Katherine Jenkins - Who Wants To Live Forever Lyrics

Theres no time for us
Theres no place for us
What is this thing that builds our dreams yet slips away
From us

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever...?

Theres no chance for us
Its all decided for us
This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever...?

Who dares to love forever?
When love must die

But touch my tears with your lips
Touch my world with your fingertips
And we can have forever
And we can love forever
Forever is our today
Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever?
Forever is our today

Who waits forever anyway?

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Katherine Jenkins Who Wants To Live Forever Comments
  1. andreze 17

    Anno 2020 mi piace questa canzone

  2. Sundaresh Venugopal

    The first verse is reflective, which suits this kind of soft crooning voice , which is probably why Brian may sings it in the original, but that does not suit the ending, it becomes too shrill and screeching, when it should be loud and blaring.

  3. Keep Yourself Alive

    Pleasant voice, but doesn’t come close to the voice and passion of the great Freddie Mercury!

  4. aj mac

    I wonder what this would sound like in karthine's native tongue ? which I assume is Welsh .

  5. Martti Kaltiokumpu


  6. Beyond Beauty69

    disservice to the legend ..rubbish voice go back to singing in bathroom!

  7. Maddalena Misto

    Bravissima, bellissima, nulla da dire. Il top

  8. Darth Revan

    Only legends live forever.
    All others will disappear forever.

  9. Heather Camball

    Amazing version but I wish somehow made it a duet with Freddie Mercury add his vocals that be an amazing combo two powerhouses

  10. Alberto Giannullo

    RIP my friend

  11. Riccardo Conte

    I love this cover <3

  12. Magdalena Kowalska

    It can be the aria of Finduilas of dol amroth

  13. Steve Jones

    The best female version I've heard.

  14. Beanie Queen

    Well... I do want to live forever

  15. The Lone Wanderer

    Kats voice is amazing... 😍😍😍 :') :') :') ❤❤❤❤❤ thank you for uploading and i love you Miss Jenkins!!!

  16. Your training


  17. Hugh Jarce

    Love this girl. Soooo much.

  18. dodt

    First Rule of covering a QUEEN SONG
    Dont cover a QUEEN SONG.

  19. M Zeeshan Iqbal

    Its a beautiful and lovely song ♥

  20. leo jenkins

    That was beautiful cus

  21. Bethany Griggs

    Theres no time for us
    Theres no place for us
    What is this thing that builds our dreams yet slips away
    From us

    Who wants to live forever
    Who wants to live forever...?

    Theres no chance for us
    Its all decided for us
    This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us

    Who wants to live forever
    Who wants to live forever...?

    Who dares to love forever?
    When love must die

    But touch my tears with your lips
    Touch my world with your fingertips
    And we can have forever
    And we can love forever
    Forever is our today
    Who wants to live forever
    Who wants to live forever?
    Forever is our today

    Who waits forever anywa

  22. WWE KID 1

    Highlander - Connor & Duncan Macleod.

  23. Nino Kotola

    She has wonderful voice

  24. Richard Wallace

    Alex, when we’re young, we think like you , but like Bach, Beethoven, Rembrandt, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and even humbler people, we know there is a higher being—God, Jesus.

  25. James Han

    hey, guys... our precious friend, Katherine is making a clear point about our life....
    yeah, it's so true what Psalm 90:10 says, "The years of our life are seventy, or even by reason of strength eighty; yet their span is but toil and trouble; they are soon gone, and we fly away".

    What are important lessons from our kind-hearted friend, Katherine and the Bible...
    even if we can surely can turn the time to change our past, we cannot be young forever. But hey, there is the best hope in Christ alone that we will live forever with Christ Our Lord for eternity!

  26. Molly MacDonald

    voice of an angel

  27. shm vls

    Highlander the movie.(1986)

  28. Raghuvansh Rai

    While it is refreshing in a manner of speaking, Freddie Mercury's original was powerful, haunting and far far superior!

  29. Barbara Kelly


  30. Stewart Nicol

    I wish I could meet Katherine Jenkins.........

  31. Kelly Reynolds


  32. harri hiltunen

    higlander theme....fine.



  34. James Hoult

    I think this is a great cover by Katherine Jenkins ive seen her perform live twice and heard her perform this she has a great voice, obviously the queen version is better but this is a great cover.

