Kat Dahlia - Save It Lyrics

When you look my way, I don't know what to say
I wanna make you stay

And I'm trying to convince myself, I'll never be deceived by you
Cause I'm making a decision and I'm working on this mission for you
So I'm gonna drop it, yeah, I'm gonna risk it
Cause I see something, in your vision
That's got me hoping, it's got me willing
To risk my loving, for the killing

So if you gonna save it for me, save it for me, baby
If you gonna save it for me, save it for me, baby
Cause I'm working hard, to forget these scars

When you look my way, you make me want to change
I hope you don't go in vein
And your eyes are telling me a story, that my heart wants to believe
And though I hesitate as I'm awake, in my dreams I'm falling so deep
But I won't dare, cause I'm still scared
Are you gonna save it for me?
Cause I won't share
I throw my heart in the air
Baby don't lie to me
Do you swear?

If you gonna save it for me, save it for me, baby
If you gonna save it for me, save it for me, baby
Cause I'm working hard, to forget these scars

I'm working hard, I know you might tear me apart
I'm working hard, you could tear me apart
Yeah, yeah, yeah...

When you look my way
When you look my way
When you look my way
When you look my way
Babe, stay, ye-yeah...

When you look my way, I don't know what to say
You wanna make me stay

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Kat Dahlia Save It Comments
  1. Fawn Smith

    I'm still posting her! Shit real will be heard. . Even if I'm the only one.... even after babies... truth is what makes it!!

  2. Bellickeys

    God I love her voice

  3. The real

    The words are so true.....

  4. John Helton

    I Still Love this Song x0x0

  5. John Helton

    Still Listening to this Amazing Song in 2019

  6. xxjuahnxx .cruz

    Still listening since 2009 ❤❤❤

  7. Alma

    Coming back to this after her new songs came out 😭

  8. Author and Poet B Love

    Years later... still evokes the same emotions. <3

  9. Ahmed Trabelsi


  10. 20somethingsWorld

    i never cried for 17 years

  11. Ayoub Ngadi


  12. MichaelErnest666

    Super Nice Here...

  13. faris alnzeir

    she is the best ))

    Elhaimouni Souhail

    she should be famous 😰

  14. Grace Ortiz

    When is she going to have a concert!!

  15. Eddie Martz

    She is my newest girl and I love her !!!

  16. Candi pandi

    she makes me cry. such a good singer.

  17. Jasmine Azak

    So if you wanna save it
    For me, save it for me
    Baby, If you wanna save it for me, save it for
    Ba-ba-baby, cause I'm working hard, to forget these scars <3 agh
    love this song. 

  18. 1honeychild

    amy winehouse, Shakira, stevie nicks

  19. Rudy B

    Awesome song!

  20. weirdoo yass

    her voice is like sia's

    weirdoo yass

    +YoTuexnovia thats your opinion and i respect i'll stand with mine thx :)


    @weirdoo yass you're right xD a friend of mine says that is like rihanna, I prefer KAT rather than rihanna

    weirdoo yass

    Same +1


    @weirdoo yass Sorry for that rude answear.

    weirdoo yass

    Its fine :3

  21. Monica Rivas

    Its like she's singing to my soul...

  22. Sayi Diaz


  23. Kimberly Austin

    Ain't heard this n a minute tho. I luv how her voice b harsh. Luv that about her real talk.

  24. Golden B

    LOve her

  25. DeeJay O'Connor

    her voice is amazing but different from lana del rey ! two very different artists

  26. Kimberly Austin

    Tee Ikr. Anyway she is beautiful. I like this song, plus it's my 1st time hearin this song tho.

  27. Tee Marleygyal

    can someone tell me what album this is?


    This response is a little late, but this is from her album Shades of Grey under the name Kat Hue, before Gangsta blew up. Some of her best work imo you should check it out

  28. LSPQueen D

    Love this song ♥♥♥

  29. blondedbythelight703

    She looks like Hale Berry or Alicia Keys with short hair.

  30. Jesa Roberson

    <3 love her voice!

  31. Mark Adams

    Mad Dope

  32. Maria Cristina

    Her voice is like Lana del Rey's , Rihanna's and Emeli Sande's ... I JUST LOVE HER <3 

  33. Marlene Beltre

    Amazing artist who sings from the heart

  34. Marlene Beltre

    Amazing artist who sings from the heart

  35. tiff16122988tiff

    I haven't heard her music in a while, I forgot how captivating her music is! This song and ♡mirrors♡ are my favorite.

    Lynn Castro

    listen to gangsta and crazy those are my top favorites <333

  36. seanster1212

    man this woman rights real.....what everybody wants to say

  37. uture 13

    ert sulels moswons es simgera da mec momwons dzalauneburad :D :D degeneratiii :D salyyyyyyy ♥♥♥

  38. Jaba Kupatadze

    best of best <3  

  39. Mike Costante

    awesome. cant wait for her album! is there a release date?

  40. Crystal James

    Love her songs can't find her album plz help!!! Its so real!!! her music is good for the soul went to find kat @ best buy was not there

    Matt Lambert

    The full album doesn't come out until February, 2014.

    Crystal James

    Ok thx

    Tee Marleygyal

    @Matt Lambert whats the album name??

