Kate Bush - The Red Shoes Lyrics

Oh she move like the Diva do
I said "I'd love to dance like you."
She said "just take off my red shoes
Put them on and your dream'll come true
With no words, with no song
You can dance the dream with your body on
And this curve, is your smile
And this cross, is your heart
And this line, is your path

Oh it's gonna be the way you always thought it would be
But it's gonna be no illusion
Oh it's gonna be the way you always dreamt about it
But it's gonna be really happening to ya
Really happening to ya
Really happening to ya"

Oh the minute I put them on
I knew I had done something wrong
All her gifts for the dance had gone
It's the red shoes, they can't stop dancing, dancing
And this curve, is your smile
And this cross, is your heart
And this line, is your path

"Oh it's gonna be the way you always thought it would be
But it's gonna be no illusion
Oh it's gonna be the way you always dreamt about it
But it's gonna be really happening to ya"

She gotta dance, she gotta dance
And she can't stop 'till them shoes come off
These shoes do, a kind of voodoo
They're gonna make her dance 'till her legs fall off

Feel your hair come tumbling down
Feel your feet start kissing the ground
Feel your arms are opening out
And see your eyes are lifted to God
With no words, with no song
I'm gonna dance the dream
And make the dream come true
I'm gonna dance the dream
And make the dream come true

She gotta dance, she gotta dance
And she can't stop 'till them shoes come off
These shoes do, a kind of voodoo
They're gonna make her dance 'till her legs fall off
Call a doctor, call a priest
They're gonna whip her up like a helicopter

Really happening to ya
Really happening to ya

You gotta dance....

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Kate Bush The Red Shoes Comments
  1. Henry Przepiorka

    Kate is gorgeous

  2. Sameoldfitup

    "What is life if not the shadow of a fleeting dream"?
    Umberto Eco.

  3. Mark Johnson

    Don't help strangers, especially the mono-browed.

  4. Be aHa

    Thank you Kate!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Be aHa

    Kate, I always thought, you are NOT in there hands! I love ya that much. I pray for you. LOVE and LIGHT! The bad side will never come to us!!!

  6. Peter Hoghead

    The girl on top form, what a fucking fantastic tune, pure power, love you Kate from hog11-19 xxx


    The Witch she is .. love it

  8. Gerry Smith

    absolutely amazing the brilliant Kate Bush

  9. Délire ENT.

    If i didn't know Kate Bush, i would think that the Real singer is the Miranda and Kate was doing lipsync

  10. Joe O Súilleabháin

    Look up John podesta and red shoes. I like Kate Bush but big question marks over her now with the links, those devils, small skeletons shes dancing on.

  11. james morgan

    Kate, bless, really can't act :)

  12. Bill Cipher

    i had this album and the videos to go with it on vhs.. it scared the hell out of me and i don’t know why

  13. luiz guilherme moreira sales

    Oh hello i am Brasil i love Kate Bush M_M

  14. The Wide Awake Club

    This is about child sacrifices. What does he say at 7:33?

  15. Angelica

    miranda richardson is phenomenal

  16. manjiro jhon


  17. Paul McCaffrey

    "It's in the trees. It's coming" - It's Night Of The Demon again with the passing of the curse.
    Happy birthday Kate x

  18. Spiel - Liga

    Fantastic the Musikvideo.

    Gerrit Schwerthelm

    Yeah, it is really gut!

  19. Rose Petal

    The 1948 film of the same title is also mesmerizing!


    David Lynch? Mistery man?

  21. Dermacrosis

    Lindsay Kemp was a once in a lifetime character. Little known factoid he was born in Birkenhead.

  22. Lavalamps

    Still fabulous! :-)

  23. Вечерний Гродно

    Arcydzielo Kate Bush.

  24. Earth Rain Dove2

    You do know the meaning of red shoes don't you Kate? You wouldn't be pushing your satanic agenda on us, would you? 💯 Warlock

    Confused Badger

    Most of us are grown up and realise that satan/gods are all bullshit so it doesn't matter what the myths say about red shoes (that's why they're called myths)

  25. boxy

    Queen Bush c'est elle la première celle qui trace la voie

  26. João Ignacio

    O dia em que Kate Bush virou uma pomba-gira...


    Kate Bush sempre teve referências líricas e visuais com ocultismo e rituais. Este vídeo é um deles, não por ter "diabinhos" nele.

  27. Clint Tapper

    Kate: "...and that's the idea for my video. So could you storyboard it please?"

    Storyboard artist: "You have got to be fucking kidding me."

