Katatonia - My Twin Lyrics

The neck and then the chain
The head is hung in shame
I thought that you had grown
That you would carry on
But now that I have gone
What else has been withdrawn

You used to be like my twin
And all that's been
Was it all for nothing
Are you strong when you're with him
The one who's placed you above us all

I think of love
I let it pass
It feels like fire
But it won't last

What is it coming to
I'm unwilling to go on
You have lost
No one has won

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Katatonia My Twin Comments
  1. Tefki

    fo nafin

  2. Adis Kadric

    Love this song 🖤

  3. Marlene Ann

    I love these guys hopefully one day I get to see them live

  4. Tolkieniana1

    It's been years but I'm still here.
    Their music literally saved my life. It took me for a deep dive into my darkest feelings and was with me through all the pain and misery. Without them I wouldn't be here today.
    I deeply thank Katatonia for saving me with their amazing art.

  5. Control Z

    im hooked

  6. Sean Fey

    I love this song

  7. shatteredsquare

    I think of love. I let it pass. It feels like a fire, but it won't last.

  8. Irina

    I met someone from the States on the Internet way back in the early 2000s and we chatted on MSN Messenger and he recommended this band to me and I'm still listening to this almost 20 years later. Never knew what he looked like but this song makes me think of him and how we used to be on Deviantart when it was still a new website - wow, I'm getting old 👵

  9. Aya


  10. death messiah

    She used to be like my twin

  11. Aurora 0ctane

    I miss my twin.

  12. Leandro Silva

    Great classic muisic

  13. Ktenko

    I thought that you had grown

  14. Edi Ademi

    Goddam a lot of comments of broken and cheated people here lol

  15. Deathlorathor pl

    And i song i like very like

  16. yotam braunshtein

    Really depressing metal

  17. K2 Young

    On Break.

  18. Toghrul Hajiyev

    Sonuncu dəfə 2014-cü ildə dinləmişdim

  19. Yunus Ubic

    favori şarkılardan

  20. Skeletal Wish

    Love this song... I really connect with it because it reminds me of what it was like losing my father...

  21. Skeletal Wish

    soooo fucking beautiful. The band itself is I mean the dude's voice is amazing but this song is one of their best

  22. Flagrum3

    I think of Love, I let it pass.

  23. Christina Jones

    This song. So beautiful, so powerful I dedicated to my sister.. My twin <3

  24. apollon 23

    love from greece best song and band

  25. Jaqueline Vieira

    Brasileiros também tem bom gosto! ❤️🇧🇷


    Com certeza!

    Eduardo Martins

    curto a mais de 10 anos!!👏👏

  26. INC. UBUS

    Passion and melodic darkness painted the beautiful picture of loss...Hails from Detroit

  27. Onur Sarıkaya

    I am unwilling to go on
    You have lost
    No one has won

  28. Alex T

    Sweden and music FTW !!!

  29. Denisa Szente

    im in love with this song!!

  30. Adis Kadric

    *PREJAKO uvijek bilo i ostalo* <3

  31. Anna langille

    Wow cool video sub for life

  32. Drölf

    Help me

  33. Sandy Grungerson

    no one has ever been like my twin. & it's fuckin fantastic.

  34. Jamila Andersson

    Love It! It's Fucking Excellent Song A Masterpiece ♥
    Greetings from Sweden. ....

    Oswaldo Ayala

    It’s is. Hey I saw you in a dissection video too

    Jamila Andersson

    @Oswaldo Ayala
    Hi Oswaldo Ayala
    I Love This Amazing Song. .It's Damn Awesome!!! Yeah I Love Dissection. .Have Seen them live
    They are Hell Awesome Yeah \m/

    WojteG G

    2019 someone here?

  35. Skeletal Wish

    This song really reflects on my life... Losing my father and not being able to move beyond it..

  36. Olga Abramova

    you used to be like my twix

    Will Banks

    Fuck that dumb shit

  37. Despondency `

    Albüm kapaklarının hepsi harika amına koyayım.

