Kate Bush - Rubberband Girl Lyrics

See those trees
Bend in the wind
I feel they've got a lot more sense than me
You see I try to resist

A rubberband bouncing back to life
A rubberband bend the beat
If I could learn to give like a rubberband
I'd be back on my feet
A rubberband hold me trousers up
A rubberband ponytails
If I could learn to twang like a rubberband
I'd be a rubberband girl
A rubberband girl me
A rubberband girl me
Oh I wanna be a rubberband girl

When I slip out
Of my catapult
I gotta land with my feet firm on the ground
And let my body catch up

A rubberband bouncing back to life
A rubberband bend the heat
If I could learn to give like a rubberband
I'd be back on my feet
A rubberband hold me trousers up
A rubberband ponytails
If I could learn to twang like a rubberband
I'd be a rubberband girl
A rubberband girl me
A rubberband girl me
Oh I wanna be a rubberband girl

Give like a rubberband
Twang like a rubberband
Snap like a rubberband


One rubberband won't keep you up
Two rubberbands won't keep you up
Three rubberbands won't keep you up
Here I go......[ad lib]
.... Yeah!

One rubberband won't keep you up
Two rubberbands won't keep you up
Three rubberbands won't keep you up

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Kate Bush Rubberband Girl Comments
  1. Tony Viner

    Not her best effort.

    Not even a little bit.

  2. tonebonetones

    wow, even then she was showing signs of too many pies, usually the preserve of working class blokes over 40

  3. Sono2

    1993 and everyone in the video is disgustingly stuck in 1986.

  4. RQK1996

    Kate Bush is an incredible dancer, I've rarely seen anyone move so deliberately yet so natural

  5. Genna Tuelz

    Sweden should adopt this as their national anthem.


    No, it's not _islam_ enough for Sweden.

  6. Peter Green

    Kate Bush_a talent that's beyond measure

  7. Nigel Charlton-Wright

    Can never understand why this talented lady keeps on being overlooked in favour of American plastic talent. For example, Whitney Houston. Yes, Whitney Houston was a very good, but Kate Bush is way better then her, she writes her own songs and produces them too, but yet her records aren't played that often. Such a shame!

  8. Squirt Reynolds

    Hey y’all, prepare yourselves for the rubber band man.

  9. Lez Lezman

    That voice...such power and such pitch. Instantly recognisable. Not many could imitate that.

  10. Ethereal Catholic

    Uuuuhhh uuuuhhh uuuuuuhhhuuu uuuuhhhh

  11. Jim K

    Great song. Terrible video.

  12. Zacattack

    Well , even in those days , the Kalergi was taking shape ... could those large nosed rich people not leave us alone ....? Katie , it’s a bloody shame shekels spoiled

  13. Frisbieinstein

    Rub a dub a dub!

  14. Laurent Quintana

    Close from the big sky

  15. burteriksson

    When I heard the intro, I though it was "Stay" by Oingo Boingo!

  16. Jesse Revilla

    Retro 80’s ?

  17. Birtha Butt

    Ledgend, she was GREAT....dont like this tune though

  18. Richard MCcray

    Bravo! Love me some Kate Bush!

  19. FeralWarpwolf

    Somewhere I read that Lady Gaga is her spiritual successor. I am really sorry, but Lady Gaga really has nothing on Kate Bush. And never will have I am afraid.

  20. VC YT

    This looks a bit like a rape gang video !

    Kate dont need others in her videos.

  21. Paul Hardacre

    ........Peter Richardson at the end ~ her 'biggest fan'.....any one else got it?? Ha!!!

  22. pumasgoya

    Not as good as The Rubber band Man.

  23. Délire ENT.

    This song is great !!! But it look a Little Old for 1993. Interessing

  24. Vishnu Ravi

    2019 november anybody??

    Flanigan a-go-go

    We ; collectively ,. Will always be runnin up. That hill.
    (with no problem)

    Modig Beowulf

    Wes þū hâl


    Better than I remembered it. Held up surprisingly well. Fun bouncy track.

    Woosher Dooser

    December Yeah 2019...👍👍

  25. Stig Pedersen

    Kind of Britpop Bjork :-)

  26. Michael Hanrahan

    No matter what you extol about her, it seems woefully inadequate.

  27. MatchstalkMan

    I first watched Kate on Top Of The Pops singing “Wuthering Heights” - I’ve followed her ever since. Her talent knows no bounds.

