Katharine McPhee - Somewhere Over The Rainbow Lyrics

When all the clouds darken up the skyway
There's a rainbow highway to be found
Leading from your window pane
To a place behind the sun
Just a step beyond the rain

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then oh why can't I

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh, why can't I

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Katharine McPhee Somewhere Over The Rainbow Comments
  1. SansMerci1013

    Extraordinary vocalist with a completely disingenuous personality. I loved Taylor and being a member of the Soul Patrol. I disliked(like) Kat McPhee's personality. Can't explain it, it was just a feeling.

  2. Eve Mama1

    Yesssss!!!! She sounded amazing here!!

  3. M.D.R.

    Again, as always American Idol chooses a mediocre singer as its winner, bypassing Katherine McPhee. They did it again to Pia Toscano. I have stopped watching this show not worth my time and I feel that there is a hidden agenda somewhere that prevents them from choosing the best singer. Whatever that is, it’s just beyond me.

  4. Lucas Carter

    Here in 2019. I remember being obsessed with Katherine. After Daughtry left felt like it was hers to lose. Still pissed. This vocal is amazing. I have been a huge follower of her career since.

  5. carter4871

    Bias was evident when Randy Jackson told her he didn't like her choice of song and she politely told him that the judges chose that song....


    When did he say that though


    @wowzer https://www.today.com/popculture/taylor-lock-make-final-two-idol-wbna12824221


    @wowzer Third paragraph.....

  6. M. H.

    Katharine will always be my favourite contestant. Season 5 will always be my favourite season.

  7. Marie L

    Who the hell won this season? lol


    Yes!! So much better than her 'I Have Nothing' performance. This was so pure, beautiful, and amazing! Great job!

  9. Hey Hey We're The Merlys

    Played this version for my Dad just before he passed so its a bit special to me to know he heard something so beautiful before he went to heaven. XO, Kelly


    That's very sweet. My condolences.

  10. toplaycool21

    Why in the WORLD did she not win?! People underestimate classic songs. They do require good vocal chops. Katherine more than satisfied that requirement; she NAILED it!

  11. Brian Sherrod

    This performance was beautiful and flawless! ❤️

  12. persie31

    I think the best version by far..

  13. Teri Tompkins

    It seems most think this lady has a perfect voice. I don't see it or hear it. She's just like all the rest of the pop singers in the last decade. No one can ever sing this song like Judy Garland. IMO, poor choice for her. But, she's a wealthy wife now, I believe she's #6.

  14. Denise Williams

    Still amazed in 2019!!!

  15. charlee mcwhirter

    she is about to marry David Foster a very talented guy but hey he is 68! she is 35, she can push his wheelchair I guess, it won't last beyond 10 years if that

  16. Darcy Marie TCB

    Damn she has it all. Literally. People don't appreciate good quality music these days because they enjoy rap and shitty ghetto crap. 😫😤🤮🤢 Katherine is AMAZING!! SHE IS REAL RAW TALENT.❤️🎵🎶

  17. Taylor Harris

    Taylor Hicks has left the chat. This performance hands downs destroyed any performance from any singer from this season

  18. Jester

    perfectly stunning performance and she is beautiful as well. Her husband is very lucky indeed!

  19. Quashaea Marie

    SMASH, anyone?? 💜

    Angie Quinn

    I loved that show so much! But Karen totally wouldn't get Marilyn on Broadway. Lol. I always laughed that Derrick chose her over Ivy.

  20. Coleen Hein

    As a woman who grew up idolizing "Dorothy" and then finding out it was "Judy", who was fantastic... this song is still, and will always be, the second best rendition for me. And the FIRST best modern rendition (a la year 2000+). It might be 19 years later (where does the time go???) but this touched my heart and soul again tonight. Thanks, Katharine, for this wonderful, heartfelt, simple version. Powerful and Perfect. xo

  21. john knowing

    Shes a dam good singer but another SCREWED up Democrt about life relations Shes engaged to Davis foster age 68 that signed her on to sing . She, Katharine is 34 second marriage David Foster had 5 marriages His kids are older then she is!!!

  22. annie h.

    Good,but this is Judy's song..Cant touch Judy

  23. Paul Smith

    maybe it's better she didn't win look where she is right now

  24. Justin Gutierrez

    Still watching and enjoying this after all it was truly amazing

  25. Daniel Bonilla

    She killed it! Perfection at its best!

  26. Paolo Falchi

    The magic of music is to make powerful something that's quite unuseful…the fact is that every creature stops and listen.So I think this is enough to bring peace to the world like no other thing can do. Thank you Katharine, for your beauty, your voice!

  27. Justin C

    This was one of the best AI performances ever. She was so robbed. I remember voting for her like crazy when it came down to the final 2 but I already knew that America was going to vote for Taylor Hicks because people liked his personality more. I never get tired of listening to this <3 Katharine's voice is incredible.

  28. Hey Jamie

    Cingular.... lol

  29. Eddie Palomares

    one of the best performance on TV ...EVER

  30. Cheyenne Cook

    One of two versions that can come close to touching the great Judy's version!!

    josh miller

    Who's the other?

    Alex Krauth

    Not sure if they replied, but if I had to guess, it's probably Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (the Hawaiian man who did the 'ukulele version). Love his version too!

    Really Tired 64

    Remember too that Kat is singing the Eva Cassidy version. https://youtu.be/2rd8VktT8xY
    Eva was a club singer who died much too young of cancer back in the 90s. She is credited with creating the acoustic guitar version of Over The Rainbow that was covered by so many including Tamyra Gray (A.I.Season 1), Leona Lewis and of course the lovely Miss McPhee

  31. Tomas Jephersin

    This Should Have Been The Crowning Song For Her.... Best Vocal All Season

  32. Paul Smith

    make a great Dorothy in a remake for sure!!

