Kaskade - Jesu Parvule Lyrics

Jesu par-vu-le
On Thy couch of hay
Greet we Thee today
Sweet Son of Mary

Be Thy slumber deep
While fair angels keep
Vigil o'er Thy sleep
Blest Babe of Mary

May no shadow gray
Cloud one happy day
Of Thine infant play
Blest Babe of Mary

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Kaskade Jesu Parvule Comments
  1. Lucy Puurs

    so beautiful

  2. Ben Berman

    If I'll have a movie about my life, that would be the theme song... Absolutely flawless

  3. Carlos Mena

    2016 in Jan and still listening to this...Awesome!

  4. WithinEternity6

    lyrics please?

  5. SportsFan1984

    2:42 love the detail right here...so smooth.

  6. Elyonadonai

    Absolutely beautiful...

  7. Skyline&Beyond


  8. dantelo88

    Best of the best out of the mini remix..

  9. David

    The original... Kaskade. We've missed you.

  10. Joseph Ortega

    Was digging the beat but then I fell in love with her voice

  11. JMMT7022801

    Looks like a Dr. Seuss Christmas tree. Haha!

  12. Ed M

    This song is pure magic

  13. Ninako

    LNA, my loves have returned.

  14. KJ Deo

    So enchanting... Kaskade is amazing.

  15. Edilberto M

    LNA!!! Been so long!!!!

  16. Ashley Flores

    Amazing as always 💕

  17. vothry

    This is the type of Kaskade I grew up with in high school. Please come back to this type of music in a future album. @Kaskade 

    Keilie Lopez

    Wrd 😏