Kate Bush - Eat The Music Lyrics

Split me open
With devotion
You put your hands in
And rip my heart out
Eat the music

Does he conceal
What he really feels?
He's a woman at heart
And I love him for that
Let's split him open

Like a pomegranate
Insides out
All is revealed
Not only women bleed

Take the stone out
Of the mango
You put it in your mouth
And pull a plum out

Take a papaya
You like a guava?
Grab a banana
And a sultana
Rip them to pieces
With sticky fingers
Split the banana
Crush the sultana

Split 'em open
With devotion
You put your hands in
And rip their hearts out

Like a pomegranate
Insides out
He's a woman at heart
And love him for that

Take a papaya
You like a guavva?
Grab a banana
And a sultana
Rip 'em to pieces
With sticky fingers
Split the banana
Crush the sultana

All emotion
And with devotion
You put your hands in
What ya thinking?
What am I singing?
A song of seeds
The food of love
Eat the music

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Kate Bush Eat The Music Comments
  1. Ian McGreevy

    Who ever ordered the lunch break snacks got fired.

  2. Lesmond 45

    Don't watch if you have vertigo! Gorgeous as always......

  3. Tschuri Fetzen

    03:02 the orgasm of the bass ...

  4. Tschuri Fetzen

    A painting in motion!

  5. David Liggins

    Wow...Kate looks and moves so sexy what a beautiful woman she is...always loved this song loved all her albums which we had to buy..Thank God for Kate Bush...🇬🇧💗💗👍

  6. Neil Miller

    Love the Marlon Wayans cameo at 01:32

  7. SesameStrut

    She is God, She is Queen.
    Kate Forever.

  8. тристан робертсон

    nothing to watch/she can do better/but i respect her/like

  9. Marita Aracena

    Adoro está canción !!! Cómo tantas otras de la genial Kate Bush !!! La escucho desde el año 80 tenía ella y yo 22 años !!! una voz única !!! Y muy talentosa !!! Saludos desde Argentina

  10. mark stuart

    Probably one of her weaker songs and video.

  11. axoram

    Sempre una sensualita' enorme...mi accontenterei di massaggiargli i piedi..

  12. asa

    they went 🌪


    There will only be one Kate Bush!

  14. Billie Ethel

    Jesus even at 60 something she is still entrancing. Kate Bush you have me under your witches spell.

  15. Don Kiddick

    Did they OD on Guava Halve... ? 😂
    It doesn't get much better than this album played on a top notch hi-fi in a darkened room, this track is a particular favourite...

  16. michael fatigati

    Quelle beauté et quelle voix !

  17. ingo pinkowski

    First Hadbanging Song In the History of Music

  18. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

    If this song doesn't give you a warm cheery felling inside I've got news for you your cold as 🍦 Kate Bush is a legend in any decade of this the last time and the next century

  19. Astroboy5150

    Kate sure does like her fruit. Beautiful woman.

  20. Chief Smokey

    Director: "So Kate, have you got any ideas for the set design or the costumes or the choreography?"

    Kate: "Fruit."

  21. legend vito


  22. Jimmy Winters

    Oh my God, I love her! What a freaking inspired genius. I wish I could carry myself so gracefully every moment, like a piece of living art like that. The world wont ever have another after her.

    Beat Husk

    She's so graceful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  23. Dan Star

    Man in storm shouts:
    "She's trying to stop me from helping you
    [can’t make it out…anyone?]
    Stay for your smile."

  24. Robbi Scholfield

    This should explain this vid if anyone is interested


  25. ionean

    The woman at 1:56 looks like the Oracle from The Matrix

  26. X-Compilation

    First time I see a fruit trance EVER

  27. Richard Scott

    No fruit was hurt whilst making this video

  28. Bo Gonzales

    This video is racist. These poor negros pick fruit all day and the crazy white lady stomps it to shit. Must be a 2020 Democrat presidential candidate. Where's Kapernick when you need him?

    Patrick Destain

    Please, leave us and leave her alone. We don't need politics here.. you can post anywhere you like but please not here.. not her

    Beat Husk

    @Patrick Destain Je ne m'attendais pas à ce que quelqu'un poste une telle énormité sur Kate ! Bo Gonzales ne la connait assurément pas 😔

    Patrick Destain

    ​@Beat Husk Je crois que c'est plus un troll ou un commentaire d'un membre du GOP que de qq qui connait KB . Qui sait, meme juste sarcastique. KB n'est pas le sujet de mon commentaire. Il est encore plus simple : "foutez nous la paix" and let us enjoy her music.

  29. thomas walker

    Super Super Super Cool Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Iv B

    I used to not like "Eat the music", but God how to not love it after seeing her in this video.

  31. George B

    Every great artist has their clunkers. This is Kate's. Bland, derivative and half-hearted. Unlike most of her output.

    Beat Husk

    The only Kate song I don't like 😔 Any of her other songs is at least very good 😍

  32. Josh Reitz

    So sexy back then

  33. Philou Mars

    Joker's is the sponsor ?

  34. Philou Mars

    She is a Master.

  35. michael65

    Hey anyone out there have the radio edit of this one? According to wiki, it runs for 3.25. Appreciate any help in finding it!! Cheers.

  36. Gordon Anderson

    We could use a bit of explanation about the odd bit at the start -
    Governments always try to keep musicians from helping each other - they gain too much power as a group.
    Does the man say "SING...sing for your... "(what?)
    Sounds important, and let me just add, that on the day Prince was told about my songs, biz.plan and writtings, he was given a fatalOD!

    Don Kiddick

    Try "The Line, the Cross and the Curve" should make more sense then...

  37. Bert Spoelstra

    When you see the esoteric message it is a little bit shocking. It is a ritual.
    Do they know? They don't know.


    leave the simpletons to their tunes, they don't know their souls are headed to oblivion

  38. Christopher Russell

    The joy of this song is so enlivening . Go Kate go!

  39. Neil Trevor

    I love this song.the cd single and other formats were withdrawn because of the erotic cover he was never released in the UK only the USA and Europe

  40. piespeafield

    sorry, in another dimension Kate is with me

  41. Hugh Sweeney

    Kate is beyond pretty in this video!

  42. Paul Butcher

    i love this song but its far too fruity for me. :-)

  43. phatte

    Like a pomegranate.

  44. Kitty Stanley

    This woman was a sick bitch. This is about sacrificing children!

    Empyreal Cultist

    Break it down for us then? it's about falling in love and at a push arguably inpregnation definitely not child sacrifice is

    Patrick Destain

    you forgot to take your pills again....

  45. Dollatella

    Was this inspired by Gauguin paintings?

  46. Gifted.com

    Effortlessly stunning!

  47. Jacob Sitowski

    Reminds me of "White Sky" by Vampire Weekend

  48. POOLBOY Willis

    I like how it's mostly dudes in Kate Bush comment sections lol clearly she's a glorious creature!

  49. AlyssaAshcroft

    If you notice the last shot is of the Red Shoes that would make her dance to death

  50. bauden barrett

    Beautiful woman

  51. Todd Downing

    RIP Lindsay Kemp

  52. keith-lee castle

    Commercial music..

  53. keith-lee castle

    Pretty much all interesting music has come from a tiny island called the UK...

    Klaas Wijnsma

    Tiny? It's huge! (I'm from the Netherlands)

    Empyreal Cultist

    So UK isn't small because Holland is smaller 🤔

  54. Carlos Resende

    Just love her! Fantastic woman, fantastic music!!!

  55. Trev L

    I've always found it interesting how there are three different videos for this song.

  56. Steven Brunelle

    Sexy-ass witch

  57. Christian Indelicato

    Why do people (the fanbase) give this song so much shit? I freaking love, it’s just so happy and wonderful! The lyricism is great, and the beat is unique.


    I don't know but I love Kate Bush but I think this is her weakest song


    Red shoes is probably my least favourite album of hers too

    Matthew Moss

    @pinkbeatle2012 Funny because this is the only song of hers that I love. Guess it takes all kinds.


    why??? I think this is one of the highlights on possibly her weakest album. Z

    Jeremy Greig

    IDK, its absolutely divine. The video is great as well.

  58. kernowrock555

    So when your Missis catches you watching Kate videos'... what does she say !? ( I'm single so I get no grief..) But I bet you lot get 'a roll of the eyes' ... and 'tut' she's old now.To which I would reply " aah... but love, I'd do anything for those eyes ..."! ... oh, crud...I just figured out why I'm single..... haha!

  59. Kruegerisgod

    Sorry... but dayumm Kate is fine

  60. Valcemi Ferreira

    Kate Bush está linda demais nesse vídeo!

  61. David Alejandro Giraldo Orozco

    One Of The Most Beautiful And Talented Women I've Ever Seen ❤

  62. Stephen Key

    reminds me of Birmingham...spot the white man

  63. Stephen Key

    I love eating art I just take in some chalk and crayons then wash it down with plenty of paint ..amazing

  64. Stephen Key

    I love eating art I just take in some chalk and crayons then wash it down with plenty of paint ..amazing

  65. Caroline Lee

    What 39 bastards decided to dislike this video??!!

  66. keith-lee castle

    She could only happen in the uk...Odd, Genius, Stubborn, Different and Fucking amazing...

  67. joe a

    ugh come back Kate, the world misses your brilliance

  68. Janet Ubides

    Satanic listen to the words and the actions 😳👹

    Empyreal Cultist

    Please do explain, I get falling in love and maybe inpregnation 🤔

  69. Dani D

    She's a witch, this is a ritual. Don't you know the red shoes the elites wear are made out of the skin of children, the fruit and vegetables are children. I'm guessing you can figure out what the wine is. You think those black women are just for a "caribbean" vibe? lol


    What on earth are you talking about?


    @Kelly Because we're sane.


    @Tracey Birnie YouTube conspiracy videos made by various uneducated nut jobs are not exactly considered "research".

    Tracey Birnie

    @Spiderific! hehehehehe

    Empyreal Cultist

    Aren't the red shoes indicative of the struggle played out in the the 1948 film red shoes, further reinforced by the man at the beginning urging her to sing 🤔

  70. Eli De Martini

    ..I can't stop listening!

  71. Rex Scott

    Wow. This is so terrible. It's not even good witch craft.

  72. Saved by Grace

    This video is disturbing. It is certainly Satanic at it's core and there is black magic going on in the video. The VooDoo people surrounding her make it SO obvious, along with the fact that she is wearing red shoes. Hmmmm....what do red shoes signify. Where are all the missing children? Is that Stevie on her left foot and Shirley on her right? These people are SICK and most of the sheeple are too caught up in this world to even notice what is in front of their very eyes. I'm looking at the comments and I am sorrowful at the amount of people who don't know Christ. The only reason I watched video is that it is covered on another YouTube channel to show the blatant in you face satan worship going on in commercials, videos and movies. Research #pizzagate. HRC, JP, TP, HA, JE, WJC, BS(BHO), MO....ya'll are ALL going down.

    Demon 333



    If it offends you, don't waste time commenting!


    In this day and age, there is no excuse to be this ignorant of so many plain facts. If you have a means to watch YouTube, you also have the world's knowledge at your finger tips. But since you refuse to educate yourself, allow me to do a crash course for you. "The Red Shoes" is a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. Later made into a ballet and a 1948 film. It's also the album title from which this song comes. You shouldn't assume "Voodoo" when you see African dancers. But if that was her intention, you should know that Vodun "Voodoo" is one of the oldest religions in the world. Predating Christianity by thousands of years. It has nothing to do with Satan or devil worship, as the Christian concept of the devil didn't even exist yet when this religion came about. Currently, Voodoo is still a thriving religion with about 60 million followers world wide.


    What are you talking about? Seriously.

    Empyreal Cultist

    Aren't the red shoes indicative of the struggle played out in the the 1948 film red shoes, further reinforced by the man at the beginning urging her to sing 🤔

  73. Beebs

    Since 1979, this woman keeps inspiring me. Don't ever stop

  74. Jean Brigue

    Splendid voice, splendid song by a splendid woman.

  75. M L

    It's so fun to dance to this amazing song

  76. crozwayne

    The way she moves, so fluid, so graceful, so mesmerising, my word, this woman is pure perfection in everything she does, thanks be that I've been able to follow her career since 1978, I'm a similar age to Kate, I'm glad she has brought so many moments of pleasure to so many of us, what a monster of a talent!

  77. Eli De Martini

    ...it's...WONDERFULLLLLLLLLLL... It's Kate.....

  78. Vicky Taylor

    That's how you make a smoothie...

  79. VJ Titicaca

    music is Kate Kate is music breakfast lunch and dinner

  80. Modig Beowulf

    A Kate fruit salad. My favourite dish.

    R Montz

    I'd rather have a bush salad.

    Délire ENT.

    Kate Dish

  81. rau dia

    I just jerked off to Kate Bush

    Helen smith

    rau dia yuk you

  82. pinkbeatle2012

    Someone poisoned that fruit lol 😂😂😂

  83. Josh K

    what the hell is going on during the intro

    QueenBob W.

    Josh K That was part of a scene she made of a movie called The Line, the Curve, and the Cross—drawn from material on her album The Red Shoes. It was a 45-minute cinematic experiment by her that flopped. But the videos from it are nice. ☺️

  84. Rein Peelen

    Geweldig, prachtige vrouw met een gouden stem :-)

  85. Wesley C

    That's a afternoon delight song, these squad have ever exists with these fruits, a fruits for music?

  86. IloveLuhan

    They are all banana's x'D such loopiness but pure art! ^^

  87. Monsterknecht

    Every breathy "devotion" out of the sweet mouth of this epitome of femininity hits deep in mens heart. Simply a goddess...

  88. Paul Christman

    I wish Kate would tour America-or has she already and I missed her? This is my favorite of all her videoed songs...So utterly enchanting!

  89. Ricardo Rivera Vasallo

    CAFÉ TACVBA - FLORES. sample

  90. WalkingBlues

    You can just tell that all the things she does in a video has a lot of thought put into them, it moves you in a very specific way, the Kate Bush way.

  91. hardfolk

    It's a ritual, possesed


    the normies wont know, i doubt theyve even ever seen it religiously like the hindus conjuring shiva. they wont know because they cant know because their hearts and eye are probably covered by a veil.


    they watch this without knowing and get further encumbered by dark spirits, thinking this is merely art for us to consume. when it is the viewer being consumed! taking part.

  92. Jess Mora

    Que desperdicio de frutas 😒

  93. Wojtek Funkiewicz

    this is a really strange video

  94. Eloísa García

    I feel a little....hot after watching this video, and I'm not even bi.

    Frederic NAPIER

    Eloísa García Only a little? :-)


    i think im a little dizzy

  96. yes

    Easily the most annoying of her songs

  97. Bill Jenkins

    What a treasure to find here, this song is so good it can bring tears to my eyes. <3

  98. jokerdoowop50s

    1:34 Mario Ballotteli??

  99. Miguel Valencia

    I love Kate Bush but omg this imagery is questionable.