  28. Jaesen Knowles

    Don’t you just love 🥰Kate bush x

  29. Xaraxania, Wight Gold

    that dance is amazing, i love her

  30. Minoru Iino

    she seyed black peaple is so nice and sexy .

  31. Steven Haywood

    My favourite version of this is on the Director's Cut, a masterful reworking indeed!


    "sttgaegoaktd" — Did you have a stroke there?

  32. Steven Haywood

    I love this version and the US single version too! Great song!

  33. james morgan

    lucky bastard... I'd give my eye teeth to dance with Kate

  34. Kevin Bourne

    Kate is unique, a genius.

  35. academic person


  36. Carlos Lucero


  37. K O

    She is just a Legend.

  38. al bundy

    es ist ein Wonne kate zuzuhören und sie anzusehen. ich habe kate damals jeden tag stundenlang angehört und es wurde nie langweilig. ich würde liebend gerne noch mehr von ihr hören. sie ist eine einmalige Künstlerin. kates musik ist zeitlos so dass man es nie satt hören kann
    it's a pleasure to listen and watch her. I listened to Kate for hours every day and it never got boring. I would love to hear more from her. she is a unique artist. Kate's music is timeless so you can never hear enough of it
    c'est un plaisir de l'écouter et de la regarder. J'ai écouté Kate pendant des heures chaque jour et cela ne m'a jamais ennuyé. J'aimerais entendre plus d'elle. c'est une artiste unique. La musique de Kate est intemporelle, vous ne pouvez donc jamais en entendre assez

  39. Raphael Maitam

    "meu amor, eu sou professora de dança"

  40. dread true

    Very cool song

  41. thefunkyone247

    Delicious 😘😘😘💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽😘😘

  42. Keith LaBrash

    Art is never finished. MUSIC is never finished, too! Kate Bush... keep creating music, ok? I've loved ALL your tunes, up to NOW! (Keep going...)

    Keith LaBrash

    Forgot to elaborate! Art/music is never finished, just ABANDONED! Don't abandon your music. :)

  43. Cactus Rabbit

    Kate’s dancing is so fun and flirtatious-It adds depth to her fantastic music. Love it!

  44. Beezer D

    There are no words to describe how good Kate and her songs are. You think that you've heard the best one, decide to play another then think the same and so it continues...

  45. SXiPPY Dennison

    How Kate's videos never garnered more awards is beyond me. The commitment she puts towards her dancing is almost unparalleled even by Madonna. Kate's body is a full vessel of art. I hope she releases this full movie in the future.

  46. Paulo Neto

    Just when you think this is a simple straight-up (at least by Kate's standards) performance music video, BOOM!...There comes a giant wind machine!

  47. Cutland Springs

    This song fucking sucks. I like most of her stuff but this is pure filler. Rubber bands are not the stuff of poetry. Or songs for that matter. Paperclip Woman.

  48. Holden Hush

    I'm struggling to think of other songs that have no chord changes. It's one chord!!!! Bless Kate

    Flame Boy

    Bob Dylan's Political World is another great one - all in F#!

  49. Jack Kallemdjian

    Let’s not forget the male dancer quite brilliant


    Stewart Avon Arnold, a long time dance partner who (along with Gary Hurst) performed with Kate on her Tour of Life in 1979

    Jack Kallemdjian

    mvellis 😘

  50. hamilton_gui

    Kate Bush invented P!nk

  51. 83rdox

    Kate bush has more music videos then anyone i swear

  52. CJS929

    Her marriage of interpretive dance to her song lyrics and music is unparalleled. This is why calling her an otherworldly musical genius almost seems like an understatement.

  53. Robert Stirman

    Kate. Amazing.

  54. Malingo25

    My girl LOVES yo-yo's man. Whether they glow in the dark or not

  55. Cheyenne Brennan

    So few songs are about holding trousers up these days!

  56. Picnicl

    Please see my channel for a magical tour of 98 of Kate Bush's songs, including Rubberband Girl. The playlist order is to tell a story/create a mood.

  57. Picnicl

    "It's in the trees, it's coming!"
    in to the sensual world..
    "See those trees? I think they've got a lot more sense than me"

  58. Christopher Russell

    Kate your music is the greatest ever

  59. Angelo Borba

    If I were this lucky dancer I would never shower again.

