Katatonia - July Lyrics

You come clean
Waves collide now
Defenseless numb arms
And no voice of reason

So how come you invited me too
You knew I wanted you
You glide above
So this night belongs to you
I know this isn't through
Are you dead to love

I see the bright lights
It's the month of July
It's violent here
Why have you left me
If only you could stay
And keep me in
It's violent here
Why did you run from me

Night devour me

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Katatonia July Comments
  1. Haider Sheikh

    2020 and i am still here?

    its violent here!! the state of a dying world.

  2. Mina Karanfil

    allah belanı versin ya

  3. Craven Mag

    it's hard to let go

  4. Craven Mag

    i remember the mounth from july. that was were i started drinking whenever i could...

  5. Justin MacFarlane

    I constantly forget how fucking deep Katatonia's lyrics are. Every time I come back to this album, I'm always catching myself saying "Fuck." Just because of how hard each song hits.

  6. X x

    12.10 türkler kendini belli etsin🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    bilmem biri

    05.02.2020 :)

  7. TriVos Ahren

    that song just gives me so much power everytime i hear it.

  8. Control Z

    Its violent here........

  9. Morgan Giosa

    Funny...I was born on July 2nd and pretty much my entire life has been based around unrequited love. Thank you, Katatonia, for making this song. You guys get me.

  10. Michael Ouellet

    More than a month behind...sorey!

  11. usmcsdi69

    I think I like Sunset in July by 311 better

  12. nihat yörük

    i see the bright lights, it's the 4th of July


    Third of July I will listen this song all days during July

  14. Andrej Romic

    July 2nd, 2019. I adore this band, cant pick a favorite album.

  15. Ahmed Abdelhamid

    it's the month of July <3

  16. The Flabby Gentleman

    It is the month of July.

  17. C.E.FBlueware

    It's that time of year again

  18. AntiMaterija

    Ah, shit here we go again, 1st July 2019

    Mike Armstrong

    Seems like there's a few of us who do this. Hail!

    Kalin Demirev

    Yep, here we are again.

  19. Khaos

    July 1st y’all

  20. OpheliaCValO

    1st July 2019
    Come clean..

    postmotremat -

    Heh. Sometimes i think that all of songs made by Katatonia are eternal.

  21. 9288Savior

    This band is genius!!!! One of my favorite bands of all time {::>_<::}

  22. Guilherme Garcia

    Wtf is this lol nu-metal?


    I don't know any nu metal with odd time signatures like this.


    Have a big exam on june when it became july so many things will be changed

    Edi Ademi

    Same dude

  24. End Of The Road

    Love this song cause i born in 5th of July

  25. ShadoW

    This song says a lot.

  26. Ayşe Raven

    Bence abartılacak kadar güzel değil. Draconian'ı tercih ederim.

  27. Steve Bahr

    This drummer is an ancient alien. Bet he does calculus on a bar napkin.

  28. Wes Liggett

    If you listen to this full record in a sitting you will be so emotionally drained you won’t be able to stand. Love me some katatonia.

  29. Пучок Перцепций

    2007 навсегда

  30. Dogukan Yigit

    Allah her gece uyumadan dinliyor bunu bi kere kesin. Yani müzik zevki varsa.

  31. Sameer Chandra

    Love the song

  32. Dave Hanson

    beautiful song

  33. IanJames2011 Johnson

    Still here November 2018

  34. Toxik-Vermin

    What better time to listen to this then October...

  35. R Json

    KATATONIA (The early still rules!) You know...

  36. Steve Bahr

    Love this song. Sadly, cant find other music from them with this level of complexity. The rest is kind of a yawn.

    Steve Bahr

    Got to admit, rest of rhe album grows on you...

    Zana satori

    You are not a good listener then, katatonia is not a one song band... search their other albums, full of legendary songs.. i guarantee that for you


    @Zana scarlet -Exactly, he should have a close listen to 'Night is the New Day' or 'Tonight Decisions' and see if he can make the same claim....just to name a couple.