  35. TomSee

    better than the original - mercury just screamed down the microphone at the end and whispered at the start

    Justin Zahra

    TomSee only her agent or her mum could say something like that!


    😂 Keep off the smack, lad!


    Nobody will ever sing this song better then Freddie did,NO ONE!!!

    Andy E.

    I'm not gonna hate on this comment. Everyone has opinions but it is a fact that Queen's version is superior although I do like her voice and how she delivered this song as a cover to the original.

    Ane Dijitak

    Brave, but foolish, my old youtube friend. You are impossibly outnumbered.

  36. macimacs

    wonderful experience ,,, thx Katherine Jenkins!

  37. Henry Tudor

    the life performance was whey better!

  38. Alex Wells

    What is sufficient to convince one person of something may not be enough to convince another.  To insinuate that people deliberately deceive themselves about eternity shows a lack of humility, in my opinion.  The man who does not believe may hunger for truth just as much as the believer does--maybe more.  His standard of proof may be much higher, though, precisely because he does not want to deceive himself.

    J A McKenzie

    +Alex Wells Did you see the "Highlander" movie? If you didn't you won't understand the song. PS I also loved the Queen version - I still cry when I watch the movie and Heather dies. PPS Get your head out of your a...!!

  39. jose luis andrade


  40. jose luis andrade


  41. Sandro Gonçalves

    perfeita voz. maravilhosa!


    we wants to love forever ...
    in memoriam freddy mercury


    Freddie Mercury

    Aratrika Roy


  43. Veronika Rizova

    "When love must die" is not strong enought

  44. jose luis andrade

    FREDI MERCURI etérno maravilhoso

  45. matt kylie

    The Highlander!!!!!

  46. Massimo Valentini

    Beautiful song, nice cover

  47. Vasilis Neoxorlis

    ..beautiful voice...but there's no comparison with Freddie...

    Kefir Kuhfuss

    +Vasilis Neoxorlis  Hear vide cor meum with K. Jenkins, very nice.

    Khadijah Brown

    There is room for more than one fabulous singer.


    Freddie? Brian May also sings large part of this

  48. oneslifesadream

    When I was 27 I would say who wants to live forever. Now that I'm 57 I would say certainly. I'm up for it.
    By the way I love Katherine's version, she's an angel.

  49. helloxons

    Me.. Me ... Me ... right here. I want to live forever... !!!   Great song.

  50. Sônia Buldrini


  51. nowvoyagerNE

    note to self: enjoy the song, ignore the comments!

    Colonel Fanzipantzen

    b-but why'd ya type?

  52. rain drop in the desert warmth in the cold

    the sun is amazing

  53. rain drop in the desert warmth in the cold

    earth builds this dream then we slip away from dust, there is only chances for us. the bible said one man one woman to gater for every if you are they lucky ones. honor to all the stay marred while on this earth. thank you grandmother  and grand father 70 years of devoting   

  54. rain drop in the desert warmth in the cold

    so sad the minds of the Sadducee

  55. rain drop in the desert warmth in the cold

    from the first heaven age to the therd earth age when we were angeal in heaven present with God we had to be borne in the flesh and die in to eternal life. God shine brite Than the sun and is for ever and love use forever and ever amen

  56. David Williams

    wow this lady can sing and keep on my sister we love and adore your music hun

  57. Alex Wells

    The fact that our existence does end with our death is what makes life so valuable--it's all any of us has.  Realizing this can change one's perspective on a lot of things.  For example, it can change our perspective on war and on politicians (and voters, for that matter) who so easily support it, as though war were of no more significance than the Olympic games.