  38. EMOTIONAL Deep

    jonas best of the best

  39. Midori Agonaizu


  40. Raymond Schafer

    i have all their albums and i had my buddies do acid with me, and we listened to katatonia on the peak and come down and it blew everyones fucking minds! especially leech, racing heart, forsaker, and this song! this song is incredible! and helped me through alot! it still does

  41. KLEO T

    ist 2017 now..and i am hoping so bad that I will find a cure for my mental illness. I wish you all the best for 2017! 365 new chances.

    Koppány Gáspár

    People online should stop diagnosing themselves just for the sake of attention, there are lots of ppl with real problems, either mentally, biologically or financially , your biggest seems to be not getting to pluck your IPhone for all day long, but for only 22 hours, and if you really think you have a problem then you should go and see a doctor instead of telling ppl on the web who can't do much with it, other than believe it, or not or make fun of you


    @Aysun halen buradayız


    @Burak :') Bu güzel

    Nazlıcan Özen

    Ooo türkler


    @Nazlıcan Özen :')

  42. Barış Çokmar

    çok güzel şarkı

    Barış Çokmar

    this is a nice song

    Barış Çokmar

    Das ist ein schönes Lied

    Barış Çokmar

    Это хорошая песня


    boş yapma

  43. Herbert F. Cooper

    This music is fucking brilliant!

    Sandy Grungerson

    i always interpreted this as a Lucifer-to-Jesus missive

  44. Joshua M

    Anyone else feel like this song was written about Mikael Akerfeldt?


    KindredSouls true

    Slimy_the _horrible_Guitarist

    It was after he came back to bloodbath so that makes no sense, but maybe it could possibly be about Dan swanö..

    Barry Novak

    According to a show I attended in Milwaukee; this song is about fellow band member Anders Nystrom. I have no insight into the references, just know that it is how the lead singer introduced the song.

    Gloomy Grim

    Why not about Dan Swanö?

  45. Sean McClelland

    very good song

  46. Gökhan Yazan

    seni de mi siktiler kardeşim gel hepimiz burdayız..

    Onur Sarıkaya

    yak yak yak


    Eyvallah bir sigara da şu ana yakıyorum

    Ege Özkan

    Ohhh mis rahatladim

    Nazlıcan Özen

    Nerede depresif sarki var hepsinin altindayiz

  47. TwinsenOd

    Why does this song only have 215k views ???????????

    joshua braganza

    I swear



    Andrew Howerfeldt Bossio

    It's because the world use to listen shit like regueton and Justin Gayber ...

  48. Matt Keenan

    what a perfect song

  49. ( Έρις )

    Truly a work of art. I used to love this song when I was 14 and I still love it now. Sometimes it plays as a soundtrack in my dreams.


    Πρωτον βρηκα ατομο απο Ελλαδα το οποίο ακουγε κ αυτο katatonia στα 14 του...Γυρω στα 14 τους αρχισα κ εγω ...Κ στα όνειρά μου επαιζε πολλές φορες το in the white των katatonia..Δεν ξερω γιατί αραγε στα όνειρά μας να παιζουν οι katatonia στο background

    Jess Nödtveidt

    Same here:)


    @NastTheMetalhead Κι εγώ στα 14 τους έμαθα, μόλις που είχε βγει το Night is the New Day, και σε αυτούς χρωστάω το τι ακουω και τώρα.
    Μόνο αγάπη για Katatonia!!

    Control Z

    hi from America. I love Katatonia!!!

  50. Nightmare Soul

    The neck, and then the chain
    The head is hung in shame
    The neck, and then the chain
    The head is hung in shame

    I thought that you had grown
    That you'd carry on
    But now that I am gone
    What else's been withdrawn

    you used to be like my twin
    And all its been
    Was it all for nothing
    Are you strong when you're with him
    The one who's placed you above us all

    I think our love
    I'll let it pass
    It feels like fire
    But it won't last

    what is this coming to
    I am unwilling to go on
    You have lost
    No one has won

  51. Matt Jackson

    harika parca begenmeyenin anası orospudur

    Ralf Schiller

    +Matt Jackson
    Benim sansim var, ben bu parcayi süper begeniyorum.
    Begenmiyenler düsünsün ;-)


    Oh be kurtulduk

  52. Zeine

    Putting aside the lyrics, it inspires me to imagine a guy training hard. He is full of spirits but on his path people betray him but it doesn’t discourage him. He makes a friend who gets into trouble and seeing his vulnerable state he decides to save him (being sefless he is). In the end he sacrifices a great deal for him and wishes his young friend to grow into a strong man.

