Kate Bush - Lily Lyrics

Oh thou, who givest sustenance to the universe
From whom all things proceed
To whom all things return
Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual sun
Hidden by a disc of golden light
That we may know the truth
And do our whole duty
As we journey to thy sacred feet

Well I said
"Lily, Oh Lily I don't feel safe
I feel that life has blown a great big hole
Through me"
And she said
"Child, you must protect yourself
I'll show you how with fire"

Gabriel before me
Raphael behind me
Michael to my right
Uriel on my left side
In the circle of fire

I said
"Lily, Oh Lily I'm so afraid
I fear I am walking in the Veil of Darkness"
And she said
"Child, take what I say
With a pinch of salt
And protect yourself with fire"

Gabriel before me
Raphael behind me
Michael to my right
Uriel on my left side
In the circle of fire

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Kate Bush Lily Comments

    This video is complete witchcraft the song itself the dance and every thing the lady is saying to her. Be sure to have JESUS CHRIST he is the only protection and the only way to life everlasting, he will also give you the HOLY SPIRIT freely to discern truth and lies, the HOLY SPIRIT is very real. I advise you all to not watch and listen to the words of this video if you have ask GOD in the name of JESUS to remove any curses that were placed upon your life, do this regularly when listening to any music that is mainstream or played on the radio. Always remember friends all recording artist who are famous and get played on the radio have to be an initiated witch before getting their music out, they put countless of curses and enchantments over your life when you listen to their music. Many if not all write their songs backwards. Very evil world we live in people pray to GOD our FATHER daily so you become more to the point of not being of this world because this world will pass and those who are of it but those who are not of it but are only in it for the time being will have eternal life in peace and happiness.

  2. Kinga Kucyk

    So beautiful 😍

  3. Alan Lane

    We shall all be delivered...........

  4. Alan Lane

    One of her very best..........oh how I love her.....

  5. cj hepburn

    @cjace #lilycarter

  6. tidaleel

    and after all this years we are all in this world still walking through the Veil of Darkness. but we become ourselves the circle of fire.

  7. 1manuscriptman

    The tune that Kate Bush is humming at around 3:24 is from :"The Big Sky".

  8. Amorr Winterstorm

    6This song is6 so groOovy6

  9. Gordon Anderson

    I found the song!

    I had no idea there was a video of this tune, and I have been doing the 4 Arch-angle invocation of protection for so many years, about 30, I forget where it came from.

    In this version, it really really works! And those Angles, they do not get tired, in fact they are energized by helping us, and by our music and chants.

  10. Darren Foster

    Love this era Kate Bush. She's so beautiful.....

  11. Bats&Spiders,Sweety

    I'm in a circle of fire every fucking time I listen to you

  12. Blorg Storc

    Such a bop 😍

  13. Picnicl

    I always think of Joanna from her Aerial album as a musical successor to Lily. They're both battle cries for protection.

  14. shane molone

    under heavy attack at the moment this song just came into my head now im here in my own ring of fire

  15. Truth Boy

    Yes Kate you are walking in a 'veil of darkness', please turn away from it before its too late.

  16. Alan Lane

    Unique perfection.............

  17. Robert Frankowski

    Kate is amazing. She is the best

  18. Вечерний Гродно


  19. Azozeo

    Jesus Christ, seriously 😐

  20. timtak1

    I did not know that Kate Bush is David Lynch, or Hakuin, or Jesus.

    "Sacred feet"

    Lily could not protect Kate from becoming obese, like Lily though. Kate seemed to see this coming.

  21. Mark Glassman


  22. Texmex89

    satanic filth music video smh may God have mercy on there souls


    Go away, Christian loser.

  23. Saved by Grace

    Are all of you out of your freaking MINDS????? This is so SATANIC I can't even believe it!!! When Kate is consulting with Lily she is consulting with LUCIFER you freaking morons! Have any of you even cracked open a Bible to read it? And its not like you can read it once and then say, YEP, I read it. You can read the Bible over and over and every time GOD THE HOLY FATHER will reveal more things to you but you must want to learn. Lily is another name of Satan, and he goes by many names. I am full of sorrow at the number of people who are worshipping this minion as if she were a goddess.

    sabine e

    Honey, I don't mind, believe what you want, but there is no lucifer and there is no hell, and yes, she is a goddess.

