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(More, more, more)
(A lit-, a little)

Chasing another oasis
At least that's what I'm betting
Seeking out turn on faces
How do I know if I'm settling?
And I wait and I wait and I wait
For the moment, 'til the moment's gone
Seeking out turn on faces
How do I know if I'm settling?

Is there anyone, anyone wondering
How much is enough?
Is there anyone wondering
How much is enough?

More, more, more
How much is enough?
More, more, more
How much is enough?

More, more (Hey), more
A lit-, a little (Hey)
More, more (Hey), more
A lit-, a little

Racing against my own vices
Probably been just a bit excessive
Don't even know how I'm like this
Wish I was a little less obsessive
'Cause I'm up and I'm up and I'm up
And I'm higher 'til I come back down
Fake a smile, yeah I tried it
Why can't I say congratulations?

Is there anyone, anyone wondering
How much is enough?
Is there anyone wondering
How much is enough?

More, more, more
How much is enough?
More, more, more
How much is enough?

More, more (Hey), more
A lit-, a little (Hey)
More, more (Hey), more
A lit-, a little
A lit-, a little
A lit-, a little

More, more (Hey), more

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  1. Andrew Jackson

    Pedo planet I hate it truly hate these pointless women your pointless song it's shit.

  2. Edwin Valdez

    This video is totally what keeps shuffle dance alive, really amazing. Shuffle, dance and free your soul that is how is done. 💙

  3. Chief Tahchawwickah

    Is this what white people do because they can’t dance?

  4. cloud

    I had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa and one of the other ladies here in Vancouver BC I’ll never stop coming back to this video 😭😍 so blessed to meet you both and I hope I can dance as you all can someday!!~

    See you at contact Kaskade!! 💖

  5. Jake Spina

    I love kaskades music so mellow and down too earth❤ EDC 2020

    Dominique Blanton

    Jake Spina edc 2020 🤘🤘😁

  6. Don Giovanni

    Someone give this director a raise. Throw some money at them girls too

  7. Jenny Vee

    Thank you for making such an awesome track and video!!! This honestly inspired me to learn how to dance and pretty much have practiced everyday since this dropped.
    I went from not knowing how to do the running man to being able to do some of these steps and finding something I'm very passionate about, so thank youuuuuu kaskade/Felix, the girls and all the youtube tutorials <3

    Casey Ontiveros

    Jenny Vee you’re so sweet thank you❤️❤️

    Jenny Vee

    Casey Ontiveros ❤️❤️❤️

  8. BetaMonkey

    Ya know I was worried that this was going to be a lot of 'shape cutting' and not really shuffling, but I was pleasantly surprised. Little bit of a hybrid in some areas but really really pleased to see genuine shuffling <3

  9. kiyonexus

    that was hot... I want to learn to shuffle dance.. but I can't even do regular dancing. what should I do. and I get more likes/views than them on IG

  10. Marijus Ladinskis

    Who is vocalist?

  11. Pookie Parks

    Go girl! This makes me want to get up and dance.

  12. んな訳ねぇか

    this reminds me Ava Max "so am I" ,but I love this now better

  13. Sktelecom Sktelecom

    This vid sucks ass who the fuck filmed it ?

    Casey Ontiveros

    Sktelecom Sktelecom someone more talented than you

  14. résonance CKIAFM 88,3

    On 11-21 2019, this is gonna be played on the air at CKIA FM 88,3 quebec city 20:00 EDT, on the show resonance fb.com/electrockia ckiafm.org

  15. Sweet Orange

    If only they knew they actually have 274 057 views by now :D

  16. Sweet Orange

    The song is very VERY GOOD

  17. Bitcoin Beast

    I remember when they used to put attractive women in music videos...instead of a bunch of potato faced basic bitches...mind you the shuffle is the basic bitch dance

    Casey Ontiveros

    Bitcoin Beast I do like potatoes but we aren’t basic sorry to disappoint your basic bitch ass self

  18. Kristen McClelland

    Badass dancers

  19. Gabriel Alexander Goicochea Vilca

    Instagram of the Blonde 1:36??

  20. Sasha Shirokova

    Wow these girls are amazing!!!!!!!!! I love how they are promoting mutual support and fun :)

  21. Lorna Ceaser

    Makes you just want to get up and dance.... andddddd now I'm having an asthma attack in my livingroom. They left that part out. Exhausting lol

  22. Lenny Scott

    Vanesa 💗😍😍😍

  23. SuperCody888

    Shuffling is the worst dance style ever

  24. Valerie

    This is freaking cool! GIRL POWA lol!

