Kate Bush - The Song Of Solomon Lyrics

The Song of Solomon
The song of everyone
Who walks the path
Of the solitary heart
The soul cries out
Hear a woman singing

Don't want your bullshit, yeah
Just want your sexuality
Don't want excuses, yeah
Write me your poetry in motion
Write it just for me, yeah
And sing it with a kiss

Mmm, just take any line
"Comfort me with apples
For I am sick of love
His left hand is under my head
And his right hand
Doth embrace me"
This is the Song of Solomon
Here's a woman singing

Don't want your bullshit, yeah
Just want your sexuality
Don't want your excuses, yeah
Write me your poetry in motion
Write it just for me, yeah
And sign it with a kiss

And I'll do it for you
I'll be the Rose of Sharon for you
I'll do it for you
I'll be the Lily of the Valley for you
I'll do it for you
I'll be Isolde or Marion for you
I'll do it for you
Ooh I'll come in a hurricane for you
I'll do it for you
A wop bam boom

Don't want your bullshit, yeah
Just want your sexuality

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Kate Bush The Song Of Solomon Comments
  1. The Urban Collective


  2. wiz601

    "You crush the lily in my soul...", I mean really! the lyrics just send me every time :) How beautiful and so powerfully deep. Kate Bush took a kind of Zappa-esque approach, in that she wasn't about to follow a formula . She is a true performance artist. She left a lasting mark on my musico-phile life

  3. peter robinson

    she sounds like she swallowed a helium balloon

  4. Bruno Logan

    so emmotionnal song :)

  5. Luciana S

    don’t want your bullsheet just want your seksuality

  6. Simply Ron

    The Magnificent Kate. Guardian of the Infinite Imagination - enough to fill a Universe.

  7. Donnie Cooper

    Gobsmacked when i first heard this song from kate, Sexy and beautiful words xx

  8. Carol Snook

    When she says the word Apples , OMG so sensual....

  9. K O

    O my god,this song is about the break up inbetween kate and the bass player (Dan McIntosh) which was the married man to here at that time...wow.

  10. Remi Borgen

    Shes the epitome of femininity.

  11. Mattie Lovelace

    Love the entire song but 2:40 bestill my heart. Such power, and with the incredible vocals in the background, moves me to my core.

  12. queerchoreography

    You’ve got some rare photos of her, here!

  13. John Doe

    2:52 the way she gets that squeak before she sings is emotional af

  14. Luciana S

    don’t want your bullsheet, just want your seksuality

  15. John McGlasson

    I've offered to be her house husband but haven't heard back.

  16. Christopher Russell

    As noted Song of Solomon is from the bible. Kate’s interpretation is refreshing. Love is the essence of God.

  17. Tommaso Rebelotti

    Questa donna è un genio

  18. happyozzie

    So sensual, it has often been played at happy hour with a glass of red reveling in nostalgia of times I’ve spent with a beautiful woman

  19. andrew gallovich

    The reality is that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 porcupines (...I mean....concubines...)

  20. hunhoniful

    Un morceau extraordinaire, fantastique, inoubliable!!
    Mes grands remerciements pour pouvoir découvrir cette merveille musicale!!!!!

  21. David Singleton

    Title oh dear

  22. Numb Official

    The vocals on this are f*****g amazing.

  23. Melania MoneyPenny

    It's inspired from the Tanakh. "the song of songs"/ ''Song of solomon'' it's a poem from the last section ..it's a dialogue between lovers.

  24. mudskipper

    god. the way she sings 'sexuality' just breathes life into me

  25. tom gregg

    A genuine genius.

  26. Erich Schreiner

    I just love her

  27. pfefferfilm

    I'm not religious, but I quite like the Song of Solomon/Song of Songs from the bible, it's an absolutely gorgeous sensual love poem, and wow does Kate highlight it so beautifully here.

  28. Siobhan Parker

    Ethereal woman!! Really can't listen to any other female artist they don't come anywhere near her!

  29. wowowowow wow

    Wop bam boom!

  30. Shannon McGrath

    This is my all time favourite Kate Bush song. What a talented lyricist.


    Yep. It's pretty much my favourite song of hers, too, though overall the album it's from is not one of my favourites of hers (of her pre-Aerial carer; I don't care much for her work after the 90s).

  31. sergey kravets

    Получается петь ей псалмы


    Maxwell ripped her off so bad wuth the music in this song.

  33. Louisa Beckles

    what a beautiful artist such talent xx

  34. jchristopher83

    Sounds like I AM THE ONE by prince

  35. pjc 73

    She is one of the only people I'd like to meet for a few minutes just to say thanks for writing such beautiful music.

  36. Teri Bennett


  37. tremawe12

    Eine wundervolle und außergewöhnliche Künstlerin

  38. Teri Renee Bennett

    you wish ha ha K. Bush

  39. David R

    Amazing. A fan from Hong Kong.

  40. John P

    Love her!!!

  41. Star Kitten

    Her voice is so rich❤️

  42. John Donegan

    Kate, your beauty and your music sets me free! God bless you for that!

  43. Paul Skillicorn


  44. Константин Костенко


  45. Picnicl

    The Sensual World is Kate Bush's best work.


    It is, but this is from The Red Shoes.

  46. Saul Manrique

    the dreaming

  47. Saul Manrique

    my white owl..only God knows how much eye luv u

  48. songsylph111

    oh yeses, i need to hear some love of life in this time of fear and death...thanks Kate for setting my heart straight

  49. The Fakey Cake Maker

    Sorry Kate this is bull's hit. If you had truly understood the book you'd have made a far more beautiful song and I know you are capable of it. This is rather ugly.

    Chris A.

    Very few people agree with you. ;-)

    The Fakey Cake Maker

    Do they? I'm scarred for life.

  50. John Paul Dennehy

    May be my favourite KB song, so hard to choose though!

  51. phil Taylor

    WOW……… oh so good, ''tis what is expected of pure genius.

  52. Teri Renee Bennett

    sorry Pete

  53. Teri Renee Bennett

    fuck me Jesus, fuck me Jesus oh, really Kate

  54. Bill Brower

    BUSHSHIT !!!

  55. jobybondmusic

    I remember when I first heard this and I was like KATE BUSH SWORE?!?!?


    Jobylovesgaga Well, she swore publicly before (though not in a song). In a recording from one of the legs of the Tour of Life, just as she begins playing the intro of Full House (she played the piano there as she sang) she messes up, and responds with very audible "fuckin' hell...", after which she starts the song again.


    She actually did swear in a song before... in one of the verses of 'Not This Time', the B-Side of 'The Big Sky' in 1986 she says 'shit'.

  56. cloverfield911

    2.41 is my favorite part!! Gets me right in my soul


    I whole heartedly agree - I thought I was the only one who felt that way about that specific part of the song! There is something ceremonious and devotional about it - gets me every time!


    Yes that part is amazing.

  57. MsLESLI22

    Don`t Want Your Bullshit ~ Just Want Your Sexuality .......Don`t Want Excuses.....Write Me Your Poetry In Motion <3

  58. a t

    I've been a fan of Kate's from the moment I heard her brilliant haunting voice in 1985's running up that hill. I dont think most people get or understand her style!! I was a 13 yr old stateside in America in '85 and I would love to see a live performance of her gift to the world!!.......her music. I've gotten lots of shock response to her music when I've played in over time. she's one in a trillion!! I've heard one person even refer to her voice as "nails across a chalk board " maybe maybe not?? her music art and voice have captivated my life in my ways!! Thank u Kate for your gift to the world!

  59. Tony Y


  60. baae baae

    Te wszystkie Madonny , Rihanny nie mają przy niej szans. To jest artystka a one piosenkarki i to jest różnica.

    Cosmin Olteanu

    baae baae nn

  61. Bert Spoelstra

    Amazing good song.

  62. Ninja Ginger

    walk together:-)

  63. 1lougirl

    I've been listening to this song since I first got the album when it came out and have cried EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It is so beautiful!

  64. serge pao

    i'm crazy about this woman...what a genius !!!!

  65. Susan Furness

    Brilliant x

  66. Flo Jo

    Kate was/is a very sensual lady. And she has no fear. And she is not afraid to write songs that cut right through the usual coy stuff of pop songs, and tell it like it is. And her arrangements are so wonderful, and she chooses the best people to work with her. Oh ... what was my point ... oh yes - she is a genius. That'll do.

    Sergio Bonfiglio

    you lucky guy...

    Sergio Bonfiglio

    blessed by talent and beauty...
    lucky man who's gonna be her partner...

    Anthony Peters

    +flo jo - genius comment


    Error of judgement on her behalf working with Rolf Harris. I concur however with every other point you make......I love her too.

    Priscilla Eyles

    Yes! Agreed, I love her lyrics so eloquent and bolshy at the same time. Wish I could write lyrics as good as her. Genius.

  67. u đ

    This song is SO underrated, it's truly insane

  68. Marie Snowfalls

    this song is meant towards her fans who does not want her bullshit( the dreaming, a flop album) they want her sexuality, they want her to dance around and be sexy "a poetry in motion". you can feel it in the pain in her voice, she will do it for her fans.

    Gustave de Milquetoast

    I suppose the lyrics can be read as an allegory for Kate's relationship with her audience, just as the biblical SoS has been reinterpreted countless times and in entirely different contexts, but it strikes me that the modern, sexually liberated reading is most in keeping with the tone of Kate's adaptation.