  24. Frederic NAPIER

    What a genius woman...


    And alas for me, soon to become like her, a FAT woman. I wish that the genius Kate would hide her cookie jar.

  25. Don Kiddick

    That's my Nan...

  26. Remark

    I love this song... I was listening to it in the car after dropping my girlfriend at Heathrow airport today, the empowering affirmations bought tears to my eyes... after telling her via text, she sent me the link to the video... I never saw it til now... tears were rolling down my face into my beard! Great to visualise them & to see them more clearly in this awesome video... Angel time is 11.11 apparently... I looked at the mileage I'd done today.... it said 111.1! Blessing to all of us. Thank You Kate & co X

  27. Nick D

    Whenever I need a hug from my late Nanna Mary I watch this.

  28. wee bogi

    wow, she amazed me back in the days...and now i appreciate the lyrics of her songs and feelings behind the message. <3

  29. Guinéa mignon pig

    Even I living in China , my parents know her but lots of the others suspected that she is a golden dawn / Taoist witch , lmfao

  30. 谢李艳

    I'm a fan, originally from China.

    Guinéa mignon pig

    Me too , been her fan since 16 yrs ago

    David R

    Yes YouAre 😀😀😀👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Christian Bevillard

    HELLO CHINA ! I'm french and fan two, since more than 30 years !

  31. David R



    Lily Cornford is the older woman. She was a great spiritual teacher and healer and met Kate through her healing centre in Kilburn. I went to her for many years and I wept when I watched the video,it was if she was speaking to me at a time I was very afraid and required spiritual protection

    Harold the Barrel

    I always imagined this story was true. Thank you for testfiyng.


    What dumb cunts :
    This is Witchcraft ... and that old bag certainly didn't heal herself from 'fat' 'old' ' dumb looking'....................
    'Cunsider the Source',
    in this life.

  33. Mauritz Svalander

    The old woman scares me, dont know why

  34. RyeOats

    Oh, its the prequel to moment's of pleasure.

  35. Trace zach daniels

    very cool......much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO

  36. Simone Thomson

    Kate Bush is nothing less than perfect..

  37. greenisnotacreativecolour

    Oh thou, who givest sustenance to the universe
    From whom all things proceed
    To whom all things return
    Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual sun
    Hidden by a disc of golden light
    That we may know the truth
    And do our whole duty
    As we journey to thy sacred feet

    Well I said
    "Lily, Oh Lily I don't feel safe
    I feel that life has blown a great big hole
    Through me"
    And she said
    "Child, you must protect yourself
    I'll show you how with fire"

    Gabriel before me
    Raphael behind me
    Michael to my right
    Uriel on my left side
    In the circle of fire

    I said
    "Lily, Oh Lily I'm so afraid
    I fear I am walking in the Veil of Darkness"
    And she said
    "Child, take what I say
    With a pinch of salt
    And protect yourself with fire"

    Gabriel before me
    Raphael behind me
    Michael to my right
    Uriel on my left side
    In the circle of fire

  38. Anton Medvedev

    Words fail me when trying to describe this particular song... I'll repeat myself saying The Red Shoes is my all time favourite album. I always listen carefully the spoken words by an old lady, there's so much to understand...

  39. 311

    had some been listening to cocteau twins... ?

  40. AAH Replies

    Kate Bush knew the The Gayatri mantra this what the old lady is reciting:
    ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः ।तत्स॑वि॒तुर्वरेण्यं॒भर्गो॑ दे॒वस्य॑ धीमहि ।धियो॒ यो नः॑ प्रचो॒दया॑त् ॥


    Can you translate it please?


    ​@BookOwl We meditate on the adorable glory of the radiant sun; may he inspire our intelligence. 
    …something along those lines, anyway.