    +Alex Wells Here's hoping

  58. dav lin

    Heaven and Hell are on earth AND after death.
    Reap what you Sow: Equal and Opposite Reaction.
    I am not devoutly religious, but much of the bible makes sense.
    It's an allegory of life, a guide to live a meaningful and positive existence.
    But religion is a man-made concept shaped to procure outcomes for powerful organisations.
    The Gospel of Jesus teaches that the church is within us. We should keep our mind, body and spirit clean for good health and long life.
    The Holy Trinity is just that - Mind (God), Body (Jesus) and Soul (Spirit).
    We are ourselves are Gods, other human souls (how we interact) is Jesus, and animals and the whole picture as the Holy Spirit.
       The narrow view that this is our only life now, with no after life, is a cop out for greedy and selfish people to avoid personal responsibility.
     I believe in reincarnation - the recycling of our souls.
    Where does the energy of our Souls go? It doesn't make any sense for it to just dissipate. It would be wasteful otherwise and how many souls would there be from amoeba to modern man  - as infinite as the universe. It explains other species extinctions as Mankind expand in number. Souls have to come from somewhere. Which also explains why some Humans are sub-human capable of evil.
    Cold is the lack of heat, Darkness is the lack of light. Evil is the lack of good: Cold, Dark and Evil are non-entities.
    Our souls are individual energies yet a part of the whole spirit.
    Science has shown that we are all made of the same thing, and so too with the soul.  
    You can see wise old men in babies, and animals in Man - especially the type who eat McDonalds and dump their litter where ever they finish eating.
    And this is why we must care for Planet Earth, our home for the next generations which is Us, reincarnated. You're coming back man till you get it right.
    So endeth the lesson in logic ...

    rain drop in the desert warmth in the cold

    hell has not be made yet we are only at the fithe trump



    dav lin

    @Alan Owens
    Thanks, although I am not young (almost 50). I was raised Church of England, but identify more with Buddhism and Spiritualism (Red Indians). Oh, and Sir Isaac Newton

  59. Jason Cowden

    Chrome crashes too much.

  60. Ben Cadge

    Can't help but let my mind drift to Starship Troopers... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDwpqfX09SU

  61. John Bom


  62. oceansoul26

    Sounds a lot like Simone Simons.

  63. George Goodfellow

    And for those who are not sure about Queen and this song...listen to this! 

  64. Tybok C

    So  hauntingly  amazing..

  65. swager5000

    Omfg * - * this voice ~ an angel 3

  66. Alex Wells

    In general, what religious people call "belief" is not actually belief; it is merely assumption.  All sincere belief exists at gut-level.  It is mostly unconscious, and it is never a choice.  Deep down, we all believe whatever the sum total of our experience convinces us is true.

    Cynthia Murphy

    Nonsense. The soul lives forever, and you get to decide whether yours will be with the Lord in heaven or otherwise. The otherwise is not a good choice. See I Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV.

  67. Antonella Sturatti

    Buon ascolto amici miei 

    Antonella Sturatti

    Bellissima e bravissima

  68. Suzannah Halstead

    her voice is so beautiful :')

  69. swager5000


  70. swager5000

    Wow *-*

  71. CyprusHot

    She could have sang it with more power ..

    Ben Cadge

    It does feel like she's holding back doesn't it? But maybe my mind can't help but compare her voice with Freddy Mercury's...


    @Capi Swift Me too but I think that is more to do with the composition of the music than the vocals.

    Chris Sawyer

    See the Alternative version!

    Chris Sawyer

    Far Out, Katherine! The last time I shared this version to an elder in a care home, she got the whole lounge, singing, playing spoons on the furniture as drums, & other furniture! Go for it!

  72. Ireneusz Pieszka

    This is a profanation.

  73. Alex Wells

    It is part of the absurdity of the human condition that although we all inevitably die, we desperately long for our lives to continue.  Thus, we imagine an afterlife in which some part of us continues to live forever.  This is not a criticism.  On the contrary, I feel nothing but sympathy for those who hope for an afterlife.  I have had to face the probability that death is the end, the likelihood that just as I did not exist before my conception, I will no longer exist after my death.  It is not a pleasant thought, but it is better, I think, than deceiving myself.


    “I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't and die to find out there is." -Albert Camus

    By the same token I choose to believe in an afterlife. It brings me hope to see my loved ones again. Why is this belief deceiving? I have no proof either way. I hope to be correct, if I just cease to exist, then I’m wrong. Either way I live and love to the fullest and learn the lessons I’m here for.

    J B

    “I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't..." If there's no life following this existence on Earth, and one dies, I know that this makes sense, one won't know..."there isn't." Lights out/the end. To the original comment that created this thread, I wholly agree with you. To those who have faith, faith is a superstition. I feel/believe, every individual has their right to what they feel/believe. None of us knows though.


    The Bible says, "faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God". Reading the Bible is how you learn to have faith that God is real and that life goes on after death. On the other hand evolution.......(devilution) is a "religion" that also has to be believed by faith because there is not one iota of proof to support it. It is based on theories and hypothesis. I believe Charles Darwin recanted his theory of evolution before he died and said he was wrong. We have free will to choose what we believe. It is up to each of us to investigate these things and make our own decision.

