Kat Dahlia - Mojada Lyrics

Si me quieres
Espero que te quedes
Olor a calor
Amor en verano

Cuando me beses
Que no haya gente
Olor a calor
Amor en verano

Straight to paradise
Palm trees kiss the sky
Wish you could read my mind
Don't run away
We don't need space
I know all your lines
Your delicate design
There's no need to hide
Don't hesitate
Tell me you'll stay
Don't keep me waiting

Cause I'm
Arena en la cama
Abre la ventana
I'll take you there
I'll take you there
Back up on ya
Keep you for the summer
Sweatin' in the covers
I'll take you there
I'll take you there

And you wont say that you been lonely
But your eyes tell a different story

Say you got a flight home in the morning
You already know it'll be pourin'
So why don't you stay with me
And we'll go

Straight to paradise
Palm trees kiss the sky
Wish you could read my mind
Don't run away
We don't need space
I know all your lines
Your delicate design
There's no need to hide
Don't hesitate
Tell me you'll stay
Don't keep me waiting

Cause I'm
Arena en la cama
Abre la ventana
I'll take you there
I'll take you there
Back up on ya
Keep you for the summer
Sweatin' under covers
I'll take you there
I'll take you there

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Kat Dahlia Mojada Comments
  1. Solstice with the Mostest

    She is lost in a career
    She should have kept that roughy voice

    Aponte Anthony

    Solstice with the Mostest That Raspy voice would've let to further vocal damage

  2. Jessica Marie

    Kat I Love You Girl!! I Am Ur Biggest Fan And On Da Kool Ur Music Has Helped Me Get Thru Some Really Hard Times In Life I admire You and I Appreciate You ❤💙💜

  3. Keyton Glover

    Tengo una pregunta para los hispanohablantes. No soy una hablante nativa del español. La palabra "mojada" tiene un sentido sexual en español? En inglés, puede tener un sentido muy sexual, y no sé si en esta canción la palabra "mojada" se suponga que tener este sentido o no

  4. Curly Tells


  5. Alfredo Jimenez


  6. alheny fuentes

    Fuego is a good actor🔥🔥🔥😘

  7. dope rider

    yo empiezo estudiar espaňol porque Kat jajaja

  8. LaNisha Jackson

    my shit

  9. Afro Latina


  10. SarahK 21

    Kat is so "soft" in this video, compared to her "hard" attitude in many other songs.

  11. Jayoh


  12. Jayoh

    I love you Kat

  13. Nikki Harkins


  14. Felicia Jones

    Yesss ❤️❤️

  15. hugsfromdad

    The vibes are hypnotizing

  16. Desiree laine

    Yay GOREGEOUS!🖤..your 💃 dancing in this is LITERALLY the sexiest thing I've ever seen.🖤💋👄

  17. Tristan Lopez


  18. Daniel G

    Yo This Chick Dope AF

  19. Pasola La percha

    Your voice sound so diferente 🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍

  20. Bubble Gum

    No! ;( my quin no no no ;(

  21. Jocelyn Manislovich

    Love it

  22. kora time


  23. K K Meme's


  24. Sheldon

    SO glad I seen this. Had to check it out. Love this girl for like 6 years. Now she's back

  25. whatwe Talkingbout

    Wow amazing

  26. Bea

    gracias por tanto perdón por tan poco

  27. Afro Latina

    Please, do more songs in spanish. Your voice is amazing. Love this sexy jam 🔥❤

  28. Saaya


  29. ShakushTube - شاكوش تيوب

    the guy on the video is lucky

    alheny fuentes

    ShakushTube - شاكوش تيوب he is a rapper, his name is FUEGO

  30. Paulie Gamez

    I bet you won't

  31. Luis Ramirez

    Canta bien hermoso😍😍😍 .todo lo tiene pero le falta un poco mas de voz un poco gruesa y si lo hace se que tendrá mucho éxito 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  32. cleojuge 666

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pfbPUwblCg hi can you sine me or get on this with me I need a lone off your time to work on my songs can you lisin to it

  33. Yanine Yan

    I miss Kat Dahlia from before!!!!! 😞

    Riina Salvatoré

    so go away

  34. Onur Eksi

    Kat forever!!!!

  35. Amy Truong

    Im so glad she's back!

  36. Chris Martinez


  37. Cristóbal Sánchez Maldonado

    Me enamoré 😻💘

  38. nelsy animacion

    Saludos desde 🇩🇴🇩🇴

  39. Juliek Freire

    só eu acho que a musica tem uma parte 0:29 parecida com a musica everyday 2:01 do grupo winner?, mas é bem legal a musica dela

  40. Luis R. Martinez

    Es una combinación de Style y We Found Love en cuanto al concepto del video...