    Majestic King

    It's a Vedic Mantra in Sanskrit. Hail India!

  41. Bsbss Hsbsbs

    Who else is here for twdg ytp?? No one? Ok.

  42. Josh N

    The bass in this song is ridiculously sexy.

  43. Rossy Ramirez

    This reminded me of lily from the walking dead

  44. Fillmbuffy

    'The Line The Cross and The Curve' is the best short film ever!!

  45. TullesP

    great track, but check out the live version on Before the Dawn, that's magnificent!


    The whole album..... amazing!!!

  46. Jeff Stanford

    creatures such as yourself keep me alive .thank you for being

  47. OrganicFreshArtificialSyntheticVitamins

    Danny you lied this isnt a banger

    Van Vogue

    he didnt lie danny is telling the damn truth binch

  48. Paul Owens

    likin the new stuff. keep them coming you genius

  49. fernanda assis

    amazing lady and funny to I love her songs I love her too

  50. kipperfeast

    Your errant and misleading post says that this is the Before the Dawn Tour from 2014. It's just a bunch of her videos, stupid bitch.

  51. Master Shannon

    Nice video, but the angelic order is incorrect an she missing the base angel and the summit angel. This the problem with esoteric knowledge. The keys are verbal not in a book by Doreen Virtue

    Master Shannon

    Really? Can you try to make that into a coherent sentence based on fact rather than supposition?

    Patricio Baeza Contreras

    Sir, no one but you cares about Kate Bush not getting her angelic order right. Let that sink in. Enjoy the song.


    ich one is missing?i learned the kabbalistic cross.


    Dear holier-than-thou dumbass. Please quote a little scripture as your citation for where you are getting "base angel" and "summit angel". Show us ANYTHING in the Bible supporting those terms and do not use any other sources.


    Many who feel drawn to studying esoteric teachings are notoriously big-headed with a fat ego, hence the bickering. There ya go...LOL. People love arguing over facts.

  52. Rose Petal

    I believe this is "THE" Lily, whom she consulted~~

    ruby hamilton

    Not the actual Lily but the song is dedicated to her :)


    @ruby hamilton NO. It IS Lily herself.

  53. mark1138

    the Kundalini in me . not spontaneous

  54. Dana D

    Tears stream down my face... watching this video and listening to the song,,, outstanding and touching the soul!

  55. Kevin Larson

    pOW....k.o.....Love Kate Bush. None will ever match her.

  56. Isabel Laing

    Aaaaaaaah I adore this just Magical! Nothing less from The Great Kate Bush ❤️💋🌹💏💞💖😽😻😺👌

  57. jan thefan

    So poignant Luv it xx My Gran was called Lily XxxX

  58. Николай Узунов

    The red shoes mistery! Love it! <3

  59. Steve Wrightson

    So creative, beautiful & deeply talented; Kate Bush your glorious xx

  60. Dermacrosis

    She has to be the only artist who can sing about Pi and laundry and have us love her for it. What a Goddess.

    Dawn Has Broken

    Dermacrosis You do realize that Pi is part of the pedophile information double speak?


    @Cracka Dawn
    That is P.I.E, and it no longer exists, hasn't since the early 80s.

    The song Pi is a completely different thing as it is about the mathematical constant:

    Dawn Has Broken

    @Dermacrosis I hope so. But yeah, that pi thing went under ground and they use that symbol as an " insider knowing" type thing. I've never listened to Kate Bush before. Very talented. I don't want to makes false claims so I will stand corrected and enjoy being wrong because I'm sick of only hearing how bad celebrities are. I hope she is able to stay away from all things Hollywood if she hasn't been tainted yet. That's a rare gem. Thank you -- ✌


    @Cracka Dawn
    If there is one person who would be against child rape it is Kate Bush.

    PIE as it was in the 80s disbanded, there are obviously other groups in a similar way existing today sadly.

    Them using the symbol is not the symbols fault. The swastika is actually a a positive symbol but look at how it has been corrupted and stained with blood because of some vile and evil excuses for human beings.

