Kataklysm - The Vultures Are Watching Lyrics

Friend or traitor?
Sometimes I wonder
If these tears should turn to laughter
If your malice was from the start
Maybe you love to rub these wounds with salt

Cross my path in the weakest time
You turned your back in a blink of an eye
Aim my heart for target
This is something I shall never forget

War of words and war of trust
Bring the changes left to stay
Never doubt the meaning of hate
Imploding minds deaf to blind
Reaping havoc causing static
All the fools become systematic
Bring the walls down to the generic
You read the mind of the manic

Since time heals
I've regain the spirit to live
Wiser and smarter and better then ever
I run through the steps I find
I live to die as strangers say
Filled with hopes of a better day
Flesh of the burning, souls searching
This is my journey

You pray on me... the vultures are watching
You stay with me... the vultures are watching
You feed from me... the vultures are watching
You steal from me... the vultures are watching

Confrontation is bloodshed
First mistake was to under estimate
One life... one time
Destined to make it right

Crisis to bend all I stand for
March towards things I would die for
This is who I am, this soul will never end
This will be my last stand... this should will never end...
My last stand... it will never end!

They're watching...

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Kataklysm The Vultures Are Watching Comments
  1. felipe moser

    Who ever put those lyrics on screen must be judged, damned and punished with eternal sorrow. Who is in favor?

  2. Jeremiah Mccall

    His vocals are amazing. Always will be and always have been a kataklysm fan. Since the 1st album I heard those growls and screams, I fell in love with this music

  3. Ruthless Legionnaire

    My favorite son by Kataklysm

  4. Richard Farrell

    Seriously, thewatcher1545, change the colour of the lyrics. Stop being lazy.

  5. -e -f

    I can almost read half the words.

  6. El Abismo

    This is what i call decent Death Metal!!!

  7. Ahn Garvin

    This song "The vultures are watching" harbors one of my favorite solo's of all time at least thus far....

  8. Kǎi Wén jericho

    amazing *___*



  10. Gorey McGee

    Change the color of the lyrics they blend in with the background.