Kash Doll - For Everybody Lyrics

Aye, ladies
You ever had to call one of these lil hood rats?
And she try to act like
You don't know
Who the fuck yo nigga is?
These bitches done lost they mind
(Don't do that)
She gon say some

Listen, don't hit my line
Askin why my number in yo nigga shit
You wastin ya time

Prolly shoulda asked that nigga bitch
(I did)
Prolly wasn't fuckin that nigga right
(Bitch you sound stupid)
He prolly want a bad bitch in his life
I mean how the fuck am I suppose to know?
I mean you said that he was yo nigga right?
(And you know that)
Cuffin is dead
You heard what I said
Bitch cuffin is dead
These new niggas don't know how to act
They in and out of everybody bed
Never trust no nigga bitch
All these niggas counterfeit
Baby girl when you gone learn?
That is not yo nigga shit!

(Oh yeah you know what time it is)

These niggas for everybody
(Nah, not mine)
These niggas for everybody
(Bitch you for everybody)
Aww, these niggas for everybody
(You for everybody)
These niggas for everybody
(You for everybody)
These niggas for everybody

I suck and fuck 'em when I want to
(Me too)
Run his pockets when I want too
Run his check up at sax n' fifth
(That's it?)
That's what this good pussy do
(It's whack)
He came through on that late night
Sent for me, first class flight
Follow me might learn somethin
Stop tripping might earn somethin
He won't ever love a square bitch
(A square bitch?)
Baby you gone have to share him
Yo nigga been down with OPP
I hate to be the one to tell ya
I seen him in Houston with Lexi
(I know her)
When he leave you he gone text me
And Ima ask him what that mouth do
(But what yo mouth do?)
I can't help it that I'm this sexy
See, you might be able to cuff some
But that nigga ain't gone be nun of 'em
See, that nigga love him a bad bitch
(Which is me!)
And everybody havin' fun with him
(That's why he wifed me)
See that nigga there no exclusive
(Yes he is)
Girl you out here lookin stupid
(Bitch, you look stupid)
I ain't bein funny
I'm just tellin you that you don't know what you doin
(I'm a beat this bitch ass bro!)

The type of nigga you pursuin
Is the type that ain't gone never love you back
(But he love me though)
Yeah, he love what you do for him
But he know I ain't doin none of that
See, he know I ain't havin none of that
And I won't ever be his wifey
(But you ain't got no choice)
Whenever you get out ya feelings bae
You might wanna do it just like me
(Like you?)
See, me and my bitches don't save 'em
(You a rat)
We catch his ass then we throw it back
Break his ass down like a pound
When I'm done you can have him back!
(You proud of dat, huh?)
Bitch don't play yo self ain't nothin
Bout that nigga Godly
(That's mine)
He ain't just for you, baby he for everybody!

(Nah, no he ain't bitch
Bitch you for everybody!
Look I done let you go off a lil bit
But you got besides yo self
Let me beat some mothafuckin nerves up in that ass, where you at?
Lil weak bitch)

You said you'll never be his wifey
As if you've ever had the option
The way them titties sag
Milk done gone bad
Bitch I promise he ain't coppin
Everybody know you boppin
The whole hood know you fair play
That little change that he throw ya way
Ho I spend that shit everyday!
Let me make some shit clear
I'm fuckin off what you make in a year
You ride in Ubers, I ride in the LEER
We not cut from the same clothin, my dear
Talkin that shit but bae must I remind you?
I am that bitch, I will pull up and find you
(Pull up!)
Everything got my name on it
Ring finger got his ring on it
Don't nothin move 'til I sign shit
You might as well be my side bitch
You prolly wanna be quiet miss
Cause I ain't never ever been tried, sis
That nigga don't even know you
No contact, no photos
Never seen him in the daylight
Do know what the nigga really look like?
(I don't care)
I mean wow
Thought you were winnin 'til now
Sonin' you bitch, you my child
(Naw you ain't my mom)
You livin' foul, you need to polish up bae
Basic shit I don't allow
And that nigga bout to get his too
Just as soon as I'm done with you
Cause them other niggas might be for everybody
But I'm who that mothafucka belong too
(He for everybody)
So get it right bitch
I'm wife bitch
And can't none of y'all hoes replace me
You proud to be this nigga cumrag?
Ho you down bad and you crazy
Gon knuckle up cause I'll fight for mine
Yo pussy petty, you wastin' time
You seasonal, part time
You get fucked up fuckin with mine
You lil' bitch!

(Ok Keisha!)

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Kash Doll For Everybody Comments
  1. Brandy Beckel

    This sound like those girls that be like "I'm his main bitch"😂😂 when in all actuality you should be his ONLY FEMALE💯

  2. Jamie West

    My boyfriend lied and said I cheated on him but when I asked him with who he don't even know

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    Lmao.... never trust NO nigga, all these niggas counterfeit!!!!!

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    Kash doll hit me up

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    i now know this entire thing

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    Love this song but ever let yourself go through this.


    These is both my personalities arguing again... I’m sorry y’all they been trippin lately.

  15. Lady Dass

    Fuck that hoee😂😂

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    Wait Kash went the FUCK OFF!!!

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    "You might as well be my side bitch" ayye

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    Still here 2019🤩🤩🤩

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    Wait cause this make me feel better about my breakup

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    Keisha’s ad-libs ❄️❄️❄️ When Kiana said “you wasting ya time-“ my bitch Keisha fired back “YOU WAS WAITING ON ME!” 🤣😂🤣😫

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    The side chick chipped the ice. She hurt some feelings but the wife BROKE the iceberg. Love it!

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    This song is timeless I be this go down in history as a classic. We still done be singing out hearts out to this when we in our 40s, telling our kids ”you don't know nothing bout this”

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    Lame...lost me after 55 second mark...the dumb bitch vocabulary consist of ni??a & bi*ch...YOU A CLOWN...I CANT TAKE PPL SERIOUS THAT TALK LIKE THIS...another hood dummy putting other black females down...worse than the boys

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