  60. Hannah Marshall

    Is it just me who has this in their head anytime they step foot on a trampoline? lol <3

  61. Zed's Dead

    this song was released in 1993 but sounds like something from the 80s. she probably wrote this way before it was released

    Cam Bar

    Zed's Dead nope.

  62. Marcin Medyk

    I Love Her Private Space

  63. Kate Holland

    Awwww...this was the first song Id ever heard from her.. been hooked on her ever since 😊😊😊

  64. J W


  65. Rob Arsenault

    Nothing against Kate of course, but if you wait long enough, most of the videos from back then begin to look like something from The Monkees TV show.

  66. Seto Lucifer

    Kept on hearing this song in my dreams and I was seriously freaked out when I found out it was real. My mom told me she listened to this song when I was a baby. That was 25 years ago. It’s amazing how I can’t remember anything from the past five years but this song I may have heard when I was a new born is sitting in the back of my mind.

  67. Bryce McLendon


  68. Gregory Fister

    Kate is one of the most amazing lyricists and singers ever, but sometimes I just wanna hear say "rubbadubbadubbadubaaaa" :D

  69. wwwjavier

    el negro se canso de Apoyarle el Pene, Seguro que tiene un Suro en las Nalgas

  70. Amanda Prill

    She was a very good dancer too

  71. Dennis Lee Cleven

    I'm in the US and we didn't really embrace Kate Bush. I only had her first four albums and I am on a real binge. she's incredible! She's a songwriter, singer, actress, dancer and a genius. She's GREAT.

    Lagos, Stammvater der Ptolemäer

    Sie spricht echt gut deutsch

  72. youandwhosearmy?

    Fancy being jealous of some gay bloke for mishandling Kate Bush.
    I was

  73. Kali Bonoz

    What a lovely video.this guy was so lucky to have dance in such close proximity with Kate, just to feel her warmness and long hair hitting you in the face.her essense forever soaked into your soul and her sweat raining over your face the beads of vanilla wet and wild.ohh what woman she is.

    Ella K

    Dude chill...

    Anatoliania Deco

    Yeah, I second that - dude chill 😬

  74. Steven Brunelle

    Kate is hot.

  75. Valcemi Ferreira

    Tudo perfeito nesse clip.

  76. Butterfly Collector

    She likes a yo-yo does our Kate😀

  77. Posh Lady Surrey

    Kate would make a great Actress

  78. Minister Peacefulpoet

    It was to Kafastan
    That he ran
    A land without a plan
    We just play along
    In a band
    Singing whatever the audiance
    Can understand

  79. Posh Lady Surrey

    Female Genius

  80. Ilir Cela

    Need new words to describe Kate Bush

  81. Alex Baer


  82. Karahbell

    She’s the best! I want to dance like that and not look like a freak lol

  83. Matt Green

    the spiritual successor to TIs rubberband man

  84. Carolyn Ellis

    Sex personified

  85. anDrew R

    I hope the project she worked on with prince see the light of day!!


    Why Should I Love You? from Kate's album The Red Shoes
    My Computer from Prince's album Emancipation

  86. Kevin Valdes

    I like that there are various references from her other songs/videos. Like for example: the yo-yo.

  87. 1DaTJones

    Just today I discovered the brilliant Kate Bush. I know, better late than never though right! She is blowing my mind.


    It is never to late to discover the goddess Kate. Once hooked there is no going back.

  88. Daniel J Hitchens

    Discovered by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd no less. Great story, look it up! Greatness knows greatness.

  89. lisa starves

    Rubber band band.. lol

  90. Steven Johnstone

    She takes a well deserved break at 1.18 and back to work at 1.28.

  91. Ryan SLADEEE

    Does anyone feel like they hear Prince when the background vocals say “A Rubberband Girl She”? I know he’s on “Why Should I Love You?” but I’ve always thought I heard him and his influence on this song too.

  92. WITCHYFLUFF Lyn Birkett

    Excellent choreography, love this video 👍❤️

  93. Thiago Fucking Sodré


  94. Greg Campbell

    Still Loving Katie Girl ,after all these Years!

  95. prospero

    I adore The Kate Bush with every fiber of my being ! ! ! :>

  96. Eddie

    i haven’t stopped thinking about this for two months

  97. TalkkitUp with Angela Mariea

    I love it. Has a Madonna vibe.