  41. Emina Hist

    youre superb. 🕊❤🕊✊

  42. mireya carey

    Love her new songs. But i think im in love 2.0 would be awesome😍

  43. كريم فرانكووو


  44. dolly moss

    thank you, you took me there <£3

  45. Bird Always21

    not even listening like right away

  46. Maymun

    Love from Ukraine :)

  47. Maymun

    good song :)

  48. MARI 21

    cool song...catchy

  49. Salma •

    Her style really changed 😍🥺also miss the old kat

  50. Katherine Zoobear

    This happens when you mix Lana Del Rey and Halsey in one

  51. FD R

    My girl!!!!! 🤗😍 love her

  52. Troy XVI

    **twerks in spanish**

  53. TheFunnyBuddy

    This is music you listen to when it rains and you're driving on a long trip.

  54. Stacey Reid

    Im sorry but what the hell is this shit? Its def not the Kat Dhalia that i fell in love with. Understandably ppl grow, evolve ect but im not feeling this. AT ALL! Give me back rough raspy bold miami grown Kat!

  55. JORAMAnoodles

    Never heard of this person...but man she has a great voice! New fan here :)

  56. Adil Laenser Music

    we need GANGSTER V2

  57. Gabe Lazar


  58. Kant transsexual

    i dont know what the fuck she say, but i kinda livin for it

  59. Henrique S

    From Gangsta to Mojada... I dunno what to say. I still love Kat's voice and talent.

  60. Miss Lana

    Yessss queen, amo fuerte esta canción 😍

  61. Carly Trammell

    So grateful for new music Kat!!! ❤

  62. vanessa mangue

    💖 kat

  63. Katarina Kovrlija

    How is she not more famous??

  64. Ricky Washington

    Her cover of say something is better than the original version! Swear you have to listen to it 🔥🔥🔥

  65. Ricky Washington

    I’ve loved you since gangsta ❤️❤️❤️

  66. Taylors_Btch

    Mirror is the best ever!

  67. by rabbittooth

    why sexy clip ??

  68. Emon

    i love her voice so much but the deeper voice is better

  69. TrigunPlay

    demasiada armonía musical super bien , saludos desde #RD esto es un verdadero temazooo 2019

    Alfredo Jimenez

    TrigunPlay 🔥🔥🔥RD, activo

  70. Tatiana Rinaldi

    Love it!

  71. Liz Gomez



    BEEN A FAN FOR SIX YEARS! love Kat so much, glad to add another great song to the list!

  73. Aldanna Rivera


  74. Tiger Lilly

    She did again I love me sum Kat!!

  75. salah semaoui

    She seems like a girl from Dan Balan video clip "Chica Bomb" love❤ U KAT DAHLIA

  76. king invictus

    i love you kat dahlia.. i really really love you.. iv been in jail, military, grew up in war zone.. i really need girl like you.. you are beautiful and your songs are so real..

  77. Afro Latina

    Fuego potential 🔥🔥🔥

  78. Dabhiatch Official

    i love fuego 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. Rachel Urbano

    who thought she said ass instead of eyes (what the lyrics say when I googled them)?


    *SWEET !!!. NICELY DONE ...* ⚘

  81. Pizza Boy

    KAT is BACK 🇮🇩🔥🔥

  82. Giselle Acosta

    I am loving these Spanish/English songs ❤❤❤💃💃

  83. Falcony Vibey Girl

    Love you kattttt❤️❤️

  84. Efrain Valdes

    Please watch

  85. SoulPapo

    You’re so sexy in just a white tee & panties. God bless you mamas. Drop that album #ThoughtThisWasApoliticoStatementSong

  86. new daya

    I'm doin good is better. Sorry.

  87. new daya

    We need I think I'm in love 2.0 💗

  88. Jorge Ramírez

    Keep the Spanglish coming girl! <3

  89. Josue Ventura

    I love her voice, but her newer tracks have been too heavily produced. She doesn’t need the effects 😢

  90. Paul Singer

    sex ap·peal
    /ˈseks əˌpēl/ noun
    the quality of being attractive in a sexual way.
    "she just oozes sex appeal"
    synonyms: sexiness, seductiveness, sexual attractiveness, desirability, sensuality, sexuality; magnetism, charisma; informalit, oomph, SA
    "she just oozes sex appeal"

  91. El O

    Old fans hit that like.

    I was 15 when I listened to gangsta... I’m now 21 and relate more to that song than I thought was possible.

    Williams Vázquez

    Saaamee :'3

  92. Chris Rodier

    Gives me Tove Lo vibes! So excited for new Kat musica por diossssss

  93. Mafia Audio


  94. Crying Ed

    Amo tus canciones Mujer ♡♡♡ me gusta hasta cantarlas a todo pulmón y son pocos los artistas q me hacen querer cantar sus songs💙👍

  95. Cande Herrera

    Uuuuuuf esa voooz 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  96. Sophie Yanks

    how i missed you, kat

  97. ariukaa dolor

    you are the reason why I must learn spanish<3

  98. Alondra Espinoza

    O M G ... 💕💕💕🔥

  99. President Stewart

    Now that's the Kat Dahlia that I know. Love the song and video.