Kataklysm - Maelstrom 2010 Lyrics

[Epoch II - Omens about the great Infernos]

Disturbance plights the fantastic boreal Arc...
Displacement of three perfect Moons...
Edging the fragments of pace...
To denote the course of a immanent impact...

By force immerges gravity between the globes.

Venus and the Moon were attracted to what would probably be
The infusing lightning discharching those blinding
sheets of
... Sparkling the fierce vessels, who connected,
eventhough of their mass volumes...
Submitting both of the planets, away...

The radiation of destruction was so strong that
the explosion fissured the chaotic space.
This event defined the Moon... Linked as an
asteroid junctioned,
to the unveiled face of the Earth.

The mighty concussion severed the Lands...
Deliberating these tremendous screams of fire...
Major depletion within our Sphere... Rivaling the
global inferno on Earth.
A gigantic typhoon, the Maelstrom formed...
a spiral storm whence came, the omen's

But the most weird thing of all... I could recall
that blazing ring, urging unknown lifeforms res-
cuing our kind...
I will swear to you... They were starting to
populate, behind the flaming boreal Arc.

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Kataklysm Maelstrom 2010 Comments
  1. B Dre

    Only technically brutal and epic song kataklysm has ever released.

  2. Knochenbrigade


  3. Miguel Fernandez Millan

    the first reason of why i love this is the drums
    in all death metal songs

  4. Opethian


  5. Cristian Tobar Vergara

    The only thing I have to say is "Holy Shit"