    J B

    "Reading the Bible is how you learn to have faith that God is real and that life goes on after death." < This is a controlling person who only believes their narrow minded philosophy. Never mind what other's think , other's opinions or feelings.


    ...or we could live forever by uploading our consciousness to computers. problem solved.

  74. erzsebet horvath


  75. Aliyah .G

    Love this this song!!!!<3

  76. Jim Parshall

    "Only those whose lives are brief can imagine that love is eternal. You should embrace that remarkable illusion. It may be the greatest gift your race has ever received."
    - Lorien, Babylon 5

    guy smiley

    and yet, that character was an illusion created by one of us.

  77. william Mccreary

    was this in doctor who?


    No, but Katherine Jenkins was.
    The song itself was in Highlander, but it was the original Queen version.

  78. Isto Tuormaa

    Look like an angel and sing like an angel!

  79. Espetacular WEBTV

    Se anjos existem - e cantam - devem se  parecer com Katherine Jenkins!

  80. Anna Beliva

    I love Katherine so much, that I made a professional cover on one of her songs! Please listen (on my channel), I'm very interested to hear your opinion, guys!

  81. gugolero

    For some reason, that does not explain well know, I have the impression that this song is to be sung by male voices

  82. Leon Kerr


  83. Олександр Сідельніков

    best of the best

  84. Charinty T_T

    Is this Leeroy jenkins wife ?

  85. Fotunate Ledwaba

    beautiful indeed 

  86. AlternatingFrogs

    Well, ageing, then death aren't so great, so, why not? :)
    People overrate death, it's not some fixed necessity for our species, or some virtuous moral imperative just to accept, for the sake of nonsense like redemption in after lives or other mystical nonsense, or for the sake of those to come, no. We're just a vessel to transport genes through time. They're oblivious to us and our needs, as are all the trillions of cells in each of us. The most magical and wonderful thing in the universe, for sure, is life, and human consciousness is far more precious than a whole universe devoid of such.


    Okay Then !!! If You SAY so !!!! Cheers.

    Samantha Clark

    living forever means watching everyone you love age and die, always being alone in the world and knowing that even if you love someone or are friends with them they will eventually die and you will be alone once again

    Deena Shirkool

    Samantha has point if you live forever you might lose yourself grow cold and alone 


    @Samantha Clark But I am watching people I love age and die anyway, and you know what? It is horrible to see people once so vibrant reduced to frail wrecks, and they don't enjoy being that way, let me assure you. The notion growing old has anything of worth or virtue for a creature of such sentience is absurd. It strips us of everything, including all we ever loved and knew. The world is already filled with lonely people, cold people who can't love. I wasn't saying me go on alone in perpetuity, rather given the choice for us all, with youth, vitality, why would anyone seriously choose to age, degenerate/vegetate and die? You could also find others to love, have more time to be so many things you will never be and do. There is a whole universe out there to explore and colonise. Trillions of other worlds.

  87. ngaitomhk

    Look! There are always the talented singers, apparently, Catherine is the one.

  88. Orion Arrow

    Apparently Freddie Mercury didn't want to live forever

    Marc Preston

    Who wants to live forever anyway?


    @Marc Preston i think u mean "who waits forever anyways?"

  89. Cliff Mc Neill

    Once in awhile in a far and distant time and place an artist will take a great original song and take it to heights never imagined could be obtained.  Thank you Katherine Jenkins for making this song even more magical than it was in it's original form.

    Ra-in Ra-in

    your on drugs right ,,,

  90. james

    Bit of a mess. really. Sorry. 

  91. sylweksjz N.

    Beautiful execution

  92. Rory Fyfe Smith

    I love this song and the singer.

  93. Tracy O'Raw


  94. Tony

    I agree Dan, I'm all for people doing covers, but why do a cover of a song that will NEVER touch the original. Covers should only be done of great songs that can be made better. 

  95. alan dust

    class sung by an angel !

  96. Dan Basso

    katherine has such a pure beautiful voice. but let's face it, when is it ever better than the original ,,,, freddie and queen!

  97. Dragonrider

    Einfach unglaublich ! <3

  98. Everett Cox

    Not bad but I don't hear the passion and the emotion from Katherine that Jennifer Rush puts into it. Not only that, she asked Brian May to sing on it with her. Do a search here for it and you will hear the passion, the power and the emotion of Jennifer Rush on her tribute to Freddie.