  53. Valentina Slaukova

    i lovit this song.

  54. Ferhat A.

    Ah benim Damla'm.... demek geceleri bununla hatırlıyorsun beni :

  55. Marek Mizerák

    I love this song, cause this song is like about my ex-girlfriend... but during this song I do not feel the pain but a relief... fortunally... anyway it's the best song from album

  56. 1995DarkAvenger

    The neck and then the chain
    The head is hung in shame
    Love it! \m/

  57. Ana Radlovic



    Ana Radlovic ti izgledaš kao ljubav...

    Mikaelson M

    @Nexus0193 koji ulet

  58. Momir Milivojevic

    I just discovered this band.. amazing song and album

    Matt Sproule

    Me too, I just found this band today. This and Serein; the first songs I've listened to.

    Jamila Andersson

    Momir Milivojevic
    Momir Milivojenic This Swedish Band Is Awesome!!! I have seen them live here in Sweden and they were AMAZING WOW

  59. nikibugspray

    Katatonia .. Overlooked by so many people!!! Such a great band
    They definitely stuck to me ever since I was 15

  60. Rodrigo Rovner

    the soul of the song its so pain full. its so goob

  61. Jazz

    still stupid that youtube didnt add a repeat button :(

    Oktay KALFA

    if you are still there, you can try "Loop" rofl.

    jarrod jones

    OMG yes. wtf is up with that no repeat?!?!?!?!

    Ashley D

    @Oktay KALFA The option is only available on computers not on smartphones. Bruh.

  62. Dragonaut111

    this album is awesome

  63. Jonathan Lemus

    I Love this song

  64. jari ervasti

    Ceylin u cant be more wrong. And if so one song is great so the rest must be too

  65. Tony Liu

    Yea man forcing yourself to listen to happy music while sad just ends up making it more painful

  66. Joseph Durbin

    I love this album, I have been listening to it for years now and it just gets better an better.

  67. Gonzalo García

    Adrian Gutierrez papi, ya tu sabes como va

  68. Oprescu Florin

    Sometimes is hard to make peace with ourselves... some wounds are to heavy to bare... But still... i choose this kind of music.

  69. Danielle Masek

    In a way true. When I'm depressed, I seek out depressing music to get all the tears out. But it can get overwhelming.

  70. Oprescu Florin

    In fact... I escaped every depressed moment in my life with this kind of music. Confronting your darkside makes you realize what have actually happened so you can make peace with yourself.

    Armin Hamidi

    It feels good to read comments like this... to know you were not the only one.

  71. Joseph Durbin


  72. MultiDuben

    jezus i have adiction on this song.....incredible

  73. The Mitcher

    My friend just showed me Katatonia. So far I like it, but does anyone else feel as if too many of their songs sound the same?

    Rick King

    Not at all. The early stuff sounds completely different.

  74. ButteryGames

    Katatonia is amazing. I know everyone is aware of this already but I have an impulse to tell this.

  75. Belial

    in fact, it's so good :)

  76. phix95

    Yeah. Not too good to listen to while depressed.

  77. Marc-Antoine Lévesque

    those kind of comment were good like.... last year

  78. Stuporem Meum

    Twisted into form! How many albuns have they put out?


    the neck and then the chain..the head is hung in shame..the best lyrics ever..

  80. KcSkrillex

    two people faced the great cold distance.

  81. Greggah

    Fuck, I actually had to stop listening, it just made me to sad. DAMNIT KATATONIA DAMNIT!

    Great band though, nothing ill meant.

  82. TheGuanche88

    Makes me cry.

  83. TheMetalboy555

    a punch in the nose hurt less than this song...

  84. boylovesbowie

    And she used to be like mine. Don't worry, there's plenty in you to find another twin. A different one though, probably better as you grow into a better person yourself :) Keep strong, I know how it is.

  85. Sissy St


  86. Fallen Angel

    was it all for nothing .. :/

  87. Astral Eos

    He used to be like my twin..

  88. Belial-sama

    i f*kin' love this song

  89. Adam Block

    What an incredible song.