Kataklysm - The Awakener Lyrics

[Epoch I - Summon the Legends]

The West wind's erranted breeze swifted by the
vivid Clay.
As the old Batallion of invisible Forests haunt the
sylvan Mount...
And the Avatar was chanelling Yew's wildern-
ess decent Surroundings...
To celebrate an Oath undertaken at his 19th
A Rebirth on the 19th of Febuary 1991.
... This historical Alliance of the Brother Houde;
Set the Gem to summon the Legends...
And the Elixir was delivered to the Royal Clan.
And the Elixir was delivered to the Royal Clan.
A Name, a Shape and a Number was yielded...
From the Exhibited Landscape... From the
Exhibited Landscape,
9 distincted letters were granted into a Word of
Then was graphed the 1st of the 9...
Gates of Kataklysmity.
A 9 pointed Star lodging the 3 crafted Sigils...
From the Darkened Earth. ... From the Darkened
3 Trilogies adding 3 Trinities and 3 Volumes...
The 1st Order of the 9 has begone.

A year will come when 3 Nines will collide...
This year will be 1999.
The 1st Day of Renewal ending the year with this
1st Day of Betrayal... 666 1st
Another Rebirth on the 19th og Febuary 1999...
A Crusader will make, himself heard...
The Awakener... 666 1st.
By the Woods of the Ecclesiastic Houde.
By the Woods of the Ecclesiastic Houde.

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Kataklysm The Awakener Comments
  1. MrGaableenz

    Sylvain was the biggest Animal from canadian forests. The band domesticated him to have the most psycho growler.

  2. Максим Лосев

    всякое слушаю, но простите уж, это звуковая каша...

  3. Daniel Telis

    Sylvain houde lml 3:54

  4. Jorge Guajardo

    Tremendo tema con este me crié desde los 10 años eschuchando metalb

  5. Alexander Cube

    This is imprinted in my heart 💜

  6. 竹田まさお


  7. steph bonnemais

    true kataklysm,best period.

  8. ashleelmb

    This is the most fucked up music video I've ever seen...and not in a good way. It is kinda funny to watch though. Lol

  9. Devin Svennson

    This vocalist could actually write some very esoteric lyrics, instead of the "woe is me, life sucks, I'm going through so much pain" lyrics that Muarizio writes. He should have stuck to bass. The silly melodic metalcore influences dragged it down too. The first 2 albums are where it's at.

  10. Ian Hastings

    Too bad they don't sound like this anymore.

  11. Valliet Hegg

    Ouuuuuu Brutal 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  12. No Name

    this voice is so AWESOME

  13. Kevin Vigil

    Bet his breath smells like dogshit

  14. Bender Veloso C.R.F

    creepy af

  15. Tomasz Siwiec

    1:41 :)

  16. Martin Lafrance

    i'm proud of my QUEBEC death metal band kataklysm, gorguts ,cryptopsy , but sylvain houde is so FUCKING brutal that possessed your soul for ever !!!!!!!

  17. charlie von arawn

    1:33 wtf is this lool

  18. Paulo Bianquini

    Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth is the Big Four, of thrash metal !!! Kataklysm, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and Possessed, is the Big Four of Death Metal... Great bands

  19. 123 456

    that's what I call melodic death metal!

  20. Canal CueRvuM

    El mejor video de KATAKLYSM. tremenda voz.

  21. Insulter of Yeezus Christ

    I actually like the slowed down version better. But both are great!

  22. excelsior


  23. Семён Семёнов

    20 years after.. and I still have no any fokken idea, what kind of demonic shit lyrics is about.
    Poor Sylvaian, he trades his soul to THEM to be the best vocalist of extreme metal.

  24. kopykat666

    great song, great video!

  25. Кузьмич Прологов

    Бодренькая музычка,и голос у вокалиста приятный-с меня лайк!

  26. 666FeetDeep

    Huh, original audio! So many "fake" uploads on YouTube with "enhanced audio". This is the real deal!

  27. Yogi Yahya

    what is your most favourite song and album from kataklysm ??

    Baphomet S.G

    I think the best albums are Temple of Knowledge and Sorcery. That's my opinion (:


    the prophecy my fav

    Nathaniel Byers

    My favorite Kataklysm song is "Feeling the Neverworld," and my favorite Kataklysm album is "Sorcery."


    me..... mystical gate of reincarnation albums

  28. Yogi Yahya

    kataklysm , old or new , both kick ass !!!!!

    Yogi Yahya

    The new album sux ? Whatever ..

  29. Information Sniper

    Northern Hyper Blast

  30. heaven/s dog

    its my teenage bomb)))megaevil katarsis!

  31. Nicolas Silva

    these guys, cryptopsy and suffocation defined the brutal death metal genre, too bad, once sylvain left the band, kataklysm died

    Jason Born

    Yes, Sylvain was Kataklysm. Such an unique shouter.

  32. Santi Roust

    Epic song! Sylvain was the best!

