Kataklysm - Numb & Intoxicated Lyrics

Everyday is a struggle to live
Find peace at the end of a bottle
Wash away all my anger and sorrow
Don't even care if i see tomorrow
Numb & Intoxicated
Too hard to breathe, too hard to feel
Bring me, courage in a glass
Numb & Intoxicated
Kiss the devil's hand, God is dead
This is war inside my head
The more you push.. the harder I get
The more you hate.. the stronger I get
The more you scream.. the louder I get
My skin is thicker than death
It's never late to kill a mind
It's always easier to numb a soul
Desperation leads imagination
Numb & Intoxicated
Kiss the devil's hand, God is dead
Its like a war inside my head
Your push me over the edge ... Intoxication

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Kataklysm Numb & Intoxicated Comments
  1. Harlekin

    So... you were trying to set up rules on the internet? You must be new around here...

  2. I Dont Even Know

    They kinda sound like mudvayne

  3. invadernik

    i think your youtube name is absolutely fucking awesome and im being serious =)

  4. Tor Blixt

    Don't know why I laughed so hard at "suffication" hahaha

  5. Joshua Ellis

    Kataklysm B****!!!!!!

  6. MrBiersmurf

    If you want to have some fun : Alestorm !

  7. MetalHammerUSA

    if you all like this band.... you will like Cleveland's NunSlaughter... check them out on youtube

  8. Icarious1789

    I want to fucking mosh everytime I listen to this.

  9. Jagger Mabry

    agreed people need to learn to stop trolling

  10. Arcanabyss Brooks

    dark erutpion of Rhythmic music fucking rage man!

  11. Timmy McDildo

    i like kataklysm. and i think everyone should

  12. synchroflip123

    dude i cant comment on how i ever i want .....just keep putting more kataklysm

  13. Phallen

    Putting rules on how you comment on youtube is like heresy. Anyway, Be'lakor, Suffication, Sepultura, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Napalm death, Malevolent Creation, Soulfly

  14. Ryan Clayton

    @tv1597 lol nice terrace