Kataklysm - Feared Resistence Lyrics

They've tried
To shut it down
They failed
Were here to stay !
Evolution is primal
Running circles around them
Unleashed the legions
Worlwide domination !!
Betrayed by multimedia
Left to be forgotten
Corporate manoeuvres
Persist to take away
Our pride and self-esteem
They force to set the rules.
They force to set the law.
The creators of trend
We are their feared resistence !!

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Kataklysm Feared Resistence Comments

    Someone separate theses tracks

  2. jiri matura

    yes ok......

  3. Sol Crisms

    Sylvain Houde's lyrics and vocals were always sick af..

    Zeke Johnson

    First album maurizo was the vocalist bro. Sylvain was badass also

    Sol Crisms

    @Zeke Johnson badass. sorcery and mystical gate of reincarnation we are the first right?

    Zeke Johnson

    @Sol Crisms Yeah bro you are correct. Was hooked on kataklysm ever since I saw them open for Cannibal Corpse in 05

    Sol Crisms

    @Zeke Johnson right on.. I was certain it was Sylvain up until Temples of Knowledge so I checked online and read maurizo did back ups on mystical gate. Which I never realized until now. I need to give that one a listen. It's been few years tbh

  4. András Egyed

    Loving still

  5. Ado Filth 666

    Bring Sylvain back!
    This sounds like shit!!!!!

  6. Isgan190 Isgan

    Is the best iloveyou

    András Egyed

    Still love this album