Kataklysm - As My World Burns Lyrics

As the world burns
We stand in line
In a shade of everlasting pain...
What this life for ?
Tell me why we live to die !?
Enlighten my soul !
All I found was a locked door...
Contradictions for eternity
Opposite ways to serenity
No one knows, the truth
For infinity
Awaiting the falls of
This society
Answer me this infinite Question...
A question with an infinite answer
What are we here for?

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Kataklysm As My World Burns Comments
  1. pan. david

    old skull not this crap

  2. João Fonseca

    While I still don't really dig this release, I prefer this one to the re-recording, since the drums and overall production feel more human to me than fake shitty trigger samples.

  3. shockofhyperbole

    Victims of this fallen world was released in '98, not '08.