  25. FRMOutsideSpace

    I like this

  26. Hawaiin Guy

    Kaskade aren't you mormon

  27. Kenzie Kun

    Where can we find the outfits in the end 😻

    Casey Ontiveros

    Kenzie Kun hi babe it’s diosa by the Seco’s!


    He/she could have mentioned its 300 dollers for an eye patch worth of material , gimmie a break i could make that sht with my eyes closed

    Casey Ontiveros

    VodkaSour the most expensive one is 295 and you get everything they are all hand made from scratch

    Casey Ontiveros

    VodkaSour they also have way more extravagant pieces that are amazing

    Irene Lala

    At the toddlers' section 🤷🏼‍♀️

  28. 310 Flowergirl

    Neeed to know where this view is??? La?

    Casey Ontiveros

    310 Flowergirl Topanga Canyon lookout in laA!

  29. James Taylor

    Those dancers ' wow !!

  30. Ghost Cog

    ❤ the shuffle dancers. Envy those who can.

  31. Andy Hua

    Came for the video, stayed for the music.

  32. Samuel Turcios


  33. Miguel Casper

    Besides the RM which is shuffling everything else is considered cutting shapes not shuffling 🙄.

    Casey Ontiveros

    Miguel Casper cutting shapes is a form of shuffling just like Melbourne or jump style it’s all a form

    Miguel Casper

    @Casey Ontiveros Shuffling gives the illusion of gliding over the floor moves which any other style of shuffles does and have similar roots. Cutting shapes only implements the RM which isn't even the correct form of RM. It's more of "Miami step" and "Free step" look it up and you'll see how much more cutting shapes resembles those 2 compared to shuffling. Cutting shapes is not shuffling.

    Miguel Casper

    @Casey Ontiveros I'm not trying to hate it on. My friends do cutting shapes. But sometimes you have to say facts and how it is. Jumpstyle shouldn't be compared to anything, it is it's own amazing thing. Just like cutting shapes is. Example: if someone is break dancing and does 7secs of RM would you consider it Shuffling? No. Cutting shapes is more of Miami step and Free step with it's own hybrid Running Man which is completely different from shuffling.

  34. MrDeicide1

    Video over the top
    Better video than song

  35. andrejus fomiciovas

    love love love it

  36. Major Gear

    Where is the shuffling? There is about 3 seconds of it in here

  37. jose eduardo olivar guaipo

    me encanta, la música y el vídeo son muy divertido....!

  38. Steven Vajj

    Yesss I love this kind of energy!

  39. 15751Chris

    Omg is that a female vocal? I almost forgot what that sounded like. Do DJs actually still use female vocals anymore? Its almost like one of the big reasons that drew me to dance music and i rarely hear them

    Nicholas Apodaca

    Felix Cartal almost exclusively uses them

    Felix Cartal

    @Nicholas Apodaca true

  40. Chief Tapatio

    That was incredible.

  41. Mr. Wavy

    I like it

  42. Azio Prism

    *Welp, Google knows what girl i want to see in a porno now i guess.*

  43. John Bowers

    Song is great, Dancers are great.....the outfits in the last sequence are not. I would change the thumbnail.

  44. Taurus Music

    200,000th VIEW!!!

  45. Ginger Beard

    This song just makes you happy! The girl's nailed the songs vibe perfectly!

  46. Tylers Templar

    I could watch these ladies dance all day....I know because I have lol

  47. Laura Pina

    Sorry but she can’t sing

  48. Victor Carvalho

    Todas dançam muito, mas a Vanesa Seco é embaçada!!!

  49. huddi85

    i have no sound?!

    Solar Gaming Channel

    Ahahaha, this guy, plug in unmute computer volume :p

  50. dabmotha

    I think the dance is cute, but my daughter makes fun of it. She says that's how people dance when they can't dance.

  51. AGolstonT

    Lesson: Want more views/attention? Show more skin.

  52. ID3301

    Quantum loop

  53. AWSUM Ai - Info Stores

    Love being a part of music community that has the best moves!

  54. Matthew Lee


  55. Want Some Soup?

    90% asses
    5% cutting shapes
    4% music
    1% shuffle

  56. seiifa

    Quando eu vi a Thumb eu achei que era o Bonde das Maravilhas AHEUAHUEHAUEHUAEHUAHUEE
    Mas ai eu abro e vejo que eu estava fantasticamente enganado <3

  57. Echo SoundTest

    Omg bring shuffling BACK TO LIFE

  58. Anissa Espinoza


  59. H.Kemal ALTIN


  60. blitzpanzer007

    Respect. Fantastic job!