  28. simonjkoxford

    It's not even in my top 30 from Kate but can't help rewatching, exciting filming, choreography, the 2 girls captivate by their beauty & expressions, Kate most of course.

  29. Kathrin Pohl

    Great art! Thank you!

  30. Big Valerie

    Why is Miranda Richardson speaking with a Scottish accent?

  31. Raven Van Rijn

    We will look back at this and say 'how did we not see it?' we can only hope Kate isn't one of them.

  32. Nisha Halai

    "You must sing back the symbols" ? Anyone know what this could be pointing to?


    Think of this whole album (letting my age show) is a story, if you thread the songs together. So clues to that can be found thru out.
    I believe the track. Moments of Pleasure is about how she got her smile back...

  33. theo Brayan


  34. Dave Roberts

    I would Still like to see Kate Bush Live. She's so beautiful and Awesome 👏.

  35. Paul Duplex

    As if this piece isn't dark enough, just wait till you find out what red shoes really refers to.

    Candy Perfume Boy

    Protest againist mysoginy! Am I right?

  36. Dermacrosis

    I bought this on VHS, god I am old, at the time at 6:42 it made me think of Cupid Stunt and "All in the best possible taste"(god I am ancient). :-)

  37. Gary Patterson

    This is the best thing on YouTube. Kate Bush, Miranda Richardson... it cannot get any better than this. Shut the whole thing down, its purpose has been achieved. And Lindsay Kemp is great in this. This is the best thing on YouTube, it cannot get any better than this.
    For anyone looking for the entire film... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fI4aLYHSbuQ
    Thanks Alain, you're a legend.

  38. Ricky Bahrey

    Andrew Bayer got me here!

  39. Pixies Corner

    RIP Lindsey Kemp ❤

  40. Tory Punk

    R.I.P. Lindsay Kemp.

  41. Witchy Business

    Red shoes - I dare you to research their real meaning. I warn you, it’s not for the faint hearted. 😢

    Candy Perfume Boy

    Their symbolic meaning is protesting against mysoginy and violence against women!

    Igor Jajic


  42. Stephen Key

    rip Lindsay kemp

  43. Robert Payne

    Moral of the story: Never trust a mono-brow dancer who runs out of a mirror.  Oh and RIP Lyndsay Kemp, who appears in this video.


    You forgot the bandaged hands :-)

  44. wayne evans

    RIP LIndsay Kemp

  45. Jason Scott

    lenny Henry brought me here


    Same here dude.

  46. Вечерний Гродно

    Нет слов, шедевр!

  47. Amanda Spiby

    The Red Shoes story always terrified me as a kid..lol it took me ages to pluck up the courage to buy red shoes...lol I love this song.

  48. Denis Popov

    She gotta dance - superb!

  49. 9hertz09

    The rhythm seems like an Italian tarantella

  50. timtak1

    David Bowie's Let's Dance (1983) too.

  51. Cindy Webster

    She knows whats to come when her time here is ended.

  52. thom nac


  53. Blankety Blank

    Love you Kate!! Next time I have wicked restless leg..I'll sing back the symbols :)

  54. Eliza Worner

    I just need to know what happens when they go to see Lily.

    Matthew Barratt

    You're in luck, because the whole film has been uploaded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fI4aLYHSbuQ

  55. crozwayne

    Miranda Richardson and Kate Bush, imagine being in the company of these two absolute monsters of talent with stupendous beauty when this video was recorded. Now that's my dream tonight!

  56. harrisonaard1

    Oh, lordy. She is the nargles.

  57. Simply Ron

    Go all in with Kate Bush. Love it, pure Kate.

  58. Madra Dubh

    You can hear Kate's Irish heart in this one!


    Shes 100% English mate, which is echoed in her earlier song 'England, my Lionheart'.

    Matthew VP

    RNW sorry, but she’s half Irish. Her mother was from Ireland. A lot of her songs have a Celtic sound

  59. Sunlight70

    Kate's videos are like the Red Shoes... You watch one and you're hooked into her psychoactive dreamscapes... and you never want to leave...

  60. Mellia Boom Bot

    i love this! x I love Miranda Richardson..cannot believe its her. I love when she says you need three pieces of paper..."I think I have some on the...piano" ..like we all do....I love how Kate B smiles at 2.43, I love the bandaged hands, I love the way the old man grits his teeth and stomps his staff, I love the way her feet dangle in the air and wiggle and i love the devils, the campest devils I have ever seen with their red flouncy red string..this is such a joy. Then it gets spooky.

  61. Breadfan

    Is that Miranda Richardson?


    stunningarrayof Yes, it is.