    Throughout the biblical song Solomon showers his lover with eloquent compliments, but his wife, frankly, seems to want to cut to the proverbial chase. Solomon calls his lover a "locked garden" (symbolically representing her chastity), and she invites him to "come into [his] garden; taste the fruits".

    This appears mimicked by Kate insofar as not wanting his "bulls**t", but rather his "sexuality", and in place of all his flattering compliments, she wants his poetry "in motion" - that's what will truly make her "come in a hurricane"!

    Just a guess though - had the chorus in my head all day and wanted to try dig in and figure out what's going on!

    Patrick Destain

    "The dreaming" a flop? You need help?

    Kate Bush Forever x

    yeah the dreaming's amazing (my fave kate album <33), but people didn't receive it well at the time. they thought it was too 'out there', and that it broke away too much from stuff that she was doing before. xxx

    Anthony Peters

    Marie Snowfalls: Interesting perspective. However I don't think this is an accurate representation of what she's expressing here. I think she is expressing how deeply she craves immediate intimacy with her lover.

    I found this presentation, created by a woman, which seems to draw the same conclusions that I instinctively drew when I first heard the song. I mention that it was authored by a woman only because it would seem that some people on this thread don't like men to have opinions about female sexuality? :)


    I think in addition to the conclusions the author draws, there is a little more to this song, suffused by a deep melancholy suggesting to me that beyond sexual union she is seeking deep intimacy to escape from the pain of another hurt or conflict she is experiencing with her lover - "don't want your bullshit - just want your sexuality" reads to me as if there is a hurt, a bitterness which can only be remedied by union.

    This song for me is a very beautiful, intimate insight into the power of female carnal desire.

  69. Gnostic Forest Art

    Heard this today for the first time...what a song.

  70. Николай Узунов

    Wow! I found this song today, but I'm in love <3

  71. Samantha Esra

    love this song.

  72. H S

    Wonderful woman

  73. AlexOlaR

    Love Love Love. What a woman, what a creative genius, what a pleasure for the ears and soul. Timeless.


    Kate Bush yesterday. Kate Bush today. Kate Bush tomorrow. Kate Bush forever!


    @IAN STRANGE Right On Lover !


    +IAN STRANGE How about now?


    Well I did say today!


    @IAN STRANGE Ok, hahahah same here


    WalkingBlues So true...

  75. shazz williamson

    Great song

  76. Mish Shoghlak

    These are words of god??? that writen in bible? and u beleive that it's the word of god??? comen!!

  77. David C

    So amazing to hear passages from the Bible, specifically those which represent a human history of male hierarchy and dominance, to be expressed by a woman, to be turned on their head, yet with their beauty and poetry still expressed.

  78. jokapetaniou

    She is mythical.

  79. Judy Concannon

    Her music transcends every single emotion.No one surpasses her


    3 years later, these words are still so true. No other artist comes close.


    Without a doubt an outstanding talent, and yes very emotionally provocative, which i’m Sure was her intention. I would say this is right up there with some of her best works

  80. bingoijuz

    niesamowity ten kawałek

  81. InfiniteSpiral112358

    wow.  just so stunning.  she is basically saying 'okay, let's just *not* with the games and the bullshit, and just find that written poetry of sex between us'...  she manages to be interested in the sexuality of and not the psychosexualbabble.  straight to the point.  yet still reverent. 


    É espantosamente bela, esta canção!

    Anthony Peters

    Yes, it is :)


    Sou fã desde quando era menino, admiro a voz, a performance, os arranjos, enfim, admiro muito.

    Anthony Peters

    Me too. Her lyrics are poetic also. She is undoubtedly a genius as a composer, performer, lyricist and choreographer.

  83. dean b

    No artist can burn as brightly as they did at the beginning. Nobody.
    Her first 5 albums are unsurpassed genius. Few artists even come close. After that she still released great work, and individual masterpieces here and there like "Snowed In On Wheeler street" and "Eat The Music"..I'm grateful she is still maiing music. Her voice alone is worth it. She could sing Justin Bieber's catalogue and make it sound interesting.

    Mikko Barros

    Altho you are right about 5 albums i guess. Never for Ever, Dreaming, Hounds of Love, Sensual World, Aerial. Don't tell me you think her first albums were great... please.
    50 words for snow is pretty good too

    Dreaming, Aerial and Ninth Wave are the holy trinity. Music above anything else.

    dean b

    @Mikko Barros I love the first 2 as well, but would put Never Forever up there with Hounds Of Love. And The Dreaming is the best of all....I mean...she creates an entire new world of sound in that record. 

    Nathan Parsons

    i agree with jake, i love all her work but her earlier stuff has more immediacy.