  37. Jeswin Thomas

    July 💙

  38. MiijiinVader

    who's in the month of July

  39. xXErr4rXx

    bu sarki sagolsun 15 temmuza gerek yok her yil darbe yiyorum temmuzlari <3

  40. 4DIE999

    is the month of july ..now

  41. Juwan Evans

    Fuck I missed my chance to post on the fourth 2 days ago

  42. tolis voulgaris


  43. xXErr4rXx


  44. AntiMaterija

    Well, here we go again, July.

  45. David Majors

    I see the bright lights...

  46. Geoluhread

    Every year.

  47. Roxana Dumitrescu

    This happens when angst meets music. Almost 8 years have passed since this song has grown on me, and I'm still coming back from time to time. it's an amazing song. Katatonia <3

  48. Jamila Andersson

    Amazing Awesome
    They Are Gods On Stage! Damn Yehhhh


    They really are though. I've seen them live multiple times and they've always blown me away.

  49. Sandy Grungerson

    heeeeee's ninety pound(s)....

    Harihar Giri

    Sandy Grungerson Lol 😂😂😂

  50. AleSmith

    I love the drums on this track.


    Chuck Schuldiner is a legend

  51. Chrysologus DMello

    @3:13 its the big red machine !!!!!!!!

    Marcos Lopez

    I thought that too lol

  52. Wutthinan Kamai

    15 july alles klar!

  53. Diana Malvo

    Ağzıma sıçtın tşk

  54. LethargicoBR


  55. Sooraj Sharma

    God this album is soooo goood.

  56. Rishabh Udgata

    Fuckin chills all over. I was born in July.

  57. Hüseyin Demir

    T Ü R K İ Y E 😁😁😁😁👍👍👍

  58. FadeSkywards

    I met my first love in july.


    FadeSkywards mine left me in july :C

  59. Andreu Doyle

    I miss this sound ;(

  60. Joan Sebastian Valderrama

    July 9, 2017. Cheers.

  61. bill remi

    katatonia yeahahah

  62. Peachwise Syndrome

    1st July 2017
    here we are again.
    hello darkness my old friend

    Peachwise Syndrome

    1st july 2018


    Darkness. To walk in the Dark of Humanity is to find the only place left. The light of the blessed Sunny meadow! Where the flowers shine in the sun!

    Peachwise Syndrome

    1st July 2019


    @Peachwise Syndrome The band is Powerful! Honor to Sweden!!..Viking Sound has many ways!!

  63. Dijana Zmija Yön Kaunotar

    You come clean
    Waves collide now
    Defenseless numb arms
    And no voice of reason

    miles lawrence

    Hurts being cheated on, doesn't it.

    jester 29

    daj kunu

  64. Arda Aydın

    teşekkürler ben arda selammun aleyküm

  65. Steve Harvey

    Born on July.

  66. tarek baziz

    great memories !!!

  67. Matt Sproule

    Great music for playing Sword Fights on the Heights IV.

  68. Böcek

    kankam <3

    sofia escobar

    Basar Celik

  69. Despondency `

    Bu grubun biraz eksiği varsa o da ritimde yoksa sözler efsane.

  70. Hüseyin Demir


  71. Alessio Oliva

    Saw them live in Milan, Italy. By far the best concert I've ever witnessed. These guys are gods on the stage.

    Justin G.

    I think i saw the same tour in lyon France! Was it with silverstein, i remember they OBLIRATED everyone!!

  72. Gloomy Grim

    I saw them live yesterday in Progresja Music Zone!!!! >_< This song was a farewell song. . .

  73. AdrenochromeDream


  74. Gökhan Yazan

    hayatımı siktiğin için tesekkurlerrr jonas ve saz arkadasları

    meran chloia

    Gökhan Yazan selam ben de sikcem ig:orennmerve tumblr:breathindarkness


    noluyo beyler grubu yeni buldum :d

    edit: okudum siz mukemmel insanlarsiniz

    Enes Malik Çevik

    Gökhan Yazan Bir temmuz ayı ve bir sikiş daha


    şu grubu dinlediği için sikişme fırsatı kazanan köküne kadar hak etmiştir.

