Kataklysm - Blood On The Swans Lyrics

Chaos breeds the sky, inhabits all our lives
War mongers deny, but order the first strike

Until the last man dies, corrupt the system blind
This is blood on the swans. Hell spawn
This is blood on the swans. Fallen

Desperation feeds the nations
Desperations cleanses nations

Until the last man dies, corrupt the system blind
This is blood on the swans. Hell spawn
This is blood on the swans. Fallen

Where are thy leaders?
Where is thy saviour?


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Kataklysm Blood On The Swans Comments
  1. EverestBlizzard

    Kataklysm embodies 50 cals, Infant Annihilator embodies a10 warthogs, can it get faster than that?

  2. Wrong Television

    I can’t stop replaying the video its so good

  3. Muhamad Midia

    imagine i have gatling gun with infinity ammo in my hand

  4. Knecht69

    so fucking awesome. one of the best drummer I ever saw live

  5. Metal Music Maniac

    Gatling gun drum set

  6. Miguel Fernandez Millan

    omg, thanks 25 aniversaries to bring back this juicy song, cant remember how mny times ive played this shit :))))

    Miguel Fernandez Millan

    btw, thanks kataklysm for not coming to madrid, no, i wont miss you at all

  7. Jimmy Eres

    "For all our sins" please !!!

  8. Kastlefeer

    yeah?! ... YEAAHHHH!!!!

  9. Ret Rock

    Awesome japanese death metal band!!! \m/

    Isaac Lupien

    they're from Canada...

  10. De-M-oN

    Tomorrow hamburg. shit. I saw it too late.

  11. Kishore Shenoy

    There are some songs which you can use for getting the beat for CPR.
    I recently found out that *this is not one of them*

  12. fuckingslayer skateboarding

    Drummers to slow

  13. Loredana Schön

    Love it ❤️

  14. Skoll Greywolf

    Great song, great skill, but I don't like the mix. Even if the drums are brutal as fuk, they are to loud/present imo. Steals a bit of the credit for the rest of this amazing band.

  15. Clayton Queiroz

    It's not a new song! From album _Serenity in Fire_!

  16. Tim Carter

    I saw The Drummer did this live. It's not a drum machine. Just look it up! Its amazing!

  17. Humberto F.

    esa bateria se escucha mas falsa que billete de 9 dolares


    Se nota que recien estas escuchando Metal, pollo culiao

  18. TriCore 9

    It is sad to hear metal being degraded into such meaningless noise. Garbage like this used to be removed so far from reach that the chances of hearing it were near to zero. Pathetic excuse of metal, only serving the freaks that want to be cool by listening to pure shit.


    What are you talking?? The song is awesome. The whole album Serenity in Fire is......

  19. Goryl Mahcin

    Boring generic shit.. Drum track are awful and painful to listen

  20. Slayer8615

    A video finally, after all these years.......

  21. The Film Effect

    Who brought the machine gun in the studio?

  22. Lliam Smith

    those drums man... fkn rediculious \|||/-

  23. AlexYafeth Official

    True Kataklysm!!! \m/

  24. ToMeK3001pro


  25. Ian McGregor

    Those blast beats...

  26. kozySVK

    nope, I listen to blood of the swans like 3times a day for 4years and this is not it. you can't make it better. But you still can make good music. See you soon in Wien.

  27. Mandatory Suicide

    A BLAST from the past.

  28. TheFrogger

    *violent typewriting*

  29. Roberto #47

    I bought this album when it came out great disc

  30. astrogallotron


  31. emil birger

    This is the band i loved, until serenity in fire... i beg Maurizio to play like this again.. this is the style thats suits most to the band, to my opinion...

  32. grindcoremaniac

    I need to see a live drum video for this. Holy shit

  33. Dinesh Kumar

    great drumming!!\,,/

  34. MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs

    Gravity blast.

  35. melancholia_

    Drum on the intro. It's a man or a sewing machine?

    Christopher Martin

    gravity blast <3

  36. seba cuevas

    wea fome wn kliao jaajajaaj

  37. Ave Satanas!

    good old classic \m/

  38. Norbert Janz

    The drums are annoying

  39. Андрей Саханин

    It's artillery fire, not just drums


    they call it northern hyperblast

    • 1 день назад

    Андрей Саханин
    oui frere, comme le ciel s'est leve.

  40. Thalena Santos

    Awesome! \m/

  41. Cain Lymnades

    Brutal ((💀))🤘

  42. Shravan Kumar

    308 views only what???😑

  43. Euge One

    Shut Up!

  44. Matthias Meseta Armiasynn

    Brutal as fuck!

  45. Roberto Iacobescu

    do they have a drum machine?

    Static Fire

    I am happy to discuss this. Using triggers is the exact same thing as using easy drummer or other forms of sampled drums. The actual sound of the drum is gone which means all the intricacies of the playing dissapear. And yes, it might not be totally obvious for single hits, but it really adds up. The actual musicality of the drums is gone. It isn't playing drums anymore, now you are just triggering someone else's drum to play the same sound over and over again. That is unmusical.
    And no, triggers don't just turn an "analog signal into a digital signal" that is what a preamp does (I think, I am not quite sure). Triggers register a certain electrical signal and no matter how good the trigger is, there are a finite number of signals it can register as opposed to the infinite possible sounds that can come from a drum. It is a bad way of faking a good drum sound. You cannot hear the drummer playing and that is not music.

    Static Fire

    He is joking because he hits the drum once and then it plays blazing fast. But I don't care about "cheating" on playing drums, this isn't some sort of competition. I just care about music and drum samples are killing metal music, a genre I am very fond of.


    Static Fire, triggers serve a purpose. You may or may not like it, but they do. You're saying you care about music, but I see that your "music" is like 0.001% of the actual music. The music is very different. There is no "right" way to do music. You either understand it or not. "I don't understand drum samples" is totally okay, but "drum samples are killing metal music" is just stupid.

    Static Fire

    megaFINZ So you're saying 99.999% music uses samples? That is factually wrong. And yes, I don't "understand samples" because the real actual drum sounds better in every possible way. It not only gives you an infinite spectrum of sounds, it also prevents you from sounding like everyone else. Triggers should be avoided. I don't see what purpose they serve that a drum can't


    Static Fire,

    > "I don't see what purpose they serve that a drum can't"

    Allow comprehensible high speed drumming? Allow sounds that you otherwise can't produce out of real drums? Simplify live setup? I guess these are the main reasons why people use triggers on kick-drums.

    Just look through the answers in these topics, I think you'll get the idea:

  46. Ewerton Luiz

    This is KATAKLYSM /,,/

  47. EnimraK

    Fucking brutal...that's what i like

    Daniel Lopez

    Carmine Corsini fucking Brutal X2

  48. Veckill San

    holi shit
    dats priti gud

  49. jorrok stuff

    1st cromosom