    She has been around since the late 70s, when I became a fan at the age of 4, believe me she is not "hollywood" nor tainted.

    Constant Vigilance

    Of course, she's fucking iconic

  61. Sebra Walls

    Love her have for years I also enjoy her work with peter Gabriel especially


    "We meditate on the glory of that Being who has produced this universe; may He enlighten our minds."

  63. gymshoes

    Check out Lilly V2, 2014... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Kent Mains

    Kate growling is probably the best thing I've ever heard.

  65. John P

    I love how cult and avant garde Kate's videos were. Her lyrics are far more than poetic. No words can describe the love I have fro this woman and what she does. Her face needs to be printed next to the word "art" in the dictionary!!!

  66. Mashed Joetato

    lol Stephen's YTP's brought me here xD

    Downfall Adolf Hitler



    Kenny steals from the group

    Stephen Key

    Mashed Joetato who's Stephen ytp

    Olivia Nyström

    @Stephen Key He makes funny ytp’s of twdg

  67. Marisol Cortez

    man, i can't listen to this song without tearing up. 

  68. Alixx Richardson

    Kate is too amazing for words

  69. Peter Arnold

    This song has the great kick. Like the rhythm and hook.

  70. jack griffin

    A genius, a wizard, a true star!

  71. Tod Keener

    School is now in session, learning anything?

    Shadow Offspring

    Tod Keener She lost her way. This can happen with something like drug addiction. To me Gabriel represents holding a flower before her represents earth, what is in front of you, plain reality, truth, beauty. Raphael represents air, behind, what you cannot see, as in the back of your mind, holding a staff representing wisdom, thoughts and rationality. Michael represents fire, holding a sword on the right, protecting your sense of morality, the right thing to do, fending off the Devil with his sword. Uriel represents water, on the left side, guarding your sinful side, carrying an orb that shows your mistakes, your past, a reflection of what you have done, who you are and remembering why want to find your way. The circle of fire represents courage, the courage to find your way back from the deep woods after straying for so long. Entering a circle of fire and staying the journey in one takes a lot of courage.

    Tod Keener

    @David Tejeda 👍

  72. linksgreen

    Raphael looks suspiciously like Kelsey Grammer.

  73. helios

    such brilliance. this had tears in my eyes. thanks for uploading. i have the album from when it came out, but i never saw this film of hers. such beauty throughout. beautifully put together and filmed.

  74. aucourant

    She started the 'Before The Dawn' concerts with 'Lily' which is very appropriate because she was entering the 'circle of fire' by performing live. Apparently, she has a real fear about live performance in front of huge audiences.


    And it blew us away!

    Lee Michael Walton

    Agreed. I felt truly blessed to be at the Before the Dawn Concert. The words spoken here and at the beginning of the concert were an evocation for the Four Archangels which are a part of the Order of the Golden Dawn. It is a ritualistic prayer for protection.

    Darren Foster

    Would have probably given my right bollock to have seen it...

    Gary Smith

    Was so lucky to see Kate come onto this. Goosebumps all over at Hammersmith. The power of the music and sound live was visceral.

  75. cemd105

    Jesus is the only protection.

    Guinéa mignon pig

    Taosit is not a religion, you fool


    also Kate


    Jesus is bullshit.

    Susanna F

    He didn't protect me. I was just a kid. So you've been lied to, like I was.

    Gregory Patrick

    But, the prayer remarks on it. "....reveal to us the face of the true spiritual son, hidden by a disc of golden light...." You can't go through Hermetics without the Christ.

  76. Travis Bickle

    The bass guitar on this is immense.

  77. George Orr

    Everytime she belts out "I'll show you how with FIRE!"  - I get chills. What a talent.

    Lonely Bubblegum Girl

    yay I'm not alone

    Stephen Key

    George Orr she's talking about SHC - spontaneous human combustion 😰😰🔥🔥😰😰


    Fire is the South, this is just a Witchcraft ritual.
    With the Watchtowers.