    Matt Lambert

    it must have been delayed, I just looked on Spotify and it's still not out. It's called My Garden and comes out in May, per her Wikipedia.

    Matt Lambert

    @***** yeah, it was pushed back again, I think sometime this month, maybe? I just keep checking her wiki page.

  41. shanira rucker

    I dnt hear riri no way yall cray

  42. Samuel Cruz

    Amazing Voice!

  43. Binki Pinki

    Speaks to my soul

  44. amymiss ladyjenna

    She got the soul!this black soul in her voice!and her lyrics speaks tho me so much!she is a beautiful cuban lady has classe and she is more like billie hollyday or etta jams all this beautiful old black ladys from the 60 in her voice and a lil style like sade sometimes!but the most importent"she is only kat dahlia &tht great"hope she get big #srry4myenglish #imparisien #FR be blessed luv her ♥

  45. Binki Pinki

    Cuz workinnnn HAARDDD, to forget these SCARSSSS...#DEEP

  46. StarLight2020

    31 people are too silly to know!!!!!!!! This is Kat Dahlia!

  47. JackyrCheese Peeza

    Way more unique and original than Rihanna

  48. Mess S.

    i dont understand why people compare Kat to rihanna ... come on thats completely different..

  49. Dahnari Hamilton

    Where is everybody gettin' Rihanna from?

  50. Grace Lizzy Miles

    Better than rhianna for dam sure

  51. Grace Lizzy Miles

    Sanne... Then dont listen!.shes from Miami

  52. Sanne Mensch

    I don't understand your accent.

  53. Ash B

    They ain't ready for some body like her talk about she sound like Rihanna plzzzzzzzzz ri ri wish she was as her as her & i like some of ri stuff but she talking about REAL SHIT

  54. Álvaro Montero Megías

    This song is from the upcomimg Dahlia's album "My Garden" ? Wow, where did you find out the album?

  55. Miguel Romero


  56. David Komecona

    can i like this twice?

  57. Priscilla morales

    yall dont understand how big i want this girl to get, finally a cuban american/ latina in the game. These shitty female artists need to watch out.

  58. Priscilla morales

    thnk you soo much, exactly !

  59. 93RubixCube

    Sounds nothing like Amy Winehouse. You must be American

  60. Malvi x

    No bitch, she sounds like kat dahlia.

  61. Red Sin

    thats ok ... now go back to ur friggin britney channel

  62. tibbsterhipster

    Her voice is just.... ♥

  63. Stacy Lopez

    damn i love kat i can listen to her songs all day <3

  64. Aaliyah C

    Every time I hear hear her songs it motivates me and I feel like when she sings she under stands me

  65. Amanda Donohue

    My new obsession! <3

  66. mizdsingh

    Rihanna might make hit after hit, but she aint got talent! she cant sing live or sing acapella or write her own music, all she knows how to do is dance about in barely nothing! and that's the role model for young girls these days, its shocking! This Girl has TRUE talent, she write and sings her own songs as well as being able to sing acapellas, which is very rare and shes a TRUE role model for young girls these days. Riri aint even in the same league as KAT. Kat is what you call a true artist.

  67. Last Buriad

    she's singing from her heart . i love this

  68. colorado65P

    Great voice. I like it.

  69. jamin amor

    I love this woman voice. Its so raw!

  70. Nykole Blanco

    as we say in Belize "as one gaan another born"

  71. Nykole Blanco

    loveee herr Kat Hue !

  72. turtle toes

    best song ever

  73. nylah nicole

    I ain't got time to hear u say ya ya yaaa

  74. Mayank Patel

    songs ends at 3:07 no need hear all the way!!

  75. Jonathan Castillo

    Thumbs up if you watched my video. Thanks for grass roots help ;)


    I luv mirror and gangsta now this I luv u Kat dahlia keep making songs oops a tear dropped from my eye. <3

  77. Lul_ Niqo

    jessica salazar i thought u were dead??/?
    it says that on google

  78. Jessica Salazar

    Love her voice !

  79. Yara Albajouri


  80. Donia Essid

    My favorite after Gangsta, I like it !

  81. MSAS - By Rachael MultieSparkleAndShine

    First time listening to this song and i looving it already but IS THERE ANY LYRCIRS????? <3<3

  82. MonifahDaBoss

    @TrazjaiaRaine Me Too !

  83. Tea W.

    I'm obsessed with this song and gangsta and mirror <3

  84. Sam Belbou

    c'mon ! Lana Del Rey is also amazing, she's great, I'm a big fan of her and I also like Kat, why do you think I'm here. just stop saying things about other artist

  85. Jacob P

    Just type into google "Youtube to Mp3" and it will be the first option. You just copy and paste the link and it automatically converts it for you. Its how I get all my music.

  86. Heartcore Entertainments

    Someone know where to find this tape?!

  87. fl kali


  88. Don Curlione

    Keep 'em coming baby girl!!! You a Beast

  89. mekaylaap

    I love this girl. She's so real. I love it. She gives her all. You can tell it in her voice. She wants this.

  90. EmpzSolo

    Omg. I have a new obsession

  91. Barbara Frison

    I feel her music

  92. Amye Lee

    She sounds like Amy Winehouse reincarnated.

  93. Arsenio Harris

    Sungodimx substance music

  94. Shenifha Gordon

    she's gr8