  33. Fisher Sam Fisher

    1:04 - that's the shit

    Fisher Sam Fisher

    Cuauhtli Martinez -
    Haha, I didn't see your comment before. I don't understand what you are trying to say.

  34. Piotr Kowalczyk

    The best death metal vocal ever! Sylvain Houde !!!!!10/10

  35. pONtosan Az

    Kataklysm The Awakener (normal versiON)

  36. George Romero

    Sylvain Houde. Exactly that kind of a growler I like.

  37. Mean MrMe

    My favorite lineup of Kataklysm, so raw and chaotic

  38. Rancid Bowel


  39. Konstantin Gribov

    The best death metal vocal ever!


    Listen band Carcass

    Jarek Chmielewski

    @sukapidrr Carcass has no such level of kataklysmity


    John Tardy has joined the chat

  40. Kevin Uchiha

    Anyone that can recommend a band with similair sounding vocals. Like in 1:34 . He sounds like he is possessed by satan. \m/

    Jaroslaw K

    He sounds like possessed by Satan the whole song \m/

    Thierry Almeida

    @Kevin Uchiha You mean that mix of screams and growls? A lot of grindcore bands do that.

    Thierry Almeida

    Yeah, Lord Worm from Cryptopsy does that. Their music, at least in first two albums, were as chaotic as this early Kataklysm.

    Nicolas Silva

    +bloodOfZodiac aka, early work in cryptopsy, also, he's working on another band, but sucks balls (like new morbid angel)

    Tejano Ray

    try Beherit if you want to hear someone possessed by satan

  41. omar canales

    I seen them live on this album years ago

  42. Marisol Leon

    THIS SONG KICK ASS!!!!!!!! 

  43. валерия кроха

    AWESOME SONG!!!!!!

  44. Clodoaldo Gomes

    This version is awesome...


    brutal amazing

  46. Jacques De Radeau

    Much better than Kataklysm nowadays!

  47. Javier Miranda

    Fuck yeah bro! thanks for uploading the REAL SHIT!

  48. Sathington Willoughbe

    God Vocals.......Sick!

  49. Edgar Albarran

    verga por fin esta version que no se escucha lenta

  50. D Germain

    To me Kataklysm has always been great! any members in they are always good!!

  51. D Germain

    the lyrics for this song are just awesome!

  52. Nick Miller drums

    no this is the real speed, pick up the live version called northern hyperblast, victims of this fallen world. faster better the way our album should have been

  53. Denny Castro

    :/ eewww

  54. David Bonnell

    This guy sucks....and holy crap for iron will

  55. BaalsJurisdiction

    check out beyond creation, first fragment and quo vadis if you guys like metal from outta quebec :D

  56. Namjoon shook is my religion

    this is nick miller.. not max duhamel on this album

  57. john crawford

    not the same without slyvian but max still pounds the shit outta the drums
    this is the the troo kataklysm

  58. Vigilante

    I bet sylvains breath stinks lol!

  59. - JuiceMachine -


  60. Imanol fuentesito

    they gave me the answer to that a year ago


    Google perhaps?

  62. C Zs

    The real Kataklysm for me was only with vocals of Sylvain.

  63. hongozombie


  64. pillottatore

    Sylvain is a shit

  65. Imanol fuentesito

    @VDVShaun thenks

  66. VDVShaun

    @IWANAROCKYEEEAAAA darklyrics com

  67. blackspells

    Is this version sped up ? I remember seeing that video on TV when it came out and I don´t remember it sounded like that ! Or what´s the story with it ?

    Keith Mjali

    The original vid is slowed down and tuned low, this be audio from the original song.

  68. shockofhyperbole

    @nargarothfreak666 This is melodic death metal and Amon Amarth is melodic death metal; therefore, you can compare the two. They just have a different musical style and lyrical content.

  69. DolleHengst

    Yes, Sylvain is the best DeathMetal singer by far
    and Yes, i would totally do that chick in the video

  70. meshugeah

    Kick Ass!

  71. apologyisnothepolicy

    Dude,thank you so much for fixing the audio,the other(and sadly,the original)version suck ass

  72. FearNoGrave

    Serious business

  73. Márton Hartvig

    Is it true that Sylvain has gone mad after this album? I've heard this rumour a long time ago, and I couldn't find any information on this guy.

  74. baronbuttocks2

    @138davey let your rainbow extend all across the world friend

  75. Imanol fuentesito

    @138davey amon amarth and kataklysm are awsome bands please no hate

  76. Imanol fuentesito

    @InCellll i forgot thenks

  77. davey mcmanus

    these guys are tools and chodes....amon amarth rules

  78. everlastingcold

    ..this song really kicks!! One of their best old ones.

  79. Imanol fuentesito

    please man please were are the lyrics i have to find them.

  80. Unhuman Youri

    @ciamcore I've seen them long time ago and that was amazing!

  81. dnzota