  33. Allikten

    Paula high as hell

  34. Bob Diepold

    Beautiful rendition of this classic song, like others can't believe she lost.

  35. Stefanos

    I got so emotional rewatching this after 10 years again.

    Brianna Nelson

    Stefanos ok I am crying

  36. Dustin

    The choice to sit on the floor couldn't have been more PERFECT for this song!

  37. Lamb4Life

    Thank GOD for Simon choosing this song for her, he honestly matched up one of the greatest songs to fit her vocals, to turn into one of the greatest performances in idol history!

  38. Edward Isaacs

    This was the single most gorgeous rendition of this song we've ever ever heard...uplifting and hopeful even in the hardest of times.  Worth another listen...


    Edward Isaacs if you liked this version I'd recommend listening to Eva Cassidy's take on it. Very good as well!


    Listen to Eva Cassidy sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." Perfection!!

    john kearns

    Sam Harris is pretty amazing also

  39. carshe209

    She should have won. Definitely robbed.

    Arizona Slot Wins

    +carshe209 Yep, she was the best that year.

  40. TheSkeletonGoth

    My mind goes blank when looking into her eyes as she sings.

  41. Emily Armstrong

    I cried when she didn't win. Absolutely amazing.

  42. Thais Tamiozzo

    9 years later and it stills amazing and beauty like the first time.

  43. 1tishhead

    very rarely do you get to witness someone doing anything perfectly. this was perfect.

  44. GarageStudio

    She has such a beautiful tone!

  45. eric geist

    very outstanding

  46. malan231

    she shouldn't have sang this song during the final.....

    Soph Edwards

    Are you KIDDING!!!!!


    +Soph Edwards she has already sang this song during elimination round... i personally would want something different

  47. Skyler Presley

    MESMERIZING how does this have so little views so underrated

  48. LorraineVirginie

    I still think this is THE best performance ever on American Idol. It's really hard to take a song everyone knows as well as this one and make it so magical. I remember calling my mom and asking her if she was watching right after this song (this was before everyone had a DVR) and she wasn't, so I made her come to my dad's house later to watch it on his TiVo haha. 

    Sarah Minor

    I completely agree with you. I really don't understand why she didn't win. Taylor was nothing in comparison to her.


    100% agree. I cannot believe that Taylor Hicks guy won back then

  49. ba4sloppy

    I'll never forget when I saw this performance.  At 1:41, I jumped up from the couch and started clapping and yelling "WOW...WOW" over and over again.  Scared the hell out of our kids...

  50. carter4871

    The greatest rendition ever...............forever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the song at my funeral.......

    tigress and the u-fraidees

    greatest rendition ever..,

    until the next time she sings it, that is

  51. Brian Hagaman

    this is her best song ever she sang on American idol 

  52. Denise Rumage

    As I watch this again, it still amazes me that she did not win!  She was having some problems with singing, I do not remember what exactly.  Though singing this you really cannot tell.

  53. Pattie Holliday

    Good but not as good as Eva Cassidy. A humble and great talent that died at 33 from cancer.  Get tissues out when you hear Eva sing this song, Danny boy, What a wonderful world, Fields of gold or How can I keep from singing.   And ask yourself "WHY" did a beautiful woman with this kind of talent not get noticed until after she died.


    although i don't see it as a competition -- two spectacularly talented women interpreting a great song their own way -- i agree wholeheartedly about eva cassidy. i remember hearing her version at a listening station in a borders store (remember them?) with tears going down my face.
    so many amazing songs by eva, those you mentioned plus autumn leaves, way beyond the blue and about 30 more.
    as for katharine, the best single performance in the history of AI.

  54. Gonzalo Gonzalez

    That was a great performance.

  55. Maricruz Contreras Arcos

    Still can't understand why, after almost 7 years, she didn't win this season of idol. That's the way to sing a song...and im not talking about her voice (is perfect, we dont need to mention it) but her performance and how much feeling she transmits. Omg. Never get tired watching this. This became my favorite version of this song.


    Season 5 was the Year of the Guys. It didn't matter how much Katharine did, she was NOT going to win.


    I'm glad she didn't win, because it excelled her career instead. Look at where all the winners have gone...most in the garbage chute

    Mizu Astrum

    Her Theatricality was, and still is, her strongest asset.

    Randy Joe

    Taylor Hicks is a performer. Catherine McPhee is a singer. But for some reason, they chose the performer who can’t sing worth a crap, which is evident by the fact that he has become the least successful of the American Idol winners. McPhee deservedly became much more successful than Taylor Hicks.

    M. H.

    ExploringLA FAN Simon was clearly against Taylor Hicks winning. I personally loved Katharine from the start, but I found Taylor interesting too because he was different, and I think the majority of the viewers were fascinated by his novelty but, boy, did that wear off after his win lol Katharine came out more successful in the end anyway, so it’s all good.

  56. ocachisu

    How the heck did she lose.


    Cuz 'murica

  57. Maria S

    Such a huge talent... Big fan!

  58. stargazer09120707

    one of the most unforgettable performances on idol

  59. Matt Graham

    Katherine McPhee is what Christine McVie should have been.

  60. Kani Le

    Thanks for uploading! <3

  61. ThanhThư Dp

    I think she only lost because she's too beautiful that clouded the judges' opinion about her true potential!

  62. Xanon

    always love her version.

  63. Crazy fangirl

    This HD is awesome! Good job ;)

  64. RoxyLuffer

    you know a girl is a good singer when she can give you goose bumps just by singing this song.

  65. SuperRay64

    Is it bad of me to HATE that she's married already?

  66. Kat Pack

    you should put more tags on the video to get it more exposure as it deserves!