    Agree that although her albums are great, The Dreaming is the best. Nothing like it, nothing as intense and beautiful from the first song to the last.


    'The Dreaming' album is indeed amazing. Just 10 songs, 42 minutes (or however long it is), all killer no filler.

  84. CrazyDiamond003

    To me, the most sensual and erotic song ever written.

  85. Charles Manise

    This woman is pure magic

  86. tori yuki

    men always complicate the simple instinctual things - I mean humans, just feel and react, but she words it in beauty


    meet Enkidu on the steppes

  87. Jovana Lukic

    The song of solomon
    The song of everyone
    Who walks the path
    Of the solitary heart
    The soul cries out
    Hear a woman singing

    Don't want your bullshit, yeah
    Just want your sexuality
    Don't want excuses, yeah
    Write me your poetry in motion
    Write it just for me, yeah
    And sing it with a kiss

    Mmm, just take any line
    "comfort me with apples
    For I am sick of love
    His left hand is under my head
    And his right hand
    Doth embrace me"
    This is the song of solomon
    Here's a woman singing

    Don't want your bullshit, yeah
    Just want your sexuality
    Don't want your excuses, yeah
    Write me your poetry in motion
    Write it just for me, yeah
    And sign it with a kiss

    And I'll do it for you
    I'll be the rose of sharon for you
    I'll do it for you
    I'll be the lily of the valley for you
    I'll do it for you
    I'll be isolde or marion for you
    I'll do it for you
    Ooh I'll come in a hurricane for you
    I'll do it for you
    A wop bam boom

    Don't want your bullshit, yeah
    Just want your sexuality

  88. KingOfTheLeprechauns

    18 people rather just end up with the bullshit.

  89. Adder Ali

    Such beautiful and unique music, Kate Bush

  90. BlackhawkX02

    this song is beautiful even the way she says bullshit not even sounds like a bad word xD


    Agreed, and through her music could make any sexual act seem completely proper

  91. Mark Hedington

    'His left hand is under my head, his right hand doth embrace me' as well as a few other lines are from the bible's Song of Solomon.  It's a long, titillating poem about love and sex.  One of my Kate Bush favourites.

  92. Jake Morley

    I do love Kate Bush so much but this song is a bit hard for me to stomach when in comparison to her other work...! this song comes about number 30 in my favourite Kate Bush songs ever..! don't hate me its just my opinion :) 

    Melissa Denby

    #30 isn't so bad!  She has a lot of songs!  I like it better than that, I think, I never counted them all out that far...  To each his own!  It would be boring if all the music was the same, and we would be boring if we all liked the same!

    Musicistwowords Mu

    "Here's a woman singing: Don't want no bullshit..." 
    I love this song.

    Brave Sir Robin Bravelyranaway

    I completely agree with you Jake Morley. The whole album "The Red Shoes" doesn't really sound like a Kate Bush album at all in places, and that's hardly surprising when the presence of guest musicians like Eric Clapton and Prince are very notable on the tracks they appear in. There's a lot of filler tracks that just sound as if they were meant to be played on American hit radio of the 90's. So un-Kate Bush.

    Among fans it's usually ranked last and among music critics it usually is seen as one of her least impressive works. Not bad, just not up to her usual class.

    Indeed, Kate herself admitted she felt a bit lost at the time and couldn't really focus. Who can blame her after all she went through back then? Hardly surprising she later made The Director's Cut in which she tried to fix the songs she wasn't too pleased with in hindsight. Personally I don't understand why she tampered with "The Sensual World" and no minor tweaks with "The Red Shoes" could change the fact that most of the songs aren't good enough to begin with.

    I also feel that the production is all over the place and that the narrative from song to song is irregular compared to her previous albums in which the songs blended into each other perfectly and followed a theme. Fortunately she found her way back to a narrative style of her albums with Aerial and Fifty Words for Snow. 

    Lisa Sullivan

    I just love the passion in her voice in this song. But I can understand it's not for everyone.


    what? I love the Red Shoes. I think it's one of her best.

  93. Phillip Charles Ashwood

    leess reverb on the main vocal cradles the backing vocals (MIT-SCHER GODEL MISTAKES)

  94. Leon Kerr

    Sorry I spoke! I am always making a fool of myself.......

  95. Leon Kerr

    I am just an uneducated fool. Don't worry about it. I have all your early albums. I am now catching up on some of your more recent work.......

  96. Leon Kerr

    Solomon was a very wise man. He also kept his mouth shut.

  97. Gregory Patrick

    "Don't want your bullshit....just want your sexuality." Best line ever.

  98. Lydia Jefferies

    4 years, you know.

  99. Lydia Jefferies

    This always seems like a beautiful song of agony...like a woman trying to have her freedom and yet always trying to be there for her man, as though she is pleading, always pleading, for an answer.