  78. aerialkate

    Apparently she just opened her first 'live' show in 35 years with this track - walked on stage with a procession of backing singers and sang it.  Was hoping she'd include this in the set list!  Glad she didn't go for the more predictable 'RUTH' as an opener. Seeing her next week!!!


    @chulieho The love was palpable. Awesome evening.

    Ian Sane

    You're going to love the show!  I'm hoping very much to return to London for the final show.

    Flo Jo

    @aerialkate I understand your comments.  Interesting to see 'Before the Dawn' from another perspective.  I love 'King of the mountain' and 'Joanni', and was happy to welcome less familiar (to me) tracks such as 'Top of the city'.  
    Those tracks you call 'classics' are not ones I was looking for - isn't it great that we're not all the same?  I would have paid over the odds if she would have done 'How to be invisible', for example!  And yes, it's probably because you are too familiar with it that 'Ninth Wave' didn't grab you.  I know it too, but there were points when I was weeping like a lost child.

    'Sky of honey' was simply a bonus.  There were people around me who thought that the show had finished at the interval, they were ready to go home!  And I didn't want her to perform her back catalogue;  I wanted what we got - an event that no-one could have guessed at in its entirety beforehand.  

    Paul McCaffrey

    @chulieho There was indeed a lot of love. It was a deeply moving experience and I for one would not have it changed one iota. I'm with Flo Jo....I wanted what we got too. I'm thrilled to have been there

    Paul McCaffrey

    @Flo Jo You're right....and for me the ninth wave familiarity did not breed contempt either. Deeply moving and completely thrilling

  79. peperes2

    'the Line, the Cross and the Curve' movie is one of the most important  pieces of  occult work I've ever seen. There are so many hidden keys in this movie that when I uncovered  them I started to sob in tears. This woman's work has changed my life and I cannot thank her enough.  There is no doubt she is highly knowledgeable of occultism/metaphysics and spirituality. email me if you want more info.

    Steve Key

    +CandyJamTV why is all this bs coming up??
    ie illuminati and occult
    the occult real but extremely dangerous ie tarot ouija etc



    Shanna Hudson-Stowe

    not very occult, but spiritual.. very much so

    Stephen Key

    peperes2 occultism.... Playing with fire 🔥 there, literally 😨😨😨

    Jim Sullivan

    So genuine question - whats the story with you all - is this evil, or do you see yourselves as good, or what? Genuine question. What are you all doing magic for?

  80. 2algernon

    This is deep gnostic imagery... and much deeper than canonical christianity. When Kate consults Lily, she might very well be consulting the first woman in the bible, created from earth and banished from spite of the creator god. But Lily much like the serpent of Eden can be conceived as a messenger from a source that was before said canonical, christian, creator-god. The "one true spirutal sun" that hides behind "the golden disk", the actual sun and also an old symbol for the known god in many religions. What lies behind that, is in just as many religions a hidden god, maybe a female deity or something altogether different - nevertheless the gnostic strain is something that travels through a lot of Kate's work.

    Nick Wyatt

    Look at this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%27Origine_du_monde and understand.

    Nick D

    Lily is Kate's long time spiritual healer. The angels well precede the Judaeo/Christian traditions. It is The Sun Lily and Kate both are giving thanks to and honouring.


    Have you met Lily?

    Stephen Key

    2algernon wasn't lilith Adams first wife.... Who became a reptilian snake after she stood up to the he old boys club.... ie God and adam🤣🤣🤣

  81. wownouser

    There's something very moving about this song. The thought of angels standing by us and protecting us throughout life's hardships.


    She repeats the theme in 'Among angels' from '50 Words For Snow'.

  82. debiedog1

    Oh, how I love her.....