  62. David R

    Pure artistry

  63. Eloísa García

    So, first is And so is love, then the Red shoes, Lily and Moments of Pleasure. Why do I feel this story has no end...unless...Jesus! And why is the girl irish? Oh well...the music is amazing anyway

  64. castilllione

    Ah... Red shoes, like the ones all those young girls wear in HOLLYWOOD...

  65. scaredypicker

    The guy in the video reminds me of the creepy guy from Lost Highway - "I'm in your fucking house..."

  66. H. L.

    6:32 wtf lol

  67. JJ KK

    Kate is just so talented and beautiful

  68. Edward Williams

    Tales of the unexpected 💜💚❤️

  69. Edward Williams

    You will see them

  70. Edward Williams

    This is very dark you don't want to ever look in the mirror if you have demons helping you

  71. Edward Williams

    Kate what happened to you this is not you in your heart ☘️🍀💚

  72. Edward Williams

    No green colour at all which is the heart😊Kate has evil around her now because she wanted money

  73. oscoe

    Is this Miranda Richardson?? Aka Queenie...??😀


    oscoe Yes, it is.


    Thought so...she's great too!!!

  74. karldenton65

    Love this, Kate is amazing.

  75. thepretenda

    I could just tell from the approaching 2:28 that this was going to get good!!

  76. Nadja T.

    The other woman looks like Frida Kahlo.


    That's Miranda Ricjardson, I think. :)
    The drawn eyebrows are what does it. She's great at taking on different faces.

    Hugh Sweeney

    she looks quite [email protected]

    Délire ENT.

    This is the woman that play Rita Sketer on Harry Potter !

  77. Jonathan Hodgson

    Miranda Richardson ?



    Jonathan Hodgson

    Thought it looked like Queenie ha ha


    Watch this This Woman's Work vid and you'll notice "Percy" too :)

  78. Dagmara Klimczak

    I love this song and I love this video.

  79. Chris Johns

    surely this has got to have been an influence for the Guillemots track Get Over It. very similar structure and rhythms.

  80. Elle Nigma

    Miranda nailed it at 2:56

  81. Sebastian Wendel

    great song .... I really forgot it ...

  82. Fatma Dalban

    ben bunu yükleyen Türk için buraya bayrak asiyorum!

  83. paul elliott

    Absolutely majestic and wonderful
    Fantastic indeed

  84. Steve Key

    I see a lot of twin peaks in this

  85. GWR 813

    'They're gonna whip her up like a helicopter'! a great lyric!

  86. alex gotiken

    in 0:14 Katy Perry appears on the scene :)

  87. Ann Onymous


  88. Efe Re

    did david lycnh directed this

    Army Dreamers

    no.Kate bush herself did.

  89. Martina Slovenka

    Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés related this story in detail in her book Woman who run with the wolves. The book is a real treasure if you are searching for the soul.

    Nisha Halai

    Yes a real treasure. Listening to Clarissa Pinkola Estés audio of The Red Shoes and it's been wonderfully healing and insightful (though painful too). Thank goodness for Fairytales (the original ones anyway).

  90. harri hiltunen

    fantastic women singer...

  91. phil Taylor

    Perfection, it has everything.

  92. Paul F

    What is up with that pale guy?

    Siham Bsn

    it's lindsay kemp if im not mistaking
    he taught bowie many stuff (mime)

  93. shiv1982 ooo

    Absolutely love this song and love Kate!! Not too sure about Miranda's Irish accent though! Lol

  94. Philip Pilkington

    Me again, smashing

  95. Vassiliki Mathioudaki

    I can feel David Lynch in here...

    Char x

    Omg that's exactly what I thought about. It gave me Mulholland Drive vibes

    Char x

    And obviously those red curtains

    Atlant Paladin

    its explain all mysterious in Twin Peaks

    Kai Z

    Imagine if Kate had appeard in Twin Peaks. I think the universe would have imploded because it would have been like "welp, I think I'm done here now."

    Stephen Key

    Vassiliki Mathioudaki I was thinking david bowie

  96. Michael Cummings

    pure brilliant

    Di Diane

    Pure Evil !

  97. Noelle Barton

    i want to dance like her! Kate Bush is so pure, her dancing is so truthfull and beautifull..!

  98. dianalee84

    I had a modeling job and wore red shoes and this was the sound track. Loved it since. Kate Bush is so creative and what a voice! Magical.

  99. Isabel Laing

    Wow !Wow !Wow !So So Good The Incredible,Unique,Wonderful Kate Bush ❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋🌹