Kate Bush - And So Is Love Lyrics

And you huh?
You do huh?

We let it in
We give it out
And in the end
What's it all about?
It must be love

I give you my
I give you my
You give me your
You give me your joy

We used to say
"Ah Hell, we're young"
But now we see that life is sad
And so is love

Ooh baby live your life for love
Ooh baby live your life for love

We used to say
"Ah Hell, we're young"
But now we see that life is sad
And so is love

Ooh baby for the sake of love
Ooh baby for the sake of love

And whatever happens
What really matters?
It's all we've got
Isn't that enough?

Life is sad and so is love

You let it slip
You let it slip
I love you more
I love you more for it

Life is sad and so is love

All for love
Just for the sake of love
You set me free
I set you free

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Kate Bush And So Is Love Comments
  1. Christopher Pinkney

    Her voice is so ethereal

  2. Sameoldfitup

    "I can deal with loneliness, it's that incredible feeling of emptiness."

  3. Sameoldfitup

    “A man devoid of hope and conscious of being so has ceased to belong to the future.”

    Albert Camus

  4. Sameoldfitup

    "If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever."
    Alfred Tennyson.

  5. Radu Angheluta

    Melodia acestei mari artiste minunate și superbe kate bush and so is love am ascultat-o adineauri la postul de radio romantic fm muzică nu zgomot pentru care vio recomand să o ascultați cu foarte mare plăcere CĂ merită.

  6. Sameoldfitup

    Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.

  7. J W

    ❤️ xox

  8. Voodoo X Coffee

    Absolute Feminine Perfection. This was a fantastic song when first released, and it is still a fantastic song today. It is absolutely beautiful.

  9. Andreas Leon Landgren

    Clapton plus Bush. Oh yeah.

  10. Fay Castle

    An extraordinary, prodigious and revolutionary talent. There is no-one like Kate Bush.

  11. GiovaniBB

    This song makes us transcend for its immense beauty.

  12. Frank Stoeffler

    Kate, the raven? While in the Boy Scouts in 1978, I was in the Raven patrol. Why? all the "cool" names had been taken... bear.. lion... etc. Out of all the rejects, I formed the Raven patrol in troop 236. I quit the boy scouts in 1979 because I brought a boy and they didn't like the color of his skin. This was my first lesson in human disappointment and racism. The dove had an olive branch.... the raven came back with wisdom. Gordon

  13. Christopher Craig

    Someone said he "could" listen to Kate all day and night. I DO listen to Kate all day and night. She is the only music I've listened to over the last 6 months!

    J. K.

    Kate truly is a one of a kind artist. She always delivers. She always is original. She always surprises big time.
    When Before The Dawn was released I played only that album for over a year, day in day out.

    Ivan Lendl

    Christopher Craig Still listening to Kate exclusively?

    Christopher Craig

    @Ivan Lendl Hello. Yes. Mostly I listen to music in my car. I have been listening to the CDs in order for the last few weeks. I just began "Ariel" this morning.

  14. Alan Lane

    Perfect perfection........that's all....

  15. Courtenay Knapp

    She’s so beautiful ❤️

  16. Construction World

    Thanks for the moments

  17. Mordred's Quest

    Awesome stuff Kate's just incredible...

  18. Mario Heinz


  19. Mario Heinz

    boring https://youtu.be/Zwi4BHMnJvg

    Mario Heinz


    Mario Heinz


  20. Robert Whitford

    Working a spell! X

  21. Jean-François Le Coz

    Le plus beau de Toi !!!!

  22. JO 7Z

    Never saw this video, beautiful song, thanks for the post dude!!! You make my day ;) Kate is the best

  23. Amorr Winterstorm

    This is so god damn good, her voice and the quitar mixed with other instruments uuuuh

  24. Jim McCaul

    "The one session that I did that I really didn't know what to do was for Kate Bush.I adore her music but really didn't know what she was looking for"-Eric Clapton. He's a blues purist and it wasn't a formula blues song.It was a woman's blues song from a highly,eccentric,unique woman.The great Clapton was stumped!So he just played the blues that he knew.

    Max Mustermann

    should have asked gilmour instead

  25. signitwithakiss

    The heartbreaking moment... 01:50 until 02:30 Many say she's a bad actress, but particularly this moment was so sincere and damn sad: "We used to say "Ah Hell, we're young ... But now we see that life is sad. And so is love."

  26. Christopher Russell

    Kate sings my soul

  27. Hedgemist

    I knew listening to 'Running up that Hill' would lead to a Kate Bush night. I've been here ages.

  28. Picnicl

    Please see my channel for a magical tour of 96 of Kate Bush's songs including And So Is Love. The playlist order is to tell a story/create a mood.

  29. MrHairyTeabag

    The most beautiful melancholy.Utter sensuality and femininity.

    Simply amazing.

  30. NBtreefaller


  31. Maxence Drapeau

    yas qUEEEEEEN

  32. Christopher Oram

    Nice bird...

  33. Georgia Rose

    She is one of a kind. Beautiful lady and a beautiful voice.

  34. Richard Chappel

    Love the casual mention of Clapton in the description

  35. Tim Cummings

    Ah! She kept that bird. That's the bird she sings with on "Aerial Tal" :)

  36. mvellis

    Director's Cut version is just as good (or better) - I love Kate's wonderful mature voice - and the beautiful, warm analog sound of that whole album. On that version, she even changes the lyric to reflect better times: "But now we see that life is sweet
    , And so is love"

  37. Михаил Асеев

    Pervert murder of a bird lol

  38. Zac Mumblethunder

    Musical genius but rubbish at getting a blackbird out of the house.
    Nice to see Kate perform with her favourite singer though.

  39. Funktastic Ed

    Damn it's good

  40. Michal Mazurewicz


  41. Rev.Todd Perkins

    Praise the Lord Forever. God give you my Beautiful Singer Kate to go to Heaven through Faith&Love in Jesus name.Amen. Thank You Lord our God Almighty for Everything You give us & our families to Heaven in Jesus name.Amen. I still Love you like we are already Home in Heaven Eternal. All the earth is taking about the return of the Lamb our Lord Jesus Christ like its tonight. In Christ Jesus you are all children of God through Faith.Gal3:26 + Help any souls not Saved: Everything is before God, Confess by your mouth Jesus as your Lord and Savior Eternal and Believe in your heart & mind God raised Him from the dead,and you shall be Saved.Rom10:9 + May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,and the Love of God,and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.2Cor13:14 + Love(God in us all) suffers long and is kind.." "...Love endures all things. Love never fails."1Cor13:4,7-8 + And this is Eternal Life that they may know You the only True God, and Jesus Christ who You have sent. I have Glorified You on earth. John17:3-4 + God is Love(All Love Ever & Forever),and he(& she)who Lives in Love Lives in God and God in him(& her).1John4:16 + Lets Pray! Lord, forgive all our & our family & Your children sins cleansed in the Blood of Christ from all unrighteousness, help us to overcome, heal, protect,& guide us Home in Faith & Love to Heaven in Jesus name.Amen. + Pray without ceasing in Everything give Thanks for this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus for you.1Thes5:17-18 Peace be with us all in Love of Christ.

  42. 魂MÅRTE

    I love you Kate

  43. Skinny Legend

    I think this is the perfect song to listen to when it's raining

  44. Tony Trevino

    Rest in peace Prince

  45. paulo soares

    greatests divas.

  46. LJ Ybanez

    Bird hit dead.

    Zac Mumblethunder

    LJ Ybanez I don't think the RSPB will be using this video as a tutorial on getting birds out of houses.

  47. Deb Jones loyal

    The first album i ever bought yet to be bettered by anyone.

  48. Myrrh Greenwich


  49. Wayne S

    When my wife and I got married, we agreed that there was one person on the planet that we could get away with cheating with. That is to say, I'd forgive her if she cheated on me with a specific person, and she'd forgive me if I cheated on her with a specific person. Her's was Tom Cruise (of course she has no taste, she married me).

    Mine was Kate Bush. So beautiful, so intriguing.

  50. MaxPower211983

    I'm 35 and Kate Bush is very very beautiful lady. She gets more beautiful the older she gets!

  51. Ferhat Karatepe

    Live your life for love...

  52. Kurt Sõderberg

    Top 3, all so being inlove of hear songs..

  53. Craig Mills

    Tune 🎶

  54. Peter Powis

    such an understated song - but it's intensely emotional and truly beautiful - pure genius

  55. Cloudy's Wild Ride

    Great song yeah... but kissing the dead bird was pretty rank

  56. jim thom

    just stunning xxxxx

  57. Simply Ron

    Great to see these two together. Just saw Eric's doc, 'A life in 12 bars'. It's wonderful that he has joy back in his life, though it took such a sad event to bring him back. Well done, Mr Clapton.

  58. Ricardo Rivera Vasallo


  59. cactus tree

    Gosh I just want to hug her

  60. Alan Fox

    I remember the top of the pops appearances.

    Zac Mumblethunder

    Alan Fox me too. I remember the edition she appeared on performing this song. The presenter gave her a marvelous introduction and said it was a privilege to do so.

  61. _ Enan •

    One of my absolute favorite songs of her. If she only knew how much i appreciate her work. How much she inspires me and makes me feel better when I’m sad.

  62. IloveLuhan

    I love the song but the video...it upsets me to see the birdy die :(

    Zac Mumblethunder

    IloveLuhan unfortunately I have a very logical mind and it broke the mood for me as my first thought was "open the bloody window and put it outside instead of letting it go again"

  63. Foster Twelvetrees

    That guitar though!

  64. Foster Twelvetrees

    Queen Catherine of England

  65. David R

    Kate Bush is wonderful. Eric Clapton is on guitar on this song.

  66. mother of two

    I would like it better without the guitar all through the song. A soft playing saxophone would have been better.

  67. josé u

    Quel univers que le sien! Un délice pour mes oreilles et mon coeur. Je l adore.

  68. Louisa Beckles

    beautiful x

  69. Monsterknecht

    Was für eine Hammerfrau... das war sie schon mit 16 und das ist sie heute noch. Ein absolutes Genie.

  70. Rachel Aspögård

    Kate has such deep and amazing beauty!

  71. Peter Green

    And so in love? How do think we feel? Damn! This woman melts my soul beyond all measure of it's moral fiber. I'm so subdued, I've got tears.

  72. John Donegan

    Amazing song and beauty! Loved this album when it 1st came out! Totally unique Kate xx

  73. Eloísa García

    Yes! She always came and keep coming with absolutely genius stuff

  74. Piss Off

    Goddess ❤❤❤

  75. mar prades

    great song but poor bird

  76. Jim Pickard

    What a treat ... beautiful song, beautiful voice and Kate's beautiful face

  77. Лиза Бекхэм


  78. WonderWhaz

    A melancholy song, but true. Life is sad, and so is love.

  79. Al Garvio

    Kate Bush les mots et la musique de l'âme... de la poésie.

  80. Paul Ridley

    I can feel my sanity slipping when I listen to Kate late into the night

  81. Thommos Jones

    Love this song.:-) Who needs valentines day to love

  82. pal557

    Never gets old. Quality

  83. SpiderMike1991

    Capolavoro assoluto

  84. jobybondmusic

    I remember when I first heard this and I love it too this days

    Dragan Rakic

    do you like i wrote 2 months ago

  85. Steve Phillips

    It is sad when life becomes empty and there is nothing left. Still what a beautiful song.

  86. Andrew georgiou

    Sensational artist

  87. Dragan Rakic

    IRENA : but she is my loya and she is my qween she is my life a nd she is me somethimes thinking that im real beacuse she love us like im qween when i was young i was rech who tallks with me when im me when i saw beaty in she voice i know that i havve to joy when i learn of my life it was funny when i rigt but i llove she when i born and she give me some bombon thinking what i need today really i want to say i was mary when i was young all the people have to fight she is beuty she is qween she is mother she likes me irena sikanic on facebook and catfly

    Dragan Rakic

    irena wrote: two months ago irena $ikanic

  88. Lars Duprez


  89. Eugene Barry

    a visual heart wrenching performance that is a delight for eye and ear. Perfection

  90. Kent Mains


  91. Hervé ch'ti mi

    la plus belle chanson de l'album, elle aurait mérité un énorme succès

  92. Eugene Barry

    brilliant vocal, even better performance.
    Her use of video is always impressive.

  93. Kurt Sõderberg

    Perfect music art

  94. jabokk

    Very Nice,..

  95. staalmannen

    So very sad this one. But beautiful.

  96. Dave Ridge

    Pitch perfect sensual voice,Thank you

  97. David Simpson

    i could listen to the beautiful Kate Bush all day and night,simply wonderful.