  83. daniel eastwood

     The water lily was initially the favorite of Ra, and a product or emanation from his being. Ani wished to have the power to transform himself into the sacred blue water lily so that his body might have new birth and ascend daily into heaven. Another version of this transformation allowed Ani to transform himself into Ptah (creator god). Importantly, the accompanying vignette is a human head springing from the open flower of Nymphaea caerulea growing in a pool of water. The text of this is attributed to "Osiris Ani" who says, "I am the holy water lily that comes forth from the light which belongs to the nostrils of Ra, and which belongs to the head of Hathor. I am the pure water lily that came forth from the field of Ra." Later versions of the same text petition the water lily with requests for visions and soul flight. Such supplications suggest the power of the water lily and are important stylistic clues to the chemical nature of the flower which might be used to provide such transcendent experiences

    Neil Savage

    Lily Cornford you buffoon.

  84. WithMyLittleSpoon


  85. Oh Wow

    Anyone else he's cuz of the walking dead

    Mashed Joetato

    Yep, lol


    Lewis Survivor no, im here because i love kate bush

  86. WithMyLittleSpoon

    Buon Anno 2014,Happy Blessed Sunny Snowy Wednesday:):):)***:):):)East Raphael:South Michael:West:Gabriel North:Uriel,THE SPELL HAS BEEN BROKEN*****TI-AMO,SALUTE,KATMEeeeeOWPOW,CIAO;:):):)***:):):)

  87. Zebassos

    East: Raphael,
    South: Michael,
    West: Gabriel,
    North: Uriel.

    How did she sing back the symbols ?


    Miguel Angel Flores Chirinos

    Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel are four Arcangeles of protection. Rapahel for the health, Green ray; Michael against the devil, Blue Ray, Gabriel White ray, Resurrection and Uriel "God fire" red ray....there are four angels of protection for us, send by God to the earth.


    Raphael would be Air and thus also healing.
    (technical healing, like doctors)
    Michael would be Fire, and pretty much :"decisions"
    Gabriel would be Water and thus feelings, and pretty much all thinking aswell,
    The actual possibility to think, the thoughts themselves are moar of an intermixing.
    Uriel would be Earth, and thus the results.

    Results, heh, people calling things 'dat' while dat is just the dutch word for that.

    Ya know, these things have been going on for a while.

    Mike Jay

    @Miguel Angel Flores Chirinos Pre god concepts these are the elements. The schristian "God" is a johnny-come-lately compared to these ancient beings

    Guinéa mignon pig

    C'est Taoist


    You are all so full-of-shit :
    Gods are man-made;
    - the Elements have been here , way before..
    ... and this is what Kate, is trying to describe.

  88. Jake Morley

    The 80s certainly had a influence on our Kate. The Intro though was fantastic and evoked my Imagination about a great adventure that was never told..! to deep? 


    Kate Bush certainly had an influence on the 80s. 

  89. Granualt


  90. Gabriella Patterson

    christian boy??? no Kate song Lily not about witchcraft,.. did you listen to Lily she say Kate's Angels would protect her from the demons ,... she sings all the Angels names Gabriel before me
    Raphael behind me
    Michael to my right
    Uriel on my left side
    In the circle of fire
    Kate is Catholic  and this song is represent the strong will of the good Angels to guide  her safety ,...... please listen to her song before you judge... 

    Keilla Sellay

    Gabriella Patterson

    No it's witchcraft.

    No real Christian invokes the Archangels to protect him or her from some spell.

    This singer is probably a satanist.

    Jesse Ward

    Gabriella Patterson yeah it's extremely sacreligious to summon angels at will

    David Siebert

    Wow, you are paranoid in the extreme.
    1. Kate Bush is Catholic.
    2. THe song starts with a prayer.
    3. She is not summoning archangels. What satanist would call on archangles? That is just dumb.


    Gabriella Patterson your wrong

  91. litldrgnwngs

    @ Tia, Wicca has archangels. You really should look into something and know what you're talking about before you make uneducated guess. Maybe try reading a book about it, or even look it up on the internet. I wish you the best of luck with your ignorance.

    Morrigan Feather

    @litldrgnwngs Wiccans don't have archangels. What book were you reading?

  92. Rose Petal

    I believe it is Lindsay Kemp who is standing behind 'Lily'....he is Kate's dance/mime instructor and also worked with David Bowie.