  61. 413 Felix Ortiz

    NiCeLy dOnE 🎉👏👏💨👏👏👏👏💖💯🌌🚀

  62. Псевдо умник

    positive music and clip.perfectly

  63. Serana Coldharbour

    I love it when people say they can shuffle but its actually just terrible hip hop dancing.
    Clicking this video felt like clicking one that says "cooking video" and then finding out the meal is 2min noodles. Yeaaaaaah might go look for a video that has a c t u a l shuffling in it.
    Bit over this 2min noodles quality.
    I'd feel like this comment is a bit harsh but then again, it shouldn't take anyone by surprise, now should it?

    Casey Ontiveros

    Serana Coldharbour shuffling has evolved a lot thanks for opinion though and it’s no where close to hip hop but thanks anyway! Also thanks for clicking on it :)

  64. Bijan Sepehri

    Not enough views

  65. End Game

    She just showing how her life depends on social .media

  66. Adrian Rodriguez

    Would’ve been even better if you included a guy or too. There’s so many great shufflers in your fan base

  67. Natalya Matos


  68. matthew Rampersad

    Its crazy how we rely on views and likes to make us happy, smh.

  69. e.lizzy o

    But... elena cruz wouldve been perfect for this vid.. 😓

    Casey Ontiveros

    e.lizzy o trust I know but we originally did a dance to “loose” on instagram and he asked us to do the official vid for this song! I love Elena tho and she lives Florida haha


    *SWEET !!!. NICELY DONE ... 1*


  71. juliesomethinorother

    That last bit with the rad dancing and outfits

  72. Armygirl

    Beautiful song❤ the girls brought the song to life😊❤

  73. Will Bridges

    idk why but I love this music video and cant stop watching it

  74. BayAreaEASports

    Why would someone dislike this video? Bunch of Jelly dancers.......


    BayAreaEASports yup

    I can’t stop watching it

  75. Joe Blow

    We be at 140,097 views, I was here when it was 93,000 . We should be up to 140 Million

  76. Sun Geek

    Upload in HD please.

  77. vnas2012

    🍑 🍑 🍑

  78. Windows Falafel

    Moral of the story...do what makes you happy cause life is too short.


    Windows Falafel BUT HOW WHEN U R POTATO LOL

  79. Marl Cologne

    wow loved this video!

  80. Dummies

    Group of strippers

    Casey Ontiveros

    Dummies I mean sure?

  81. Rusty Shackleford

    Shuffling is still a thing?

    Casey Ontiveros

    Rusty Shackleford it definitely is

    Solar Gaming Channel

    Funny it need to be a thing to you in order to be able to do something, just do what you feel like doing, wtf man.

  82. carlos sanchez

    Wish my girl could dance like this 🍑👌😆💃👽😂😃👉👅💦🌋

  83. Holly Braunton

    Shufferling in heels is a skill in its self 🥰😉💎🦋

  84. Bruno Teixeira

    Well .. this rainbow just brighten up my day...! ;)

  85. Joe Blow

    To get millions of views, you should license this for use in TV commercials. That's what Fritz and The Tantrums did with "The Walker" and especially "Hands Clap" which is used at sporting events and TV sports shows. Even Toyota used it in commercials. In fact "Hands Clap" is their most famous song despite the fact that it only hit #53 on the Hot 100 in the U.S.

  86. OptimusPrime

    Wow ....

  87. Obby Unsk

    It's time to duck

  88. cloud

    I wish I could dance again but I’m a potato :(

    Sierra Colleen

    Dance anyways! It’s good exercise and it doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy and having fun! That’s what I get from this piece of art, never stop dancing! ❤️


    Sierra Colleen I’m gunna try 😭😭😭😭💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  89. yo fam

    best song so far of 2019

  90. Samuel Fox

    This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen

    Samuel Fox

    I can’t watch this without wanting to dance my ass off

  91. Alan S. Gomez

    Y por que chucha no estoy suscrito


    Guys give us a listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcPv3OFv6CE

  93. Josh McCollum

    Those lyrics hit home. Really felt that.

  94. Jack Solar

    Nice song/video clip, sounds so mono though (lacks bit of stereo field in my opinion).

  95. nelson mackenzie

    Love the music, love the girls, so much creative energy, what a treat!! What a positive wind on youtube nowadays. Wish them the best, they'll definitely go far as long as they keep being true to themselves!! :)

  96. Chucky Mafia

    Ok so I am a sucker for the girl at 1:10 I mean she has the skirt. Idk what they call those but she is amazing and super cute. If anyone can do the dance in that skirt. Then I want her to marry me lol.