just the music

  23. Someone Special

    Love this song, support from Hong Kong! <3

  24. Lybny M. Romero

    Katherine, an angel between us!!!

  25. Mordacci Giuseppe

    It 'clear that that person she really loved him and was fond
    The must have been in his heart.
    Best wishes Katherine.

  26. Владислав Дорошенко

    Красиво поете,что то хорошее и задушевное!Спасибо!!!

  27. Nilson Gomes.

    All songs are beautiful. Katherine,you sing like an angel because you are blessed. Here in Brazil, there´s no singer that sings like you. Your voice is so soft and your musics are brilliant like stars in the sky. For the first time,i listened to your musics and i loved and your way to sing,too. I´m thanked very much and my God very very much.God be with you forever

  28. Conor

    this song was played at my grandparents friends funeral(i called him uncle) and means so much its a brilliant song its the anniversary of his time to rest in peace tomorrow i love you uncle always be in my heart<3 i love this song

  29. Everett Cox

    Beautiful song dearest Katherine.

  30. pochs100

    Can one get to Heaven after breaking an Angel's heart ? We love you, Katherine !

  31. Rolfe2009

    All around beautiful! cheers, Lady E --[[email protected]