    Cirilla the Wild

    Benzer olarak şunları da önerebilirim beyler güzel şarkılardır.

    Diary of Dreams-She and her darkness
    Diary of dreams-Hiding rivers
    Thurisaz-Years of silence
    Katatonia- Unfurl
    Saturnus- All alone
    Trees of Eternity-Condemned to Silence
    Trees of eternity- A Million Tears
    Soen- the Words
    Anathema- Fragile Dreams, temporary peace
    Camel-Mystic queen,rajaz (camel biraz daha slow çalar)
    Summonings-Old morning dawn
    Shamrain-To leave

  75. Last Light

    This is the best era of Katatonia 👌


    Dance of December souls or Viva emptiness


    @Pygmalion Aprilis Exactly, this ok, but pretty common Alt Rock, nothing that great.

    Pygmalion Aprilis

    @DeathSpellXVI Yeah I could never get into any of their other albums. It still was a good marketing move, it got em a lot of fans.

    DeriBran K

    No. It's last fair deal gone down

  76. Ojos De Lechuga

    So how come you invited me too

    Second Ascension

    X 黄色 it seemed like a good idea at the time

  77. Nicci175

    The great cold distance...

  78. Jerry Paul Sanders

    <3 this song, perfect. I hope we have the Hyperform program uncovered correctly by July, it seems to be an important month to Katatonia and they sing about me but this is not about me.
    You need to turn telepathic to figure it out or look at my google plus page. To turn telepathic, tap your fingers on a table while thinking of words and force the words through. If you here the words you can try to get a response. Or clap hands. Repeat if necessary and it should start working if not 1st time. You can tell people over the phone, it needs to spread!

  79. Rob Jowett

    Just to be clear if you're in the know. Wasabi's at 7pm tonight.

  80. iwantoutnow

    horrible pop music !

    Yiğit Zeren

    +iwantoutnow fuck outta here.

    Slimy_the _horrible_Guitarist

    iwantoutnow Then listen to brave murder day, death/doom at it's finest.

  81. As Above So Below 666

    I sense a lot of meter changes in this song. If I'm correct, could someone elaborate? I'm not the best with time signatures..


    Katatonia is great at coming up with weird ways of playing with less weird time signatures. The intro/chorus is in a 6/8 thing, and the verse is a weirdly accented 4/4 (It becomes clear once the drums come in). Although, it onlt makes sense after a few bars so it might be seen better as 8/4. 4/4 works fine though


    ....you glide above... Soooooo This Night belongs to you....

  83. A&B M

    This song is THE BEST! so upset we didn't get to see Katatonia open for Opeth, but, the concert was still great! Can't wait to meet again!!


    +A and B morton - shit that sounds awesome , where was that ?, i would loved to have missed out on that too- heh heh

    Laken Giuliani

    I got to go to the Pittsburgh show for Opeth/Katatonia and i had never really listened to them at that point, but that changed immediately! Then got to see them again a few years later when they has Caspian with them.... all so good!

  84. Majka Paszkowska Mell

    świetny utwor  Takie lubie

  85. Short Fame

    Kalte Scheisse !!! :-)

  86. Tony South Dakotaha

    there's violence here.......

    larry dude

    +Tony South Dakotah its violent here*

  87. Pwng3r

    " If only you could stay
    And keep me in " burda gökhan türkmene bağlıyo biraz

    Can C.

    @Pwng3r :))))))

    Barış Dağhan

    gökhan turkmen jonas renkse'nin daşşağını yesin

    Mrs. Kiddo

    hadi bakalım demet akalın

  88. Neža Pečan


  89. Mahmoud Mohmamed

    It violnce here why did you run from me

    Nasser Asa'ad

    katatonia <3...